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Control on our daily lives increases and privacy is disappearing. How is this exactly happening and in which way will it effect all our lives? A film about the rise of the surveillance state into your life.

Technology is becoming better and more interesting every day. And more important. We are the digital generation. We can have more freedom. We can become smarter. We can be more creative. We are one, with our friends. We are living the techno dream... right?

On the question whether our privacy is important, Dutch people say 'No' more than any other European nation. How is that possible? Peter decided to investigate, what the current state of privacy in his nation is. Are we being watched?

Directed by: Peter Vlemmix

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5 years ago

2018.03.09 The clueless auto-spout, "I have nothing to hide, why should I care if they monitor me..."

When has information gathered on an individual by the govt ever been used for the benefit of that individual? If there ever was a case, it is overshadowed times a lot by the opposite.

Obama labeled whole sections of society as terrorists or enemies of the state: Returning veterans, Christians, gun owners, and those who support the Constitution. Look up his statement on the subject, it will be very similar. Of course these are the people ALL Marxists fear because they stand in the way of their agenda of a Socialist-Communist-Progressive incremental take over, the New World Odor.

If for example the govt retains information that you were a member of the Constitution party or Any party that would be against those who are trying to force their agenda upon the people, to enslave them in their New World Odor, then they would use that information or any other information against you.

The one fellow had a great point, Billions spent on surveillance to supposedly prevent crime or catch the criminals. A big ruse that so many fall for.

What about the MUCH more significant crimes of those in govt? Why don't we have a person with a camera following them around 24/7. That would prevent a LOT of bad things from happening. What about the corrupt courts? Why isn't the legislatures concerned about that tortuous crime?

We the people seem wanton to fall for anything and everything. It is not us clamoring for more security. It is them using the media to make us think we are via continual propaganda.

THE PEOPLE NEED TO MONITOR THE GOVT. Hats off to the German dudes who dropped trow and flipped off Google street view.

Suppose you are trying for a job that is a perfect fit, pays great, and they would be very happy with your performance, but there is information "out there" about you that you are unaware of. The company says nothing just doesn't hire you. The information may not even be true, just the "statistical likelihood" of you being a bad candidate based on your accumulated data. Same for insurance, university grant, etc. You are similar to the person wrongly labelled as a criminal, just a level or two less, and you don't even know it since no one is arresting you or telling you. You just scratch your head and get down on yourself wondering why you never can catch a break.

If such does happen to anyone, I suggest starting your own biz with a partner you know and trust and use a company name and the other person's name as the principle (even if they don't do anything) if you have to. Mowing lawns if that is what you have to get started with. You will be far ahead.

Vote with your feet. Why do people volunteer to be monitored? There are alternatives yet people, even when informed that they are handing over everything they do to the BanksterCorproGovtMedia complex by using certain internet services, they still use them instead of better alternatives. People obviously have self defeating tendencies.

5 years ago

no privacy means no freedom... nothing to hide... good what about the fact you give more control to government and when that government becomes corrupt you become enslaved or worse. research democide... more killed by governments than on the battle fields.

8 years ago

This documentary is largely a reworking of Foucault's Discipline and Punish. If anyone wants to read a more articulate, yet less applied version of this argument - read it!

Black Scholar
9 years ago


10 years ago

The argument "I don't have anything to hide" is so bad. If you would ask someone if you could get their life file the most people would ask why? If I then said to destroy your life the most people wouldn't say you couldn't.

Wayne Siemund
10 years ago

Criminals write the laws and the paranoid sign off on the dotted line. Eliminate both and you have a better society. Encourage both through policy and you have a long term job in the cyber security business.
Still it would be nice to post an opinion here using a less tracked email account.

anna miller
10 years ago

The internet revolution gave incredible freedom, but now big money threatens it all through harvesting our private information. How is our personal information being used by the government? Under the quise of
public safety, we live increasingly under multiple forms of surveillance.
Excellent wake up call over current privacy issues, in and off the internet.
You are not being paranoid if the object of your fear is real.

10 years ago

This doc was well-presented and filmed in Dutch, but as Pysmyth posted, the sub titles come fast and furious!
Some very interesting interviews take place. When the investigator goes to Germany, 3 of the interviewees speak English very well, as does the investigator. I was very impressed.
I learned a lot about programs that follow our private lives on the internet, cell phones and via public cameras; plus other methods I'd never heard of like the rfid chips.
This doc presented some very scary scenarios, indeed further fuelling my paranoia!
I think I'm in big trouble.

10 years ago

This is a good one, especially for speed-readers and Dutch people.

Paul Gloor
10 years ago

In a fight against crime, everyone must be watched in order to find the ones that commit crimes because they look like any one else. The issue is not with the prevalence of surveillance and data collection, Its with who has access and how its used.

10 years ago

big brother is watching you. anything else needs to be said?

10 years ago

& this is the result of 9/11 & this is no 'twoofer' nonsense...a clear connection & no outlandish conpiracy theory!rfid chips next...a bet that will be won but not to the benefit of the average joe&jane!