Weapons that Made Britain

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Weapons that Made BritainIn this five-part series, presenter Mike Loades takes us on a fascinating tour of medieval arms and armor, and demonstrates their central role in key events in British history.

As an expert who trains people how to use medieval weapons, Mike is in a unique position to show us how these weapons were made and used and their impact on British society.

The weapons featured in the series – the sword, longbow, lance, shield and armor – each played a special role in the arms race of the Middle Ages, and Mike poses the key questions of: What do they tell us about life and society? How were they made? How were they used and by whom? How important were they?

Using a well-known battle as the focus for each programme, and talking to modern-day experts, Mike shows us the properties of each weapon and how effective it would have been in battle. We learn about much more than the weapons themselves as the series draws in themes of technology, religion, geography and even music.

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  1. anuragawasthi

    It is the concept of 'Company' which colonised most of the world was the most destructive weapon made by the british.even today all of us are just
    a slave of one company or the other

  2. BuzzBeak

    Yeah I know, I worship my iphone, and there's nothing like a cold Coke on a hot day.

  3. Gwank

    Loved the show, hands on research seems invaluable to our understanding to this part of history. In order to be an auxiliary weapon wouldn’t the nights/ troops need hand held guns? + The picture said the sward went through the helm and without a catalogue of artifacts demonstrating a typical standard with equivalent alloy and dimensions to the replica I’m inclined to believe it.

  4. Sertsis

    I've seen this one before, but was happy enough to watch it again. I liked the way that this doc demonstrated the weapons, their uses, and craftsmanship, but also how they influenced battles, and tactics , and the evolution of history. Not exactly an in-depth doc, but still enjoyable.

  5. Sieben Stern

    and what battle did the kilt help win ;D ;D

  6. Earthwinger

    Clearly, you've never seen Carry On Up The Khyber. :D

  7. MatarD

    And look at you now! Now you are a walking and typing asvertisment post. Proud?

  8. BuzzBeak

    Blimey Matar, you think I was serious?

  9. Guest

    BuzzBeak, your reply to MatarD should read, 'Blimey Matar, you THOUGHT I was serious?' Mixing past and present tenses is just plain incompetence.
    I hope English isn't your first language.

  10. NAND Gate

    @tom121212 Coming onto a documentary site and commenting - simply to make a petty point on grammar - is worse than plain incompetence. Should I point out your punctuation is less than perfect? No, I won't.

    Have a nice day.

  11. tomregit

    A good documentary for anyone interested in military history. I especially enjoyed the one on swords and the one on armor.

  12. MatarD

    I concur, this is good.

  13. Daryl Walters

    Lol, you padantic wanka!!!!

  14. dks2012

    the reality of a killing war makes me wonder what it would really be like on the front line back in these days. no matter how tough i think i am, im sure i/we wouldnt get 5 mins into battle without falling into shock or throwing up or running in terror. war is hell, and even more so then.

  15. Paytonic2Payto

    He says 'status' like 'stay-tus".

  16. Ramus73

    Err yeah and so does every one else in England. You know, that place where English comes from.

  17. Curtis Moore

    How do they say it on the Eurasian steppe where all PIE languages come from?

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