Endgame 2050

Endgame 2050

2020, Environment  -   19 Comments
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For many years, we have all been warned about the approaching doom promised by climate change. But what might that future actually look like? Endgame 2050 looks three decades into our future to visualize the fate that awaits us all if we do not act now.

The film opens with a 15-minute narrative short that imagines that potential future. In these scenarios, we have systematically decimated the complex bio-diversities which have developed over the course of billions of years. Many species of wildlife have been made extinct. The plague of manmade emissions has decimated infrastructure, acidified the oceans, and generated intense social unrest. In spite of overwhelming physical evidence, a sizeable portion of our population continues to spin dangerous and irresponsible conspiracies.

This presentation is a bit hokey in its presentation, but its messages are nevertheless transmitted directly and effectively.

From there, a panel of biologists and climate scientists join musician Moby for an in-depth, feature-length discussion of the consequences of continued inaction. They speak to the rising pH levels in our oceans, and how that might gravely impact the amount of oxygen in our atmosphere. Our global population has tripled over the course of a single lifetime. This overpopulation has put a particular strain on our resources - from the land we reside on to the food supplies we consume to the classrooms that house our education system.

The film also touches upon the issues of widespread deforestation, melting glaciers, the wastefulness and unspeakable cruelties that run rampant in our agricultural industry, and the untenable amount of CO2 emissions that are choking our atmosphere.

Much of the film plays like an apocalyptic nightmare. Cynicism does creep in throughout, but there are morsels of hope to be found along the way. In order to meaningfully turn the tides of climate devastation, the filmmakers encourage us to assume a healthier plant-based diet, and lobby for improved gender equality and reproductive rights.

The film is admirable in its determination not to sugarcoat the current state of our environment, and what it means for the health and longevity of every species that populate this planet.

Directed by: Sofia Pineda Ochoa

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6 months ago

Things are certainly not fine, but the climate hoaxers are making things worse. Why don't you hoaxers go out and plant some trees.

2 years ago

The reasons for the changes in climate that are alleged to be caused either by natural evolutionary means or the action of human beings are being directed (either consciously or unconsciously) in this documentary away from much more serious causes behind what is happening.

2 years ago

Anything that derives from UK, is house of Windsor agenda of big eared "prince". So we are all in this together, but billionaires aren't. Loads of BS in this.

Devil Travels
2 years ago

That little play seemed forced and filled with open ended conversatrions. They should have hired a more talented story writer, one more rooted on reality.
Notice how they tiptoed around corporations.

2 years ago

What a wonderful source of information for all of us. After 80+ years it is going to be very difficult for me to start over as a vegan. Choosing fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc., is something I already do to for more than 50% of my meals, but some fish, chicken, pork and beef is necessary. And what would I do without my 2% milk on my cereal bowl in the morning? I make up for it by have a vegan daughter, I guess. And only 3 children, two of which have opted not to have children. Smart parenting, I guess :))

2 years ago

Only by reading the intro for the "documentary" I said this is horse manure.

suzanne petersen
2 years ago

what do you think about in-vitro meat, where you can produce meat f rom the stem cells of cattle, chicken, fish, pigs without raising and feeding massive amounts of these animal's in horrible conditions and then torturing and killing them? The technology is here , dumbasses . Maybe you should check it out and find another wa y to save the world.

2 years ago

We came this close > < to having an idiot being our world leader for another 4 yrs. Hopefully we can start seeing some change with Biden leading and progressives whispering in his ear.

Also it's about we finally start seeing vids on acknowledging that there's a population problem. Bout time!

2 years ago

I was disappointed that the documentary didn't talk about the waste with Amazon and the boxes and the waste from transportation. Instead it focused on cow farts.
There are some very good points that we, as a world, need to work on but when it is mingled with so much false information then the whole documentary is useless.

2 years ago

There can not be infinite growth on a world with finite resources. Pure capitalization as an economic theory should be voted off this island. Or greed will end us.

2 years ago

This is a very good doc. Please do not listen to the bad reviews. It is disturbing, and it is unpleasant to think about, but it needs to be faced, and dealt with, as best we can. Otherwise, agree with the doc, we don't deserve to be on this planet. I did not have children, but you would think that those of us who did, would care more than I do. If we don't, then the children, and grandchildren, will pay the price of our inaction. That's the reality, it is not being an alarmist. Like they guy said in the doc, we have an over abundance of morons, that's a fact.

Jean-Pierre Tardif
2 years ago

Stupid alarmists

2 years ago

...viewers didn't approve of this much...
...anyway, "we" have forfeited the privilege to dwell on this miraculous planet...completely...we ARE...the "morons" of the galaxy...(this won't get me too many new "friends"...)

Roger Andout
2 years ago

I'd very much like to see scientific research into the immediate effects of fewer humans, or am I mentioning the (nearing extinct) elephant in the room.