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Bomb Harvest

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Bomb HarvestBomb Harvest is a 2007 documentary film directed by Australian filmmaker Kim Mordaunt, and produced by Sylvia Wilczynski.

The documentary that premiered at the 2007 Sydney Film Festival explores the consequences of war in Laos as it follows an Australian bomb disposal specialist, training locals in the skill of detonating bombs while trying to stop villagers, particularly children, from finding them and using them for scrap metal.

During the American War in Vietnam, Laos was subjected to American aerial bombardment, representing the heaviest U.S. bombing campaign since World War II, and making Laos the most bombed country in history. The deadly legacy of this destruction continues, with the country still scattered with unexploded ordnance.

Bomb Harvest explores how three generations of people have been left to deal with the mess of an air war long after it is over. It vividly depicts the consequences of war and the bravery of those trying to clear up its remains.

The Bomb Harvest film crew were granted an unprecedented 2 months on the ground with bomb disposal teams and live bombs, in areas of Laos which have never been filmed in before.

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  1. Tom

    I wish people would stay on track, regardless of personal opinions. This board is about the film and to be critiqued accordingly. Nobody cares about anybody else's political opinions or theories here, and nobody is going to change anybody else's mind anyways. So everybody quit crying.

  2. bennyballbags

    The American people supported the Vietnam war because their government lied to them, the government of America surely has a lot to answer for. They are experts at creating paranoia and the American people seem to be quite gullible. I have recently been to Vietnam and found the "communist" people to be humble and very friendly, in Laos they are very forgiving too. I wish western society could be like this, we would be a hell of a lot happier and thankful for what we have. I agree that America should clean their **** up, instead of giving money to the tyrannical government of Israel they should use it for good and for the great people of this impoverished region.
    America has a huge cry and invades and kills millions of people after a terrorist attack on their own soil, this action has only made the world a more violent place. They have such great Christian values don`t they?

  3. James Brochtrup

    As a 35 year old American never in the military or in a war, I am not proud of the destruction caused by any wars the US has been involved with. Unfortunately, these large bombs, cluster munitions, and land mines were what we had at the time. My hope is that US citizens and world partners can get the US to sign the international agreements against chemical weapons, mines, and cluster munitions.

  4. Richard

    @stephorse fish, I'm an American and I fought in the VNam war but seeing this makes me a bit ashamed of what my Country did to Laos. But on the other hand when I was at Khe Sanh in '68 the artillery that was coming down on us was coming out of Laos.

    1. Sisco Ye

      I got an idea . they should get people from America, like all the crack heads and from the over crowded prisons , train them , give them a job . send them on holiday to the beautiful asians islands and defuse the wrong doings of there government and forth fathers , and not train the people of Laos to clear up your rubbish , you left behind ... and just for the record , if they didnt defend them selfs with artillery you would still have murdered them all... cheers

    2. Tommy

      Defend themselves??? If they attacked a position how can you call it defence?? I guess you were one of the Americans that spat at these people after coming home from a war the US public backed when it started, when they realised how ugly war was they wanted out. At the time if you asked someone living in East Germany, Albania,Ukraine or in the Czech Republic "Is communism something to be scared of?" They would have said YES!!!
      And BTW Laos is not an island

    3. Guest

      Anyhow, almost all of them were so deeply happy having the pleasure to know & see others suffering.
      Today, since they can hardly wage a war abroad, their Elite maniacs that they elect will now grab and mob them.
      Good! Justice done through the years.


    4. Manoj Krishnan

      i respect your feelings but tomorrow if a couple of civilians in Afghanistan decide to bomb lets say Disney land because they lost their father in a bomb dropped by the united states would you think its fair?????

    5. Guest

      Absolutly yes at 100%. Justice done!
      3,000 deaths in 911?
      How many were murdered after the Pinochet tyran was installed in power backed up by the "ELECTED" USA gov.?
      The drugs deal by the USA army (Colonel North) psychotic serial murderer?
      The Panama installed by the USA once again dictator who provided the american nation with thrills of toturing peoples?
      The USA workers at Dow Chemical getting a heck of hard erection watching on their television a teen Viet girl her skin dangling down her back after her familty home got bombed on the order of the typical USA war criminal Kissinger.

      The sort of disguting sub-human that most if not all USA patriot woold drape as an american hero of war crimes?
      And the list goes on and on, non stopped as you keep voting for these disgusting things.

      Well then, since you're talking about americans, it may be time for you to grow up a little, come out of your slums and figure out that considering the crimes and sufferefing the USA has brought to the the rest of the world, it ain't worthed and it would be a sure good thing for humankind that you'd be aborted.


    6. Guest

      There was no one sole reason for the USA to go abuse, torture murder human being in Khe Sanh. I was absotly frantic when the Vets kick you the sub-humans war criminals out of there.

      You don't even even deserve a word 'coze you don't have the bare minimum to qualify as an human being.

      Next case! Guity as charged.


  5. The_IR8PIR8

    Great Doc! We (USA) should be over there picking up what we dropped or at the very least help fund MAG to get this ordinance out of there and quit killing farmers and children as this metal is tempting for the scrappers. One false move and at best you lose an arm or worst, well that 96 y/o man said it all.....

    1. James Brochtrup

      Please read these show notes.

      U.S. Funding for UXO Sector in Laos: Legacies of War FAQ – November 2010
      How much has the U.S. historically spent on the UXO sector in Laos?

      U.S. assistance to the UXO sector in Laos began in 1993 via the USAID Leahy War Victims Fund. The State Department began a larger program in 1996-97. According to the Department, since 1993, the U.S. has provided a total of more than $51 million in UXO-related assistance to Laos.
      What is the mechanism for U.S. funding for the UXO sector in Laos?

      Funding for the UXO sector in Laos comes primarily from the State Department’s Weapons Removal and Abatement Program (WRA). Each year, the U.S. Congress allocates funding for WRA as part of the Non-proliferation, Anti-terrorism, Demining, and Related Programs (NADR) portion of the Foreign Operations appropriation. The UXO section of the NADR budget has specific line for Laos as well as a global line, which WRA can spend anywhere.
      How much will the U.S. spend on the UXO sector in Laos in 2010?

      For fiscal year 2010, Congress specified that no less than $5 million be spent on the UXO sector in Laos. WRA was able to then add $100,000 from the global line, bringing total funding for Laos to $5.1 million, the largest-ever annual allocation for the UXO sector in Laos.

    2. Joshua Claydon

      5.1 million? thats about how much 1 bomb costs..

    3. Guest

      And how many "Billions" to the Jews so that they can commit as much war crimes as they'll feel like?
      5 Millions i Laos you said?

      I wouldn't even give $5.00 for the whole 3,000 whatever who died in 911.


  6. Stephorse Fish

    this is horrible,americans should be ashamed of themselves.they are the terrorists.

    1. James Brochtrup

      Nice to have the freedom to say that isn't it.

    2. jesse222

      Tell that to the people that died from all those bombs in Vietnam, Laos, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Panama, Grenada, Korea, Nicaragua, Japan and probably many many kills we did not hear of remember wiki leaks.. That's how the US deals with freedom. Remember Guantanamo remember My lai remember Manning? remember Hiroshima remember the US deficit. The US is going to ruin us all. And I'm very sure there will be many Americans that would like to stop me from speaking right now. Yes freedom is great but it is not the property of the US and the rest of the world are for sure not a bunch of beggars waiting for the US to give it to them. I'm very sure that if you ask most people what is most likely to come out of the US I'm very sure they wouldn't say it would be freedom. No my guess would be that they would say McDonald, cola, greed, terror, proxy war, abuse of power, abuse of natural resources, ignorance, gang war, exploitation of blacks and all other minorities, the killing of Indians, the draining of all the oil from this planet, media pollution, corruption, the end of all solidarity, the mass spinning of public opinions. Sorry I forgot some positive stuff, but you can't blame me when you realize people forget things all the time I guess it's allowed if it benefits your point of view. America get your dirty footprint of this planet.

    3. disqus_Q0r7RUyANS

      you are god-damned right on

  7. bornin62honest


    however... skip the first part, it's just a list of the awards this film won.
    the rest is really good.