Cuba after Castro

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Cuba after CastroFidel Castro came to power in Cuba on December 31, 1959. Expropriation, nationalization of the industry and the departure of more than two and a half million Cubans followed.

But also the advancement of health care and education, and a continuing struggle to turn Cuba into an ideal communist state.

In Miami the great countdown has begun. The Cubans who have fled the socialist experiment over the past 45 years have faith again.

The momentum is there, or at least close, so the exiles in Miami hope. They'll soon be able to take possession of Cuba again and start reconstruction, from communist utopia to Caribbean investment paradise.

In Miami, where 1.2 million Cuban exiles live, Cuban organizations, companies and people are ready for the post-Castro era.

This documentary takes stock of the scenarios people in Miami envision for Cuba after Castro and of thepossible consequences for the island and its inhabitants.

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    Greg Collinson
  1. Greg Collinson

    Socialist "experiment"? who is universal health care, 100% literacy and the right for a people to self determination an "experiment". Oh right when you are the United States of Empirica. Can't wait to see what the terrorists in Miami have planned for the "post" castro age.

  2. chard01
  3. chard01

    greg you sir are correct and if the lawyers get in well that lawnchair turns out to be someone elses

  4. john Palermo
  5. john Palermo

    Feed for the ignorant mind, most of my fellow Americans..

  6. malcolm_mclean
  7. malcolm_mclean

    I've been to Cuba many times - the first time 20 years ago - and what I experienced was - a country in total disrepair, homes being segregated - the poor sharing three families to one house, one kitchen, one bathroom.

    No new building - government take over of any private residence, property, business, and very quickly ruining everything!

    Doctors earning $40 a month - driving taxi's - and buying petrol on the side of the road - because only government taxi's for the tourists could buy petrol legally.

    The open markets were full of bad fruit and vegetables - what supermarkets would throw away here, it is staple food there.

    The only new cars and buses - tourist that is - Japanese.

    The pharmacies - if you can call them that - had maybe a half empty bottle of aspirin. Nothing else - all the shelves were empty.

    The last time I went - the whole frontage of the Malecon was falling down - houses crumbling under the sea salt corroding the cement (Russian of course) - country folk are not allowed in the city - only those with special permits.

    In the older part of town, Canadian and South American companies are investing money and re furbishing hotels and restaurants - downtown Havana has new stores - Benetton, and other European stores, new restaurants and hotels.

    And nobody cares about Castro.

    Nobody except the old guard with their old memories and special privileges.

    Everyone just wants to be free.

    The US dollar is the local currency.

    Maybe that poor young boy - Elian - may grow up to be the first freely elected president. So long as America does not do what they are doing in Middle East - buying support and 'rebels' giving them money and weapons, then using the corrupt American media to lie and create a civil war where thousands of innocent civilians are murdered by the 'rebels'!

  8. malcolm_mclean
  9. malcolm_mclean

    Most Ex Cuban families that had time to collect their deeds of trust and business registrations and other legal documents - have them safe in America - they are just waiting for Cuba to be 'liberated' from the communist regime - then they will go back, and claim their property, their businesses - this will be like East Germany re-unifying with West Germany - many people will want their property and business back - but find that it is in shambles or three families living in a small home - what to do/

    But like east Germany, east Berlin, after a time it will resolve itself and new money will come in, start to rebuild openly - without AmeriKa's illegal conspiratorial efforts to ruin the country.

  10. malcolm_mclean
  11. malcolm_mclean

    Cuba will become another AmeriKan puppet state.

    Too bad - Cubans will never be free.

  12. john Palermo
  13. john Palermo

    I wish my country raised me in truth so I better understood what a bunch of crap it all is that they do around the world so that the first half of my life was one of more benevolence towards the oppressed it created rather than making enemies out of them.
    Fidel has my best wishes and respect for his decades of standing up for his Island nations sovereignty. One of the few to do so successfully. As for those Miami scum, just look at what they have done in this country to the "free" city they were virtually handed by our system, not impressed!
    If only my pissy pants government had allowed fair trade and tourism despite their not being able to strong arm Castro imagine the difference it could have made to those poor people in Cuba who have instead had to do with so little all these years.

  14. Kevin Logan
  15. Kevin Logan

    What an outrageous piece of propaganda.

    Castros demise will usher in change, already has in some respects, however Cuba sets the bar as an example ofwhat to look forward to if you cross the empire and "win"

    Very few find the embargo and sanctions appealing. It has been a struggle for the Cuban people but it is not due to Tyranny. And if you relisten to the Bush quote near the beginning of the flick and close your eyes, picture Castro saying that about America, you would be much closer to the truth.

  16. Bonita Evans
  17. Bonita Evans

    Now they want to come back, probably because America is broke. These people are simply running from one place to another. Fidel must have been doing something right. Now they're all crossing their fingers that he will drop dead so they can come back, star the same old program of discrimination against the black Cubans, money grubbing and abuse. It ws amazing that they all tried to quit Cuba within 48 hours after Batista, if some of these people do come back, I hope they will stand trial for some of the atrocities they perpetrated on the people. They spent all their lives in Cuba up to the denonounciation of Batista, yet people could not read, could not go to certain places of entertainment. Now they want come back and pick up their lives of luxury and national disinterest. I guess they hate it here because they did not get what they anticipated. They have practiced their racist policies on other Spanish speaking people of the Caribbean and on Indians. Stay here ! You deserve America.

  18. rubicx
  19. rubicx

    Miami right wing tyrants are at it again. When exactly did the Cuba Transition Project ask the 10 million Cubans in Cuba for their input? And that dumb attorney should know that all those Cubans who lost property were compensated. Maybe they were not compensated enought, by their own assessment, but they were compensated for property that their Robber Baron ancestors had claimed for themselves. This is not a documentary, this is propoganda.

  20. kafkafil
  21. kafkafil

    If these people have anything to do with it, Cuba will be bled by US corporations under a corrupt and oppressive Batista-like right-wing dictatorship.

  22. kafkafil
  23. kafkafil

    "So long as America does not do what they are doing in Middle East - buying support and 'rebels' giving them money and weapons". The Americans ARE doing that with regard to Cuba and have been for 50 years, funding Cuban terrorists.
    You don't have to look far to see what America would do to Cuba. Look at Haiti, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala...and how the US has made such a success of them.

  24. rHuntsman
  25. rHuntsman

    Long Live Fidel Castro!

  26. Charley Raintree
  27. Charley Raintree

    !Viva Cuba! !Viva Castro! !Viva Che!

  28. KsDevil
  29. KsDevil

    A lot of neive people in this documentary.

  30. Code Red
  31. Code Red

    I'm amazed at the severe lack of historical facts in this documentary. I tried to watch as much as I could but could not watch anymore than 15 min. These right wing t-bag Cuban nut jobs act as if they are going to march into Cuba as soon as President Castro has died; how in the world are they going to do that? They are not going to march into Cuba, they could not in the past and they cannot and will not in the future. The only reason Cuba is in the shape it is in is because of the illegal embargo imposed by the U.S. and nothing else! Long live socialism, long live President Castro and may the U.S. lift the embargo and work with the Cuban government as they do with communist China.

  32. Delfin-rag
  33. Delfin-rag

    I realized that this was a piece of trash when I saw Bush calling Fidel Castro a tyrant...

  34. the dissenter
  35. the dissenter

    When are you moving to Cuba? Or are you living there yet? :)

  36. the dissenter
  37. the dissenter

    Loooooooooove the Cubans in Miami. In the 60s, the hauled ass and even brought the dogs with them. 53 years later, after countless Cubans have been slaughtered and imprisoned for opposing the regime and thousandths more have died at sea trying to escape while the delusionals in Miami drink expresso en la Calle 8 and wave flags, they somehow think that they can go back and take over just because... Well, nobody has discussed yet why they just take over but the fact that the ran like rats gives them an inalienable right to go back as the masters, of course. The rest of the Cubans, since they're all stupid, will cheer for them and give them the reigns to the throne, of course. After all, they were the stupid ones that not only stayed but took it all with their pants down.


  38. Jajaja
  39. Jajaja

    From someone who lived in Cuba: you have no idea what you're talking about. There is no food. They're melting road signs to make pots and pans. I can go on for days about this. I will say that people are very happy, because they don't know any different, but it's still no way for humans to live.

  40. Jajaja
  41. Jajaja

    All you Castro lovers! Go to Cuba, then you can discuss. I lived in Cuba until 1997. It's nothing you can imagine. The living conditions are poor. The healthcare is horrible. My sister needed simple over the counter medicine for an intestinal issue and it could not be found anywhere. We moved to the United States so we could save her life, and we did. They bought her medicine at Walgreen's, over the counter, and she was back to normal in no time. No one here has a clue about Cuba. The people are happy. They help each other out in any way possible. It's a beautiful thing, but the living conditions are unsatisfactory. People are starving. From someone who has lived both: the trade-off is easy. America is absolute paradise. The opportunity are endless here, even in this economy. Americans have become arrogant and complacent. They don't understand the value of hard work. In America I can work a horrible job and I can still feed myself and a few members of my family. To quote Lebron James, "I aint got no worries."

  42. Brrr
  43. Brrr

    I can't speak to how things were in Cuba in 1997, but I can tell you for sure they are a lot better right now than what the exiles in Miami want you to believe. I go back to Cuba every year, and I've seen dramatic improvements every time I return.

  44. Gringo
  45. Gringo

    You are speaking of the tourist Cuba not the Cubans Cuba. Stop spreading false propaganda.

  46. Gringo
  47. Gringo

    You sir, are an ignoramus. Ask a Cuban, old, young, recently moved to the U.S., moved decades ago, who Fidel is. For Christ's sake, ask his daughter!

  48. Gringo
  49. Gringo

    For those saying the U.S. wants to take Cuba, there is a saying among Cubans. "If America wanted to take over Cuba and the Cubans didn't resist, it would take 48 hours. If the Cubans did resist, it would take 24."

  50. Brrr
  51. Brrr

    I am talking about the country as a whole. The infrastructure (especially housing) has improved dramatically in the past few years. Cubans have better places to live, better places to work, the stores are well stocked, and the people have more money in their pockets to spend. Are things still tough? Sure, the US still has it's embargo in place doing nothing to hurt the Castros, but punishing the Cubans.

  52. 31jetjet
  53. 31jetjet

    After watching this doc I will never go to Cuba as long as there is a Castro in power. I will also question others I meet as to why they would choose to vacation in such a horrible place.

  54. Harshdeep Singh GreWal
  55. Harshdeep Singh GreWal

    Of course Cuba will go through with all those problems... Its like new baby born again BUT with freedom. Now Cuba can have best doctors , education or anything one day but freedom is something that only Fidel Castro or ppl like che gave you. Long live Castro and Che in heavens. Viva Cuba! !Viva Castro! !Viva Che!

  56. Harshdeep Singh GreWal
  57. Harshdeep Singh GreWal

    Someone wana leave a country? leave!!! but how can Somebody leave thr country in bad days? we call them "Bhagaudhas" in our country. No thing or story impressed me like Cuban history. And Cuban ppl still has complaints about there country and money and all those small things... Shame!!!
    Cubans are lucky, who had ppl like Che and Castro bcz my friends the revolution that you have seen successfully in your country , no other nation has been so lucky enough to see it.
    And the Revolution which u have seen is the revolution of future which is gonna happen in every country one day.
    Long live Revolution!!!

  58. Tony Richeal
  59. Tony Richeal

    Communism = Winning
    Unicef: Cuba is the only Latin-American country without child malnutrition.
    UN: Only Latin-American country without drug problems.
    Onec: Longest life-expectancy of Latin-America.
    UNESCO: First Grade schooling: 100%, Second Grade schooling: 99%
    The Guardian: Twice the doctors of the UK, with four times less population.
    International Amnesty: Cuba is the country that less violates human rights in Latin-America.
    WWF: Cuba is the only country in the world that comply with the ecological sustainability.

  60. Johnny Malk
  61. Johnny Malk

    bla bla bla embargo (just with USA ... not with the rest of the world) ... bla bla bla a bunch of false statistics ... we brazilians are paying to maintain that scum ... bla bla bla ... move to Cuba hipocrates ... a lot of false affirmations to endure an incompetent system that create poverty for the people and lots of money to Dictator ... you simply do not know what are you talking about ... #lessmarxmoremises

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