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The future of the planet is under attack. In just the past few years, we've witnessed unprecedented waves of brutal storms, massive oil spills engulfing our oceans and sea life, and the hottest temperatures ever recorded in human history. Climate change is real, and it's up to the will of the people to reverse its adverse effects. This is the argument that drives Disobedience, a persuasive and handsomely produced documentary from the activist organization 350.org.

The film makes this thesis known from its earliest frames as it places a critical eye on the actions undertaken at this year's United Nations Climate Change Summit in Paris. While each world leader seemed satisfied by the outcomes of their conference, the film contends that their final agreement does little to change the tide of global warming in the years to come. Believing that the call for real and lasting change cannot be answered by impotent politicians, the film showcases a diverse group of activists throughout the globe who have taken the fight into their own hands.

Lidy Nacpil, a spokesperson for the Philippine Movement for Climate Justice, works to galvanize a citizen force against a proposed coal plant in Batangas. The plant would produce over 7 million metric tons of CO2 emissions every year, and therefore poses a severe environmental threat. The country knows from experience how the voice of its people can inspire wide sweeping change. In 1986, urgent protests led to the ousting of dictator Ferdinand Marcos. A growing community of like-minded citizens hope to spark the same level of passion and outcry against the region's blossoming fossil fuel industries.

In Canada, a rapidly expanding pipeline is gradually polluting the purity of the ocean water and other natural resources. Area residents refuse to take a payout from big corporations in exchange for their complacency. They choose to fight.

In one profile after another, Disobedience introduces us to inspiring groups of people who are advocating for a better way of life for their families, their communities and their planet. In the process, scientists and scholars educate viewers on the role of civil disobedience in affecting reform, the economic impact of environmental catastrophe, and the myriad of social issues which are worsening in the midst of climate change.

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  1. Geo

    Any mention of so called climate change without pointing to Chemtrails-GeoEngineering-Weather Modification and haarp tech is simply bogus agenda driven propaganda.

    The purpose is an individual rights power grab by govt to grow bigger, stronger, and extract more taxes from the populace as a pretense to combat the so called climate change that they caused by their Chemtrail and haarp programs ... and cause more of same in hopes of getting more power and control over YOU.

    In the mean time, the weather modifiers' cronies make money knowing which areas will be affected by their actions.

    The Rockefeller brothers set out to control all the important things: Energy, Food, Water, Education, Weather, the Economy via the Federal Reserve, Media, and Govt. They have been working at it longer than I have been alive. So now we have high priced everything, the profits which funnel into the corporations they control.

    If plant life uses CO2 then it would seem the so called greenhouse gas would be helping to grow plants.

    The only way to prevent polluting disasters is to step away from mined resource energy, which they control and gouge you for ...and support 100+ year old Nikola Tesla type technologies. That will solve a LOT of problems.

    1. Danny A Pool

      Stop cutting down trees to build stop paving everything and then you will see a big change

  2. Phillip Clingman

    Every single speaker, politician and person in this video drives a car. Shut your pie hole until you stop using fossil fuels yourself.

    1. Thomas

      Do you drive a car ?

      Cars aren't the biggest problem. And if only people that didn't drive petrol cars could revolt i don't think it would be very effective now would it. It's like saying men can't be feminists. Or white people can't support anti-racism movements.

    2. The Old Fart

      I agree these people who think they they know whats best for others do not think past the end of their noses. Find an equatable solution for all before opening their mouths. I have spent many years searching for the illusive answer yet the answer eludes everyone.

  3. Francis

    This eye catching litled film is no more that a propaganda tool using very valuable reports and interviews with reputable activists on fossil fuel and global warming issues, to sneaked through the false narrative that the wars in the Middle East have been provoked by droughts caused by the rise in temperatures and limitations on the agricultural production of food ! You only need to dig a little in the right web places to find that this is a ridiculous argument only ignorant tv dependent people in the west would believe. The truth is that the jewish/zionist movement have gathered so much power since its infiltration in the US and UK governments and armies that, it is finally going for the creation of the Greater israel Project, meaning the invation of their neighbouring countries to expand israel. This is a convenience to the imperial powers as they can continue to steal oil and natural resources from the region, as they have always done until, some of the countries decided to get rid of their imperial puppet leaders and stopped the raping of their nations by the imperial powers. Iran got rid of the Yankee imposed president and automatically became a enemy number 1. This film created in Hollywood expose the propaganda system used to brainwash people into believing what is convenient for the imperial genocidal powers of US/UK/IS to continue with their of systematic mass theft and destruction of cultures where valuable commodities are, like the endless war against Venezuela, where the revolution has brought education, housing, and vote to the majority of the population which are natives and where enslaved while the US had their puppet leaders installed there. And so on and so forth. Please search sources of honest information and do not allow yankee or imperialist propaganda to cloud your awareness !

  4. donald blair

    co2 is .053 per cent of the air, ? how can this small number change anything ? The entire 'climate change religion' was started so people that have lost faith in their traditional beliefs would have some cause to believe in. In my opinion the whole thing has to do with control of the population, help the dimwitted liberals change something that in fact means nothing.

    1. CHARLES R.

      10-4. My take exactly.

  5. john

    Just keep on making your babies folks and then blame the other guy for the problems as you always do. The rest will take care of itself. Have a really wonderful day.

  6. carbogenic

    Tim Stadler crawl back under the rock then cause we're going towards an ice age. Finally Michael Mann got caught trying to dodge the Judges order cause it's all a fubar story to drive up taxation for something which does not cause extinction.

  7. Kate Wickham

    This, in my opinion, is a MUST view.

  8. Kate Wickham

    I've read some comments that complain this didn't tell the whole story. What does that matter. Other videos can tell more of the story.

    Right now focusing on the US part: 45's investments in the DAPL and XL pipelines, his huge financial dependence on Russian loans, his appointees' connections to Russia and other big money, Rex Tillerson's appointment as Secretary of State and his (via Exxon) interest in $500 billion deal with Russia; 45s determination to destroy the agencies that protect the environment and the people; transferring wealth from the poor and struggling middle class to the elite wealthy by tax cuts and by school vouchers that will impoverish public schools.

    No one video can hope to tell the whole story.

  9. Karin

    at 26 min...environmentalists drinking water bottled in plastic made from oil. wtf? We currently DO grow enough food to feed the world but we feed almost half of what we grow to animals so only a few can eat flesh, eggs and dairy. Oil and gas is not the biggest root of our problems...look at animal agriculture which is DIRECTLY LINKED to the pharmaceutical industry.

  10. Karin

    You can't be an environmentalist and eat meat. Watch 'Cowspiracy' and read the UN FAO Report 'Livestock's Long Shadow'.

  11. lighthorse

    After WW2 when it was agreed that the $us was going to be the global currency and, the u.s promised it was going to be pegged to gold at $35 an oz back then, but went back on its word and printed money for the vietnam war, then changed the rules to peg the $us to oil, that was when the globe could never turn back....we don't stand a chance, the oil companies and even the financial institutions walk over the g'ment to suppress the people, it is what it is.

  12. mike m

    Thought we were gonna be great, or some such male bovine discharge like that.

  13. mike m

    The country that develops fusion will pretty much rule the doings of earth for 30 yrs or more, and what do we do!?
    We continue to worship oil like a bunch of corporate numbskulls.

  14. Gardener

    "What needs to be globalized is concern for each other."
    Archbishop Ramon Arguelles

  15. Gardener

    Francisco, the war in Syria was preceeded by severe droght; so I would say environmental. Besides, so often, religion just the vehicle used to rationalize the brutality of those living (on resources) that elites covet.

  16. Cat

    I haven't even watched this documentary yet but I just had to give my two cents in response to some people in this comment section.
    Hundreds (quite possibly more) climate and environmental scientists alike have worked on modelling climate change for decades and observed SIGNIFICANT CHANGES to ALL SYSTEMS ON EARTH, not just in the past, but right now, and in the (near) future. Climate change is not new, and has happened naturally on Earth periodically since life began. But we, humans, are EXACERBATING the effects of natural "global warming".
    No one can turn their back on that, or refuse to acknowledge the evidence that this is ACTUALLY HAPPENING and will only get worse if adaption and mitigation strategies aren't made a priority.

    1. Em

      Thank you for some common sense. I usually ignore the comments but my jaw was dropped reading most of the above comments. You rock!

  17. Maris

    Disobedience is a good title for this cheesy bit of leftist agitprop, because statists demand obedience. Bill McKibben, the founder of 350 org, seems to have a strong dislike of capitalism, as shown in this film, and by his serving as Bernie Sanders "political surrogate" in his failed bid for the Democratic nomination. ALGOR, the "hockey stick", and the "97%" are all proven frauds. I could go on, but won't. I have better things to do.

  18. twassmer

    While most of the civilized world uses the precautionary principle, this common sense practice is unknown to the US. The fossil fuel industry should be forced to scientifically prove that their products are safe and do not cause detrimental effects - instead of scientists and NGOs proofing the industry that they are responsible for the climate and sea level changes we experience.

  19. Steven

    Is carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas? If it is then we know how much is in a barrel of oil. How much was there before the industrial revolution and how much can be attributed to man.
    If it isn't a greenhouse gas, prove it.

  20. James

    scubahalo, Max, KsDevil ~ what a surprise that there are people who stand for the status queue? There is corroborated historical evidence of the means of effective activism but you trolls come out with vague statements and harrang people who are actually looking for a way to make a difference. I am neither ignorant like you, nor the hopeful like Tim and Stephen. I believe the human race is doomed, and you three are the reason why. So laughable to watch the bullies posturing on a sinking ship.

  21. Francisco

    Will the next war be religious or environmental ? Bets accepted.

  22. scubahalo

    So, Stephen, toeing the party line and believing something because everybody else does is now called thinking for yourself? Really? I think you should get a dictionary and look up the definitions of reason and logic because you're confusing them with intellectual laziness.

  23. Max

    We are supposed to be under ten feet of water already and that because we are horrible, terrible humans that want to own property and use resources LOL

  24. Stephen Tattum

    Just like those pillars of the new religion, reason and logic , who would believe them? Thinking for yourself is so last century, do what scubahalo tells you instead, his head will be safe and sound in the sand come 2°!

  25. scubahalo

    Well, Tim, you obviously bought it hook, line, and sinker. You and all the other drones. Global warming, the new religion. Just as pathetic and ridiculous as all the others.

  26. Tim Stadler

    Anybody that would call this BS must have been living in a cove the last 20yrs, a timely encouraging video, Thoreau would be pleased.

  27. martin

    well -- the doc has been cut short?? - nothing to do with my computer - are we being watched??
    the fact is which ever way you want to look at things - big corporations will continue to exploit whatever the resources there are -
    Will these activities engender the end of civilisation? if climate change is a real issue and there are arguments on both sides of the argument - then it truly is doom and gloom -
    how far away and when is the big question.

  28. KsDevil

    Same old song. Same errors.
    What works is the manufacture of attractive innovations that reduce the use of oil while increasing advantage to the consumer.
    No one can resist a consumer market trend, so that is where the steeling wheel needs to be placed.
    All of the protests and regulations will do nothing but delay actions that are needed.

  29. scubahalo

    What a load of BS.