The Cuba Prostitution

2011, Sexuality  -   115 Comments
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The Cuba ProstitutionIt is not a documentary about "prostitution" in Cuba per se, as in the guy pays money in exchange for sex, it is more about Andrew trying to pick up girls in Cuba.

The author, Andrew Lindy, is obsessed with beauty. A New York based fashion and travel photographer Andrew longs as much for connection as he does for beauty.

Being a travel photographer and having written travel articles for ELLE magazine, Andrew feels at home anywhere in the world... and as a fashion photographer, he is comfortable around beautiful women.

This is a look at the lack of sexual taboo in Cuba, as well as the financial difficulties that lead to prostitution in some Cubans, for the purpose of survival.

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115 Comments / User Reviews

  1. someone substituted videos. This has nothing to do with prostitution.

  2. everyone wants to make a Cuba flick and some use their d"cks to do it

  3. This should not be on a website entitled as it is. Or, if this is indeed a top documentary film, what isn't must be very bad!

  4. Don't flatter yourself dude, they only want out of cuba.

  5. The director: narcissistic, self-obsessed, insensitive, insecure, uneducated (throwing word capitalism as if he had any clue what it means), a definite chauvinist.

  6. what a cheap w*nker bragging he never paid for sex yeah he only exploited these poor desparate women would have to be desparate to have sex with him..i just hope he gave them a huge tip..his deluded

  7. Andrew Liddy is exactly the kind of media producer I am boycotting against. Forcing HIS perception of beauty on whole generations of women who hate their bodies and men who can only get off to thin damaged girls who are exploited.

  8. The beginning of the film gives a strong false impression of a "sex tourist" coming to Cuba for fun. I'm glad I watched it to the end, because it turned out to be much more than that. The author (Andrew) is looking for a girlfriend and "free" sexual encounters, to actually break the concept that sex in Cuba is only for money. He also reveals how the whole system in that country in corrupt, and shows the future perspectives and dreams of some Cuban girls.

    I only hope he paid something to those girls - not for sex, but at least for taking their photos.

  9. Douceback.... what a petty guy.

    Going to Cuba this winter to photograph - the cubans... the Future the Cuban children, the man on street dancing not even his best to humiliate european men - but just doing it, being on the streets dancing. The Mother - the capricorn of Cuba, flirtatious yes - but with pride.

    I think I am gonna humiliate Sex-Touristers like the ones who made this.... curly millionaire jew-boy from the states with a stick/boner.... I´d slap him in the face if I saw him.

    Male from Denmark

    //Love is everywhere - haven´t found my Love yet.... going to Cuba is not "my seeking" - but if she´s there, she´s there - and I will take her home

    1. As we say in America "child please"...look it up

  10. You getting that Buzz son

  11. Let me clarify (as I read the comment policy after my previous post). Having had a long relationship with the island nation of Cuba both professionally and personally (over 10 years) and having gotten to know the people, the culture and cities of Cuba -also- both professionally and personally, I can humbly say I have a pretty well-rounded comprehension of the Cuban condition, it's Douchebags like this guy who really remind me of why the Revolution took place in the first place.

    I'm not saying Cuba is a perfect post-revolution, in fact, it's far from perfect, there's a lot of stuff that just doesn't work there, and there are many things that definitely need improvement, but this guy and people like him epitomize Batista era Cuba.

    I've lived in Cuba for extended periods of time working with the OHC in Havana and in all this time I've traveled/lived there I still feel like throwing up everytime I see North American and European Sex Tourists like this guy with little young girls walking around feeling like they're king of the castle because they get their rocks off taking advantage of people in less fortunate conditions. To the guy who made this film, you try growing up in a place as oppressive as Cuba and see how much you'd whore yourself out to get a few extra dollars/chance of leaving the poverty.

    Also gives a bad name for ex-pats who are there legitimately and trying to help people out. Unfortunately it further reinforces the idea in many Cubans that all Foreigners are there to rape them - figuratively and probably in some instances literally. This documentary is dribble.

  12. I enjoyed this doc. The young man was just showing you a side of Cuba that some of us were not aware of.
    To me, he was just a typical young guy looking for attractive females to have some excitement.
    This was very typical of the guys I grew up with.
    The Cuban men throwing the young women at the film maker were no angels!
    Those young women knew the score, whether they were prostitutes or not.
    It might be exciting for a Cuban woman to have sex with a mysterious young stranger from another country.
    I'm sure they had no illusions about being swept off their feet by Prince Charming.
    Don't be so hard on the guy!

  13. Well lets realize this...this guy is a sex Tourist and he only takes advantage of the Cuban girls with urgent needs. How does the Cuban girls see themselves? Lets put it like this..the only future they see is now...I need to buy shoes, I need to feed my baby, etc. And they used the only thing that the market buys, their buddies. I want to believe this guy did not physically hurt them. But this film is promoting prostitution...can you imagine how many sick b*stards, really twisted ******* want to go to to Cuba and do all the **** they can imagine? not seen the women as human beings but as wasteful cans, that you just throw after you drink it...the true is this guy is just a narcissist, misogynist guy who just want cheaper sex but he wants under the cover of a "girlfriend" he just use women with urgent needs as animals that you just **** and throw away. Besides that this is a film the talks about the failure of the Cuban revolution with a halt economy

    1. how can the cubans by new shoes or feed their babies if there isn't any external source of money? wouldn't it better that these guys would pay for it and support those girls "jobs".

  14. What a self indulgent little exercise that was. I have met guys like this all over the world. He wants to sleep with beautiful local girls and doesn't want to pay for it because he wants a "connection"!
    Wow give me a break! You honestly think your any less of a sex tourist because you don't bang the pay by the hour girls? Did you actually convince yourself you had a connection with these girls and that they gave you a moments thought the second after they took your cash for the last time. Don't tell me you didn't pay those girls you slept with. I also found the way you spoke to the girls condescending. They should pay you to sleep in your bed? Seriously this "film maker" is a creep and no better than an of the sex tourists I have seen in Thailand, The Phillipnes, Vietnam or any number of poor countries where girls need to sell their bodies so that losers like this guy can indulge their fantasies.

  15. MMM...that last girl was divine...I'd be jumping on a float to get her back to the States..I had a Swedish buddy who went to Cuba for a month, basically he told me the same things that are in this video...

  16. Cuba is not communism -- don't you know anything about the USSR? The revolution was betrayed in the 30's Russia was NEVER communist and neither was Cuba or China -- communism IS the answer...but real communism not state capitalism which is what they have now.

    This documentary blows its immature and cheap doesnt address the real issues..sincere tho at least?

  17. What self indulgent waffle from an intelligible *****.

  18. As much as most of the negative comments are true, I thought it was an interesting film, and accurate. An average white guy goes to an impoverished country and is seen as a rich stud. He gets laid a lot and acts like a jackass. But in my opinion he did pay for the sex - he bought a plane ticket to Cuba to become a player.

    1. If you really think no money changed hands with these girls you are dreaming. These girls are poor, often with kids and the only reason these girls in Cuba, Thailand, Philippines etc have sex with creeps like him is for cash or in some cases the chance for a life outside their own country. They are not lining up to have sex with foreign guys for the privilege or the fun. He tries to kid us and himself into believing because he is not paying by the hour he is a huge stud and somehow superior from any other sex tourist in a poor country. I have no doubt he paid these girls hard cash. He is really a sad, pathetic creep. And no I'm not an uptight feminist as some posters suggest any detractors of this faux doco must be. Im a guy who loves women. No doubt losers who could never pick up an attractive girl in their own country may perceive this guy as some kind of god.

  19. the guy who did this should be in prison.

    1. that's a brand in the making... "The travel bum" don't be naive, here peep this "Edward Bernays was right people follow their desires more then their intellect

  20. This guy is sexoholic ... nasty and creepy.

  21. This is the s***tiest film I've ever watched. This guy is a loser, has no respect for women and has the most pompous attitude ever! This has nothing to do with being a feminist (which I'm not BTW), it's about exploiting these girls for sex and throwing them away like garbage. The last girl is absolutely gorgeous, I would marry her (I'm a woman). I wouldn't use her and take her innocence away, which clearly this guy has no f__cking feeling or care in the world. She clearly is a sweetheart, and I wish her a better life.

  22. I am a Cuban American girl and this documentary makes me sick, but also makes me realize what my life would have been like had my parents never left. REALLY I guess for some this d-bag got his point across, but wtf did it really have to do with prostitution except for one scene??

  23. This video isnt about prostitution in Cuba. It is about an average guy doing the usual thing. Trying to get laid. In many instances he is more of the gigolo/prostitute than those poor girls.

  24. This video isnt about prostitution in Cuba. It is about an average guy doing the usual thing. Trying to get laid. In many instances he is more of the gigolo/prostitute than those poor girls.

  25. This video isnt about prostitution in Cuba. It is about an average guy doing the usual thing. Trying to get laid. In many instances he is more of the gigolo/prostitute than those poor girls.

  26. This is sexual tourism. The guy is having a thrill and I hoe the girls did not feel taken advantage of, especially the last one who he led to believe he had feelings for her.


  27. Wow. A very immature guy made this! Its content was very frat boyish. Prostitution was not addressed at all in depth. Girls were taken advantage of! And I think he needs to travel far more than he has (he odviously is a novice) without his camera and computer but rahter with humility. He did nothing but exploit more girls as he clams is happening with prostitution. At least if you had paid for it they would have had something to give there families!

  28. This is NOT a documentary. This d-bag has invented an entirely new form of dreck...
    Since his d**cheyness is epic and he makes r*tarded travelogue videos...

    This is a d**chalogue.

    Leave documentary out of it. Please.

  29. great documentary.......ur grate.....director....sir

  30. Hey man, two things:
    1. If you're going to make a documentary, you need to be able to document events from an objective viewpoint (or as close to one as you think you can get). Getting involved with the people you are interviewing/documenting after you interview them is unprofessional, but at least you haven't tainted your source of information. Instead it seems like you decided to put pleasure before work and not only lose all credibility, but all my respect as well.

    2. If you're going to make a porno, make a porno. If you're going to shoot a fashion show, shoot a fashion show. If you're going to shoot a documentary, shoot a flappin' documentary, don't mix them up.

  31. That was absolutely fantastic. That last girl was an absolute ******* stunner.

  32. Great documentary.
    As usual lots of negativie comments from fat ugly feminists with a chip on their shoulder.

    1. that's right anyone who finds a so-called man going to a third world country to exploit other human beings in appaling poverty is just fat, ugly feminists, YOUR totally correct, anyone who has the audacity to find men having sex with women in soul crushing abject poverty, AND than FILM the fall out, and than take a grindhouse attempt at making a documentary to exploit his disgusting behavior should just LOVE THIS i mean hell why don't we watch a a few documentaries about human slave trafficking? HEY do you have a daughter??? a wife? because i know a few people in eastern europe who might want to meet them???? We could put them on film and have a nice young man make them cry a little bit, and than someone like you can sit on a website and laugh and deride in human misery and make your big stand against feminism, because ya know having a consideration of your fellow human being is all just one big progressive ivy league scam! lol I would be appaled if you believed in Jesus christ, funny how few of his followers try and emulate him.

      I guess its not so funny when its your child or sister, have a little human decency, i suppose your attempting to make some chide cynical remark about feminism but it comes across as a banal, and condescending remark, like the one typical women haters make.

  33. I had a boner before I watched this. So many ways he could have covered this topic, maybe even indulged us a little in the history of Cuba and how things have come to this. This guy is a product of the MTV generation.

  34. not a documentary, propaganda. established this after 3 minutes of watching.

  35. ....This is how he does it, he gets some film company to go along with the idea of this documentary, and then gets them to pay the airfare, and hotel etc, then has sex with them, (Done this outside the camera.) He's just a con-artist, looking for a good time with Cuban girls, and their cheap to hire too.

  36. His rudeness is unbearable to watch. I cannot enjoy this. How can he be a successful world traveller? I would think he will not last long with this awful attitude. I agree with the next comments as well.

  37. Garbage. Shows his own naivete, ignorance, and lack of intelligence or understanding. His political proclamations are so shallow as to be worthy of a first grader. Disgusting waste of time...not even good photography. Feel like I need to take a shower or vomit.

  38. i hate the guy doing this doco he is creepy and giving these poor women hope very sad

  39. 1. He forgets to mentions that he is, indeed, the male prostitute in the documentary he made given all the women that he reports he had sex with, 2. Is he Canadian or American? 3. The way he acts around these women, is he trying to be cute? 4. This guy is a sexual predator, all he cares about is to use those desperate women for his sexual pleasure and financial gain, his documented behavior is exploitative, criminal according to Cuban law, alarming, offensive and condescending. The day he returns to Cuba, if he ever dares, he will be taken care of, Cubans have their own version of justice system! His work is garbage, utter waste of time.

  40. In Ukrainian elite army there is a fashion to "join club 100". It means you have had sex with 100 women, without paying them, not on the 1st date and not while they are drunk. I guess this guy could compete in that sick challenge.

  41. he just turned another girl into profession

  42. The most memorable scene was the pillow talk with the dark haired girl when he asked her what her dreams were. I said to myself 'don't tell him sweetheart' he's just there for the footage. He doesn't care. I don't think the guy deserved a reply. My heart went out to her. I see stuff like this as a westerner living in Thailand.

  43. This is ******* creepy, this guy should be locked up for how ******* creepy he is and how much of a sick pervert he is. This supposed "documentary" is sh*te save yourselves 30 mins and don't watch it!

  44. oh, just can it, guys .. it is what it is and it's pretty honest. Who wants to dis a guy just filming his vision. Come on, leave him alone with your judgements.

  45. haha wtf is this ****.

    This guy is an abhorrent human being, the most base human being possible trying to attempt to do some sort of documentary, but his utterly base nature gets in the way and he succeeds to only undermine any kind of point he was trying to make.

    Oh and he's biased and exploitative as ****.

  46. CRAPOLA! Filmster looks like a crotch rat

  47. Like the shoot scenes but his commentary is patronising and cringeworthy

  48. Thats what you get for not reading before watching a video . It clearly says That it is not a documentary about prostution in Cuba but a dude just trying to pick up girls in Cuba so please stop acting like he was just using those girls to have sex cause thats why he went for. Next time make sure to read before watching and stop blaming him for making this video but instead the real root of where all this socio economic problems come from.pfff

    1. Or how about we do blame him. For taking advantage, for thinking his penis is the only thing in life that matters, for thinking women are worth nothing but sexual conquests to him. I blame him completely, it's his fault he is a vile waste of air.

  49. No class. You should shamed for putting this on display as though you're a real reporter. If that's what you are into, keep it to yourself, don't advertise people's misery for your own lust.

  50. you guys want to go africa and see the immorality/corruption in action,.

  51. What a d*ckhead! I'd love to seen him get the **** beaten out of him. That, would have been a good documentary

  52. this 'documentary' doesn't deserve a spot on this website, if it is then please rename the site from TOP documentary films

  53. I like how he says he did not pay. He did not pay any of the girls. He paid $20 to the man in the last "trick" to get to the room. DUH. But it is a good video as I would not call this a documentary. It shows the plight of the developing world. Cuba and how young women are is not isolated. They see a foreigner as a way out. A chance at a better life. And this is the way it is in every developing country from Asia to the former USSR. And everyone of those girls he did have sex with deserved something financially from this cheap moronic twit. May he one day have a daughter and they bring home a selfish insecure moronic twit like this guy. Not that they are prostitutes and deserve payment but they have families that are struggling. You are on holiday in a foreign land and you meet this nice beautiful young lady and have a great time with her and then leave her to struggle with her family. Give here a few hundred for her and her family. Not because you had sex but because you have a heart and would like to help them.

  54. He got laid for free because these girls just want a chance to get out or better their lives and a foreigner provides the potential for that. What an exploitive piece or crap. Then he puts them on video denouncing their own country. I hope they are now safe and have not been recognized via this doc and consequently punished for the negative things they said about Cuba.

  55. this may be a fake one Wikipedia says different story about cuban social environment "Cuba has a 99.8% literacy rate, an infant death rate lower than some developed countries, and an average life expectancy of 77.64. In 2006, Cuba was the only nation in the world which met the WWF's definition of sustainable development; having an ecological footprint of less than 1.8 hectares per capita and a Human Development Index of over 0.8 for 2007"

  56. Thankfully, all men are not like this. Avoid the ones who are.

  57. What a jerk. He's talking about women Canadian women being insecure, but he is so insecure that he needs to brag that he didn't have to pay for sex in Cuba. Those girls need money so badly and he's there to see how many girls will sleep with him for free. How cheap! Loser. The reason that he doesn't get laid often in his home country is probably because he pinches girls' cheeks and tells them to "sit straight", how degrading.

  58. I'm not even talk about what this 'documentary' could be about and I will tell you what this is about. It's about a pathetic douchebag, who goes to cuba, he then finds girls who will have sex with him, probably becase they see him as a foreigner and a hope/future, we don't know. All the analysis he does is all bullshit. He is not exploring what is happening in Cuba about prostitution, he is just getting laid and talking shit about capitalism and communism.. I got full of questions.

    How does this prostituion in cuba works ?
    Why do they have sex with him for nothing in exchange?
    It looks like he didn't report the surrounding of this world. I know there must be a lot of social reactions inside of cuba, diferent groups of people.. He even ask one time "are all girls in cuba prostitutes?" what kind of question is that ? He also takes advantage of the girls in everyway and then post this video on the internet.. I hope he dies

  59. the ending was sad. i found the guy in the doc to be full of himself, young and shallow. i also found this doc politically polarized. much more to the story, and i question his motives for making this "documentary" and the accuracy of his statements about Cuba as well. a better doc about Cuba would be "Buena Vista Social Club". you're welcome ;)

  60. Hmm. Travel to countries crippled by immoral sanctions. Buy the natives resteraunt dinners. Look for love. (Make many attempts to find it.) Find a little sweetie. Have her talk about her dreams, Make her feel special. Then post the video.
    Mr.Big Fish in a small pond.
    Just kidding. I like him. He can come over and ***k my sister!

  61. I will never watch anything else by this person again. I TRULY BELIEVE him to be EVIL. HE IS A PART OF ALL THINGS WRONG WITH WORLD. When the women knew what the game was ... that was fine; but that poor girl at the end had her dreams dangled in front of her just enough to give her false hope. Then she was dropped like the prostitutes, after all she risked.

  62. enjoyed this doc. a guy who loves to travel and love living life, having fun when the whole world is too serious.
    love, live, laugh

    1. I really do hate that no-one cares about impoverishment women around the world and all the abuse is just "boys having fun." Masculinity is a disease.

  63. I had high expectations about this one, sadly never delivered. The last seconds, are to say the least painful, its all about a guy getting laid in a foreign country. It could have dealt with the real problems, the real prostitutes, the real clients, the needs, the politics... Missed all the points that could be made.

    1. That is correct, Mario. At least you appear to have a brain and a conscious/

    2. 'the real problems, the real prostitutes, the real clients, the needs, the politics'

      you mean do the same as a million other 'Panorama, Unreported World' etc style shows which are good but this is yet again a different view and not sterilized or so politically correct you cringe.

      This was a show of one mans journey which most of these style programs are NOT so it is more unique and shows how easy it is to get involved with, and i am sorry unless you are completely naive and grew up in a cupboard you can see a lot of the social issues and problems very clearly.

  64. the negative remarks dont do the women in this film any justice. they all seemed intelligent and able to make decisions in the enviroment they live in. each of them knew their enviroment and what it felt like to live there. and they are also able enough to choose their own company - most of the time.

    you need to look at the women too not just the bloke who shot the film. i wonder how many males that watch this here would turn down an opurtunity like he had. its that old saying; 'people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.'

    i dont condone what the film maker did and im not sure what he meant by making this. but i cant help thinking about the women. they need respect too and not just by their 'pimps.' maybe their sexual nature gives them some kind of control in a world that seems to have little other freedoms - whatever freedom means.

    its easy to stand outside and moralize but probably alot harder and more realistic to actually live under such a regime and experience the hardships they live through.

    the sexual nature of their pleasure will always raise eyebrows here in the west and im sure there is severe exploitation. but its not their fault. the system treats them that way and people will always take advantage of it - men inparticular.

    and the bloke that made it?
    he's falling inlove with an idealised fantasy, like a teenager.
    i dont get him?

    but lets give the women a chance to be who they are.

  65. I would like to sastrate this idiot and shove his junk down his throat mainly for his political views-he obviously has no moral values and knows nothing of what he speaks. Perhaps he should talk about the trade embargo that the US has imposed on Cuba since the revolution-when they threw the Mafia and the US corporations out of the country.

  66. A shallow film by a shallow guy.....needy Cubans.....not what you would call a winning situation.

  67. This is probably the worst docu I ever watched five of.
    What a complete a..hole this guy is. What a f..king idiot. You can even tell by all the strained smiles he receives that everybody thinks he a fool. This docu is not about Cuba or prostitutes - it is about a fool with a camera.

    1. well said. He goes to one third world/developing country and treats it as unique. You can go to many struggling countries and find the same thing. Young girls who see a foreign man aka white man as a way to get out. As a hope for escape.

    2. And white men take advantage of them, white men have the compassion of vipers and the honour of SLUGS. Wherever he sees his chance he will take it, dirty fighters, fake lovers and users. White men are truly disgusting, vile, filth.

  68. "Obsessed with beauty"? Yeah, thats a fun way of denying that your a pervert. What a horrible 'documentary' more or less just a douche who goes around taking advantage of people.... EUGH!

    1. Glade I wasn't the only one who noticed that.

  69. As a Canadian who enjoys visiting Cuba, I am ashamed. This man is scum

  70. Really? I guess this is what you get when you give a rich white boy a camera and let him loose in a poor country.

    I'm ashamed to be an American.

    1. he states that he is canadian to one of the girls. it was shot in 09. the first girl he meets in the hotel through the elevator operator says she is 21, he tells her "no verdad"(that isnt true), she flashes her state id, finger pointing at DOB, and states "ochenta y ocho" (88). an american visiting cuba in 09 for tourism purposes, and then posting such a vid would be liable for prosecution for violation of the embargo. canadian citizens would have no such restriction. technically a us citizen could be prosecuted for smoking a cuban cigar, even if the consumption occured in a non embargo country. fun facts about us/cuba relations (the cigars are AWESOME, btw ;D)

    2. Yes the guy says he is Canadian, lol but hey let g isaac still be ashamed to be an American. There are still plenty of other reasons for him to feel shame. lol just having some fun g, don't take me seriously.

    3. He probably had fake Canadian papers or something ... or just bought his way as he went along.

    4. Ashamed to be an American? You should try owning your shame instead of pawning it off on the rest of us.

    5. so would i be if i were one

  71. This guy thinks Cuban women are different, I think all woman are all seeking resources. He comes bearing just that in abundance, in comparison to Cuban men.

    Douche-Nozzle indeed.

    1. I like that .. does describe him. Douche-Nozzle

  72. At first watching this, I kind of thought this guy was really interested in the plight of these women and what they have to go through to survive, but as the "film" went on, I realized that he was just another scumbag photographer who uses his camera to use women for his own personal pleasure. Andrew Liddy is just another Rick Solomon or Terry Richardson. Just another parasite preying on the wishes of women with nothing to dream for. I'm surprised you even bothered posting this piece of shit, it has no redeeming value except for his own self-promotion. At one point, he mentions Canada or incinuates that he is from Canada. That's too bad, I hope he stays in New York.

  73. I've seen this one elsewhere and enjoyed it pretty well, although the guy IS kind of a douche-nozzle, to put it bluntly.

    Beautiful screen-shot. Makes me very hungry... Time for a ham sandwich, I guess. :)

    1. A Douche-nozzle or a Douche-lens? He made sure he filled his pants for the camera towards the end of the doc.
      Try spaghetti with no hands.

    2. Yeah, I didn't need THAT! That may be the main reason I called him what I did.

      However anyone eats MY spag hetty (lol), it's the best. (It's one of the few I make, and I make it often.)

    3. Looked like he'd made a tent for his Action Man ;)

    4. Don't think I'll ever look at ham the same way again! Thank god I'm vege :)

    5. I actually literally meant a ham sandwich, believe it or not! :)

    6. And then spaghetti! But what made you hungry? :)

    7. Why, the sight of those delicious wheat buns! What else?
      (A hard day of child-rearing is probably the more prosaic truth.;)

  74. His mother must be very proud of how she raised her son. Maybe his mom had to do the same things to make ends meet?

  75. LOLZZZ...Prostitution is every where , correct me if i am wrong in STATES we can see the hights of it , then why to pick on Cuba?

  76. wow, what a narcisistic piece of work this guy is. his naivete is fairly astounding as well. but, he "got some", and it would appear that is the be all end all of his desires as far as cuban tourism was concerned. his spanish is ATROCIOUS as well, lol. i spent a few years working in miami, with tons of contact with expat cubans, and they are an incredibly sensual/sexual people for the most part, that much is true. but,he was being "worked" by every one of those young ladies he showed extensive contact with, not to mention the cops, hotel workers, cab drivers, etc. i find it a shame im forbidden to travel to the island nation, as i would love to just explore, converse, and eat my way across it a few times. on a side note, does viewing vimeo vids cause problems with anybody elses computer? they just seem to gobble every bit of memory in any i use to view them, even if i "pause/buffer" them

  77. In our world, morality has framed sex as the worst.
    Two people can have a meal together, lick their fingers, smell the aroma, suck on the noodles, lick their lips, eat with their fingers, roll whatever on their tongue, look with envy...but if the meal is layed on a bed, it's bad.

    There are many beautiful shots of girls in this doc, especially the black and white shots of the first photo shoot and the last girl with the wind in her hair.
    The guy is just an other guy, the girls have no other way, a way brought up by a society who realized that foreigners may have mercy through sex...and invite them to married their lifestyle, their country which ever it may be.
    I've seen the same in Thailand, often times old ugly guys who cannot find a women at home coupled with gorgious Asian girls.
    Sex has become more like money one carries everywhere.
    What is prostitution? It has become multi defined all over the world, sometimes called lovers relationship.

    1. very well put az! the first photo shoot only struck one chord with me, the tattoo on the girls hip is her pimp's "trademark", she was branded like livestock. the final girl was the one i found most disturbing. if you look closely during the photo session, the evidence of fairly extensive plastic surgery on her face is MOST evident (nose job, a "lip work" scar on her upper right lip, some chin work). he thought he was picking them up, but, in reality they layed in wait for him. an example of "the hunter is actually the hunted" i guess. though i must respectfully disagree with the "he's just another guy". im just another guy, and im not a sexual mercenary, nor have i ever been. of course, ive been a cynical old b*stard since about the age of 7, so that may make me an exception, lol

    2. The moderators are quick today, it only took one minute.

      I didn't noticed the plastic surgery, you may be right though. Not sure how plastic surgery is happening in Cuba on Cubans but it is a popular place to go for cheap interventions, the medical system is well rated if you have the dinero.
      As for the branding, i don't doubt it happens frequently.

      I meant, he's just an other guy in Cuba looking for sex, the difference is that he went with the intention of making a doc and taking some good artistic shots of naturally good looking women.

      Cynical old Bestart since 7yrs old, you could add that in your resume.

    3. unfortunately, too true about the "mark of ownership" on the first girl, but living here in south florida "where the pool only has a shallow side" i've unfortunately become most adept at spotting "custom body work". as for mode of payment, well, many doctors are men too, lol. as she had taken modelling classes, there also exists the possibility she was a "class project" at a medical school (one has to hone their skills somewhere before working on paying "mujeres yumas", lol)

    4. You seem to know the underworld of Cuba a lot more than me, an underworld possibly discussed a lot in the neighbourhoods of i'll trust your opinion.

    5. I sent you 2 replies to your comment above to me, and they just vanished (again).

    6. Just to let you and others know all posts are going into spam all by themselves, seems to be broken. I will load only pertinent posts manually. sorry about that.

    7. until the last decade or so, "the underworld" was the one i was most familiar with (though i rarely associated with the pondscum of the flesh trade). my employer not too long ago asked if i could pass a security clearance for government contract work, i answered a most emphatic "NO!!!". though my only criminal conviction is for "unlicensed vending" (received during my "post underworld" life, no less) i can honestly say dear uncle sam has quite a dossier of exploits he would have loved to be able to prosecute me for. a former employer of expat russian status let me go after a visit from "the secret police"(FBI) informing him that it was in his best interest to do so. many marielitos and i share similar incredibly checkered pasts, so we had a very high level of "simpatico", which often stimulates the sharing of "war stories" when tipping back cold presidentes (a brand of beer from the dominican republic) after a long day of labor. during such moments, one is often privvy to information rarely shared with a "yuma" such as myself, and conversely i would share tidbits that i wouldnt dream about telling most folks. of course, such conversations are ALWAYS told in the manner of folklore, no first person references, only generalized locales, no date or time stamps, as much to insulate the listener from "conspiracy after the fact" as to protect ones own hide from visiting the tannery. when i told my current employer i couldnt pass a clearance, and related the former employer story as a good reason not to even mention my employee status, he asked "jesus, what did you do??". i only told him "some things can really never be admitted, bob." as his past has a hint of the pattern of tartan as well, he just nodded and dropped the subject.

    8. If it had been any other man it would have been a different film, I'm not keen on him but he managed to catch something lovely in all of those girls. Harry might be right about the set up but the images were beautiful, however they came about. Maybe he has a lucky eye to make up for unfortunate character ;)

  78. Very beautiful :)

  79. oh I'am so sorry you can call nobody those names so let me refraise myself.the video was pretty good I' don't like the guy who made it,and if I' been restrain what I' say he should not to film himself naked and appear to be so lucky with two prostitute .Prostitution would not exist if he would not buy.

    1. It is the oldest PROFESSION, and more often than not.. Gold digger, prostitute, both the same

    2. Yes, being poor and being forced, coerced or having no other means of support is a gold digger sure. What about the men that use them? Just boys being boys again?

      The average cost of a slave around the world is $90.
      Trafficking primarily involves exploitation which comes in many forms, including:
      Forcing victims into prostitution

      Subjecting victims to slavery or involuntary servitude
      Compelling victims to commit sex acts for the purpose of creating pornography

      Misleading victims into debt bondage
      According to some estimates, approximately 80% of trafficking involves sexual exploitation, and 19% involves labor exploitation.
      It is estimated that there are approximately 27 million slaves around the world.

      68% of female sex trafficking victims meet the clinical criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder.
      Around half of trafficking victims in the world are under the age of 18.
      More than 2/3 of sex trafficked children suffer additional abuse at the hands of their traffickers.

      Trafficked children are significantly more likely to develop mental health problems, abuse substances, engage in prostitution as adults, and either commit or be victimized by violent crimes later in life.
      Women who have been trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation experience a significantly higher rate of HIV and other STDs, tuberculosis, and permanent damage to their reproductive systems.

      There is only one shelter in the U.S. designed specifically to meet the needs of trafficking victims, and it currently only houses a total of seven to nine victims.
      Trafficking victims normally don't get help because they think that they or their families will be hurt by their traffickers, or that they will be deported.

      An estimated 30,000 victims of sex trafficking die each year from abuse, disease, torture, and neglect. Eighty percent of those sold into sexual slavery are under 24, and some are as young as six years old.

      Although human trafficking is often a hidden crime and accurate statistics are difficult to obtain, researchers estimate that more than 80% of trafficking victims are female. Over 50% of human trafficking victims are children.

      Sex traffickers use a variety of ways to “condition” their victims, including subjecting them to starvation, rape, gang rape, physical abuse, beating, confinement, threats of violence toward the victim and victim’s family, forced drug use, and shame.

      Men know all this, men prey on the poor and weak then in the same breath say men are protectors?? Protectors of what? Nothing but their sickening stance above women.

      You are pathetic, a tiny western little man who has no concept of the world that YOU and those like you help create.

    3. Well I guess we can make the same claim he did, that we didn't have to pay for it, either, as we watched it online for free -- so that's one in the eye for him. I had hoped, as a hopeless romantic, that he might rescue one of those girls from their rather desperate lives, but in the end the doco, like the girls, ended up going nowhere. Then again, leaving Cuba for a life with that guy might not be much of an improvement.

      You never know, perhaps some good may come of the doco, though. Someone with modelling clout may see it and snap up the last girl. I thought she was lovely and, unlike some others, saw no sign of cosmetic surgery on her. Where would such a girl get the money to pay for the procedure anyway, and where would she get it done? I'm not sure the regime would look too favorably on such cutting and pasting of flesh.