666 Revealed

666 Revealed

2006, Mystery  -   150 Comments
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Lucifer, Beelzebub, Belial, Prince of Darkness, The Wicked One, Old Nick, Mephistopheles, Satan... the devil goes by many names and has had many faces over the years, but who exactly is he? What does he look like? His very existence has been a source of debate within the Christian Church since its beginning. Is this supreme evil still walking the Earth, tempting, seducing and corrupting those of little faith?

All religions have devils and demons, forces of the evil that seek to harm us. According to scientists and other secular scholars these devils and demons are a means of labeling those unseen and often unjust forces of nature that cause us harm. But according to many religious people, an evil, supernatural being must surely be behind it all.

The word Satan means adversary and the term appears in both the Old and New Testaments. Since then, Satan has been attacking both God and men. He walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.

But according to the Christian faith devil's powers are not limitless. According to the New Testament the devil's final defeat will be when Jesus Christ returns in the second coming and casts Satan into a lake of fire. Throughout the ages the devil has been represented by many and varied imagery. As a snake, as a man, a beast with horns and a tail, as a nightmare with bat's wings.

Other impressions of the devil are far less flattering but it's still an image that had stayed with us throughout the ages and certainly won't be disappearing overnight. Witches and werewolves have been part of our folklore for many centuries before the Christian Church took an interest in them but all this changed during the 15th century when the Catholic Church decided that a deal with the devil was a means by which witches gain their magical powers. This deal was called an "infernal pact."

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Eugene Bigelow
1 year ago

This was stupid. A collosal waste of my time.

Dwight Huth
2 years ago

Ya'll need to get off the LSD.

7 years ago

B.C. 45 Julian calendar took effect. The modern Gregorian calendar begin adoption in 1582...long after revelation was written. Duration between 45 B.C. and 1 A.D. is 45 years since there is no 0 B.C./A.D.
A.D. 622 someone left Mecca to settle in Medina...the year they considered as beginning of their religion.
Duration between 1 A.D. to A.D. 622 is 621 years
45 + 621 = 666

7 years ago

Around 2005, a fragment from Papyrus 115, taken from the Oxyrhynchus site, was discovered at the Oxford University's Ashmolean Museum. It gave the beast's number as 616 χιϛʹ. This fragment is the oldest manuscript (about 1,700 years old) of Revelation 13

the 666 comes from a human error, a man named Irenaus around 2nd century AD thought it was so. and since then superstition did all the rest around the number 666. So, if you really fear satan, fear 616 and not 666 ;)

9 years ago

Want to see God, look in the mirror.
Want to see Satan, look in the mirror.

9 years ago

Interesting. Mostly laughable, when blamed on an invisible Good/Evil entity. There are those that worship the spirit and those that worship the flesh... this is all that I believe. Good/Evil are merely human traits/conditions that are not separate. One only prevails over the other in most, but entities controlling these human traits, is simply ignorance. We do not want to except the fact of the human condition... we are animals of "progress" and individuals of evolution.

9 years ago

As a Young Girl My Grandmother told of Ole Saint Nick- and let me know saying mmm-hum was just what Lucifer answered as he walked collecting souls. I was raised in the ear of the 50's and lived through the L.S.D. Timothy Leary and Dr Spock. My Mother i assure YOU Used Dr Spock to get with the seat of MY UNDERSTANDING. as a Kid school in N.Y. i have seen person's inhabited by unclean spirits leading Persons to walk-- barefoot on the street's of the city. JESUS is Real so is Lucifer he is Broken because JESUS Broke him down.
I follow JESUS.

Lora Lee
9 years ago

I didn't believe in the devil until I witnessed a 14 year old boy throw 5 adult men around like rag dolls and growl in stereophonic. You are either ignorant, or a liar,

9 years ago

hm, i'm not sure that this video deserves the low rating it's gotten. I see this as an overall impartial analysis of the history Demons and satan as a concept rather than preaching on the threat of hell...oh well, i thought it was interesting anyway.

9 years ago

Lucifer was an arch angel expelled from heaven by god when he didn't want to see humans as gods greatest creation, nothing more and nothing less. Don´t people know anything anymore?

9 years ago

Nothing like a sex orgy to end a Satanic Black Sabbath sacrifice. The Sabbath at my church was never like that.

San Pedro
9 years ago

I wonder about this, maybe some of you noticed.
Jesus, the representation of Christ consciousness is said to be pure love. And Satan is said to be pure evil. Does this mean the final battle beween Christ and Satan is actually just our decision to banish hatered out of our heart by replacing it with unconditional love?

9 years ago

The devils name is Marduk, was born on earth but not taken home to have his DNA edited, as the gods practiced incest and were so inbred that only psychopaths were born so had to be treated at birth, but Marduk never had this treatment, because of this Marduk was declared an animal and banished to earth, he ruled the earth cruely after the gods left until his death in 200ad, his home was in a deep cavern under the Swiss mountains, he had many offspring that populate the area from Germany to the Caucasus mountains, they are the original "white men", Marduk created the money system and the system of interest to make man mine gold as his children(bankers) would only take gold as interest payments. his children still control the money supply and collect up gold that Marduks relatives come and pick up every 200 years or so.
LOL, now laugh or say what you will, when you look into its history and take all the mumbo jumbo out that is the story you get. Marduk looks as human as any white man from that area. he just had 44 chromosomes and not the 42 we have as those other 2 gave long lives and that is not good for gold mining slaves.

9 years ago

When it comes to trying to understand satanist, a dumb movie quote comes to mind. The clown from Spawn asks the question "How come we get all the retards?".

Adam Young
9 years ago

it's quiet funny how those who take a concrete stance against the paranormal are also the only ones who have had no experience of such, strange cause in other areas of society people who have no experience in a given area or topic are considered unqualified to lecture on such. BTW for the record... i consider you skeptic lot to be handicapped with regards to this matter. i have had one 100% beyond doubt paranormal experience which was witnessed. it happened and it was terrible. the witnesses and myself sat and tried every angle to explain what had happened ( in brief, thunderous blows on the bedroom wall, heavy scratching sounds and small specs of light assailed the room for around 2 minutes, the sounds sounded like they were coming from inside the room ) , even now 20 years on when it is brought up in conversation we still are no closer to rationalizing.
if it makes you feel better by reducing my intelligence and then my integrity ( we all know how much you science lot love utilizing this technique to discredit and once again demonstrate to the world you are the supreme humans on this planet ) that's fine but it changes nothing, i'm a member a small group who have actually seen something disturbing and life altering and you're still a member of a large group who needs everybody around you to believe you have all the answers.....what a smart child you are;)

9 years ago

All of our opinions are important, although this documentary is so steeped in bias it almost had me believing that one side of a holy war can win.

It is of my opinion that all spoken or written "truths" are not in fact truths unless they stand up to both imaginative speculation (driven by an inquisitive nature, not 'straw grasping') and deductive reasoning. Vedantic texts, the Upanishads, Schopenhauer's the world as will and representation, buddhism are all examples of 'perennial philosophy':views each of the world’s religious traditions as sharing a single, universal truth on which foundation all religious knowledge and doctrine has grown.wiki, The subject matter ranges from Religion, to philosophy, and, yes my friend, PHYSICS. And all display an uncanny resemblance to each other. Most notably in their descriptions of divergent 'will's, (Will being defined as: the "for us", the subject, the separate thinking entity) That is to say an entity that has tried to decided it is "god" and should decide what reality is, thinking it has escaped a desperately illusive "other". The difference between them is one allows for all, while the other leaves a remainder, a part or quantity that is left over. We call this dualism.

I have studied nearly all world religions and world history surrounding them, and this is the truth i have discovered. Monism is monism is monism is monism. monism: Monism is the philosophical view that a variety of existing things can be explained in terms of a single reality or substance....EDIT!!!!!!! __brain fart, what i meant to say here is, dualism is dualism, is dualism, Dualism being:the division of something conceptually into two opposed or contrasted aspects, or the state of being so divided. Monism was on my mind when i wrote this__ -wiki You can put a different bow on last years re-gifted birthday present but its still that same shit you didn't want last year. This doesn't mean that I'm right or I win, or Im wrong and I lose. It means that all or these parts make up a continuous whole. moreover it is up to you to decide the world 'is' or becomes. believe blindly, or continue to grow, learn and understand, its your choice, no one else's. I have experienced fear and I have experienced relation and acceptance, and I think you know which one I choose every time.... Relation...I felt I should clarify.

Regan Cathey
9 years ago

Lucifer - Satan, the Dark Spirit of SEETHING RAGE is quite real!

As a Physicist, just to see if anything would happen, I performed an experiment - what I call "the 666 Experiment". Within a short period of time, I was able to perceive the evil presence of this extremely Dark Spirit of Seething Rage!

The experiment itself required specific knowledge gathered from ancient texts, occult secrets and training, that the average person is not privy to. No one more than I was as shocked and astounded to the outcome of this experiment.

The Existence of the Devil is also indirect proof of the Lord Jesus Christ, the true Bible, and God the Father.


Fabien L'Amour
9 years ago

Some interesting historic parts but the part that tries to link several serial murderers to the devil brings no evidence whatsoever they were satanists except for their birth dates. They even go as far as saying because one of them was born Friday the 13th is the proof he was a tool of Satan. Several millions people were born on a friday the 13th and I am certain that statistics can prove the ratio of serial killers born on that date is no different than any other date. They say you be the judge and I judge they were mentally deranged and no supernatural force had anything to do with their insanity. Weak logic and superstition is all I saw in there.

Brian Allen
9 years ago

fantasy land - live in fear of your own imagination if you must.
time to grow up