Fahrenheit 9/11
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Fahrenheit 9/11

2004, 9/11  -   57 Comments
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Fahrenheit 9/11Directed by Michael Moore, whose aura of controversy only grew after his Oscar acceptance speech at the 2003 Academy Awards, Fahrenheit 9/11, like Moore's Bowling For Columbine and Roger & Me, promises to expose the corporate wrongdoings and big-money scandals perpetrated by America's financial elite.

This movie, however, looks beyond the inner echelons of General Motors and Lockheed Martin in hopes of outing the evildoers in the White House, particularly in regards to the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush.

In addition to criticizing the administration's handling of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center, Moore digs deep into the surprising relationship with the Bin Laden family held by both Bush administrations, and questions whether or not potential Saudi involvement with the attacks has been ignored.

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Lisa Stanley
5 years ago

That's the problem with Americans, they always seem to ignore the wrong that goes on in the country. Not until it hits them in the face anyways. E.G. police brutality against Blacks was "dealt" with until it was caught on tape - Rodney King. They still ignore the fact a good percentage of NATIVE americans live on reserves enduring terrible conditions - it's like they're are a forgotten race. Not to mention the disrespect they have as they celebrate "Thanksgiving" which in truth was a massacre (of 700+ Native americans). By no means is America a terrible country at all, but it was founded on a lot of things i.e. death, slavery etc. To stop events like this repeating itself, history must be remebered. "As those who forget history are condemm it to repeat." But just walking around like it is ok is not the solution. It's never really the average citizens of the USA that start these things, but it is started by the hands of the elite and powerful. Even though some of Moore's ideas may be questionable; just push aside that patriotic american pride for one minute. Understandbly you begin to realise that the USA is no better than any other country - full of greed, corruption and power struggles. It takes people with Moore's process and civillians brave enough to stand up for what is right.

7 years ago

All do respect to anyone who has posted on here but no one will take you seriously if you can't even spell **** right.

10 years ago

"Moore digs deep into the surprising relationship with the Bin Laden family held by both Bush administrations, and questions whether or not potential Saudi involvement with the attacks has been ignored."

We can only wonder why Moore did not look into the huge endowments given to Ex-Presidents Bill Clinton (millions to his personal Presidential library) and Jimmy Carter ($20 million to the Carter Foundation) by members of the Saudi Royal Family. But of course corruption and dirty dealings are only committed by those on the opposite side of the political fence, right?
This "documentary" if one can even call it that, was nothing more than a political hit piece on a sitting Commander in Chief for political capital. It sought to discredit a war with young Americans on foreign soil still fighting it. When it unfairly portrayed Bush as lying to go to war, and our enemies saw this, did they attack Bush? No, they attacked his surrogates sent to enforce US policy actions- young Americans in uniform.
If it was fair or factual criticism that would be one thing, but it wasn't.

11 years ago

Come on, nothing is funnier than the guy who doesn't want any money and is "one of the people" not give his "documentary" (sorry gotta laugh everytime I say that in reference to Mikey) away for free. I mean He wants the TRUTH out right? Mikey has zero money and is a slave to the public. Well, I mean he hasn't made a movie (sorry, meant "documentary" of total facts) in three years. Most people would be insanely hard up and on welfare at that point right?

Wait, I saw Mikey at an OWS rally.... He looked fine. Never stated how hard it was for him in "these hard times". Even had his publicist in tow ...

I mena he cant have money to pay a publicist right?


11 years ago

I cant wait for Oliver Stones documentary to FINALLY come out... ! I think it's slated for a May 2012 release..

11 years ago

you know we have to stand up againt the banks and banking institutions are financial problems may also be a distraction from against 9/11 focus...its not the terorist we have to worry about ,but the coroporate instutution that are killing us and crypling us,and the the carreer politions who decieves us just to get in and wheel and deal to get rich them selves,there should not be conflick of interest but theres conflick of interest all over the place,the way it all has been handle proves alot is a farce,all citizens of the world should stand up to corporate institutions and banks that fund all of this,and quick being stupid in elections,get off the ken and barbie syndrum in picking the ones who give the best heart felt commercials who tell you want to hear,but go there own way once in,edjucate yourselves on canidents go off of there past actions to tell u who they are and not what they tell u up front,the problems including,its all man made we not suffering major drought or something but were all struggling,ggiving them our money is a big betrayel to us as they continue to nickle and dime us to death...I also dont believe most americans would give up the liberty for protection what a bunch of crock,you oppress many for few come on,to you think you can trust them once given this power,learn from history

Derrick Gregory
11 years ago

Michael Moore is the best at letting us know this type of stuff.

11 years ago

Whilst I found this an interesting documentary after I'd scrolled through a few comments I began to despair.

I'd not found a single one that was either grammatically correct or was devoid of spelling mistakes. This was all the more disconcerting when I considered the masses of investment into 'Edukashun' over the last 60 years. Now I am now torn between the (presumably) opposing views that (i) 'Conspiracy Theorists' are poorly educated and ignorant, &/or (ii) 'The New World Order' has already succeeded in ‘Dumbing-Us/You Down’ and it’s thus too late for anyone educated to take seriously such poorly constructed comments as have been posted here.

...Either way, I fear all that's worth saying is “So long, and thank you for the fish”…


11 years ago

Low quality video

11 years ago

Advocate for alternatives to OIL. Ever wonder why they ave to resort to LIES to get us to back a war? Ever wonder why govt just doesn't come out and say we are going to war because American buy plastic goods, food and transportation based on oil? Well if they did people would most certainaly say NO we need to think of ways to get OFF OIL.

But, no no no no... BIG OIL Backers have been around since Rockefellers and others struck OIL in the 1800's to replace whale Oil.

So, keep that in mind. We need to get off OIL... it IS THEE crisis of our time and times to come... it effects the economy in EVERY way and will be hard to transition.

12 years ago

All of 9/11 was over oil. We have lost tens of thousands of our men over oil. We went to war with an Bush using an excuse to go to war with IraQ to benefit his family monitarily for decades to come. How much money did you make at human expense george bush? Notice no csps with your name. I don"t respect u

12 years ago

afghanistan was all over oil. Bush was an oil man before his presidency!.It was all about oil and buiding a money bag for his generations to come. How sad! How much money did you make Goerge Sr. and Jr. at the expense of our country and our citizens?

12 years ago

But in Bosnia and in Kosovo the US are protecting Muslims... So you are wrong.

12 years ago

this plan made for just killing Muslims and nothing else that ........

12 years ago

Warmongers omfg that is all i can say......

mako kozelj
12 years ago

we are all f***ed. people in power do not give a f*** about anything

12 years ago

bush played his part, Moore should study hipnotism, particularly a technique that uses the absurd to make you think about the consequences, not the escence. Why is he attaking bush? he was just a player, and Bin Laden did not do it, it was the american finnance, bankers, and the army.

12 years ago

Exposes the Bin Laden connection, the White House flying out the Bin Laden family members & Saudi Royals to Saudi Arabia, while all of America was a NO FlY Zone is worth the watch alone.

Well made stylistically, but does not go deep enough, and is light on the hard research ultimately. Amusing, but the reality is a lot darker. The events of September 11th, 2001 was an old school Stand Down/False Flag operation.... Like a Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which was declassified as a false flag operation this month by the NSA: great, only took 30 years....

The truth always comes out eventually it seems...

12 years ago

Well with the power of the Internet and information distribution, hopefully young Americans won't be fooled next time around.
As we can see from the Arab Awakening ......young people are getting clued up and won't digest or accept the propaganda staple diet dished out by Governments (even ours in the Western World) or Autocratic Regimes or despot Dictators.
A lot of lives lost needlessly in Iraq on both sides...particularly the local population. However having said that, i believe this time the UN got it right in terms of intervening in Libya....it's a just cause and hopefully 1 evil Dicatator less.

12 years ago

George W wanted a reason to go to Iraq and Bin Laden gave it to him. Hussein was the target not Bin Laden. Thankfully Obama took care of Bin Laden.

12 years ago

Please open your mind and turn off your TV. There are too many facts that this and other "conspiracy theory" films and books point out that will help you to understand. This is no a joke and you can only blame yourself for ignoring it when it all comes back on the people of the USA. Do you think we are, as a nation, headed in the right direction? Do you think that Washington will make it any better for us? Our children and their children deserve better than this.

12 years ago

inside job.

12 years ago

I agree with Harvard, Moore is very good at using editing to create false grounds that support his anti-american claims. This documentary is junk and any critical viewer can see thought it.

Moore is pretty much hates America and contradicts him self in all of his documentary's. And he is mortally obese.

12 years ago

The only wars that the citizens of any nation should fight, are wars against an enemy massed on its borders, attempting to invade.

If one violates this hard and fast rule, and fights wars of foreign adventurism, this is what happens.

One gets letters from the DOD telling you your son or daughter just died overseas -- for no damned reason.

Joe Smith
12 years ago


It shames me to see how people are willfully ignorant.

12 years ago

The two term illegal president who finished a fight his dad started with Saddam and the illegal war yeah right just shows how corrupt the US Government it and with Wikileaks publishing leaked memos perhaps we'll see just how corrupt hence the trumped up charges and dogged pursuit of Julian Assange

12 years ago

Well, that was almost two hours of my life that I will never get back. It grieves me that people buy into this type of deceptive editing and contextual infidelity. I'd be more apt to trust that two-term president he so vehemently hates. Shame on you, Mr. Moore.

12 years ago

this is another great doc by moore that exposes the truth. and the lies and the coruption within the US govt. Michael Moore keep on fighting for the working class. God bless you!!!

Sgt Calderon
12 years ago

We had no business being in Iraq. The true enemy Bin Laden is still roaming free because George Bush allowed it to happen. As far as I'm concerned, George Bush is just as guilty for what happened on 9-11 as Bin Laden.

12 years ago

we going to war against suicide psyco paths ofcourse we going to have casualties

12 years ago

I have just got down researching this and the Farhenhype 911 counter arguement. There is no comparison and to be honest the Farhenhype coutner arguement is completely weak with visible proof presented to counter the arguement in the Moore doc. For me this just adds to the nonsense half truth lies the government has been putting out there.

stephen kidd
12 years ago

save mankind......restore democricy..... give people power......destroy your enemy peace

15 years ago

Peace to you, I loved the way out of Iraq luxury to you
Li many documentaries I want to take out a vision