Are All Men Pedophiles?

2012, Sexuality  -   50 Comments
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The provocatively titled documentary Are All Men Pedophiles? is no less provoking and challenging in its content. The filmmakers sift through the history of ancient customs and human development in their attempts to gain a fresh perspective on the worrisome phenomenon of pedophilia.

We witness the evidence of criminal pedophilia all around us from the flagrant abuses of the Catholic Church to the more subtle and insidious sexualization of underage female models and entertainers in the media. Teen sex is one of the most popular search terms in the realm of online pornography. The average age of an in-demand model is 16. The tradition of older men coupling with much younger women is nothing new in Western society - it's been well documented dating back to the times of ancient Rome - and it's even more egregious and commonplace in other regions across the world. But how much of this activity is the result of cultural taboos and forbidding modern laws, and how much of it might be ingrained in the very nature of the human species?

The question alone may prove incendiary to many viewers. Those who brave through, however, may find value in some of the film's enlightening insights. For example, the science-based definition of pedophilia proposes that an offense occurs when the perpetrator preys upon a victim of pre-pubescent or early pubescent age. Puberty for females begins around the age of 12. This differs from the definition as accepted by widespread public perception and outlined by many laws, which determine the age of 18 as the point of legal consent.

The film goes on to mirror the cultures of ancient times with the world we exist in today, and uncovers a series of striking and challenging similarities in the process. Victims of sexual abuse are present in the film as well, and they give haunting voice to the irreparable pain and destruction caused by these atrocious acts.

Are All Men Pedophiles? is certain to be a divisive viewing experience, but it's one that is likely to provoke a new way of thinking on this forbidden subject.

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50 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Toon Kuijpers

    this is racism
    i am deeply disappointed in this and i am only freaking 15
    what is wrong with you
    people are normale
    man are people
    man are normale (like 90% of them)

  2. James

    Yet the preponderance of child molesting teachers have been female the past few years. OOPS! Those inconvenient facts, again!

    1. Adam

      Right? Female teachers sleeping with male students. Obviously it happens vice versa, but implying all men are is insane, even asking the question is beyond insane lol.

    2. Adam

      But what young school boy wouldn't take a chance to slam a hot teacher. Doesn't make it right, but I reckon it's seen differently from boys to girls.

  3. Charles

    Yes, all men are pedophiles. And rapists. I don't understand why women allow male tyranny to continue. Fear, I suppose. Thousands of years of justified fear.

    1. inteluck

      woman don't allow it. they can't stop it.

  4. Elkel

    We live in an age where everyone wants to stand out as an individual but everyone has been standardized into absolute averages and it's only getting worse. I think we can all agree six or seven is way too young for a child to even consider being intimate or setting up a house w an adult of eighteen or older. When the age is 15,16,17 some ppl have a GED, job, have a lot of experience having relationships. It's telling that laws,need teeth they have to stipulate punishments if they are to be followed by necessity they are harsh. An herb that grows by the side of the road does a cool thing, it makes ppl relaxed.

    Soon enough it is illegal and anyone n possession of said herb is criminal. Stupid society we have created for having so much knowledge and it's my feeling it's bc of the religious, the same scribes who want to keep power no matter what fuel a never-ending witch Hunt for those they can dominate through the laws, they use threat of injury to dominate. The weak in this way prey on the strong it's not only for self defense. Another funny thing lol is the different age of consent for homosexual relations. What is that? Hypocrisy is the thing everyone has in common. I was turning seventeen and my gf was turning sixteen. She was a Hawaiian Tropic swimsuit model and had been to exotic locales working w much older men. Im stressing that ppl are different w so much variety to their experiences. The men and boys are always being singled out when women and girls control the sex supply, they are just as sexual creatures in all regards. Now, her mother questioned me about school, birthdays future plans etc and concluded her daughter was within my age limit.

    I was confused at the time feeling inside I had did something wrong. I was fairly virginal but she was a freak having had experiences w men, many School boys and who knows what else. Obviously she had begun much earlier than I had so in this case maybe the law was to help me not get seduced and get this young girl/woman pregnant. Short version is she taught me a lot by the time she was sixteen and I 17. Unfortunately, the law is a tool that can be used in ways not always just&Noble but against us by unscrupulous schemers in order to get their way for whatever it's worth to them to destroy another's life or at least reputation there must be checks&balances or else the glue that allows social cohesion will be lacking.

    No true male w good intentions wants the nightmare of being anywhere near the term sexual offender. I have heard of teachers losing their careers bc of lying student coached by an evil greedy mother to sue the school district. Mother's destroying boyfriend's for spite on&on it goes mixed about with some actual helpful results where dangerous predators got punished for causing their sleazy brand of disgusting injury to those who did not deserve it. So much to say so any movie that can further discussion is welcome as far as I am concerned.

  5. Lee Newsome

    At least learn how to spell and say the bloody word of your subject. What the hell is a ped-o-phile, it is paed-o-phile. Latin, from a few thousand years ago not an American bastardisation of the language. Show some respect for the language that you are using and its history and people might, just might take you a little seriously.

  6. adam weiss

    you are sick. Just as sick as a fish on a bicycle.

  7. Jackie

    Is this film trying to justify paedophilia?

  8. Stephen

    Lol @Bret. Do you even have a penis?

    Respect @NoBullshitWoman

  9. Bret

    I watched this film and it's the most blatant disturbing form of propaganda I've ever seen. The film, in my eyes, is trying to desensitize one to pedophilia. I really think you would have to be a predator yourself to agree with this show.

    It's funny how people laugh at pizzagate, when the catholic church and also high status politicians have been caught in this mess. I believe this is related and hollywood is trying to desensitize us to pedophilia just as they have done with other taboos. Just my 2cents.

    You people are sick.

  10. Andre Leonard

    @No BullSH&# Woman.. Your comment was spot-on.

  11. Samara

    This film is not saying all men are pedophiles, firstly, it is saying that men are naturally attracted to any girl who is old enough to bear children.

    The argument for sexually objectifying girls who are below 21 (legal - 18, or younger), is that it has been practiced for thousands or years, and is natural.

    This is the same argument Hitler used when he described his disdain for jews. "There is a long history of people hating jews..therefore it must be natural!"

    It is also the same argument plantation owners in the south used to defend slavery. ("People have been doing it since the dawn of creation, and it's natural to feel this way about this subset of people')

    Just because I have an inclination to slap someone who annoys me, or hit someones car who cuts me off in traffic, or kill someone who betrays me...does not mean I should do it or that it should be considered "okay and natural" in society. Being attracted to young girls is in part due to our societies sexualization of them with clothing, makeup and media representations of them, as well as an ignorance on the part of the male. If they are of sound morals, and have loved small children dear to them, they would not feel this way. This can be seen in many fathers and family members who would never dream of sexualizing someone they love and deem precious.

  12. Philip S. Knight

    The video has been removed due to copyright violations, says the YouTube player. So I can only go by the description of the film-maker. While I was writing a screenplay 15 or so years ago, I made my female lead's father a pedophile in jail (odd for a kind of mystic high-tech, sci-fi, romantic thriller...). What occurred to me back then -- AND THIS IS IN NO WAY CONDONING abuse of minor or anyone else:

    Be it rape or pedophilia or any other sexual act of power or manipulation, the "predator" is in one sense trying to either steal or kill the very thing that person feels he has lost or has been denied. A kind of "Well, since I can't have it, I'm going to take or try to kill it in you."

    And here is where I'm going to go a bit confessional and controversial myself - but please read the whole thing:

    As a essentially hetero man, I find young men and even tweens physically beautiful. In a a kind of platonic sensual way. Reason: they mirror a sensual innocence in myself. A Latin term for this general ethos is "puer aeternus" or "eternal boy."

    HOWEVER: The moment I see any nude images of boys online, I click away for I know that they are being abused, raped, etc. I've seen up front and personal the effect of rape with past lovers and friends (women) who went through those experiences before meeting me. I could write on and on about the pain, sadness, rage, etc. I've witnessed - including once vicious projections onto me just because I happen to be of the same gender as her past rapists. I took everything I had to stay in a spiritual and nurturing place until I could no longer take the rage.

    Digressing? Not really -- wanted to put into real life context by revulsion of of the act of pedophilia, rape and the like. But again, I psychologically understand what is going on -- the why. I simply have 0 tolerance for the how.

    And thus have never acted on anything even remotely like any of the above. I've come to realize that that innocence or Innocence is within myself, and can only be found there first and foremost.

    Any act of aggression on another soul is wrong.

    ~ PSK

  13. Clay

    a new mother's brain chemistry is that of an orgasm...for the first two years of the child's do the math...and if that's too difficult for you...well that's just too bad isn't it...

  14. bungabunga

    girls become ready to bear children at what age? yet nature is wrong and we're freaks? is that it?

  15. NoBullShitWoman

    If anyone could be closed minded it would be me. I have been the victim of real, actual, horrific abuse and rape and was a model for many years. Yet for some reason I actually (unlike many here) just watched a movie with un-conventional/un-American ideas, and I kept an open mind, with no bias, and decided to actually just think for MYSELF, before posting a bunch of taught opinion... I tried to watch it again just now before posting this to have all my points be really thorough, but the video has since been pulled from for "violating YouTube's policy on spam, deceptive practices and scams"... Wow, since when is making or watching a video about an actual issue/psychological disorder (in some instances) a violation of anything. What too uncomfortable?? Grow up You Tube. That just pisses me off on a whole new level..... Anyways... Most of the women who have posted on here look like morons in my opinion. Hopelessly opinionated & way too confident of the "correct" answers. This isn't a film about rape or the proper punishment for rape @Gabriella. Which by the way I think your views on that are absurd too. It's a pretty damn realistic view of how things just are and have been for ever. Most men are attracted to younger looking females. So what??? Since when did we decide to punish "thought crimes"? In my opinion there always needs to be a distinct clarification between a thought and an action. Non-offending men/women are just people thinking. Now offending men/women is an entirely different subject. It carries so many more questions. Too many to list them all here now. What should the actual age of consent be??? I don't know, and I don't think governments know either. What if the age of consent was left up to the actual parents??? Just saying.

  16. Monday

    I don't passionately hate many things in this life, but one of them is dutch people speaking english. Please, just use subtitles next time you make a 'documentary'.

  17. Finn Bjerke

    Banal, simple minded sensation seeking film. The title is silly, but there are some good points about religion and child-sex. The fashion industry likes teenagers and sexualise it a bit. So what? I dont think the film is well documented and ressearch is lacking. The scandal involving the catholic church seems to be forgotten....

  18. timmy

    It seems that Female Pedophiles are on the rise but its being play down by the media. Try researching the numbers to Male Pedophiles and you WILL SEE

  19. mistakesweremade

    @Kay: Yes! I felt that this documentary was made by someone just groping around for scientific facts to support his own pedophilia, and not at all objective. It quickly brushed over the negative effects of pedophilia (PEDOPHILIA HAS VERY NEGATIVE EFFECTS!), and actually spent more time focusing on how our fear of pedophilia hurts men. Also, many horrific ideas, such as "children before puberty cannot understand lust, but children in puberty can," are presented as straight-up facts. Yikes!

    I am inclined to believe pedophiles who say that their sexuality is an orientation they were born with and something they can't change. This is a tragedy, and pedophilia needs to be taken seriously. Arguing that all adult men are sexually attracted to hot teenagers (because evolution!) and therefore anti-pedophilia laws are immoral is not actually helping anyone.

  20. sandy smithereen

    Yes. Now to something I don't already know.

  21. Zachary Watson Hatfield

    My first comment was loosely based on watching an extended trailer and reading other comments.... with that being said..... it's not complete ****, just mostly ****... just because the Internet affords you the ability to spread your ideas, doesn't mean your ideas are right or based in fact..... what's that old saying.... you can cover a pile of dog**** with gold, but it's still a pile of dog****..... you apparently have some talent, use it more productively then by spreading gender bias bull****. Have a nice day

  22. Kay

    Interesting documentary. Could have looked more into the biology and psychology of this horrible illness. Shocked to hear an academic implying that some form of this illness could be acceptable in the future. The ending of this programme was an unacceptable and extreme liberal bias towards this illness..."love sees no colour and NO AGE!!!" Please do not put this illness in par with civil and gay rights movements. This illness damages children irrevocably, and is a proppogation of the powerful on the weak. It should be studied further to find a cure and ultimately to protect children.

  23. SacredFire

    What is older women just reversed things and went after "barely legal" boys, had an obsession with pure husbands so they could make the first imprint on the young lad's soul. Claim "ownership" after having consummated the sexual experience. Played a numbers game sexually, considered boys for how they look not what they know or what they can do, reversed language so "dick" was the word for "weak" and "pussy" the word for "cruel or not nice". What if males were routinely traumatized sexually and their symptoms written off as crazy which is a pre-existing condition for having been born with testicles. What if older women traveled to post-war countries to harvest the life-force of very young boys as their right to the "spoils of war". What's wrong with that? It's happening every day to females. There is no law preventing it. It's not misandry, it's a reversal of what happens to many females.

  24. Paul

    What is missing from this and what is missing from every report regarding this subject is some girls from around the age of 10 can become predators actively pursuing men much older than themselves. I know this as I was pursued by my ex-wifes youngest sister from the age of 11 until nearly 16 when finally a boy of her own age got her attention. No woman has ever pursed me before or since with anything like the intensity she did. It never surprises me when I hear of pop stars movie stars and tv people getting accused of assaulting an underage girl but I always wonder did he chase her or did she chase him. Ok so does either way make it right no but every man on this planet biggest weakness is sex we don't decided to have it its a normal part of being a male just as its a normal part of females to take advantage of it to compensate for there lack of physical strength.

  25. Carol Ockey Katt

    First, I want to say, it's not necessary for a woman to b a lesbian in order for us to hate men. The general male-dominated societies produce a certain amount of resentment. I was very relieved when near the end of this film someone used the term impulse control. The academic psychologist should go out and practise for a year or two. Therapy is not helping anyone who is in denial, I think that covers quite a wide swathe of Americans. Maybe the therapy comes from having ones name read out in court.

  26. Zachary Watson Hatfield

    Your right about one thing. That's a horrible title... I wish the agenda driven ideals could for once take a back seat to teaching people about a serious subject.

  27. blaice

    Instead of reading the comments, at least watch the video... It actually has some informative material. Especially in regard to how pedophilia is grouped with hebophilia.... Which was common practice, for what, like several millennia or more?

  28. karen ashley

    The Hindus and Buddhists have had it right all along. Don't eat meat. Molesters often kill animals in front of kids to ensure their silence. The step between an innocent animal murder and the murder of the child's innocence is a tiny one. That's why groups like PETA are so popular. This "documentary " offers no hope other than to drown it all out with pharmaceuticals. Looks like another control trip of the Annunaki.

  29. Gabriella

    Eighteen is not just a number! Age is not just a number. So many many flaws in this presentation.

  30. Gussie

    Girl children have very high percentages of molestation and rape. From fathers, stepfathers, cousins, uncles, family friends, clergy and even brothers throughout history. The Bible is filled with such tales.
    Yes, women are also paedophiles but not to the same degree nor with the oft associated violence of male predators, not the social stigma applied to girls but not boys, nor with the terrifying worry or reality of pregnancy.
    We have new protections which are very important for young children. There is sex education, stories of the harm caused and the illegal felony status of rape & other physical or sexual abuses. There is peer pressure if learned and enforced. DNA testing is less expensive. Fines and child support if warranted must be enforced on perpetrators. Names must be made for all offenders. Offenders must be kept apart from others in community and their whereabouts known. Girls need birth control from an early age and access to the day after pill in their homes or schools if parents are negligent. Abortion is a right for all -- no matter the age or reason.
    Girls must be taught their self worth is tied to their intelligence, honesty, courage, compassion self-nurturing, as well as talents in math, dance, cooking, dressing, reading, writing and all creative and pursuits including science and engineering.
    Men who cannot be helped in any other way -- must be chemically castrated and live apart
    Children must be protected from
    all harm and learn to protect other vulnerables by the time they are 18.
    Men can be the hope for such changes. They can choose to be guardians for all children from whatever harmful source. They are much more often the powerful sex -- more income, wealth, physical strength, high level governing rulers and rule makers, and religious leaders.
    Women forgo your jealousies and cruelty toward sisters. They will repay you with respect, allegiance, protection as you age, kindness and loss of the fear you knew too well.

  31. Gabriella

    Why are the commentators made to to look so sexually provocative?

  32. Gabriella

    Any man who rapes a child should be either executed, imprisoned for life, or castrated. There is no more vile act on the fact of the earth that what these monsters perpetuate.

  33. Roberta

    "Someone forgot to mention all the female teachers raping teenage boys. So, I guess all women are pedophiles too?"
    They did mention female high school teachers and their behaviour with their male students, so I guess you didn't watch the entire documentary.
    What they also mentioned is that many teenage boys did not report sexual activity with teachers because they didn't think of it in the same way. I'm not saying this is correct, but this is what they have found.

  34. Holy

    Looks like many people just read the title and comment instead of watching the documetary

  35. Rob Leaver

    Let's face some facts here. Men - until 60 or 70, will move their penises against anything that causes the kind of heat and friction which might lead to orgasm. As my father used to say, "We'd fuck a snake if we could get it to stay still." He also used to say, "Females are like cucumbers, if they're big enough, they're old enough." A fairly common attitude among men, especially men of limited intelligence/sophistication, but unacceptable behavior in civilizations that value children - which ours clearly doesn't. It takes 20-25 years to raise and launch a child. The goal is to do it so they know and value themselves and can spot the BS. Any abusive using of children before they know themselves and can spot the BS is detrimental to the future of civilization, and should be punished severely. This, from a retired secondary school headmaster.

  36. Sharon

    I would not call pedophilia "worrisome." I would call it a felony.

  37. Ricardo Moura

    Are ALL women, including feminists, man-hating lesbians?
    The title is not "provocative", but OFFENSIVE.
    So, I don't intend to bother to see this. Next time, better think that a title IS an important choice.

  38. Oliver

    Even though minors should only be having sex with other minors, (if they do have sex).
    "The fear of god" has totally suppressed natural sexual feeling and thoughts,
    where pedophilia, hebephilia, ephebophilia has become
    synonymous with child molestation.

  39. Hinda

    Really interesting and nicely made documentary with constructive point of views. Don't judge it by its cover because it's not a feminist production against men, it is actually otherwise. The title is smartly chosen from a contemporary, biological and ancient-time point of view. Thank you for bringing this piece of valuable information and congrats for the work.

  40. Joseph Ciolino

    Since when is finding a nubile female sexually stimulating considered pedophilia??? It's genetics. Natural. It has nothing to do with "laws," which are made up by society.

    Up until very recently marrying a 14 year old was considered normal. Who makes the rules and definitions? Absurd.

  41. Kevin

    Someone forgot to mention all the female teachers raping teenage boys. So, I guess all women are pedophiles too?

  42. heather

    What's with the sexy young teenage spokesperson? Since this documentary is about pedophelia it seems to be toying with the audience to feature a young girl barely out of pubery (or still in it) in a sexy black dress acting as spokesperson. There are too many double messages in this documentary to make a clear point.

  43. Joe

    Interesting documentary, definitely the main agenda is to clarify the generalizations in western culture around the term pedophilia. And to point out the stereotypes of pedophiles being only males. Interesting thought on western society law around teenage age of consent. Its worth a watch, not the best documentary and VERY redundant at times. If they planned out their editing better and made it 30-45 mins instead of 1 hour it would of been better.

  44. kirk

    "are all women teachers nasty cougars"? that would be a great documentary.

  45. Luutzen

    The end is OK. Leave the rest out.

  46. Bea

    Kenneth, did you watch the documentary or just comment on the provocative title?

    The title is very misleading. It is more a look into how the subject of pedophilia has impacted modern culture and comparing modern social norms to other times in history.

    It delves into the way the fashion industry sexualises teenagers and the issues around that but also reminds us that teenagers are already thinking about these things and looks at the age of pregnancy worldwide over the last century and asks some adults when they first began thinking about sex.

    It also talks about the fact that what the public often refer to as pedophiles are actually ephebophiles. It discusses the related forms of attraction and and their clinical terms and also talks to both male and female pedophiles and victims of sexual abuse.

    It isn't the most groundbreaking documentary ever and in some parts it was slightly wayward, flipping from one subject to the next, however it wasn't all that bad either and some of the content was definitely interesting.

    I think the title was a very bad choice. I doubt many people bothered to look beyond that.

  47. Kenneth

    What kind of bigoted misandric garbage is this? Who is this priviledged ignorant faminist to make sexist claims like this one. By her logic, are we supposed to accuse women of being pedophiles for breastfeeding babies?