Cutting Edge: The Child Sex Trade

Cutting Edge: The Child Sex TradeLiviu Tipurita returns to his homeland of Romania to investigate stories he has heard that there has been a sudden rise in the trafficking of children into the sex trade. He meets an old friend, fifteen-year-old street kid Laurentiu, who tells him he’s been selling sex to foreign pedophiles since he was twelve, and that a wealthy German has bought him a passport so that he can be trafficked to the West. Laurentiu introduces Liviu to his gang of street kids, some as young as eleven, being preyed on by the pedophiles.

Liviu follows up stories of kids trafficked to Italy, and on the streets of Milan films a fourteen year old boy being pimped by his own father. Over weeks of investigation, several more cases of families selling their own children for sex are documented.

Back in Romania, he hears about an English pedophile/trafficker called Tom. Co-producer/director Andrew Smith infiltrates Tom’s pimping network, and films damning evidence of how underage boys are preyed upon and trafficked to wealthy pedophile clients in the West. (Excerpt from

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  1. aj

    I was in romania, I don't know when this was made but this is a bunch of c***, could have been made in NY as far as I know O_o

  2. qa

    Oh aj sounds like yer defending the perverts. Ask them poor kids if they think its a bunch of c***. The men who prey on these kids should be castrated and have their hands n tongues chopped off so they cant physically touch another kid again. Why so defensive are you one of the sex tourists? Liviu is a well known documentary maker n much respected and am damn sure he wouldn't waste time on something that was a pack of lies. Grow up smell the coffee. These poor kids go thru this every day. Are you condoning it?

  3. KD

    This is true, it goes on, I feel sorry for these kids. I am not sure why and how they got on the street's, but without pervert's it's hard enough to live on the streets. The kids don't have a choice because they need money, and it is one of the ways to make it, other than doing crimes. The people who condone this and take part in it deserve to die a slow death.

  4. crissy

    I hope by now, the police has caught Tom Peters with your evidence. Local communities and government agencies should be able to do something for these kids.
    More power to you and your team!

  5. zain ul abidin

    I apprised the hole team ,especially director and concept writer, you show the dark site of greedy people who abused children for sex, child sex trade is not only in Romania greedy people do every part in world, nice documentary ,God bless u.

  6. disbelieve

    Tom Peters to work as a charity worker in an orphanage? This is so disturbing. I also feel sorry for the children who are getting sold by their parents. What a weird society we all live in.

  7. Dahlia

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    I have no words.

  8. Ebony

    Oh God. These poor babies.I feel so terrible for them. Why do they not wish to be saved?! Is this all they know? My goodness....

    I wish to adopt these children. I wish to save them all..

  9. SAD

    how ******* sad a father selling his son. i would rather kill people to feed my family than sell my children

  10. gaz

    this is the saddest most disturbing doc iv seen, why is this allowed to happen?? How a parent can even think about selling his children to these sick twisted perverted scum is beyond me, as for that sicko tom peters i hope he gets his throat slit with a rusty blade..

  11. Syly1212

    I'm not real sure why the guy wants to concentrate on foreign pedophiles when there are Romanian pedophiles too and no doubt a lot more of them. The foreigners are no worse then the Romanians. They are all evil.

    I know a woman who was pimped by her dad at truck stops (in the US) when she was 16.

  12. Sorina

    Aj, the truth is this IS Romania. I have lived there for most of my life, and in the city this is the life of street children. I didn't see it much in the city i lived in, (Brasov), but in Bucharest it is very common to see such lifestyle- unfortunetly.

  13. OJ


  14. Candy

    those boys are so beautiful such a shame they have to live like this

  15. Lana

    Tom Peters makes me EXTREMELY SICK.
    I pray for these children.

  16. simon

    romania!!! I think your missing the point ... just because you have been to romania and loved your little holiday ..dosnt mean that this thing dosnt go on.... yeah Ny .. Uk ... allaround the world there will be Evil things happening ... this issue is one thing I can never understand ... drugs gangs homelessness n all that dark stuff .. I can understand .. but this stuff ... still makes me crossed eyed .... trying to save the enviroment ... oooo the ice burges r mellting ... lets blow up iraq for its oil .... NO LETS SORT THESE CUNTS OUT FIRST !!!!!!

  17. violet dream

    This is one of the most shocking videos I've seen! It makes it look so easy to track down a paedophile... Anyone knows if Tom is arrested yet? What more information about him would you even need?
    It occurred to me though that while it's obviously terrible and unethical, the children are not necessarily simply abuse victims... I mean, without prostitution they may starve and die!

  18. Katarina

    I cant begin to express how very disgusted I am with humanity, No one cares about these children. They could be murdered and no one would look for them. How is it that Romania, Italy, and other countries can turn such a blind eye to what is happening to these children that are no longer children anymore thanks to the pedophiles that pray on them and the community that couldn't give a s@#$. It is so very hard to adopt a child yet I would gladly adopt one of these children that no one seems to care for. I truly hate the world we live in.

  19. julie

    its awful but it will happen in every country. there are so many sick people in the world its sad i dont feel safe alone in the streets x

  20. Katie

    This is one of the saddest things I have ever watched. At times during the documentary I actually felt physically ill. Horrible. I know a lot about the child sex slave industry in many countries, however, I have NEVER heard of someone directly prostituting their own children. Woah, I will have night terrors tonight.

  21. Katie

    In any poverty stricken country the sex industry florishes... thats how it goes. No body cares cause everyone is getting a peice of the pie.

  22. Tux

    These kids are so adorable. This makes me sick.

  23. mediagod2004

    I cannot believe there is doubt in this film and in child sex trade and prostitution, it is as old as prostitution itself. Who do you think they were having sex with in Greece 2000 years ago. Pederasts, usually the higher in society would actually be delivered a male child for these men, these educated, wealthy men who would care for the children and educate them giving them a life their parents would want in return it was widely known that they usually became lovers, sex partners. Only back then, the child had the power of choice and was always on the 'power' end of any sex. Since then, as humanity has degraded, these are no longer children to which a man will bring enlightenment and promise of a future, they are just 'holes' for rent.

    This is disgusting to me. They are object and this Tom is vulgar with his tongue wagging. It's one thing to feel you are a victim of your unnatural impulses towards children and teens, it's another to relish and wallow in your hedonism. These are not the children of Greece who didn't feel guilty or bad about what they did because it was somewhat normal, so there was no mental scarring. These kids know it's wrong and they mask it with masks of huffing agents and drug and kill themselves for what they do. And what do their countrymen and women do, they ignore them. They are invisible. They are rats on the street to be step on if cannot avoid. I've seen in films children 5 years old alone and nobody cares what happens.

    We are in a world of people who see nothing. The emperor use to wear no clothing, now it's the children of places like Romania, Mexico, Prague, etc., some places where all you have to do is pick out what you want by the color of the drapes. If blue, boy, pink it's a girl. And in many countries, kids, usually boys are pimping out girls, pre-teen mostly.

    Shame on those who think this is just sensationalism and untrue. You need to go there and see for yourself. Or those in the USA, go to Portland, go to New York, you will find them if you look hard.

    These sick people hide on the underbelly of the internet and meet and discuss and plot to squeeze the lifeforce from these children. He talks like they WANT the sex when he talks of one having an erection. That is nothing more than puberty. If your penis thinks it's time to have sex, it gets erect, nothing more. They are tricked by their bodies and these men think it's a sign they are having fun when you can see the emptiness in their eyes as they huff and starve and sell their poor bodies.

    Now some said they would kill before pimping out a kid, but I must say this is apples and oranges. I myself would prefer to rob and steal than pimp my child out. I would do any crime other than murder to save from even thinking to sell my child. I would consider letting them be filmed nude for money if I was that Italian guy and he did show SOME concern at least, whereas most don't care at all. It's one thing to have child having one sided sex where they are not being buggered and God knows what else, it's another to be like most of these people who don't care if you get off on strangling little boys. You that don't believe need to wake up and do a little research and just check out how many children DISAPPEAR? every year just in the USA. So imagine what happens in places where the cops pull you over in a place where boys are pimped and they just care if your visa is valid. Heh. Sad.

    Bless these children, and the mny documentary and journalists who are getting the news out about this pandemic that knows no boundaries and is found in all cultures through history but only now has it become so violent and objectified, only now are these children aware of what is happening to them and the social implications of that. Not to mention the 'virus effect' of pedophilia where if it was done to you, often you may do it to others. It spreads.

    God help them and humanity. Christ comes back as the Lion you know to purify with flame. Wilt thou pass the test unharmed? I hope so and pray for us all and for these kids who are slowly dying in a world that only cares about money and feeling good in sex or drug or drink. Hedonism, our secret selves, none are safe.


  24. middleasterngirl

    its so sad.. how could the father selling his little kid like that? i mean if i had nothing to eat.. if i would die i would never ever do that to my son. poor kids :(

  25. Alex

    What does it say about us collectively that this happens?

  26. Inga

    Good job by making this documentary this needed to be seen to make some changes. I only wish i was rich then i would give them what they need to start a new life.

  27. Emma Louise Johnston

    These children are beautiful. Such tragic circumstances... they should have had the fair start in life all children to deserve! I so wish the death penalty was back for these evil digusting perverted men that take advantage of such vulnerable children.

  28. Joel DuBois

    its other adults that allow it to happen

  29. Joel DuBois

    right ... we are out to save the world but we will not loan our neighbor gas money

  30. Joel DuBois

    long ago people used to give there kids to the church to be molested and sing in the choir with there balls cut off so they could be blessed with a good life...many many more examples of this in many ways can be seen through out history from all cultures even in today in some places ... and today people make comments like this that this is awful and like this is some new thing - many travesties in the world against all people gong on now - like all the wars going on all over the world and millions being killed displaced and kept in poverty and you all act like the a few kids having problems in romania is the travesty of the world ? get real -

  31. Kathleen

    Are you crazy?? It doesn't look in the least like NY. If you were in Romania you would recognize the landmarks in the city for sure.

  32. Kathleen

    Very sad - this is predicted in the Holy Quran. It says that in the end times (could be last thousand years for the Earth's life even) you will see the mother cow trying to nurse from the calf - you will be appalled and revolted by all you will see.

  33. Kathleen

    So glad Sorina posted. Very sad.

  34. Kathleen

    Breakdown of society World Wide Scale - Began with the breakdown of the family and took off from there - many many years... Money and Power rule the World and those in charge of it are the World rulers - they don't care about these children - there is enough resources and money the worldwide for everyone but there are a handful of greedy bastards that want it all for themselves. Look to Wall Street in NYC, and the largest Corporations - you will find they are all behind what happens in the World. And behind how things will turn out for the rest of us. And yes, they don't care. They have no souls, no empathy, and no conscience - in comparison to the World population, it really is true that a few bad apples can spoil the whole barrel. kat

  35. Kathleen

    There have been Wars the World over for centuries too - Thousands of years, starvation, disease and more. This with these children is a travesty and should be exposed. The children who are caring for themselves here in the USA while their parents are free-basing or shooting up aren't going to get any help either, but that should also be better exposed. The reason there is and never will be help for such children is the very reason for these other travesties you allude to - The greedy people who control the vast amount of wealth and power in the World - who happen to be the people who are behind these World problems. It's called Social Stratification placed and controlled by the few who have set things up to remain the way things are. The Wars, the poverty, and even the drug problems are all orchestrated by these powerful few in order to keep us all keeping them powerful and rich. And I beg to differ with you about "All cultures". No, there are some cultures - usually the poorest and most simple who still are the hunter and gatherers - they are the least like us and the most happy.

  36. Jon Tallis

    Apparently there's an international arrest warrant out for him, but he's hiding somewhere in the world and the world's a big place. And of course this sort of thing has gone on since the year dot, but it's still monstrous. The trouble is that most of the children featured were doing it volunatarily so to speak.
    If you want to do anything about this sort of thing, you really have to tackle poverty and deprivation. I suppose if I were starving and sleeping rough, I'd probably sell my body if it meant I could eat.

  37. One_not_Two_or_More

    you're a gay pedo dude. get real. lol

  38. One_not_Two_or_More


  39. One_not_Two_or_More

    I am convinced you are a sick evil child molestor trying to defend your sick mind by degrading the truth about the evil sex trade.

  40. Yusiley S

    Um... not one bit of a comment stated that the issues in Romania is the travesty of the world or more important than the other travesties in other countries. People are commenting that the issue of Pedophilia and sex trafficking of children is a travesty of the world... though I prefer to use the statement that it's a travesty and embarrassment of our species. I agree it's not the only issue we must face and solve, but for some people it's a good place to start. Clearly you have no heart for helping the matter, otherwise you wouldn't be insulting people who are sympathizing and are most likely helping, so f^ck off.

  41. Yusiley S

    Very well said. Thank you.

  42. Yusiley S

    So why don't you loan your neighbor gas money? Protecting children from sick people is more important than supporting your neighbors' hummer.

  43. Yusiley S

    It says that we have a long... long... very long way to go before we can officially call ourselves a superior race of beings on planet Earth.

  44. Yusiley S

    There shouldn't be a need of this filth and debauchery amongst our species. I'm disgusted with humanity. Truly I am... and I am more upset and frustrated that this embarrassment even occurs in the more well developing countries such as United States, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom etc, as well as in my own neighborhood (which by the way I do help out in any way I can on that matter). Whenever possible I do my part to help out end child abuse... anytime and anywhere. I wish I had a set of clones and scatter them throughout everywhere just so that no child is abused, neglected or forgotten.

  45. EKreuz

    western values?

  46. Dina Alaa Eldein

    gr8 documentry and hard effort investigated but my hearts is taken by these kids :-''''(((

  47. Charmaine Duckworth

    And you thoughtyou had it hard!! sick! poor inocent children,people responsible deserve to be punished or shouldi say bring back the deathe penalty!

  48. Andrea Mishelle

    romanians are not evil. Everyone is different, each country has different type of people. you can not judge someone by its background.

  49. Cristina V

    How can some people be so disgusting and heartless?!?

  50. Amylee Williams

    good write you would consider letting ur kids be filmed nude for $,if it was with that italian guy??UM what the?PLEASE EXPLAIN :/

  51. Amylee Williams


  52. Amylee Williams

    i know,i cried and cried..just want to fly over and help them,if i wasnt a single mother i could and WOULD..THAT DISGUCTING TOM creep! **vomit*8 AND HE WENT OVER THRE AS A CHARITY WORKER IN AN ORPHANAGE??!!WHAT THE??!!

  53. Jenn

    I watched up to 20 minutes and decided to stop. I currently am doing an English project that must revolve around an issue in which i decided to pick sex trafficking. Little did I know about how much of an impact it would leave upon me. I do not have the courage to continue watching this documentary and am on debating whether or not I should change my topic now. God bless the people who are unfortunate and must live horrible, disgusting, lives in order to see another day.

  54. Donna McDermid Fund

    I would lime to buy a copy of this documentary for our NGO trafficking resource library

  55. Sara tayeb

    This is one of the most touching documentaries i have watched. It makes me sick to see gay men do this. I think that no one can solve this problem until and unless people adopt islam, go by what the quran says which in this case. Death penalty for such crimes, and well raising of young boys and kids in general..but for now, i will just go pray for them. May allah help them, for he is the only one that can.

    The boys are just desperate for money, and being brought up like that, its become normal for them. Shame of on humanity in our time. shame shame shame.

  56. Sara tayeb

    Good thing you stopped. I dont know how am going to live knowing that some one is being trafficked through each and every day that am living safe and sound, and not being able to do a thing but pray.

  57. Sara tayeb

    Yeah, that was a big time wow. Just how evil, disgusting and cruel has this world become?

  58. Monique Boulanger

    The Cheuchescu kids coming to age :(

  59. fatgrl1935

    Right...because that's more important than adult having sex with children. Here's hoping the FBI gets your IP address, perv.

  60. Jerry

    It is very sad to see these things happening in so called developed European countries. Authorities should do more to help these children who are in the streets. Mainly NGOs should play a big part in this part of the world rather than spending money on them for their own benefits. It is so sad since these kind of activities will lead the people from bad to worst.

  61. Don Dubray

    OMFG this is so sick these poor kids these guys who are working them should be killed no questions asked.If i was ritch i would go save them all if i could,how can this world allow this,Mankind maked me sick awe those poor children,These disgusting men you use if arrested once they should be shot,thats is end of story

  62. anwar

    yes you are right it's full of shame how we can think that kind of things its so bad even if they r with child r olders....

  63. nick

    This breaks my heart

  64. cyberfrank

    ok, I thought I had it tough... it s difficult to understand the desperation of these boys, getting in their shoes, being at the mercy of this tom character, and this other one at his father s, I never could imagine such things possible...

  65. cyberfrank

    shot? you re way too kind! they should be slaves themselves, and beaten everyday, or worse...

  66. Forbidden Fruit

    How can these Romanians walk by these homeless kids daily without batting an eye? No food, no home, sniffing solvent from a bag...this is Hell on Earth. And pedophiles from around the world are allowed to travel there and cruise for children openly. What a sick place. Kids should never have to live like this.

  67. Entertainmentluvva

    what kind of father sells his son smh

  68. B

    I can't believe someone described this as a "touching" story...Sick, sick people!

  69. B

    I would also suggest watching "Children of the Decree" on this site. It may provide insight into how these children have been raised.

  70. vessa

    The pimp from UK is a psychopath. He trade sex on teenagers from the most vulnerable minority in Romania : gypsies. Disgusting!

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