Drugs, Inc. - Cartel City, Arizona

Drugs, Inc. - Cartel City, Arizona

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Phoenix, Arizona is one of the extensive drug centers of America, and now it's under jurisdiction of one of Mexico's most dominant and brutal drug syndicates, the Sinaloa Cartel. With a formidable authority south of the border, the cartel uses Phoenix as a starting point for their North American activities.

Lying 300 kilometers north of the Mexican border, Phoenix has become the focal point for the wholesale dissemination and transportation of marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine to the rest of the country. And for the drug dealers and providers who operate on the streets of Phoenix, this means a lot of money.

It's Friday afternoon and, in a low-cost lodge, meth dealer Frankie is preparing for work. For $800 Frankie has 56 grams of meth which he needs to crack into small batches that he can trade on the streets of Phoenix.

To get his goods at bulk cost, Frankie must cooperate with the cartel foot troopers, who deal straight onto the streets. But Frankie is aware that there'll be some severe consequences if he's unable to compensate his Mexican suppliers on schedule.

Selvin was born and grew up in Phoenix, but at a very young age concluded that his faithfulness was towards satisfying his masters in Mexico. As a foot trooper, Selvin acts as an arbitrator for Phoenix street dealers and cartel suppliers. Selvin has ambitions to climb fast in the cartel hierarchy regardless the cost. The existence of Selvin, and others with aspirations like his, means there's a continuous flow of drugs onto the streets of Phoenix.

But for the big fish inside the Sinaloa Cartel, the real money is made by selling large amounts of the product to the rest of America. Juan was one of the first drug bosses to be appointed to Phoenix by the cartel. There are now over 100 bosses exactly like him who have been sent from Mexico to run Phoenix. Available only in United States.

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  1. Legalize Freedom

    Legalize all drugs! Clean pure human grade drugs are infinitely safer!
    Not cut with any old crap! USA has more folks in prison than every other country combined! Like 25% of USA is in prison NOW! Soon half USA will be guarding the other half in private prisons no oversight psycho torture centers.
    It took a Constitutional Ammendment to prohibit alcohol !!! But they wave hand and "some" substances / plants...plants!!!???!!!! are beyond our sheeplike minds...when will people have the right to mind their own business?
    I can have my genitals cut off and then be given the strongest Opiate drugs for post Surgery pain, cut my face to ribbons with cosmetic surgery maybe die in Elective Surgery?!!! Jump out of planes, drive a race car at 200mph...but smoke a joint is illegal ? Who owns my body? Well, some may say that "The Corporation" thru Admiralty Law owns my body (Corporation-corpse- corporeal = Body).
    In countries that have Called Drug War Truce,
    and people have human grade drugs, fair prices
    No more "Taboo" on Drugs has made Addiction
    Decline. Because it is the "Forbidden Fruit" syndrome
    That makes kids and adults even think or
    Notice drugs, DARE program was an in school
    Ad for drugs it was flashy, seized Ferraris were
    Painted with flashing cop lights and painted
    Blk with DARE in red, they brought the drugs
    into my elementary class with all the seized
    Drug dealer goodies...bling! Gems,Rolexes
    Cars, sound systems bright colors big show
    For little kids...made me Want to try drugs!
    Heck look at this DARE they are daring us
    To try. Looks glamorous. This don't happen
    When drugs are legal. They lose the billions
    Going to the Cartels&Banksters. No DAREs
    To take drugs. They are legal, drugs get
    Forgotten for the most part, some folks still
    Get addicted so what? At least street poison
    And black market costs, which cause 99%
    Of all USA crime, are gone. So cops can have
    Time to solve real crimes...not thought
    Or freedom crimes. Legalize All Drugs NOW!

  2. Rosa Cano

    Soooo saaaaad but true and frightening , what official is honest and accepting of such tactics, sounds like a scary movie Precillas daughter from Westside phx

  3. Rosa Cano

    Do innocent people having mo knowledge of drug cartel bosses get used to attract traffickers without consent or knowledge making lifes close to death, so the real movers can continue blaming those not involved u know cartels wanting control and paid cops assist, what a nightmare to make one look like a cop putting one in danger to a state that has participated in a life style approved by higher levels, can u imagine people just watching hostages and going about to work church friends as if they notice nothing, putting work boots on to put in work by approved bosses with cop stamps to protect theirs while subjecting those not clicked to forced engagement to a premeditated and orchestrated well thought out plan decades in advance to make the organized goons look good for a presidential run for president about to begin, soooo saaaaad the way they operate at the most vulnerable women and their children to justify unethical and abuse of knowledge purposely withheld to achieve a sinister objective for practices accepted in a state so close to million dollar enterprises, with no regard to Arizona citizens who have to live in distress to accommodate organized goons , I always hear screams on this block and no I am not mental just not a participant of such illegal tactics used by aware officials with no regard to the safety and well being of those unaware of a practice organized scum bags have made a tradition to avoid prosecuting the high level authorative participants by forcing women and their children to fight false allegations and minimize the fight or flight forced interaction thrown at a family without consent or permission with a life in ones hand to continue making an example of a family

  4. gaboora

    Good investigative reporting.

  5. dmxi

    just imagine the fate of detroit expands nation wide & the myriad of gangs in the US unite.....?

  6. Fabien L

    The only real solution is to legalize all drugs. As long as there is demand, there will be traffic. Consumers would be much safer if they could buy their drugs at the drugstore. It would also generate the revenues to control the few that go crazy on drugs. Putting that Mexican guy in prison for 2-10 years will achieve nothing. That guy risked his life carrying 50 lbs of Marijuana across the desert for 150$. I am sure there are thousands more that desperate that will replace him the very next day.

    1. 1concept1

      If govt.s IQ in real time were 2 points lower they would be plant life -

      How long do we have to put up with is tihs

  7. Horst Manure

    The good thing is the drug trade is to big to stop and too many have an interest to keep it going, bank get the money, law get new equipment, manufactures get fed funds to developed new machines etc, jails get more prisoners so make more money and a lot get employed on the streets.
    We get Doco's like this

  8. Scarllet Bautista

    First things I noticed were the excellent masks in this documentary. It makes you wonder how many ppl would be unemployed if the us legalized pot.

  9. Jabsdna

    Thats why we need the military on the border and a REAL government to back them up, not one that backs the drug cartel instead of the military !! I would shoot everyone of those idiots NOT put them in jail just to get out in a few days or weeks and do the same thing all over again. It's a complete waste of time and money to keep letting them take over !! JUST GET RID OF THEM !

    1. Fabien L

      What makes you think the military wouldn't take over the drug traffic?

    2. docoman

      CIA wouldn't allow them ;)

    3. Horst Manure

      Worlds biggest drug dealers...there is so much money involved banks would fold over night if the cartels withdrew their loot.

    4. a_no_n

      HSBC certainly would.

    5. Horst Manure

      He brought this to the attention of his supervisors at HSBC and was told to "leave it alone."

      When he did not leave it alone, he was fired. Cruz went to prosecutors in the New York City area. They acknowledged they knew what was going at HSBC, but they refused to investigate and prosecute and DHS. The FBI told Cruz the same thing.

      As a result, many financial analysts are predicting a bank run in the near future and this is the primary strategy of the banks as they are obviously bracing for an economic collapse.

    6. docoman

      YOU would shoot them would you? So your wish a month ago for everyone to have a Blessed Merry Christmas wasn't really for EVERYONE then I take it. Or just the white, christian, American, non-gay, 'votes the same as you' everyone?
      How typically, hypocritically Christian of you Jabsdna.

    7. 1concept1

      don't get me started - I wanted to post two up votes it wouldn't let me.

      Truer words have NEVER been spoken!

    8. kaz

      How racist of you to even bring up "white". Stupid divide-and-conquer partisan.

    9. docoman

      If you did your homework kaz, or were able to comprehend what you're reading, you'd see I was responding to someone elses racism, ya dumbsh1t.
      Need a hint... go read some of the post history of the person I replied to... as my post indicates I obviously did.

    10. a_no_n

      unfortunatly things like purges and genocides don't tend to work in the long run.

      Also Americas 3 strike rule means that most of them end up becoming slave-prisoners anyway, so your assertion toward prison having a revolving door couldn't be further from the truth. All of this means the risks are much greater so they are willing to go further to avoid getting caught.

      there is no JUST GET RID OF THEM. If you were paying attention you'd have seen that over the last fifty odd years of constantly trying.

    11. 1concept1

      Some hand this plankton a brownie

    12. kaz

      He is right to be enraged. However legality is the way to go.

    13. docoman

      He? Why do you assume Jabsdna is a He, their avatar pic is of a woman. Not much one for noticing things are ya kaz.

    14. kaz

      I don't blame you for your anger. This is horrific. However, we need to get the money out of their hands by legalizing drugs, treating people.
      Slime like these guys will always exist in a black market.

    15. docoman

      Did you even watch this?

      How much money do you think those that carry 50 pounds on their back, crossing a desert by foot for 10 days, all for about $150 have 'in their hands'?

      To quote one of the officers interviewed, 'they get hurt out here, they're either going to make it, or they're not'. (he means if they get hurt, they'll die) Another said, 'on the other side of the border this is probably more money then he could make in quite some time down there. I think its worth the risk for them'.

      That's who Jabsdna was talking about shooting, the ones crossing the border and getting caught. They were the ones getting put in 'jail', as SHE said, "just to get out in a few days or weeks and do the same thing all over again".

      Another point that both of you missed. Another quote from an officer interviewed, still talking about the same people Jabsdna wants to shoot, (the one caught by the police that crossed the border), "if he ops not to go to trial with it and takes a plea deal, he'll be up for probably somewhere between 2 and 4 years." While there is indeed 'days or weeks' in 2 to 4 years, that's not what Jabsdna meant.

      Are you the same 'kaz' twit that was displaying reading comprehension problems, the inability to follow a line of logic and outright ignorance in the Corby thread awhile back? If you are, you haven't improved, and are now displaying your bias as well. Why crack down on these drug smugglers, and not that supposedly pretty, younger female convicted drug smuggler named Schapelle? These guys are 'slime', but a female smuggler isn't? Hmmm.

  10. RadicalDesertChick

    There are parts of this State that are off limits to Az residents, due to them being under control of the drug cartels. Down by I-8 is one such area. Cops tell people, do not go in there!