American Meth
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American Meth

2008, Drugs  -   73 Comments
Ratings: 6.64/10 from 44 users.

American MethFilmmaker Justin Hunt leads viewers on a cross-country journey straight into the heart of the American methamphetamine epidemic in this illuminating documentary narrated by actor Val Kilmer.

Troubled by the proliferation of methamphetamine addiction in recent years, Hunt traveled from the arid planes of New Mexico to the inner-city squalor of Portland in order to explore the toll that the drug has taken on American families and show that it's never too late to try and rescue a loved one.

The voyage takes a decidedly personal turn as Hunt visits with meth addicted parents James and Holly, whose four children speak candidly about the effect their parent's addiction has had on their upbringing.

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73 Comments / User Reviews

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  1. Melanie skidgel

    I fight this drug since was 27 years old now 47 i pray every day for recovery I hate meth

    1. Liz

      You don't hate it that much if you haven't quit using

  2. Shannon

    This is an excellent documentary. It clearly illustrates the systematic white privilege I learned so much about in college. High-five for pseudo-science!

    1. Kristin

      White privilege doesn’t meant white people can’t or don’t struggle, it means they don’t struggle because of their skin color. You should consider going back to college.

  3. skwilliams

    If the producer of this documentary actually believed that James and Holly were clean during the filming of this documentary - or that they were able to kick this drug without ANY major side effects - or by "just saying no" - then the producer did not do his research before doing this project - bringing to the public false information and lies - because if his attempt was to educate and/or help others - then leading them to believe that overcoming this problem (impossible even for some) can be as simple as "just saying no" - or just quitting is not only BS - but offensive - If it were that easy - and if it were possible - then why is it such an epidemic in the first place? If someone could just wake up and decide - 'hey, I'm quitting today - I decided I love my kids' - then ALMOST EVERY ADDICT WOULD GET CLEAN! And believe me, Holly was on more than just pot - and James definitely wasn't not taking something - do you have any idea what the odds are (which you should if you did your homework before distributing this information) for James and Holly both to be able to kick the 'habit' - not relapse - stay clean for two weeks - and then a few weeks later find jobs - become great parents - and live happily ever after? Or just one of those examples being true for both James and Holly? PLEASE - if you plan to educate - especially about something this serious - DON'T ADD TO THE PROBLEM BY PROMOTING INCORRECT INFORMATION! Because - no one will take you serious - therefore no one (but you) benefits from this documentary! And the problem remains the same!

    1. F.X.

      The truth of your statement...strikes, the proverbial,nail on the head!!!

    2. The Dude

      Totally true,everything you said,Hollywood and movies are mostly BS anyway

  4. MoolaMails

    I wish there was more than just a preview here, we need to put more effort into these toxic killer drugs, these drugs have no place in anyones life.

  5. N/A

    Does anyone have an alternate link?

  6. NeverStopTrying

    Seeing the baby get the milk out of the fridge was about the most depressing thing I've seen in a while.

    1. The Dude

      Not the popcorn from the garbage?

  7. Brian Noble

    35 YRS ON THE shit,I CANT go against myself now or take my life bacause of all my 1000's failures,just have to do the mainline walk,hold my head up,swallow my pride,be humble,and protect my child within along with my daily prayers asking for guidance,strength,hope,and patience because there's alot of programs out there ive been in 5 in 23 yrs plus jailtime,hospital time,tried movin out of state and have 8 attempted suicides to myself since i was 15 yrs ive got a fold3r now that i put together and have so many resources and contacts i need to call or go see,its like my nitemares i have always runnin and fighttin this evil essense and waking up on the floor ,cant breath,so many faces also but you cant recognize them their blurry im 51 yrs im f--kin tired,nobody calls,writes or even lives here now because of this immagration over throw that our own gov.has done,,,,,f--k it later,peace,

    1. obsidianshocker

      nobody visits here either , and i dont do drugs anymore. so many people are there for you when it's convient for them. i think the trick to life is just being content with yourself, finding something to spend your time on that will enhance your life instead of drag you down. life is an addiction ,so find something else to be addicted to. painting, video gaming, mechanics. ect. ect. ..

    2. James Preston Thomas

      Good luck to you Brian Noble! I know what you've been through and may still be going through. You are NOT at all alone!!! I never loved AND hated anything so much at the same time. This is why it's like a bad marriage, the sex is incredible, but the fighting is horrible. Not a bad analogy. I NEVER felt I was wasting my time, but I was. I regret very little, though not spending more real time with my kids is the worst regret. But, I was possessed, actually, still am, in the sense that the thought of doing it again, is ALWAYS with you, for life! It takes some careful paying attention, to your clever ways of finding that 'back door' into the vulnerable part of your mind. While you're 'clean', stay in touch with others you feel you can trust!

  8. Ella Silver

    she named her kid "lala"? Actually that's kind of cute. Makes me feel less like a douche for wanting to name my kids "Sing" and "Echo".

    Maybe i should just get some birds...

  9. Ollie99

    Pretty rubbish documentary. The main theme of it seems to be that taking meth is a bad idea and messes peoples lives up. Duh, like we didn't know that already. Would have been better had they tried to explore some ideas for different approaches to dealing with the problem. The current system of prohibition clearly doesn't work. I don't claim to have all the answers but think that simply locking up drug dealers and criminalising addicts doesn't actually make any difference.

    1. Ella Silver

      fluff to conceal the fact that they have no idea where to start.

    2. mike sparks

      So showing the general public (a lot of whom don't realize the ravages of Meth) what meth does is "duh, like we didn't know that already" but you saying "simply locking up drug dealers and criminalising addicts doesn't actually make any difference" is supposed to be a worth while statement? I say "duh" to that....

  10. Rachelnico

    LOL, it makes sense that Hitler did meth daily. but the rest of this doc was boring.

  11. Charles Overy

    I find extremely interesting that people down others based on their decisions, yet I garauntee that most of you have done drugs yourself. Probably half of you are some form of alcoholics as well. Oh but alcohol is legal so that doesn't if! There should be documentary like this on here about what alcohol does to you, which is the same over time! Hypocrits!

    1. His Forever

      Hi, Mr. Overy. This is Charles B. I've never taken any drugs and I've never been drunk and never smoked a puff except for once in Jr. High which made me gag. Does that qualify me to not be a "hypocrit" when I "down" the meth heads for their stupid choices? But, especially if you've done it yourself, how much more are you qualified to say what a poor choice it is, I would think.

    2. Ella Silver

      even if you do drink on occasion, his argument is akin to saying "Well i'm a total drunk and you drink once a month so we're the same, you and i" uh... no.

    3. capriciouz

      good to see you are still around, Charles B.

    4. StillRV

      You are right about a few things. I did try some different drugs when younger. I was exposed to every drug out there and guess what. I turned down Meth, Heroine, Crack, Coke and some others because I was intelligent enough to know that frying my brain on a massively addictive drug was stupid. Today it has been over 17 years since I have touched any drug and I drink socially about once a month. So I feel that I am pretty qualified to say that these people are idiots for doing this crap.

    5. Joe Manning

      Ohhh, I get it, because you turned drugs down, that must mean that everyone can, right? Great use of your imagination and your human empathy there, pal.

    6. StillRV

      Joe; I really hate to break this to you man, but I am not superman. I am no better than any other human being in this world. So yes I do whole heartedly believe that anyone can avoid getting involved with drugs like meth. At the end of the day we are our choices in life and no matter what anyone tries to tell you or anyone else, there is no inherent weakness in anyone. You are sadly a victim of the current ideal withing many cultures that poverty, bad family, or even abuse somehow predetermines ones choices. Nothing does that. You may be thinking that you never said that I was special. You implied it. By saying just because you did it doesn't mean they can, you imply that I somehow am stronger, smarter, or more fortunate than they. What you speak of is not empathy it is impotence. By patting someone on the head and saying "it's ok you don't know any better" you do a much greater disservice to them than any criticism ever could.
      I have spent many hours of my own personal time helping addicts as well as people who succumb to the idea you so readily peddle. Your victims mentality is a self perpetuating farce.

    7. James Preston Thomas

      YOU are a farce, and a self righteous one at that! You have virtually NO experience with drugs and have the audacity to speak! I'll tell you what, you better keep that mr. goody two shoes shit here online where no one will disembowel you for the lousy $20 in your pocket, on the streets! Sh you are not in a position to give advice!

    8. Ella Silver

      know what buddy? I smoke pot on occasion. Not all the time, i have a f****** job to do. But on occasion. And i'm completely fine with that. But i don't have children. I'm not exposing minors to drug use. I'm not sucking off the taxpayer tit. I AM a taxpayer. I know when to put the bong down. And I also know not to f*** around with drugs like meth. You seem really pissed off at the idea that people have to be responsible for their own choices. Typical spoiled north american bull****. Your kids are f***** up? Blame video games and tv. Your life is f***** up? Clearly it's society's fault. "My life is bad so i take drugs. Feel sorry for me" Go to f****** Rwanda and tell those people your story.pfft.. pathetic excuses don't do a damn thing for me. You want to hear a f***** up story of childhood trauma? Find me! I'll give you a story or two. I've had it ROUGH, my friend. And I don't fart around spending other people's money and making excuses about how i can't control my own behaviour. And currently i suffer a chronic pain disorder and not only do i work AT LEAST a 40 hour week, I do NOT take painkillers.And as far as booze goes? Actually no. I DON'T drink. Doesn't agree with me.

    9. Joe Manning

      Holy sh*t, girl, calm down! Maybe you shouldn't post such reactionary things and actually think about what you're saying first. There are huge factors involved in creating a meth addict, and you clearly have no understanding of any of them.

    10. Ella Silver

      and yet.. i'm not putting anyone down. But when a two year old has to find popcorn in a garbage so she can eat breakfast... that's f--ked up. There is no "judging" that one way or another. That's straight up f--ked.

    11. Ella Silver

      but who cares about children right? People are JUDGING, yo. That's f****** WAY worse than a little kid starving half to death and coming into CPS (worst place on earth) reeking of chemicals. No, who gives a s*** about that?? It's more politically correct than judging their parents. And we have to be politically correct or the pc police will get pissed off and start shooting flowers at people.I dunno.. it's late.

  12. StillRV

    I love the excuse "there is nothing to do" for taking meth. IMO this is the result of media convincing people that we have to constantly be entertained and live like rockstars. Just pathetic.

    1. zawadi

      maybe there is some truth to that saying, " an idle mind is the devils workshop"

      Growing up in a small southern town, I saw crack take over a small farming town and i agree with the statement "there is nothing to do"... it's not a good excuse to use drugs, but it may be a cause for teens who are sitting around on the steps in the summer doing absolutely nothing.. compared to other teens who are involved in sports, art, or some other program to keep them busy doing other things...

      I remember a study once where the results were like this: "Teen girls are less likely to get pregnant if they were involved in sports in high school and jr high"

      Being idle is never a good reason to use drugs at all.

    2. Fishntripsrecords

      Right on.............Havent these people heard of the internet? Even if they had I spose they would have swapped their account access, their router and the PC itself for a couple of hits.

  13. Joseph Carl Ruger

    Stick to pot people, it cures cancer;-)

    1. zawadi

      not in the smoke form....

    2. His Forever

      If pot wasn't illeagal, I might even try it in a cookie or something. But it's illeagal, so it's a mute point. Sorry.

      I watched that doc (What if Cannabis cured Cancer) that stated how many health benefits marijuana/cannabus does have and I believed it. I hope we continue to utilize the benefits of marijuana without the abuses of it.

    3. Fishntripsrecords

      @ c and N - So because the government says its illegal you find any and all benefits "Mute" ...... Thats such a shame on your behalf and will contribute to the worlds demise.

    4. His Forever

      No, you misunderstood me, but that's my fault as I see I didn't make my origianl post very clear. The benefits of cannabis are not "mute" and should be explored and utilized, but I won't personally be trying any cannibis recreationally because it is still not leagal for non-medical use. I'll edit my origianl comment as I see what you're saying to reflect this thought. I was thinking that eating it in a cookie as being not possible even if I wanted to try it as it's not currently leagal. Sorry for the confusion.

    5. Ella Silver

      i have a pain disorder (extensive nerve damage) and i smoked pot for pain. And it didn't work. To be honest, i felt worse. But i think SMOKING pot and rubbing thc oil on your gums once a day are two different animals. I still smoke weed on rare occasions (once every four or five months or so) but purely for social reasons. Quite frankly, when i do smoke weed now, i smoke to get a little stoned and laugh.

      Actually the only thing that HAS worked is martial arts, which i study quite seriously. But it's interesting you bring this up. Have you seen Run From the Cure? It's on youtube and it's worth seeing if you haven't already.

  14. His Forever

    Appearently Meth destroys everything (teeth, hair, skin, personality, morals, finances, reputation, judgment, and obviously BRAIN CELLS), but it appears it leaves billions and billions of sperm and egg cells unhindered to overpopulate the poorest and dumbest section of our society. That's really quite unfortunate. I truly feel pity for those poor kids. My two year old speaks in full sentences; that poor two year old girl didn't even speak a word even when sitting in ice cold slush on the sidewalk. :-( I'm glad that they got clean. I hope they stay that way.

    And good greif! Isn't there even one chemical in Meth that isn't a costic solvent of some kind or another?!? That was truly scary! You must start out truly stupid to mix that stuff to make yourself even more brain-dead. I just don't understand the desire to even try meth!

    1. James Preston Thomas

      Yep, you're an i*iot all right. Maybe if you had some actual experience, you'd be worth listening to. If you knew all the poisons you've been consuming on a daily basis, you wouldn't be quite so quick to condemn others, for choosing poisons with a hope to lessen there pain. You just go on and consume your high fructose beverages and fast (fat) food, and offend me by your obesity, far more than a 'meth head'!

  15. Irishkev

    Definitely gave me the fear!

  16. Mad

    LMAO! Once upon a time, I traveled to a strange and far away land called Minnesota. Long story short one time on a late night cheeseburger run I was stoned and my friends and I were hungry, we were waiting in the drive thru for like ever. Once we pulled up to the window the people were all high on meth or something and they got our orders all wrong & ripped us off on fries like some a holes & my stupid friends didn't check the order...

  17. Sylvia

    Meth is nature's way of controlling the white trash population.

    1. Charles Overy

      Even though there are some extremely inappropriate comments on her, this one takes the cake.Sylvia- you must have been born with a silver sppon in your mouth. This statement you leave here tells a lot about what type of person you are. Hollier than thou much? You must think your s*** doesn't stink don't you? I bet you haven't done anything "yourself" to reach some sort of criteria status above "white trash", thus meaning that you maybe a product of "white trash" yourself. Especially if you didn't grow up with a silver spoon in your mouth! You are probably one of the most shallowest people I have ever seen leave a comment on here. This comment is full of ignorance! In other words I have doubt of your actual intellectual abilities!For those that selected to like this comment...nice way of putting yourself in the most pathetic status of society! For all of you, as my pic above indicates a big finger is deserving!By the way Meth also effects other ethnic groups...

    2. James Preston Thomas

      Well said Charles Overy!!! I was over a millionaire during the peak of my crank run, so that was a totally out of line comment, especially, now that I'm cleaned up, and live in a trailer park. Ignorance, no less! I'd love to do it again, but I'm so old, have long hair and a beard, that none will sell to me! Oh well, I guess I'll just keep taking my PRESCRIBED DRUGS!

    3. James Preston Thomas

      Sylvia, what controls your ethnic population? By your words, you need a lot more euthanasia than so-called 'white trash'!

  18. trojanx

    Who is 'Pops'? Is it their dealer? Is he the woman's lover? Is he the dealer/lover? At one point the husband says he will scr*w pops? Is Pops a man or a woman? I don't understand :(

    1. His Forever

      Pops was an old man that had stayed with them for a while. "scr*wing Pops" was used metaphorically in that he turned him in for outstanding traffic tickets. He wasn't their dealer, nor a "lover" from what I gathered.

  19. Imightberiding

    Damn this is depressing. Just another example of screwed up people having babies who in turn have more babies in an endless cycle of despair. This is only more reaffirmation of something I have believed for a long time: Having children is not a right, it is a privilege that should not be taken for granted or abused. You have to prove yourself worthy to get a driver's license & drive a vehicle but any one regardless of abilities & lack of functioning brain cells can have lots & lots of babies. End result? Bad crash! This sort of situation makes me so angry ... I am beyond words.

    As for meth & drug addiction, well umm, ... I'm against it. Duh, Winning!
    Seriously though, fortunately perhaps, I have little first hand knowledge or experience with this epidemic. All I can say is; the toll it takes on the lives of those effected is truly sad & disturbing.

  20. Guest

    Apparently "Benzedrine" as mentioned in this doc. was (given) to all troops during the wars.

    Wonder what their drug of choice is now.

    1. James Preston Thomas

      Yes 'Guest', all soldiers were rationed numerous stimulants, depending on their country, from simple dextrose and maltose, to strong coffee and Benzedrine. 'Meth' wasn't known by the Allies of until near the end of the war.

  21. Daniel Chapman

    Hitler was a meth head & look how great his life turned out.

    1. StillRV

      Meth didn't exist back then. He took Amphetamines

    2. Ella Silver

      uh... watch the documentary again. Meth was certainly around back then. they gave a full history....

    3. StillRV

      I did watch it. however this doc is not the full extent of my knowledge of the matter. The doc is misleading in its history. Amphetamines have been around for quite a while, and forms like Benzedrine were used by military s . Crystal meth amphetamine is relatively new. It is many times more pure and potent. There is a vast difference between the old "bennies" and "greenies" people used to pop to get a boost and this face rotting immune system decimating crap.

    4. James Preston Thomas

      You are flat out wrong. 'StillRV', Hitler (actually his pharmaceutical labs) DID invent AmyMethAmphetamine Hydrochloride! And Bennies, Dexies, Christmas trees (you called 'greenies'), along with Menley Enjames Spansules, time released dexies came along from that. Apparently an attempt to tame down the intensity of the pure Meth, which is currently marketed in some small yellow pills known as 'Desoxyn'. These were all known as 'mother's little helpers'! Do your homework StillRV. I believe a book, called 'Hitler's Doctors' might help.

    5. over the edge

      i have had to moderate multiple of your posts. please do not tell others to "shut up" or insult others for the sake of insulting. warning #1

    6. StillRV

      Saw the doc on that book as well. The pure modern form was not used back then. And the chemical was not produced in anything like the way it is in the home cook labs. I am well aware of the usage of amphetamines from that era.

    7. over the edge

      lol i knew that comment would drag you out of the shadows

    8. James Preston Thomas

      WRONG!!! StillRV, quit propagating pure bulls*it! Educate yourself. Simple Amphetamines would have done little more for the Nazis, than have them keeping their quarters neat and in order. Surviving intense battle for long hours took a much stronger drug, namely 'Meth' as we know it now.

  22. TonyEnzo

    Yeah you'll lose weight on meth when bits start falling off you beginning with your hair and teeth.

  23. Guest

    Out of the gate ENTERTAINMENT? the logo at the beginning implys this is entertainment. Its a documentary about people with a serious problem. I think its distastefull to write that at the start of this film. Its not going to make me loose sleep but...

  24. NAND Gate

    Sooo are they saying if I use meth I'll lose weight.........?
    Or did i miss the point?

    1. eireannach666

      Only if you don't eat. Meth speeds up you metabolism but beware it slows your immune system. Its not good. Especially for those with addictive tedencies. It does have a good purpose/s.

    2. His Forever

      You start with the bain cells; the fat cells are the last to go . . . not recommended!

    3. James Preston Thomas

      Another false statement by 'His Forever', your body burns sugars first, then carbohydrates, and lastly proteins, particularly meat, not necessarily brain first, which is both fat and protein. Yes, 'NAND Gate', you would lose weight, unless you had an ability to eat, even when it was the furthest thing from your mind!

  25. jubbs_sher

    bring back LSD therapy

    1. eireannach666

      Only if you don't eat. Meth speeds up you metabolism but also slows the immune system. Not for addictive personalities. It has its uses, however.

    2. eireannach666


      I like what you've done with the place. Good work my friend. .peAce.

    3. Vlatko

      Thanks @eireannach666. I'm glad you like it.

    4. James Preston Thomas

      The only legal use, is in the form of "desoxyn" a small yellow tablet of very pure methamphetamine hydrochloride with no contaminants outside of the chemical molecule and compound of buffer. It is used almost exclusively for the 'morbidly obese' and in some treatment of ADHD. It, even as a pharmaceutically pure product, is extremely toxic! Info in the Merk Index and Manual, will demonstrate this. I have done this form, and the quality and 'high' is FAR superior to ANYTHING you'll ever find on the streets, even from the best 'cooks'! It's has a slightly less aggressive hangover/withdrawal, but it's no picnic!