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GangesGanges is a nature documentary series for television on the natural history of the River Ganges in India and Bangladesh.

As well as the variety of animals and habitats that are to be found along the river’s 2,510 km (1,557 mi) reach, the programmes also feature the cultures, traditions and religions of the very large human population that it supports.

For Hindus, the Ganges is a sacred river and a place of pilgrimage, a deep influence on their religion and culture as well as being their lifeblood.

Over the course of three episodes, the series is presented as a journey from the source of the river in the high Himalaya to its delta at the Bay of Bengal.

Daughter of the Mountains. The first episode begins at the Gangotri Glacier in the Indian Himalaya, regarded as the true source of the Ganges, and follows the river 150 miles downstream through the mountain valleys to the edge of the north Indian floodplain and the holy city of Haridwar.

River of Life. Beyond the mountains, the fast-flowing river slows and spreads out over the plains, forming a marshy grassland known as the Terai. Animals featured include the rare Indian rhinoceros and Ganges river dolphin, but in these polluted and crowded waters their future is uncertain.

Waterland. The Ganges eventually flows into the Brahmaputra and drains into the Bay of Bengal via a huge delta. In the coastal mangroves of the Sundarbans the locals share an uneasy existence with tigers.

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  1. dave108

    Thankyou so much for spending your time to put all of this together. I have spent months enjoying, dissagreeing, contemplating, and being educated by this site. I often turn on the tv to see what is on while playing a doc. and then turn it off to stick with the content here. Not a fan of `The Real Housewives of anywhere. I have always been able to find content worth watching here on a diversity of subjects. I hope you can keep up the great work.

  2. Cody

    The Courtship of the Cranes made me smile...awesome Doc. Thanks!

  3. M T Hossain

    An incredible journey throughout the mythical landscape. Thanks to BBC for their rlentless effort.

  4. Jason

    Amazing!!! and its in 1080 too!!

  5. Gary V

    Another superb doc from the BBC. Fascinating .

  6. Natlover

    Amazing documentary. The mystical land of India and Hinduism with its tolerant attitude towards nature and animals.

  7. blackflower

    incredible soundtrack and awesome visual. -FASCINATING.

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  9. Sharif Aslam

    Amazing Documetary Marvellous Phptography

  10. Sharif Aslam

    Amazing Documentry Marvellous Photography

  11. Smit_komal

    wonderful photography. nice docu.

  12. Anitha

    it says video is unavailable . Kindly upload the video

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