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American Hardcore

2006 ,    »  -   13 Comments
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American HardcoreThe history of hardcore punk--the tougher, faster, and more politically minded stepchild of the '70s punk movement that arose in the '80s--is examined in exuberant detail in Paul Rachman's documentary American Hardcore. Rachman's cameras careen across the landscape of the U.S. to trace the movement's beginnings in cities like Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and New York, and cherrypicks interviews with the musicians that helped shape its sound and impact, including Henry Rollins and Greg Ginn of Black Flag, H.R. (frontman for the highly influential, all-African American outfit Bad Brains), Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat (and now Fugazi), and many others.

Hardcore's violent reaction against the Reagan administration and the complacent mindset of middle-class America is also detailed in countless performance footage clips and poster-art reproductions, which do much to dismiss the popular opinion of hardcore as nothing more than mindless hooliganism.

Some fans may find the omission of certain bands a considerable oversight (San Francisco's lethally satirical Dead Kennedys are not mentioned only in passing), but for most punk devotees, American Hardcore will be vital and essential viewing.

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13 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Tyler

    That had alot of great bands... the end was sad though but in my opinion punks not dead so long as theres people who like it

  2. Tyler
  3. Tyler

    An interesting slice of Americana. I would also say that punk isn't dead. It's just no longer truly punk, it's something else now. I would also have to agree about the oversights like the Dead Kennedys, Anti-Flag, the Exploited, and others, this could have been more extensive. Still a good watch, though.

  4. jackson merrill
  5. jackson merrill

    it does seem like the dead kennedys would be mentioned more, along with bad religion. but anti flag are a different era in punk and the explioited are a british band, so i dont see why anyone would say they should b mentioned. overall, a great documentary.

  6. peter burg
  7. peter burg

    Good documentary, i too dislike how they say hardcore is dead, hardcore still lives.

  8. Deathcore420
  9. Deathcore420

    Great documentary, yah im not a big fan of the original hardcore sound but i have GREAT respect for the infulence it gave to current underground hardcore!!!! If i could go back in time i would deffinatley go to a original hardcore show!!!

  10. sensa111
  11. sensa111

    What a Brilliant documentation of the timeline, seering energy and ethos of the Hardcore scene and also the f*ck it attitude as well!
    Thanks for putting it up Vlatko.

  12. johannesfaust
  13. johannesfaust

    thanks for posting and fixing it

  14. kornfan
  15. kornfan

    this film was OK. but the minor threat lead has to know Polish were never NAZI. it was german, quite offensive stuff. go figure.

  16. Lord Bob Fates
  17. Lord Bob Fates

    Damn! I thought this was gonna be about porn. Silly me.

  18. avd420
  19. avd420

    Great watch for anyone interested in this scene. I'm a metal guy myself so I'm a bit to skilled to listen to hardcore. But a great watch none the less.

  20. Peter Haughton
  21. Peter Haughton

    What the **** do you mean a bit too "skilled" to listen to hardcore? You think you are on some high horse because youre a metal guy and that SOME metal takes more skill to play in the TECHINCAL aspect? Youve gotta kill your ego and also learn that music isnt about whose more skilled and what is harder to play, if theres anything about true hardcore its what is in the lyrics not about some dumb **** like "oh this guys a bit better drummer" who gives a ****, music is supposed to invoke emotion anyway so its a moot point, that "lesser" drummer is still good no doubt it doesnt matter if he isnt quite as good as some other dude.

  22. Darylcc22
  23. Darylcc22

    totally ****** agree with you peter i couldn't have said it any better myself.

  24. Russ
  25. Russ

    "Music that is born complex is not inherently better or worse than music that is born simple."

    Aaron Copland

    It is what is is,
    and what it is,
    I love.

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