Square One

Square One

2019, Conspiracy  -   133 Comments
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Square One mounts a full-throated defense of Michael Jackson against the charges of pedophilia that plagued him in the latter part of his life and career. The centerpiece of the film lies in its debunking of the initial allegations made against Jackson in 1993. If those allegations can be disproven, the film seems to be arguing, then the subsequent charges against Jackson must be dismissed as well. To assist in this endeavor, filmmaker Danny Wu has assembled a series of never-before-aired statements from case witnesses, and new interviews with figures in Jackson's inner circle, including his nephew and 3T band member Taj Jackson.

The 1993 case never made it to court. Instead, Jackson paid his accuser - Jordan Chandler - a sum of $15 million to stop the case in its tracks. The film suggests that the case originated from a bitter custody battle between Chandler's parents. In an effort to attain full stewardship over his son as well as a hefty payout, the father drummed up false charges against Jackson and worked feverishly to coach his son to verify these allegations through false testimony.

The film damns many of the central players in this sad drama, as well as the circus players who roamed on its periphery. The non-stop media coverage of the case led to often misleading, and always sensationalist headlines.

A few interviews are offered that support the film's hypothesis that Jackson was wrongfully accused, including conversations with the legal secretary for prosecuting attorney Barry Rothman and, curiously, a series of fans who visited Neverland Ranch.

The film also tackles additional controversies related to the tabloid frenzy surrounding Jackson, including the scrutiny he received from his rare skin condition and the findings from the five search warrants that were carried out on his properties.

Square One is clearly the work of a fan on a mission, but it's produced with a lot urgency and passion. Viewers will have to decide for themselves if the insights contained in the film effectively disprove the initial accusation from 1993, or build a compelling case for the dismissal of the additional allegations that followed.

Directed by: Danny Wu

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133 Comments / User Reviews

  1. It is the best and most transparent documentary
    Worth seeing!

  2. This Documentary is suburb!

  3. I loved this.And Shame on those 2 liers who tarnish a man's name for money.Also they have been sued by his estate for lying.MJ was a highly misunderstood guy .The media never ever spoke for MJ becoz he was too powerful black man that too with an aim .They destroyed him and now they are destroying his legacy but don't know canceling MJ that too with a fiction movie is never possible.

  4. Not an MJ fan at all,saw this documentary was recommended on social media,so I watched.I have watched another Michael jackson documentary on YouTube called Leaving Neverland,it’s so hard to watch,sometime I forgot I was watching a documentary,but a porn movie,I think the director had overdone it. I felt strange after watching that, expected to get some evidence to back up those 2 men’s stories,but there was none. This documentary was very well arranged,the timeline is very clear.

  5. I normally don’t leave reviews but this is a fine documentary, exposes facts no exaggeration just pure evidence. Michael Jackson is innocent and there is the obvious evidence. Congratulations to Danny Wu

  6. A factual documentary!!!!

  7. Heartbreaking after watching this. I watched Leaving Neverland last year,I had no idea who were those 2 accusers,never heard of them,and I am not an MJ fan too. In my country,Leaving Neverland was not promoted at all,watched it on YouTube, and I had too many question marks after that.like where were the parents at that time,and I expected some evidence in there, but nothing,only 2 men talking about their stories.unlike this documentary,it clearly stated the timeline, the real witnesses, I can convince myself to believe MJ was never a monster. And I found out this director is not an MJ fan,thank you for putting in so much effort to let me know the truth.

  8. This is what we call documentary, all facts, this documentary needs more attention.I watched Leaving Neverland,raised many questions in my head, I couldn’t convince myself that Michae Jackson was what they accused him of in that movie. And I tried to convince myself by the truth,I did research, and this Square one was one of it. Always pay station to the timeline. Facts don’t lie, people do.

  9. For those who are interested in information and nothing but information, this documentary despite the lack of means does not lack professionalism, provision of evidence, facts and especially direct witnesses to all the madness that has surrounded the case which launched the unfounded suspicions on Michael Jackson. A must see. "lies runs sprints, but the truth runs marathons"

  10. This is an excellent, factual and dispassionately presented documentary film which attempts (successfully, I believe) in answering all the questions about the 1993 allegations against Michael Jackson which provided the 'template' for what followed. Well done Danny Wu.

  11. A great documentary one of the best i seen . It goes to the deep insight to the facts of the 93 allegations presented in a easy understand formal and well structured way. It feels you are in a big rabbit hole the more this film esculates
    Great archieve and testomonies presented
    Well recommended

  12. An amazing factual documentary.

  13. Finally a doc about the allegations, that doesn't just repeat the long debunked nonsense that has been circulated for decades. Evidence based, factual and packed with verified info.
    A must see for anyone who cares for the truth.

  14. I will bet the judge was in on some of the gravy from the settlement, otherwise no reason to rule against MJ on the two court motions. By ruling against him, force settlement, and force a percentage for the judge. Vs go to trial, potentially lose, no money for anyone. It's always easy to bribe a US judge, 75% of them allow illegal things in their courts every day so the prosecutors can put away innocent folks. And of course hater will always believe that MJ is pedophile, because the haters are wish they could be pedophiles themselves, it's just like gay bashing, the bashers are secretly gay.

  15. He’s still guilty sorry.

    1. Proof? Because actually he was found innocent and still remains innocent to this day. Sorry.

    2. Seriously?? You see actual evidence and Still say that?? He was found innocent in 2005, he was found innocent via fbi investigation and the liar WR’s case has been dismissed 3 times in court by 3 different judges. God you seriously are thick

    3. Because you say so?
      The 93 allegations were an extortion, in 05 the accuser debunked himself in court and was shown to be part of a serial-scammer family...and the two latest frauds were caught lying by the judge, hiding information from court and their claims require time travel to be possible.
      So please state on what grounds he could be guilty.

  16. MJ lied about so many things (plastic surgery, drugs abuse, being the biological father of his children, applying cream to make his skin more white, how rich he was), that it's impossible for me to see him as a truthful person.

    1. He had vitiligo it was proven in His autopsy, his drug addiction is not your business and it’s not your business rather if he is or isn’t the real father of the kids who cares

    2. He didn’t lie about ANY of those things. The Media did.

    3. Actually, he didn't lie about any of that stuff. He never denied his struggle with prescription medication, he never denied having plastic surgery and since the majority of those was due to medical reasons it's nobody's business. He didn't whiten his skin, he had Vitiligo and used FDA approved therapy. His kids are nobody's business, but the fact his son inherited a mild form of Vitiligo shows a clear blood relation.

    4. How do you know this to be true? I say you are lying! He raised those kids, they are his period end of discussion. If you have and financial responsibility to those kids then you can run your mouth but until you prove parentage stop with the bullshit that hurts those kids. They are human beings you know. I have always said it was extortion.

  17. Uhh... What? This guy doesn't think Jackson's a pedophile? Sure, he just "Likes" being around kids and keeps the special ones in his hotel rooms overnight. Give me a f'n break. The most obvious explanation for his behavior is that it is exactly what you think it is, were it committed by any person other than MJ. Sure financial incentive can be a reason to falsely accuse, but more often than not, wealth is used to get away with crimes, not an unfortunate side effect that leaves one open to them.

    1. I agree so many people actually believe this he’s a kid at heart crap. He might be but he’s still a pedo.

    2. Try doing some actual research and you’ll see how insane the media circus around this was and how cooperative MJ was with every single investigation, including submitting to a humiliating nude photo shoot. People like you are what ruined MJ’s life

    3. Try doing some research instead of believing lies

    4. You obviously read a lot of tabloids.
      In fact, MJ did like being around kids, as corroborated by 100s of witnesses. He saw them as an inspiration for his art and a way to reclaim his lost childhood.
      And the kids who provably spent the most time with MJ make it absolutely clear he never touched them or anyone.
      There was a clear monetary motive behind every single allegation and every single one falls apart under the slightest scrutiny.

    5. When the Jackson 5 got famous, Michael was 11. But they said he was 9. It was clear that the adult-level talent of an adorable little boy, a prodigy, was the initial draw and what broke through racial barriers in the 1970s. From minute one, the constant panic was this: When Michael grows up, and his voice changes, we are all out of a job. The public only wants a child band. It was a constant dread, and it hit Michael hard. He was incredibly sensitive and he began to hate and fear his own body for growing up. All the brothers talked in high pitched voices, which were all fake. Michael said over and over in interviews: The public wants to keep you young. PR was part of his life forever. He didn't know any different. He was cripplingly shy, lonely, and insecure. The love he felt onstage staid there. His fans were his family, as his dad and brothers were only business. When he no longer could hide his adulthood, he started surrounding himself with kids and called himself Peter Pan, desperate for the public to at least perceive him as child-like. Also he did love kids, because adults had agendas and treated him like the superstar he never had the choice to be. A year ago, I watched the Leaving Neverland film. I liked some of his music, but I was entirely sure he was a pedophile. Then I saw this. After this, I watched everything I could find, read everything I could read, and studied the trial transcripts from 2005 as well as the FBI files fromt he decade they investigated him and came up with nothing. The truth about him is shocking It paints a picture of the influence of a dishonest media, the power of the lynch-mob mentality, the corruption of the music industry, the overzealous nature of our court system, and our country's total inability to handle our super stars.

  18. Honestly, all this only reaffirms to me is that nobody gives a f*** about the truth. Everybody just handpicking pieces of information that strengthen their own believes while dismissing the rest... Can't we just admit we're all clueless

    1. No, the information that exonerates Jackson is overwhelming and consistent. The issue is that most people get their information from a for profit media who has been invested in promoting false narratives and paying big money for fabricated stories for the past 30 years.

  19. MJ was just too pure for this cold, evil world. I’ve always known he was not guilty, just misunderstood. He is unbreakable. He will always break through these barriers and come out on top as he always was. Just a great documentary..

    1. 100 per cent!

  20. Excellent, persuasive documentary

  21. This just reaffirms what I had always believed that MJ was innocent. It was upsetting to see what he went through with this as well as his childhood. He was targeted for his kindness and innocence by greed. If you know anything about psychology and childhood development and what he went through you’d know why he was close to kids and invited them to his house and created a home that was almost magical and unique to children. God is all knowing and sees everything. RIP MJ

  22. this doco is hard to watch, some people obviously have a tough time swallowing this particular pill. Michael Jackson was a pedophile like 'Mr hands' was a Zoophile, mj really loved kids like Mr hards really loved horses, pretty obvious from the info iv seen... ill just add i grew up with no MJ in my childhood and to be honest i could take or leave his music, pretty standard pop music so no bias here

    1. Oh for god’s sake even after evidence you Still believe this lie??

  23. Brilliant piece of informative film making. An actual documentary not like that fiction film Leaving Neverland which was biased and full of inaccuracies, and lies. Highly recommended documentary to watch for anyone who wants to know exactly what happened re the 1993 allegations .⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  24. Thank you for this on mj. Mj was right all the time and he never changed stories like these fraud accusers. This film answers all the questions and everything now makes sense even how the media is fake and tried to hide this side

  25. It’s one of the most disgraceful American tragedies to date that the media played us and wound up killing a truly beautiful person.

  26. This is the most sordid and twisted story I have ever seen on any public figures life. I only just discovered it on Amazon Prime. It’s no wonder he died A broken man way too young. I am so glad I watched this and now am 100% committed to my belief in his innocence. A true tragedy on so many levels.

  27. Enjoyed this, but by the end of of it I was really angry at the way he has been treated and portrayed in the media when all the facts are there and just needed to be reported as they were.

    Glad to finally see what really happened to him and why he is still loved the world over.

  28. Explained on a fully laid out clear timeline, backed by evidence, sources, due process...importantly the documentation and witnesses, this MJ Documentary blows any other Documentary out of the water. Documentaries have been made for years about this innocent man, all unjustly vilifying him within an inch of his life. We all saw what was done to him. Bullied into to grave, now they want to bully him back out of it. I hear the excuse Geraldine Hughes is not a credible witness, how feeble when she was actually given instruction to type up paperwork in the midst of this setup. The only people who discredit this low budget on point Documentary are those who wish he was guilty. He was the most documented on the planet (the man could not have been in two places at once, nor in buildings not built, confirmed by the documentation)
    Square One highlights a father recorded setting up a star for money, when that didn't go to plan, he used his child. Michael wanted to go to court, but the judge allowed the civil case to go before the criminal case which more or less guaranteed the father his money, because nobody would reveal their defence before trying to defend themselves in a court. In the 2005 trial they 'changed the date' by 2 weeks for the false accusers claim in a similar situation, dispicable! This was how unfairly treated Michael was. Square One is an accurate explanation from a top and extremely credible investigative journalist Charles Thomson, who is known for his case exposing one of the biggest paedophile rings in the UK. This Documentary is not your usual trashing of Michael Jackson that's rolled out for TV ratings. Be prepared to have everything you thought you knew about this case derailed. The truth we've known for decades but has been purposely hidden by the media and tabloids. NOT ANYMORE thanks to Danny Wu who got right to the core with this raw, bare bones Documentary. To ignore the facts, is to be complicit with all subsequent false accusers that ran through the left open gate of a failed extortion plot from the very beginning. It has recently come to light that there is a witness out there saying Jordan Chandler rang Michael of his own accord to apologise to him and said his father was making him do it. That witness told Charles Thomson in person because they were there when Michael recieved that call. It's time for the truth.

  29. Long live the legacy of Michael Joseph Jackson...
    #SQUAREONE is a great documentary! Let's petition for this doc to be more widely viewed 😀

  30. This is obviously an amateurish propaganda piece made by an MJ stan for MJ fanatics in a futile attempt to discredit MJ's victims, shame the CSA survivors and a mockery of those who'd suffered from CSA. It's a biased student project that's produced by the uninformed/uneducated about CSA and its traumatic effects on child victims. The interviewed people in this so-called documentary are not credible when they hadn't been aware of (or witness to) MJ's pedophilic behavior behind closed doors or at Neverland Ranch. The sodium amytal theory is plain hogwash with no factual evidence to support it.Typically, children don't approach unfamiliar adults. So, Jenny is really lying about Jordan Chandler denial of experiencing MJ's molestation, which she'd claimed that he'd told her in person. As an MJ stan, she just made this up in a flailing attempt to defend her idol by waiting for this opportunity to say it. Far from investigative journalism, it's pure stan fiction that doesn't do justice to MJ's legacy. It's so unwatchable and a waste of time than doing actual research on CSA and the cases of MJ's child molestation/rape in their entirety for better understanding.

    1. Children are manipulative and traitors. The 1993 allegations were a FRAUD because Californian justice didn't let Michael Jackson defends himself in a criminal trial.

    2. Stay mad Karen! #MJINNOCENT

    3. Wow, Carolina sounds just like those parents that choose their significant other over their child who is being molested by telling themselves "Oh children love to make up stories. They're just trying to get attention, little liars and manipulators."

    4. False propaganda is LN but you don't want to admit it.
      There they showed edited videos to match the narrative and many lies were discovered.
      The biggest lie discovered was the station story.

  31. Plant a seed that the first known victim was after money ..then you can say all other accusers are the same.
    Fans and family dont make for a real story . Very poor and definitely a conspiracy theory.

    1. That's exactly what someone who wants MJ to be guilty would say.
      You're not special. You must be one of those people who think that all fans are "crazy" - they aren't. One doesn't have to be a fan to search for the truth and understand it.

    2. Wasn't just fans and family. It was people from the Chandlers (people that were accusing Jackson) side too that were saying that the allegations are false

    3. Not a conspiracy theory when the trail of hard well supported evidence is present. Any person with an inch iota of intelligence in their brain would see agree Michael Jackson was the victim.

  32. Totally misleading. Jordan Chandler filed a suit against Mj when he was legally able to do so at 18, for breaki g the terms of the NDA they all signed. Several leading psychiatrists interviewed him and were convinced he was telling the truth, one of them reported this to children s services. The DA’s office and police believed him as well. Not easy to go up against a powerful, wealthy celebrity like Jackson. Truth serum? Really? 😂

    1. But he didnt have the balls to testify voluntarily against Michael Jackson in 2005 trial. Jordan Chandler is a FRAUD. PERIOD.

    2. Ok so he’s telling the truth when it has been proven that his description of MJ’s genitalia didn’t match?

  33. Great doc! Every one should share and watch this. Its so sad how bad people were to Michael. He is innocent and every one should know that!

  34. great doc and the truth about the great human michael jackson, love lives forever #mjjinnocent

  35. So sad to read such Freudian transference, point me to where you have debunked the evidence in this documentary Sherlock, citing the fiction that was Leaving Neverland the ‘documentary’ that failed to even speak to Brandi Jackson who dated proven serial liar Wade Robson for 7yrs, inc through the allegations, this director has been taken apart for his unethical doc many times inc a road crash interview he did on French tv, sorry to say it but you my friend are the flat earth Blinkered evangelical emotionally attached to a belief with no facts to back it up, I believe victims, in this case MJ is the victim

  36. I like watching this on Juneteenth. The structure of racism works to destroy self made Black people and only prop up complete Pied Pipers.

  37. What Michael did to children was criminal, and perhaps Michael's own self-abusive behavior, which ultimately led to his demise, reflected his awareness that what he did was wrong. It's disheartening to see the collective delusion of Michael Jackson-deniers. They literally deny the person as he existed. Was he the product of emotional and physical abuse? Was he immensely talented? Did he have abusive intimate relationships with children? The answer to all of these questions is yes. Unlike "Leaving Neverland," this is propaganda and distortion. Individuals who buy into this pseudo-doc defense of Michael Jackson, like flat-earthers, lunar landing-deniers, truthers and pizza-gate conspiracists, are simply highly susceptible to counter-factual theories. Michael Jackson sought out young boys, he flew them all over the world, he slept in the same bed as them in hotels and at his and their homes, but he never touched them inappropriately because he says so. The victims say otherwise. Michael left behind a truly rabid cult of irrational, unhealthy devotion and denial.

    1. Assuming you're part of the team of lawiars who are working to steal from his estate. In any case may I suggest dropping the Tide Pods and walking away?

    2. Clearly... you didn't watch this, or took the time to look for facts yourself. Which are all over the internet. Instead, your accusations have become a mantra, that has to be repeated into eternity, no matter how much evidence there is to contradict your opinion (because that's what it is). Talking about unhealthy and being in denial... maybe check the mirror.

    3. Where's your physical evidence against Michael Jackson?

    4. The earth is a sphere and no one has been to the moon... now DEAL WITH THAT 😁

    5. There are no victims. No genuine victim says nothing happened for year then turns around and sues for millions of dollars. Even one of my friends who Was genuinely molested doesn’t believe this BS.

  38. It’s an amazing factual account of what really happened to Jackson.. Easy to follow.. and finally exposing Michael Jackson’s innocence.. and the liars attempting to extort him

  39. Michael Jackson is a very good musician and philanthropist.
    The media and the people who have been framing for such absurd reasons should reflect on themselves. Michael Jackson was a pacifist and his music moved and entertained people all over the world. Thank you for the documentary showing true Michael Jackson.

  40. The background music is too loud and distracts what is being said, grrrrr.

  41. Very well made documentary and excellent interviews, very informative. so sad that there were those who are still looking to extract money from MJ even after he's has passed on..
    The media and paparazzi have a lot to answer for the way they jump on the bandwagon of gossip and rumours just get a rating...

    1. Check out the polished version now streaming on Amazon Prime!

  42. Michael was an amazing talent & human being.....his brilliant legacy will live on forever in his music & video's....what a wonderful gift he was to this planet.....Thank you for setting the record straight & honoring MJ's true legacy ......

  43. VERY well made documentary! Lots of good details.

  44. Where is the media now, to tell the truth, they to are low life just out for the money to make up stores. MJ was at the top and the top of the music is a very lonely place to be. That's why he liked having young people around, and he had no childhood. Anybody with half a brain would understand that MJ was not out to hurt anybody. Where are the lawsuits today that destroyed his life ? Why is it that some people are not locked up now ? Only in the USA can they get away with this . Try this in any other country you would get 20 years in jail. MJ was not my type of music, but to me this was a mark against the U.S. justice system. YES they are real smart , 3 strikes and you are out for smoking marijuana. 20 years in jail , while people can destroy other people lives walk around free.

    1. Check out the polished version now streaming on Amazon Prime!

  45. V for Vendetta is a great documentary. The more you know.

  46. Very informative docu. now it all make sense

  47. oiii that matt lauer scene.........................

  48. This documentary is so sad given what Jackson had to go through due to a few low life punks.

  49. Documentary film making has always been reliant on the director providing an honest film that examines as many aspects of the subject as possible to allow the audience to create an informed opinion. Audience believe what they are told in a documentary is fact, and often it is, directors are often very responsible in their work, BUT it is a sad situation that we find ourselves. Channels like HBO have moved toward entertainment rather than information and can no longer be relied upon.

    Square One was borne out of a need to counter a documentary that HBO broadcast KNOWING full well that it excluded hundreds of pages of publicly available court documents that showed their two "stars" were caught lying repeatedly in court.
    Square One focuses closely on verifable facts, court documents, and witness testimonies from people involved and those with knowledge of the allegations. It very adeptly exposes the extent of the misreporting by the world's press on many key issues that have become synonymous with the name Michael Jackson but are in fact myths.
    Michael Jackson fans will no doubt have knowledge of many of these areas already but casual music fans will have plenty to learn. It truly is an eye opener and will make you re-examine what information you can trust in the future.

  50. Great documentary that should be watched regardless of the fact that someone's music has changed the world. Michael's life has been tarnished with these allegations and we need to see it as it is.

  51. So we are seriously supposed to believe the boy's father used mind control drugs to make him think he was molested and without evidence? Beyond parady.

    1. Are we really supposed to believe that someone who accepts money instead of putting his son's abuser in jail is genuine? He COULD have went through with the criminal trail after getting money from the civil trial, but he didn't .

    2. No. You are supposed to realise that many of the things you were told were false. For example, the Chandler family were attempting to extort money from jackson long before they claimed the kid was abused. They never went to the police to file charges, they only sought money. They never wanted to cooperate with police and stopped as soon as the settlement money was paid, AND note that the settlement specifically DID NOT prevent them from cooperating with a criminal trial or investigation. You're also supposed to learn that Jackson wasn't charged, not because of the settlement but because evidence was weak and TWO grand juries refused to indict him, meaning there was no trial. You're supposed to realise that the secretary FOR THE PROSECUTION says the whole thing was a scam and you're supposed to hear the recording of the boy's dad threatening to destroy jackson if he doesn't get the money he wants. You're supposed to realise that much of what you read in the press about this was total bull.

    3. Obviously you did not watch the documentary, the drugs is not a problem here, but hey, you know about the drugs, what a coincidence huh?
      Without evidence? The evidence, including the drugs, is out there, 3 decades are enough to know the evidence, you are afraid of knowing the evidence cos it destroys your antiMJ narrative and picture of MJ

    4. I hate to break this to you, but you shouldn't look into the "Satanic Panic" or alien abductions if you find that so far fetched

    5. Jordan Chandler even said that he was manipulated by his father but ok

    6. Maybe instead of shoving what is proven aside, take some time to really ecucate yourself. Try this excellent article by Mary S Fischer, from 1994. Already then, it was clear what really happened. But the press was selling copies, so the majority couldn't be bothered with the truth.

    7. they lied. period.

  52. full throated, is that really best term you could have come up with? but anyway im on mikes side. when you think about how he was abused, his problems with image and his ridiculous wealth, hes just too easy a target, especially that he liked to give kids what he didnt have.

  53. This is a must seen, the truth is out there. Love SQUAREONEMJ.

  54. This documentary openly the facts behind the 1993 case of michael jackson sexual allegations! A must watch.. very very gripping documentary...!! After seeing this documentary now i understand we should always see the other side too before judging something believing media.. i understand now that media sometimes may not have all the information regarding a case and can make news with whatever info they have in hand and that news might appear a well researched news to us.. but in reality it is not.. and that is the big lesson i understood from this..

  55. For those who are confused about the 93 allegations against Michael Jackson should watch this. It will clear your confusion.

  56. Cant believe this information isn't being shared by the mainstream media after they jumped straight on the leaving neverland bandwagon. This really does disprove it. The facts and evidence vindicate michael jackson.

  57. The facts and the information provided in this documentary is not at all new to any true MJ fan as the fandom is well versed about all this. Danny Wu, the director became a fan in the researching process and made this zero budget documentary to help anyone understand why Michael Jackson settled the civil case back in 1994 and how that never ever meant that MJ was guilty. Jordan Chandler (the first accuser) being used by his own father, Victor guitterez and NAMBLA's association with the accuser's father, extortion scheme..etc is all very well put together.

  58. This documentary regarding MJ was very well laid out. It's a sad, sad tale regarding plain ol' greed. I always have said MJ never did have a childhood. So wanting to be around children and acting almost child like himself sometimes was purely innocent. That is why he was extremely close to Elizabeth Taylor. She too did not have a childhood. I think they understood each other. It never ceases to amaze me what someone would do for money; to ruin someone's life? SAD. Yes..did MJ do "unusual" things sometimes? Bottom line MJ was an entertainer. Of course he did things to stay in the press...look at Madonna for example. I just wish all this information was available to the public in 1993. History would be different. Possibly he would still be living. What a shame.

  59. Square One is the definitive documentary about Michael Jackson and the original 1993 false allegations leveled against him. In a very neat, precise timeline, Danny Wu manages to explain, factually and corroborated by official documents, witnesses' testimonies and evidence, how an elaborate extortion scheme ended up ruining a man's reputation with the help of the reckless media. The moment someone watches Square One, they will realize what a documentary is supposed to be: the opposite of what Leaving Neverland gave the audience (no independent witnesses, no contradictory voices, no evidence whatsoever, glaring inconsistences and dozens of proven lies, concealed financial motives preceeding the movie and so on). This independent filmmaker was able to break down the MJ case in a more honest and flawless way than the media did for the past 30 years. Also, it is important to notice that both Safechuck's and Robson's allegations against Jackson partly overlap those of the 1993 accuser, with a very consistent storyline that is ascertained to have been fabricated. Do the math. A must-see for those who don't rely on feelings when it comes to a man's legacy or reputation, but on cold, hard, facts.

  60. This is not a conspiracy film.

  61. I found the story of Josephine very telling. That the first accuser would still be a MJ fan and tells others that MJ is not a child molester says it all. Everyone can investigate and see how his friends are openly MJ fans online, and how his sister liked a video of her with MJ in Monaco. The place where her brother was supposedly molested. It is not the behavior of a CSA victim and not how his friends and sister would act if it was really true. They don't even try to hide it. It is the media that has no interest in investigating the truth.

  62. Would be nice if the person who wrote this review would have signed their name, even a nom de plume. It really misses the mark on this film.

    Though Square One could easily be described as amateurish as a production, the content and research is anything but; it puts a lot of the shoddy reporting regarding these allegations to shame, using a combination of publicly available (but seldom referenced) material, and some exclusive interviews that in some cases are quite shocking, if all you knew was the decades-old media narrative.

    The film's strongest point besides the very tangible evidence and first-hand accounts of the people involved, is the establishment of a timeline. Something a certain other "documentary" on Jackson never, ever established very well.

    Mr. Ogden below is sniffing the septic tank, btw.

  63. My rating for Squareone MJ would be 10 stars...the facts are well laid out in sequence with easy to understand language. The use of graphics to simplify the narrative made it truly a work that needs to be given worldwide coverage. There is no sensationalism in this piece just facts and documents researched and made available. In my previous comment I didn't give it a rating I was just replying to the comment of someone else. Hopefully there will be other parts to this.

  64. Excellent documentary that delves into the facts of the 93 allegations in a clear and detailed manner. The public misconceptions of that case is what has led to other chancers trying similar schemes in hope of a slice of Jackson's fortune too. Unlike a certain other Jackson-centered film this one uses credible sources and evidence to back up it's claims. It's clear as day that Evan Chandler (and not his son Jordan) made up these lies from his cash-hungry greed and jealousy of Jackson's friendship with June and Jordan Chandler. And of course if Jackson wasn't a child abuser here, why on earth would he become one later? It's extremely unlikely. And when you look into the later cases they all fall apart even more than they already had done. The 2005 trial should never have taken place and Robson/Safechuck's scam has no credibility whatsoever especially with all the masses of inconsistencies and clear evidence of their financial motivations. Well done, Danny Wu, whom like myself was not a Jackson fan, but felt the need to delve into the facts and see what actually happened. From all I see, Jackson was a generous and trusting man who helped thousands of people and unfortunately a few of those took advantage of that and destroyed him. Let's not let his legacy be tainted with vile lies any longer. He did a hell of a lot of good with his humanitarian work and that (and of course his music if that's what you're into) should be what he's remembered for. Not the gross attempts of extortion by obvious schemers.

  65. One more thing to add to this is, that contrary to the review above, Danny Wu WAS NOT a fan of Michael Jackson, but researched the case and THEN decided to make the documentary after realising the extent of the misinformation spread by the media. This was especially true this year.

    It's truly disgusting that the media can get away with doing what they did - deliberately ignoring pertinent facts to incriminate somebody who has never been convicted of a crime. Likewise, twisting facts for the same goal, and then there is the fabrication of stories to support their agenda. This part of the modus operandi involves paying money for stories they know are not true. In fact this year saw ex Neverland staff paid by multiple news agencies to tell stories of the things they saw at Neverland, despite them having sold stories to tabloids in the past and subsequently put on the stand, only for them to testify under oath that they saw nothing! But in 2019 they were again selling stories to eager tabloids. All involved are disgusting.

    Only people who have direct knowledge of the cases seem to be aware of the media's approach to MJ reporting. The court documents are available publicly but of course most people don't have the time or interest to read them personally, that is why they rely on the media to give them an accurate account. But the media doesn't. It's an outrage.

  66. Was the reviewer paying attention when he watched this film? He said "The 1993 case never made it to court. Instead, Jackson paid his accuser - Jordan Chandler - a sum of $15 million to stop the case in its tracks". For decades the media have been lazy and misleading in their reporting of this issue - a fact raised in the film, and showed again here.

    The author seems to imply the criminal case was stopped by the settlement, or at least allowed the reader enough scope to believe that was they case, but of course this is not the case and that is made very clear in the film.

    There were two ongoing cases - the civil case filed by the family for a multi-million dollar settlement, and the criminal case initiated by the police (the family never reported their claims to the police!).
    Jackson settled the civil case against him because the civil trial would have been held ahead of a criminal trial, and to defend that case he would expose all his defence strategy, testimony etc handing the criminal prosecutor a distinct advantage. The law was later changed as a direct outcome of this case so that a defendant is not forced to settle a case to protect his chance of a fair trial!
    Anyway, the settlement Jackson paid explicitly did NOT prevent the family cooperating with a criminal investigation or trial, and what many people fail to realise is that there is NO LEGAL way Jackson could have stopped them talking to investigators or a judge/jury.

    Once the settlement was paid, the family, who had NEVER reported their case to the police and only ever sought financial compensation, decided to not talk to police. It was their choice, NOT banned by any action Jackson took.

    Contrary to popular opinion, influenced by incorrect/misleading media reporting, Jackson NEVER bought the family's silence. In fact, before a civil case was launched the family approached him for money numerous times and he repeatedly refused to pay. They offered silence for his payment. He again refused and in fact filed extortion charges against them. He refused to pay right up until the deadline while his lawyers tried to delay the civil trial until after the criminal trial. Thpse requests were refused repeatedly. Jackson WANTED a criminal trial, but he wanted it to be fair. when he was left no choice, he eventually settled the civil case.

    In fact the criminal trial never happened because TWO grand juries refused to indict Jackson due to a weak case.

    1. Or she- the author does not include their name.

  67. Serious allegations demand serious scrutiny. It is actually astonishing how much information that casts doubts on the allegations against MJ can be easily found-with just a little digging. I was almost certain he was guilty until I began my own inquiry early this year. I know if someone abused my child,I wouldn't be pushing for a civil trial before a criminal one,I certainly would not lose interest in a criminal case which was still ongoing once we received money,and I would not have gone to a civil lawyer first. It is also interesting that Jordan Chandler refused every opportunity to testify against MJ-even as his mother did in 2005. This documentary laid it all out and made it easy to follow the timeline of events. Excellent work and long may it continue. It helps to know all the info that is easily accessible but is curiously missing from all the main stream reporting of all the allegations .Condemnation before investigation is the height of folly!!!

  68. Just an aside, Mr Wu actually thought MJ was GUILTY and that’s how the film started.
    It was looking at the FACTS with no emotion that lead to this film.
    TLDR; not a fan made film.

  69. Firstly I was not a fan/follower of MJ until the LN fiasco. And now that I know the truth I believe in you too MJ. Excellent work of the highest order. I thoroughly and without a doubt enjoyed this immensely. Thank you Danny and to everyone else that made this possible. #Idontbelievethosemfs #MJINNOCENT

  70. @Peter None of what you mentioned is in "Square One". You're entitled to your opinion but at least be relevant to the topic. 10 Stars for #SquareOneMJ

  71. correction: complete fool

  72. i also believe that he was a complete full to trust in the quack who treated him for insomnia and ultimately killed him--he had it made and threw it all away--this is what often happens with rich, successful people who never took the time to get grounded in a good formal education--janet's another example of this uneducated idiocy.

    1. "Square One". You're entitled to your opinion but at least be relevant to the topic. 10 Stars for #SquareOneMJ!

  73. i couldn't care less about michael jackson. i am gay and i believe michael was gay and if not a pedophile he was very close to it. i also believe, as is often the case with the youngest boy in a family with numerous older sexually developed randy brothers that michael was sexually abused by one or more of his brothers when he was a small boy most likely on a frequent basis.

    1. It's very strange that despite NO claims ever being made I see this theory being raise more and more.
      Why do some people see the need to theorise that Jackson was himself abused when there is NO reason to believe that ever happened? You seem to suggest that when here are multiple older siblings they sexually abused the younger sibling. WTF are you talking about? You must have had a strange childhood. Also use of the words "most likely" are strange. "most likely" based on what? Your imagination???

    2. His brothers should sue you, I will pass this on to them.

    3. Interesting comments...How did you reach your conclusion? MJ wasn't gay. He wasn't sexually abused by his siblings or father. Where did you get your 'facts' from? Please share.

    4. You have a right to your opinion, but you are no better than the lazy media. Spreading innuendo, supposition and theories without proof is easy and lacks credibility. The documentary presented facts based in evidence which is sorely lacking in the ramblings of someone with an ax to grind.

  74. Finally, a truthful documentary about Michael Jackson. It presents the facts in an easy-to-understand way, so even someone who knows nothing about this case could understand. With all the evidence (or lack thereof), it’s clear that Michael Jackson was the victim of extortion since 1993. Accusers have since used the initial allegations to form their own stories. The media also has a lot to do with the spread of misinformation. There has never been one shred of evidence that suggests criminal activity. It’s time people know the truth—that Michael Jackson is innocent.

  75. This documentary iz amazing! A must watch for everyone, not only Michael Jackson fans.

  76. A very well done documentary, with good information to understand the case and why the settlement established, you can see that was because the law didn't allow him to go for the criminal case first.

  77. Bing real mj fan not easy we had seen hard time to defend our MJ this documentary said everything awesome job thanks for who involved to make this happen fact don't lie people do!

  78. This is a must seen for anybody who questions MICHAEL’s innocence. Please watch it. Everything is based on facts n research, not just blaaa blaaa, like The other what so called “documentary “10 stars.

  79. 10stars. He is innocent. Here is the proof. MJ you are missed.

  80. This is it. This is what I call a documentary. This is the truth. 10stars.Period

  81. I don't understand the "conspiracy" tag, but super cool to get some coverage on the film. I thought it was very well done.

  82. Really good doc with true facts in it... proves michael was always innocent , may he rest in peace

  83. i stopped watching this 10 min into it.

    1. Figures most closed minded do these things

    2. Why?

  84. Cant help but feel this review was a little scathing. Square One is an excellent documentary which features a timeline of events backed up by documents, FACTS, and eye witnesses. It also features Award Winning Journalist Charles Thomson who is an expert on GENUINE pedophile cases. Its a heavily researched very well made Documentary. Despite it having no real budget and being independently made it has far more Journalistic credibility than Leaving Neverland. I would also recommend watching Lies of Leaving Neverland for anyone willing to research further, and reading the transcripts from the 2005 trial as well.

    1. If it was true why did parents still take their kids to neverland after 93?! No
      Decent parent would. No child would be there. I’m sorry but you don’t get to go there after someone has been accused of that and then sue them and make allegations. And also sorry but you can’t rape someone in a train station that DIDN’T EXIST UNTIL 95!!! Just use your brains haters.

    2. And no defence attorney would put someone MJ had supposedly abused on the witness stand they just wouldn’t risk it.

  85. 10 STARS!! One of the best Docs I've seen. Never believed he was guilty, not then, and not now. I can never understand why some people are so sick and twisted that they'd lying and do anything for money. Wish all those horrible people would just drop dead. LOVE YOU FOREVER MJ. RIP.