The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica... Revealed

The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica... Revealed

2017, Conspiracy  -   22 Comments
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A wealth of mystery lies hidden within the 6 million cubic miles of ice that dominate the surface of Antarctica. It's a continent shrouded in speculation, misinformation and wartime intrigue. The fascinating documentary titled "The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica...Revealed" sets out to expose the juiciest of these potential cover-ups.

The film outlines the suspicious history of the continent, geographical inconsistencies, and unexplained anomalies discovered through satellite imagery. The evidence seems to suggest that the region was more tropical at one time, and could hold meaningful clues as to our ancient existence on this planet. The filmmakers defend this assertion by illustrating the discovery of man-made artifacts by early explorers, areas where vegetation is thought to have once thrived, and large quantities of exotic life buried miles underneath the frozen surface.

Much of the film's narrative revolves around the formidable presence of international military forces on the continent, including those of the United States, Britain, Russia, and even the Nazis during World War II. History shows us that the continent is of tremendous strategic value to military interests. Rumors persist that secret bunkers may have existed there in years past, and that they might have even sheltered Hitler in the aftermath of the war.

The film contends that beneath the innocuous guise of weather and penguin research, the United States might have taken advantage of the continent's vast uranium resources by constructing obscured nuclear testing and missile sites.

More mysteries lie ahead as the film details additional top secret efforts that are thought to have occurred in Antarctica, including the study and manipulation of weather patterns, the storage of mass amounts of food, and the construction of elaborate underground tunnel and transport systems.

The film will certainly appeal to conspiracy theory enthusiasts, but it is executed with great journalistic authority. It's a comprehensive portrait of the continent's rich environmental character, its many decades of geo-political importance, and the enigmatic qualities that attract both legitimate and nefarious entities.

"The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica...Revealed" is impressively adorned with many credible news clippings, stock clips and archived interviews which support its conspiratorial claims.

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Jolene Mcdonald
8 months ago

Awesome all peoples should be allowed to hear and see the truth. “If they want to or to choose too. The world, universal etc should at the least have the option of truthfulness.

1 year ago

Who knows what they hide, Atlantis! Hollow earth! Flat earth . Very interesting though

2 years ago

Unconnected rambling. Mish mash of facts, old news, conspiracies.

3 years ago

This is a youtuber video

Tripp Spring
3 years ago

Excellent. These people have many other great documentaries as well.

3 years ago

This is actually a feasible "conspiracy" documentary with interesting info. I wonder why all the negative comments? Someone trying to suppress something?

4 years ago


4 years ago

why is this here? it's just a conspiracy theory smh. The narration is boring, and wtf is with that music? Did a preschooler made it?

5 years ago

so what?

Roger Andout
5 years ago

A interesting melange of news cuttings, newsreel... (not newsreal), hanging questions and pure speculation. Few will have failed that ALL the documentation came from a western perspective where freedom of speech is reasonably available. Interesting that the Wiki-leaks revealed nothing on an Antartic military buildup to invade... where?, to secure what resource of which country's national strategic policy.
And the ultimate unasked question... Qui Bono?

Merrill or John J Miller
5 years ago

Extremely boring

5 years ago

Usually, when you rate, the overall score will adjust at least slightly, in the direction of your just entered number. That "other people" would have entered "opposing" numbers at such a critical moment, as to have the opposite effect, would be unlikely, if not entirely impossible – as we can see, not that many people bother to rate in the first place.

Devil Travels
5 years ago

A bit of history mix in with unsupported assertions and open ended statements. I'm guessing the conspiracy was used as filler otherwise the documentary would have been much shorter.

5 years ago

Hmmm... I entered a 10 on rating and the over score DECREASED. So, why is FreeDocumentaries allowing (or conducting) score manipulation?

5 years ago

a bit redundant but filled with historical notes I was never interested in learning in school but which pique my interest now...

5 years ago

get your tin foil hats out, youre going to need them