Derek Tastes of Ear Wax

Derek Tastes of Ear WaxThis documentary looks at the fact that perhaps one in every hundred people experiences a blending of the senses. Imagine if every time you saw someone called Derek you got a strong taste of earwax in your mouth. It happens to James Wannerton, who runs a pub. Derek is one of his regulars. Another regular’s name gives him the taste of wet nappies. For some puzzling reason, James’s sense of sound and taste are intermingled.

Dorothy Latham sees words as colours. Whenever she reads a black and white text, she sees each letter tinged in the shade of her own multi-coloured alphabet – even though she knows the reality of the text is black and white. Spoken words have an even stranger effect. She sees them, spelled out letter by letter, on a colourful tickertape in front of her head.

Both James and Dorothy have a mysterious condition called synaesthesia, in which their senses have become linked. For years scientists dismissed it, putting it in the same category as séances and spoon-bending. But now, synaesthesia is sparking a revolution in our understanding of the human mind.

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  1. TheLittleSpermThatDid

    Good thing my comment got blipped while i was trying to sign in ! Just a thought but maybe your title should try to attract rather than disgust ? Really great subject + really bad title = really tragic waste of potential .

    But on the plus side, no one will ever again set the stupid bar so high and then jump over it so that's good . * Shakes head and walks away *

  2. Earthwinger

    A fascinating doc., though it left me with one nagging do people know what ear wax and wet nappies taste like? :D

    1. leeboi

      just a thought but maybe they tasted it..

    2. Earthwinger

      /me makes a mental note to type all future smilies in bold. :P

  3. Draw Vinette

    Very interesting documentary on synethesia (blending of the senses). It must be very interesting to be one of these people. Sadly all of my senses are individual and unique except for any light blending that is normal. I look forward to more documentaries of people who have synethesia and what life is like for them. How it helps them in real life situations and how it may make life more difficult.

  4. Abdulsalam Almekhlafi

    very good article

  5. from212

    I think this was a very interesting docu. I was so into it that I actually watched it twice.

    I always see numbers and letters before I write them down, I thought this was normal and everyone had this ability. Now I can't comprehend how people can write down a word or number without visualizing it first.

  6. Other Ryan

    Haven't watched, but relishing it. I used associate numbers and days of the week with colors, and different grains of film from different eras with specific emotions.

  7. Tobato

    Weird I don't think the fact that people go from left to right from 1 to 9 is as deep as the guy makes it out to be, I think it is just easier to choose on the keyboard 1 to 5 with the left hand and 6 to 9 with the right hand. Just about keyboard positioning imo. Anyway I may completely be missing the point though so do correct me if I am wrong:)
    I find this a very interesting documentary.

  8. sparkyj99

    I had simmilar experiences when I used LSD years back... I seen words people were saying to be in rainbow colors... Maybe we can all do it just don't know how...

    1. Jack1952

      I had a similar experience. I would look at the wall and it would be covered in letter patterns. If someone said something the pattern would change into what they had said and repeat itself so the entire wall would be covered in a repetition of that person's statement. It was kind of neat. This went on for what appeared to be a few hours.

    2. Tyler stanley

      Then the acid wore off? /lol

  9. Erizabesuesu

    I have a mild form, too. I hear sounds when I see objects in motion.

  10. Carl Hendershot


  11. Jason

    Bianca, then you can taste yummy food with out eating it! However, I don't know if all the bad tastes would make it worth while.

  12. Bianca

    I've got a mild form of syneasthesia. My numbers and letters have colors :)

    And I tend to mix hearing with seeing when talking about stuff.

  13. Nameless Enemy

    Milan, get the Download Helper addon for Firefox. play the video,and right click on the white part of this page. go to download helper<media<download. Ofcourse you should only do this if you absolutely can't find the documentary for purchase somewhere else. it's good to support those who aim to educate us.

  14. Milan

    Nice.Where can i download this doc.?

  15. Jenny

    Interestine Documentary I seen another doc about this as well a while back. It's worth watching. Thx again Vlatko