America's Planned War on Britain: Revealed

America's Planned War on Britain: Revealed

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Hidden deep inside the American National Archives there's a highly classified document once considered as the most sensitive on Earth. In 1930 America crafted an elaborate plan for war with the "Red Empire" - the most deadly enemy. But America's enemy in this conflict was not the Soviet Union, or Japan... it was not even Nazi Germany. Plan "Red" was a code word for a massive war with Britain and all her colonies.

The plan came up during the great depression, amid expansion of evil regimes around the world, and at turbulent times when even some in America have been deluded by dark forces. This documentary will reveal how such an astonishing document came to be written and who would have won if it had been put into practice. It will show how America's greatest ally almost became their deadliest enemy.

Ward didn't a break out between Britain and America in the 1930's, but there were times when they came closer than you might imagine, as American journalist Peter Carlson was to discover. He was on a visit to the American National Archives in Washington DC when he found himself entering a strange and unsettling world.

Lying untouched for years the plan "Red" contains detailed preparations for a massive war between America and the British Empire. It shows where they would fight, what troops would be needed and how the battles would unfold. Throughout the plan the Americans refer to themselves as "blue" while the British are "reds."

The British Empire at the beginning of the 20th century was the greatest the world had ever seen, but this did cause some resentment. We now think of Britain and America as having a special relationship. After all they did fight side by side in two world wars. But at the start of the 20th century the two countries have been at each others' throats for well over a hundred years, and much of the fighting had taken place in the British dominion of Canada.

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    what is the musique in this video

  2. Robby Daniels

    All I know is that if a war like this erupted not knowing how long it would last plus what actually happened in the following years with ww11 were to happen would be very messed up who knows how things would be or if the things that happened during ww11 would have even happened who knows just a crazy thought I suppose

  3. Jimmy F.

    I would say, over all this is a good video. And don’t loose it, because peace is never forever. And should we the U. S. A. need to defend or assault the United Kingdom Then we’re there. ??

    1. B. Wilson

      You mean "lose it."

  4. Pops

    LISTEN to the documenteary properly. Britain had no plan/intentions of giving up Canada that was the hypothetical outcome of the presenters. The only plan BELONGED to the U.S.A , who in my opinion only had eyes on Canada no other reason than becoming the United States of North America , but an inevitable conflict with Britain would ensue . As a previous comment said did they think the Canadians would just role over , then think again!

  5. Zyzygie

    Well there you go then... At least Russia and China can take comfort that they're in good company... Nowadays Britain and the US are the best of friends... Isn't that right?

    1. Jimmy F.

      No nation is good friends. It’s always policies that appear as nations are friendly. Given any opertunity a nation/ country will wage war!

  6. Griffin

    The USA is and always has been the Crown Corporations bitch.

    1. Stephen Hardy

      What nonsense. These so-called 'theories' are just collections of unfalsifiable assertions and have no intellectual validity whatsoever. The 'British Empire' is long gone

  7. Windspirit

    Well...what they missed is that the Aussies would have been involved in this...meaning another 1-2 mil Solders that would have kicked US butt.

  8. Thomas

    Re the war with the Red Empire, we are accused of throwing Canada to the wolves, how could we do that, not even knowing about America's intentions, of course we would have gone to Canada's assistance, as we had ships all over the world and with the largest mercantile fleet in the world, we could have shipped in a great many troops, yes, we are a shadow of our former self, and hated around the world, or should I say, WAS!!, America is now the most powerful country in the world, and has taken the honour of being the most hated country, and I get NO PLEASURE in saying that, we owe you a lot, and I can assure you we are very Grateful, and bare in mind, we are the best Damned ally you have, so lets not go thowing stupid useless crap at each other, just because some people have a beef against each other, those kind of people deserve to be ignored, the past is past, lets go forward together, always as allies, TOM.

    1. Gigum

      Nice sentiment but England has been at it for a long time via Empire of financial control over the world. Every country has some decent people and those that need hung for the evil they have wrought. It seems the usa congress, judiciary, spooks, warmongers, and banksters need strung up along with their corollaries in the UK.

  9. Terroantula

    I'd just side with Germany tbh and tell them not to let Albert Einstein to leave lol.

  10. bluetortilla

    Why would this surprise anyone? In politics friends and foes are not made out of principles but out of convenience.

  11. noboundryman

    A "legal" war against Britain might be a good idea, if you ask me. The City of London, is stealing hundreds of billions of tax dollars from Governments, from Washington to Kinshasa, and poor countries around the world, feeding criminal drug cartels, and weapons traders, by providing secret offshore tax havens for criminal enterprises to hide their ill gotten gains. It's the biggest open secret in the universe, and it will be stopped someday soon hopefully. 7,000,000,000 people want their money back.

    1. Jraine

      Yeah you try that, see how it goes. - Sincerely a UK citizen.

    2. noboundryman

      They're ripping you off to Charlie. If people around the world get pissed enough, some of the towers of power in the City of London could topple under enough international pressure. Britain was the most powerful nation on earth, but they are vulnerable today, a mere shadow of their former power. The people of the United States are slowly becoming aware of the depth of the international criminal cartels that operate with impunity there as on Wall Street. The time of reckoning for many of these banks may be closer than they think. As a yank I will admit we have got some incredibly stupid people here, especially in Washington,,and Texas among other places, but we aren't all completely brain dead yet. Things are changing rapidly, and the level of anger is steadily rising. This has nothing to do with animosity towards british society, just the criminal banking cartels. I don't care how the cops do it, FBI, CIA, MI5-6 whatever, I don't care. They can kidnap them and send them to Guantanamo Bay for all I care seeing as they are the biggest terrorists of all.

    3. Jraine

      All you're talking is conspiracy theories nothing more. You don't live here, our government is fair (minus Tony Blair he was an a**hole) And we are a nation not that dissimilar to yours. You want to encourage your nation to kill the people and soldiers of the UK? But mainly simple reason to why there will never be a war? Both sides have plenty of nukes. We'd simply destroy each other sadly enough. (Ps I visited the US a few times, love what you've done with the place :) )

      PSS: The sweets (Candy?) are great.

      Psss: John Oliver, nuff said <3

    4. noboundryman

      John, apparently your cognitive skills, and eyesight need some work, or perhaps your medication has overcome your comprehension, because you apparently didn't read the post, or speak a different language. No one, certainly not me, is talking about killing any one you silly twit. One would think you are an adolescent with that sort of silly response. I plainly said (legal war) meaning law suits, legal actions, against a criminal enterprise. "Ya dig?"

      What i'm talking about, is the (banking cartel) that operates out of the city of London. They are without question, along with their allies on Wall Street, #10 Downing, Washington, Macau, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, etc one of the largest criminal gangs on earth. The list of massive international corruption cases IE.
      ( LIBOR scandal ), extortion, fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, securities , and commodities manipulation, is blatant, egregious, wide spread, and the most widely recognized criminal fraud ever conceived.

      Don't worry we're quite aware of the abominations of criminality, and fraud originating right here, at home. Americans are on the verge of apoplexy concerning the fraud, and criminality on Wall street, and Washington. Those that aren't angry, are either brain dead, or brainwashed, and there's quite a few of those sadly.

      What i'm talking about is the system of corruption, and patronage that has left the world economy in gross imbalance leading directly to the expensive, dangerous, and destructive conflicts we see around the world today. The wealth inequality is catastrophic, and will lead only to further disasters, destruction, and conflict. 87% of the worlds wealth is concentrated in the hands of a tiny elite groups of (international criminal thug cartels) that have manipulated laws, commodities prices, currencies, interest rates, political races, and laundered money for violent extremists, criminal drug / human trafficking cartels, and a long list of other crimes. The low life pieces of filth known as the tea party, or Republicans in the US seek to enlarge this criminal enterprise, by destroying regulatory oversight, and covering up hundreds of billions of Pounds worth of criminal activity. They operate in a different more hidden environment, but are just as evil, just as corrupt, just as dangerous as Mussolini's fascists. This isn't a conspiracy theory, it is common knowledge, and quite well established among literate classes who recognize the obvious. It' sad that you aren't educated enough, or at least aware of this plain reality. Let me assure you if you were to discuss this with anyone who has worked within it's sphere, all your silly talk of conspiracy would fade quickly away. I suggest that you smarten up, and see these people for what they are criminal fascist thugs, that must be stopped, because they are really screwing things up on a host of fronts.

    5. Jraine

      I would usually congratulate you for that post as It was actually pretty well reasoned. But then again, you were just pretty much an enormous a**hole and insulted me at least 4 times so... At least I tried to add a bit of friendly discussion into mine. Have a bit of humanity mate, I just misunderstood.

      (Also my name isn't John, John Oliver is a British comedian who has a great Comedy show on Hbo which I think is great...)

    6. Stephen Hardy

      Read Marx, for analysis. The problem is Capitalism.

  12. brianbigelow

    You name the sets of countries there are war games between them. This isn't anything out of the ordinary.

  13. shafawn

    There is a contingency plan for every possible scenario that anyone could think of happening for the sake of national security.

    This isn't really an 'oh no' moment...

  14. awful_truth

    While this war may have never come to fruition, the plan itself exposes a style of thinking that is unchanged today. When Canada suddenly torched (literally) the Avro arrow, we signed an agreement with the U.S that we would never again develop any major military applications without their approval first. (did you know this?)
    Of course Roosevelt was more concerned about the Nazis than Britain, because the corporate world (fascism) tried to overthrow him in a 1936 Coup de tat which was exposed by their own general Smeddly Darlington Butler, who they thought was in their back pocket, since he had pacified so many other nations for their best interests. (referred to himself as 'a gangster for big business')
    Ultimately, the 3rd Reich was never destroyed, it was only relocated in the U.S under another name, (capitalism) as was the German scientists who were snuck into the U.S through Mexico, and became major players of the American intelligence agency. (CIA) In essence, all of the tactics that Germany used, were incorporated (pun intended) into the American way of life. Anyone who wishes to resist this 'way of life', (Korea, Vietnam, Iran, Iraq, etc) are faced with alienation, economic sanctions, and you guessed it, war! Is it any wonder these nations will risk anything to get atomic weapons. ("No country can hope to maintain its independence of direction without a nuclear weapon" - John Wheeler - physicist who helped the U.S create the hydrogen bomb)
    Since greed (worst of all addictions) is not an act of survival, it is a terrible construct for a viable global community to be based upon. Since the vast majority of people have yet to figure this out, they will be forever manipulated without questioning the hypocrisy of those they choose to follow!

    1. bringmeredwine

      Sooo, someone actually named their child Smeddley, and there was a fascist plot against FDR. Well, skin me alive and call me luggage!

    2. shafawn

      Well have to consider anyone who doesn't agree with Karl Marx is a suspected fascist.. Anyone who is a suspected fascist is labeled a fascist.. kind of a never ending cycle with them

    3. Jatinder Sehgal

      OK then, get ready for your bet. The General Smedley event is all too true. I have read his book. There were congressional hearings about his expose of the American Corporate Nazi's who he strung along.

    4. bringmeredwine

      Oh, I didn't mean to give you the impression that I didn't believe what awful_truth wrote.
      (such an appropriate name!) :D

    5. ZeissIkon

      Yep, it's all quite dreadfully true, and if you think that's a bit far out, then you might be further surprised to learn that, over here in green and pleasant old blighty, there was a similar failed fascist plot against Churchill, and many of the wealthy society figures who were linked to it, somehow managed to slip off the hook and went on to enjoy their wealth and priviledge after the war without being brought to any account for their treasonous fascist sympathies. I don't know if it's on Youtube yet, but there was a good documentary about this on BBC iplayer the other week.
      Of course it wasn't just the US and Britain where this sort of thing went on. It bears mentioning that in Italy and Germany, many of the "small cog in a big machine" fascist administrators and civil functionaries were quietly re-invented as non fascist friends of democracy (a simple process of removing any swastika tie pins and armbands, and avoiding saluting people with a straight arm) and allowed to resume their old jobs. This is something that was touched on in a very good documentary about German music of the 60's and 70's called "Kraut Rock", which I believe might be on this site.
      Finally, we can't leave the French out of this either, as their use of former SS troops and members of the Gestapo as Foreign Legionnaires in Indo-China and Algeria has also been well documented.
      So it would seem that that most countries have a few jack-booted skeletons in the closet.

    6. bringmeredwine

      Thank you, that was a terrific post.

    7. awful_truth

      @Zeisslkon: Yes, great information man. Keep up the good work, and continue to pass on what you have learned!

    8. awful_truth

      @bringmeredwine: Well, knock me down and call me dusty, you are a funny man. LOL (I never heard that line before) On the less funny side, (if you are interested) the plot to take out FDR was directed from some high corporate head quarters. (banks, tire companies, etc) What was probably more disturbing was many companies continued dealing with Germany throughout the entire 2nd world war; they just changed the name of their product, and called in their markers after the war was over. Coca cola - Fanta, Ford -Opal, etc. Probably the worst was IBM who went on site to fix their card punch machines the nazis used to track prisoners in their concentration camps. (IBM's equivalent of todays modern computer) If you get an opportunity, check out a 2002 Canadian made documentary called, 'The Corporation'. It really is an eye opener, and a good watch all rolled into one! Take care, and best wishes man.
      P.S: Smeddley? you must admit, it is different!

    9. bringmeredwine

      I stole that expression from The Bugs Bunny Show, and I'm a woman, LOL!
      Thanks for your informative response.
      I've read about the Coca Cola-Fanta shananagins.
      Yes, The Corporation was a good one. I saw it a couple of years ago.

    10. awful_truth

      @bringmeredwine: Thanks for the heads up regarding your gender. (see where assumptions get us) I haven't seen Bugs Bunny in years, although I was an avid fan all my life. ( a staple of my youth) I was trying to think of what episode, and who said it. Perhaps it is time for me to bone up on my historical youth. Sadly, I have other sayings and songs from commercials in my head that I wish I could forget. (I am sure you can relate) Take care, and best wishes miss bringmeredwine!

    11. ZeissIkon

      Much as I'd prefer to see it as less of a concerted conspiracy and more a result of a disastrously flawed neoclassical economic model, the upshot is much the same, and you've summed it up well.
      The thing that bothers me most, is the fact that many people out there support fascism or are actually fascists themselves without ever realising it. This is why I often take the time to explain this to them (they're rarely pleased by this, but I do feel they deserve to know the truth), as there is a very simple way of determining whether or not you are a fascist...
      First establish the fact that the Earth and all of its resources existed before mankind and were clearly not man made (will all religious fruitcakes please leave the room at this point), then point out that in view of this, these things are there for everyone equally and can be viewed as common wealth. The million dollar question being;
      Do you believe that common wealth should be:
      A. monopolised and controlled by an all powerful elite?
      B. shared out equally?
      If your answer is A, then I am afraid it's bad news, you are a common or garden, jack-booted fascist :-(
      If however you chose B, jolly good for you and welcome to the resistance :-)

    12. awful_truth

      @Zeisslkon: Sadly, you are correct on all counts. To add insult to injury, many of these right wing fundamentalists also claim Christ as their own, like he was some kind of gun toting capitalist. (go figure) Religion aside, these contradictions (hypocrisy) are indicative of people who tend to repeat what they have been told instead of actually 'thinking' about the implications of their positions. Perhaps this is a symptom of the black or white mindset (A or Z, nothing in between) that many have been indoctrinated with. If you don't support 'capitalism', then you must be a 'communist'. For a socialist/libertarian like myself, (uh, okay, idealist then) I have learned that few things in life are black and white, with the vast majority being a colorfully grey mixture of considerations that require conscious thought over fight, or flight responses. (reactionary, no thinking) Since greed is not an act of fight or flight survival, then once again, I reiterate that 'greed' is a poor construct for a viable global community.
      So, in a nutshell, I have been part of the resistance since I was able to discern what constituted hypocrisy. (in my teens) Of course, I have been 'red flagged' accordingly, and am proud to fight for what I believe to be is in everyone's best interests.
      It is important to note that I do accept that 'someone has to be in charge', and not everyone is cut out for this. Although I do believe people are 'good natured', (generally speaking) democracy only has validity if the population is not brainwashed, and is well educated in the art of critical thinking. This type of democracy is more difficult and frowned upon by those who have the most to lose. Their solution is to give us the 'appearance' of democracy, and the American dream is just that, a dream.
      I for one am more than happy to serve, but I make a terrible slave! I leave you with a paraphrase from Ghandi. "the world is more than capable of providing everything we need, just not that of greed". Take care, and best wishes Zeisslkon.

    13. ZeissIkon

      Apologies for the late reply, it's been a bit of a week. Good post BTW and a great quote from Ghandi.
      Anyway, I agree, things have become very polarised and anyone expressing an alternative view tends to get labeled one way or another. I don't consider "Left" or "Right" wing to be applicable terms, though I've been accused of both, as they are products of the neoclassical economic world of monopoly and don't seem all that relevant in a classical economic model. Comparing the current system to Georgism, is a bit like comparing football to cricket, as they are played by different rules. Football is goal driven, run at a fast pace, and has a left and a right wing. Cricket on the other hand is taken at a somewhat relaxed pace and is more concerned with having a level playing field and a sense of fair play.
      Democracy is always vulnerable and inevitably gets corrupted under the current system, but it does leave a chink in the corporate fascist's armour, as there is always the potential for an unexpected surge of public understanding and opinion bashing its way through the wall of dumbed down popular culture and that's how the revolution will come. Perhaps revolution is a bit strong, as what I envisage happening is more of a reformation with the internet as our Gutenberg press. The reformation will be televised, in fact it already is, right here on these tube sites. You can't reverse awareness and once people understand what's happening, you can't take that away from them. For that reason I think Woodie Guthrie said it best when he sang "All you fascists are bound to lose" :-)

    14. awful_truth

      @Zeisslkon: No sweat man, I am a busy guy myself. Some great thoughts, and well stated Zeisslkon. I guess the real question is how do we break the circle of repetition where the next generation does not have to learn the hard way, without repeating the mistakes of the past?
      While it is true that there is a time and place for everything, equilibrium is only found in the extreme, during extreme circumstances. This, however, is not where the cultivation of stability is located. That which creates the instability of drama, (melodrama is worse) at the expense of others for their own benefit, (fascism) does not promote stability anymore than that which destroys motivation and spirit of the individual at the cost of the whole. (communism)
      Ultimately, these 'terms' do not accurately express the 'substance' of reality, and are used primarily to polarize people(republican/democrat) who have more in common than not. This reliance on de-stabilizing the population for power, and greed of the few, will not be able to survive much longer, which is why we need a paradigm shift in thinking, if the humanity wishes to thrive in the future.
      Since this has served them so well in the past, it is going to be a hard nut to crack. I do have concern for the youth, and the profound impact they face if things are not addressed soon. All things considered, I am glad for the time and place I have lived,( 20th century Canada) and just hope that everyone in the future can be as fortunate as myself. May we live in interesting times! Take care, and best wishes Zeisslkon.

  15. ZeissIkon

    It stands to reason that if you were the head of US operational planning at the time, then it would be staggeringly unprofessional to not have a worst case scenario plan for war with every country on the planet, from the USSR to Luxembourg, so of course you wouldn't omit to make a plan for conflict with a fellow super power (albeit an ailing one) just because you'd been on the same side in the last major war. The internal politics of other countries can all too easily catch you by surprise, and a long standing ally can quickly become a rival. I bet, as I type this now, there's a budding latter day Buck Turgeson sitting in a back office at the Pentagon furtively drawing up and revising just such "Top Secret" plans for seemingly ludricrous and unlikely wars...

    1. terencegalland

      Even each other remember the civil war!

  16. terencegalland

    wonder if all the cash that britains government gives out as foreign aid is a kind of protection money or is it compo for bad deeds done?

    1. Jatinder Sehgal

      Actually, it is Corporate Welfare money. The money is not 'given' out. It is loaned and the stipulation is that only specified British companies will be given contracts at inflated prices. This is how governments help the rich at the expense of poor, its own and abroad.

    2. terencegalland

      Is this actual fact or would it be denied what is your source?

  17. Phill Pelling

    How horrible that they would do that, and how horrible we humans are for fighting each other when we are all the same. we all live in one home called Earth. We all squabble and fight like little children and trash the planet like we do our rooms. shame on us all...

  18. Albert Potato

    This is highly classified? The US military has/had war plans for attacking or defending against almost every country during the 20th century and to the present. Japan was Code Yellow, I didn't need to go to the National Archives to dig that nugget up.

  19. a_no_n

    Best of luck to them...there's sod all here for them, Thatcher sold off everything that was worth anything.

    If the Americans want to police Britains streets on a Friday night once the pubs kick out they are more than welcome to try.

    1. Albert Potato

      Don't all the Muslims in Britian police the pubs now? Just kidding. The police in the US are too busy beating on college kids, while ignoring the black mobs running wild in Kentucky

    2. a_no_n

      Ok then...i'm just going to back away slowly and leave you to foam at the mouth in your corner...

    3. jaberwokky

      Ah C'mon now. Do I need to explain to you the stats relating to New York's 'stop and frisk' policy or how Muslims feel about being in western drinking establishments? This isn't the first time I've read racially biased remarks from you.

  20. bringmeredwine

    Thank you for posting this doc. Wow!
    You live and you learn.
    I was aghast that England was prepared to throw Canada to the wolves. And very pissed off. ( at those evil, greedy men in their war rooms!)
    No Canadian would have taken another invasion by the US lying down. We would be a force to be reckoned with, then and now.
    You'd have to kill every single one of us first, and we wouldn't go easily, not by a long shot!

    1. awful_truth

      @bringmeredwine: Although Canada's population is nothing near the U.S, (especially in the 1930's) the idea that they would just walk in is ridiculous. Germany had the same idea about Russia, until they realized just how large (and cold) it was, and found out the hard way. I am more concerned how quick the U.S were going to resort to gassing everyone. (the more things change, the more they stay the same)
      As far as the British throwing us to the wolves, I am not really surprised, and consider it a heads up for anyone relying on 'allies' as a means of defense. (only if it serves their purpose)
      P.S: Yes, it pissed me off as well!

  21. 1concept1

    It would have to be self defense for me to fire a shot - on my mothers side our family name in England is Canterbury - Tho I have never been there - I would like to visit England - maybe some day?

  22. Jordan Lebow

    Interesting premise.

  23. Pascalore

    Look up "All Presidents Related" on Youtube to find out that regardless of the presented material, blood is thicker than water.

    1. Luke Davis

      Actually all USA Presidents are related to King James. Even Barrack H. Obama.