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Control on our daily lives increases and privacy is disappearing. How is this exactly happening and in which way will it effect all our lives? A film about the rise of the surveillance state into your life.

Technology is becoming better and more interesting every day. And more important. We are the digital generation. We can have more freedom. We can become smarter. We can be more creative. We are one, with our friends. We are living the techno dream... right?

On the question whether our privacy is important, Dutch people say 'No' more than any other European nation. How is that possible? Peter decided to investigate, what the current state of privacy in his nation is. Are we being watched?

Directed by: Peter Vlemmix

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  1. dmxi

    & this is the result of 9/11 & this is no 'twoofer' nonsense...a clear connection & no outlandish conpiracy theory!rfid chips next...a bet that will be won but not to the benefit of the average joe&jane!

  2. Juraj Filkorn
  3. Juraj Filkorn

    big brother is watching you. anything else needs to be said?

  4. Paul Gloor
  5. Paul Gloor

    In a fight against crime, everyone must be watched in order to find the ones that commit crimes because they look like any one else. The issue is not with the prevalence of surveillance and data collection, Its with who has access and how its used.

  6. Juraj Filkorn
  7. Juraj Filkorn

    when something can be missused, then it is missused. can we, in this particular case, prevent it? will we get used to it?

  8. Pysmythe
  9. Pysmythe

    Or you might say that it is as a result of all terrorists acts, or crime, in general, rather than just 911. Remember '1984' and 'Brave New World'? People have known for a long, long time that our technology was likely to lead to having to confront issues like these, at some point.

  10. Pysmythe
  11. Pysmythe

    This is a good one, especially for speed-readers and Dutch people.

  12. Paul Gloor
  13. Paul Gloor

    And therein lies the problem of people who cannot remain professional, companies with a profit margin to maintain and in cases where it is used for the intended purpose, the data isn't double checked like the man whos identity was stolen. The data can be collected, people don't seem to mind companies and law enforcement gathering it for the most part, but exactly what is collected, why, who has access and its uses must remain transparent to the public.

  14. a_no_n
  15. a_no_n

    lol, you think it's gathered for fighting crime.
    No, data is gathered for one reason and one reason only. To be sold.
    does your phone ring off the hook every day like mine does with recorded messages about PPI payments? that's because someone has sold your details.

  16. a_no_n
  17. a_no_n

    when the IRA were bombing British Cities the ammount of funding that poured into the IRA from America suggests that not ALL terrorism has had the same effect on Americans as 9/11 did...At least all the funding for terror organizations stopped pouring quite so freely once the Americans saw what it felt like.

  18. wald0
  19. wald0

    The problem is that who has access and what they do with it, what data is collected, etc. can not be controlled. There are far too many ways to beat digital security systems, to hide what you are actually collecting and why, to abuse personal data, etc. for us to ever be sure exactly what is occurring. Building the infrastructure necessary for a tyrannical, dictatorial society to be successful is very dangerous, even if the current intentions are safety and crime detection or prevention. Like they said in Bull Durham, "If You build it, they will come."

    Besides, your assumption that most people don't mind the data collection and storage is just plain wrong. That may be the case in Europe, I wouldn't know, but here in the U.S. most people do mind. We have seen what our government does when it wants to and how ineffective we are at stopping it, expecting them to "do the right thing" and remain transparent is beyond delusional. Obviously, volks in Germany feel the same way, according to this documentary. I don't mean to be combative, you certainly have a right to your own opinion but I think you may have miscatgorized the general consensus on this issue.

  20. bringmeredwine
  21. bringmeredwine

    This doc was well-presented and filmed in Dutch, but as Pysmyth posted, the sub titles come fast and furious!
    Some very interesting interviews take place. When the investigator goes to Germany, 3 of the interviewees speak English very well, as does the investigator. I was very impressed.
    I learned a lot about programs that follow our private lives on the internet, cell phones and via public cameras; plus other methods I'd never heard of like the rfid chips.
    This doc presented some very scary scenarios, indeed further fuelling my paranoia!
    I think I'm in big trouble.

  22. dmxi
  23. dmxi

    hi py,there is no discussion of the terrorist activity perpertrated by the US which is undeniable,proven & swept from the map.
    action causes reaction.all attacks on the US were minute until 9/11....& then silence.ah, (formed in the seventies by who was it?can't recall the was to busy being hunted & returned with the old tactic of using selfmade bombs via splinter cells....never returning to that one-off glory!there's one thing that i hate more than conspiracy theories & thats is that any government statues themselves the right to black op's (+ funding) over the heads of their BOSS (the public,if someone has forgotten who that actually is)!but our world is degenerating to superficial consuming nonsense that sense has to hide in a corner to not being bullied & thats where cctv is waiting for you!al(l)do(u)s are becoming o(r)h well's (all do's are becoming "oh,well's",crappy but fitting,..forgive me)

  24. gert2222
  25. gert2222

    Yeah sure the British have never bombed anybody, funny how the word terrorist is used to describe the factions getting the s*it blown out of them by superpowers.

  26. Paul Gloor
  27. Paul Gloor

    I'm talking about security cameras, facial recognition systems, ID checks, postal code queries etc. These things are a part of everyday life. I can certainly agree with anyone with derogatory and insulting words to say about those bastards that sell your email and phone numbers. I Don't need viagra, penis enlargement or cheap online pharmacy prices :P
    I understand where business is coming from, anything they can make a buck on really, there's companies that specialize in information only, gather, crunch and sell the statistics.

    Its just depressing when I think too hard about all the other stuff. I know someone can track me everywhere I carry my cellphone.. its kinda funny though because when I'm at home, the soft location shows me about a mile away :P

  28. anna miller
  29. anna miller

    The internet revolution gave incredible freedom, but now big money threatens it all through harvesting our private information. How is our personal information being used by the government? Under the quise of
    public safety, we live increasingly under multiple forms of surveillance.
    Excellent wake up call over current privacy issues, in and off the internet.
    You are not being paranoid if the object of your fear is real.

  30. Wayne Siemund
  31. Wayne Siemund

    Criminals write the laws and the paranoid sign off on the dotted line. Eliminate both and you have a better society. Encourage both through policy and you have a long term job in the cyber security business.
    Still it would be nice to post an opinion here using a less tracked email account.

  32. John Marus
  33. John Marus

    The real scare is that when you know everyone's "hot buttons" then you can push them at will. Whether it's a marketer or a government, mind control is not that complicated when you have all the data on your subject(s).

    Do we really believe we practice Free-choice?

  34. a_no_n
  35. a_no_n

    it certainly isn't good, we can all agree on that!
    lol online pharmacy, who in their right mind does fall for that kind of junk anymore?

  36. a_no_n
  37. a_no_n

    actually we tended to go more down the slavery and imperialistic oppression route than outright blowing stuff up...So we could actually make some money from our evil doings rather than just p1ss the countries economy up against a see, when we went to war, we went in with something we called a "Plan". Something the American military seems to skip on entirely when operating for any length of time.
    Granted they were never particularly good plans...walk up to that machine gun nest being a prime example of how bad half of those plans were, but at least we had them

  38. Gyttja
  39. Gyttja

    The argument "I don't have anything to hide" is so bad. If you would ask someone if you could get their life file the most people would ask why? If I then said to destroy your life the most people wouldn't say you couldn't.

  40. Black Scholar
  41. Black Scholar

    They GOTTA GO!

  42. Amyg Dula
  43. Amyg Dula

    haarp already uses frequencies against people, in a variety of ways

  44. Amyg Dula
  45. Amyg Dula

    germany set a great example! but we better get busy!

  46. Chard
  47. Chard

    Care to elaborate?

  48. Nel
  49. Nel

    This documentary is largely a reworking of Foucault's Discipline and Punish. If anyone wants to read a more articulate, yet less applied version of this argument - read it!

  50. esteve
  51. esteve

    no privacy means no freedom... nothing to hide... good what about the fact you give more control to government and when that government becomes corrupt you become enslaved or worse. research democide... more killed by governments than on the battle fields.

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