Finding Atlantis

Finding Atlantis

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Finding AtlantisCould the fabled lost city of Atlantis have been located? Using satellite photography, ground-penetrating radar and underwater technology, experts are now surveying marshlands in Spain to look for proof of the ancient city.

If the team can match geological formations to Plato’s descriptions and date artifacts back to the time of Atlantis, we may be closer to solving one of the world’s greatest mysteries.

The long lost city of Atlantis is now said to be found in southern Spain. NG claims that the city was destroyed in a tsunami thousands of years ago and resides now in the flat mud grounds of Donana.

The researchers studied a site just above Cadiz where a photo of satellite showed a suspected submerged city which was surveyed with radar technology, satellite map and digital imagery during the period of 2009 and 2010.

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  1. Daniel A Box

    Atlantis is the Richat structure in North Africa. The dimensions are completely exact to Plato's writings and all of the evidence points towards it.

  2. Sergio La Marca

    An Italian journalist and ancient civilizations' connoisseur, Sergio Frau, has an intriguing theory. Based on several ancient sources, he thinks the mithycal Hercules' Columns ("the end of known world" for the Greeks) are really to be located between the southern edge of Sicily and the area that goes from northern Africa to the island of Malta.

    If that is true (and the author shows several reasons to believe that, based on ancient literature and modern observations), then the real Atlantis should be modern Sardinia (and the Atlantis' culture to be identified with the builders of Sardinian famous megalythic "nuraghe" palaces. That culture is by the author even linked to the people that after the catastrophic event flooded Europe bringing with them their advanced metallurgic techniques.

    He also includes in his book the results of geological surveys that show that Sardinian southern area was subjected to a massive destruction by flooding in coincidence with the same massive earthquake that destroyed Santorini and put an halt to civilization in all the Mediterranean area around Bronze Age. Nice theory and well documented, too!


      How about Lemuria?! Is your findings on Atlantis (and Lemuria) true?! I assess that Lemuria and Atlantis are true. In two occasions I dreamed a vision where I was under the ocean walking and strolling within the water looking for something but seeing clearly the environs within, fish, plants and boulders of different sizes straight long and irregular ones around me wherever I go and swim. And there after a long time in the land I came across remembering Atlantis and Lemuria by instinct that my parents or one of them were descendants of the ancient humans of Lemuria and Atlantis. Fact is my mother Corazon told me that while she was nurturing me inside her heavenly womb she eats the sea cucumber during her pregnancy with the help of my father Macario who goes fishing for family consumption only. I ride his wooden boat many times in daylight or in nighttime in the shore facing the ocean which the world called the Pacific Ocean.

  3. Nabesquire

    Some say its the huge continent that actually was once in this middle of the Atlantic. Another area that looks promising is southeast Asia. During the last ice age you could walk from Malaysia to Indonesia, phillipines, Papua new Guinea, and all the way to Australia. This is a huge mass of land that is now underwater.

    There is now substantial amount evidence that a comet broke up and struck multiple areas of the earths ice sheets around 11000 years ago. This would have rapidly ended the last ice age. Almost Every ancient culture has a flood story. Some have even given a date that fits this evidence.

    Gobleki tepe shatters our perception of ancient humans, Dating back to at least around 10600 B.C. Now gudang padang in indonesia has been dated to over 20000 years old but a lot more work needs to be done at this site to be sure.

    Human civilization is likely cyclical and could have been around for much longer than we think. It's now known that many of the "homo" fossils are related to the neanderthal and not modern humans at all. Humans branched off much earlier than previously thought and a new approach needs to be taken. It's now speculated that we came from east Asia or even Australia, not Africa.

    1. Mike

      at no time when humans have existed could you walk from Asia to New Guinea and Australia.

  4. nufie

    Atlantis is as real as you and me, But that city have been blown to smithereens.
    It will be very difficult even with modern equipment to survey the site.
    Mother nature is inexorable , it will not yield to man or beast. And have no mercy
    for whoever get in its path.
    That ancient city was built right on top of mouth of death. When that mouth spoke
    its final word not even the god Poseidon escape its wrath.
    Whoever built that city probably did not think of the consequence.
    Would you built your house in the mouth of a volcano? You asking for trouble...

  5. Kris Armes

    Epicurus, Spoken like a secret agent hiding the lost city.

  6. Muhammad Zaki Al-Aziz

    Hello brother and all person here.

    I've watched this documentary movie but it's too short :(
    From the short movie i watched, there's some question i wanna ask you all.

    Atlantis is located wherever the scientist focused on. Egypt, Mexico, Troy and event there's scientist that found Atlantis located in some of my country, Indonesia - Sundaland.

    I'm little bit skeptic from the last opinion, how about you?

    1. Jacob Hoa Bang

      The evinence is the evidence and the theory is the theory. I am not an archaeologist, but I just dreamed to be an archeaologist. And I just think that the sercet agencry hids Atlantis.

    2. Epicurus

      I am an archaeologist and no Atlantis is not real and no secret agnecy is hiding it.

  7. Mahmoud Ahmed Azoz


  8. Ronald

    I believe that they hae correctly IDed Atlantis. 2000 years ago it was said to have been located in the shallow sea outside the Pillars of Atlas. This wuld have then filled in to becine the sampland. Eveything appears to fit.

  9. fender24

    Not long ago they thought Troy was a myth, until they discovered it.

  10. cjcarcades

    A 'lost city', that could turn out to be the fabled city of Atlantis, has been located by a Canadian scientific research team. In a press release dated Havana, 14 May 2001 Reuters of London informed the world that Soviet-born ocean engineer Paulina Zelitsky, the president of Canadian-based company Advanced Digital Communications, had detected 'a sunken city' in deep waters off the west coast of Cuba, the largest island of the Caribbean.

    Satellite-integrated ocean bottom positioning systems, echo sounders and high precision side-scan double-frequency sonar have detected the presence of what are being described as 'shapes' that 'resemble pyramids, roads and buildings'. Their regularity seems consistent with the idea that they represent an 'urban development' composed of 'symmetrical architecture'.

    Reuters reported that the deep-sea city is located on a huge land plateau lying in around 2,200 feet (700 metres) of water. Furthermore, that in Paulina's opinion the complex belongs to 'the pre-classic period' of Central American history, and was populated by 'an advanced civilization similar to the early Teotihuacán culture of Yucatán'.

  11. cjcarcades

    Im surised they didn't talk about the discovery of huge building and pyramids off the cost of cuba.

    Especially since it's dated to be at least 10000 years old and is one of the biggest discoveries of under water buildings and pyramids and roads and such.

  12. terencegalland

    a good story but without proof,looks like they are going to have to break sweat and start digging good luck it would be sensational to find atlantis!

  13. David

    Plato was recounting the words of Criteas who was the nephew or grand-nephew of Solon, I forget which. They were probably sitting around one evening having wine and tidbits holding an intellectual discourse on the meanng of it all, or dialogue. This is what the Greek upper-crust did, they did no actual work as that was a good way to suffer an accident and get yourself an infection. Which could kill you. Thus; slaves. There were probably three to five scribes, maybe even some of his students, writing down what was said. You must understand that these evenings often brought up what we would call 'thought experiments'. Most of Greek science consisted of theory, logically proven. Thus they were willing to accept the existence of gryphons and other fantastical creatures. What strikes me as odd in the Criteas and Timaeus is that it is not introduced as such a 'theory', an article for such debate, as so many of their other dialogues are. But as a statement of fact attributed to an ancestor. Attributed to an ancestor. Greek dialogues deal with the here and now. The dissection of purity, beauty, and perfection. Why bring a dead uncle into it? Why concoct a story about an Egyptian Priest (a foreigner) who puts your uncle in a bad light? Who insults your very Greekness? I can well imagine Plato, at the end of the evening, taking Criteas by the arm and saying, "Tell me it is a jest". Criteas shrugging and telling Plato "It's the way he told it".

  14. David

    Interesting, but no kewpie doll. All these archaeologists want to be the one to find Atlantis, so every time they find something new they rush to claim they found Atlantis. And, again, they're five thousand years off the date. So far we have it in the Agean, in the Bahamas and now in Spain. Funny how they excuse anything Plato wrote that doesn't concur with their find. In the Agean he wrote 9,000 when he actually meant 900. In the Bahamas it wasn't just "beyond the pillars of Hercules" it was all the way across the ocean. And now in Spain it wasn't an island, it was right here! Until someone creates a climate model that replaces the ice sheets of 11,500 years ago, drops the sea level 300 ft. and studies the currents of the ice age Atlantic, they haven't got a clue. They might discover a trading outpost of the Atlanteans, or the ancestors of the Phoenicians, but if we are ever to find Atlantis itself it will be where the Egyptian Priest (read scholar, professor, historian) told Solon it was because, claims of mistranslation aside, he probably told this to Solon in Greek as he was putting an upstart smart-alec in his place.

  15. Piotr Loj

    Well.. it was doc from march. Do you guys think anything moved forward ? Where i can search for some information about under-mud digging ?

  16. shadlez

    Bleh, terrible doco. As if find a clay doll just like that. There is HARDLY any good evidence, a whole bunch of conjecture, and images that would only match if you squinted and twisted your head. Atlantis is an ISLAND. HOW, is being on the MODERN coast an island? WHY, does inundation maps affect only coast lines that is convenient for the doco makers? .... OMG what a disappointment.

  17. Emily Stites

    I enjoyed this doc. Do I believe there was an Atlantis...yes, however probably not like the one depicted in the animated movie, but it seems that the evidence is there and hopefully one day soon we will be able to uncover the truth behind this mystery.

  18. Malena FreshFire Tekker

    Atlantis is a Pre-Adamite City.

    1. Muhammad Zaki Al-Aziz

      How could you say this?

  19. farang

    Using Hissarlik as an example of ancient texts and tales providing clues to locate cities contained in them is fine....except it has been proven the "Gold of Priam" that Schliemann found is at least 400 years off the timeframe for the "Trojan War" and absolutely no relics of any 10 year siege have been located at this tiny 10 acre site. He found a settlement yes, but no great city.

    It is very interesting the symbol found in Egypt being located in the last Spanish ruins uncovered...but I'd lean more towards that being proof of it being a trading partner of Egypt , perhaps even a work colony of Egypt.

    Problem: it does NOT take "three years" for ships to travel from one end of the Mediterranean to the other and the excludes this from being "Atlantis", period. However, Plato easily could have conflated ancients tales and civilizations...this is in the Age of Taurus, but which one? The last one...or the one before?

    Speaking of Minoa, I suggest these Spanish settlements or cities were from the people that build Malta stone edifices, the Gobekli Tepe astrological temple @ 9000 years ago, and Egypt's Pyramids....and that is the people from ancient Urartu. Minoa...and Urartu had a famous sea-going king named Menua. Egyptian Mene? Herodotus calls one king of Atlantis "Menes"...

  20. carlos

    I think they really did find Tartessos. To premise this on the assumption that Tertessos and Atlantis were one in the same is quite dubious.

    Didn't Plato say Atlantis sank something like 9,000 years before his time? What ever happened to the theory that it was in the Azores? Why the red herrings about Santorini and Troy? Why didn't the Spanish team who has been working on this announce that they had found Atlantis? How much money did Dr. Richard Freund make off of this? How can he have any credibility if he uses Plato's account as a guide but ignores key elements of the Timeaus and Critias dialogues concerning when it sank and where it was located? I expected better from National Geographic, this is designed to entertain, not inform.

    1. farang

      I'd have to agree with all you state. Indeed, they found Tartessos...and that is quite astounding and exciting to see what is uncovered....hope they commence the dig soon...but to call it "Atlantis" is still very unproven.
      I doubt they will locate a "welcome to Atlantis" sign to verify it.

      What do the ancient sources tell us of the layout of Tartessos? Do they match Plato's Atlantis geography?

      It would have been more interesting to hear additional info about the two 1920s investigators that first identified this location then the "Hissarlik is proven to be Troy" gibberish.....I think "Troy" was Tyre, personally.

      About the Istar statuettes found in video: This links this site to the far eastern Mediterranean cultures....not Egypt. That is not Egyptain iconography.

      Certainly, "The Colossi of Memnon" at Luxor (Thebes) is of Amenhotep III...making him "Aga" (Father) Memnon.
      Agamemnon, the king that went to rescue his "brother's wife" Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world.

      "Aga" is the Greek version of the Egyptian in Naton...AkheNaton was biblical Father Nathan. He is Amenhotep III's son. This links Egypt with the "Illiad" in a way unexplained as "mainstream" archaeology...but not for those that can add 2+2.
      Please note: Amenhotep III's son's wife disappeared too: Nefertiti, the *other* most beautiful woman in the world....hint: she was role playing an ancient myth of a kidnapped goddess named "Helene".....

      Which is why Amenhotep III's cartouche was found in Mycenae, inside the "Tomb of Clytemenstra" (complete with pyramid over entrance)...the sex organ of Istar/Estra. The Fertility goddess. Greek myth says "Clytemenstra" is the sister of Helen (Helene)...

      Istar was the "wife" of the Urartian Storm God: TeiSheba...making her the "Queen of Sheba" that visited Amenhotep III as a statue sent by the "Mittani" king "Tushratta" to his brother and son-in-law Amenhotep III. Amarna letter proof.

      In reality: "Tushratta" is the Puru Indian king Dhritarastra. Notice the "arastra" Easter/Istar link in his name please.

      My 2cents: These sites in Spain are a relic of the people that built the pyramids, Malta, ....and Knossos (where Amenhoteo III's cartouche is also found, he was a great Solomon king, but not the first by a long shot), and Gobekli Tepe....but who they were is, I believe lost for all times...but we can speculate.

      They were Bull worshipers.....I'd be looking at the time of the start of the Apis bull worship in Egypt to identify who they were....IF it is the same Age of Taurus...which it may very well not by 26,000 years too soon....

      I speculate the builders were from Urartu/Black Sea's Ararat...where these isolated hominids survived the floods of melting ice age....and spread out from there...including conquering northern Africa and India....I think the culture "incubated" in India...and spread from there...not "from" Atlantis...but to Atlantis...

  21. Vamp_Man

    OMG!!! What an annoying documentary. I couldn't reach the end - I was so frustrated at the inaccuracies. Everything from the timescales, the historical connections, the wild assumptions, the justifications from Troy???, even the methane. I am just aghast at such nonsense. It reminds me of someone who once told me (honestly) that Atlantis was built by ancient gods and that dolphins were the guardians of the city. I kid you not. People actually get paid to do this stuff? I want a job like that.


    Dear NG please ,pretty please stop wasting money and the time of viewers with these high pitched musical farces ! When is there ever going to be an actual interesting doc about Atlantis ? May be one day but hopefully not covered by NG and done by real scientists hopefully German ,I am not German my self but I kind a believe that they will do the no nonsence presentation of Damen un Hairen das is Atlantis . None of that homogenised American viewer swallow that big bulls*** mallarkie . Is it just a legend ? May be ,until it has been proven else that is what it remains to be a legend which I must say would like to see unearthed in my life time as I personaly believe that has some truth in it. Oh ya must not forget ,NG please put a bit more effort in your store in London ,it looks rather cheap and dirty with all the crap and junk you sell in it my five year old even got a bit bored in there and he wants to be a explorer just like he's dad ,now can you imagine he's dissapointment when I took him there.

  23. dj

    This is just crap. Actual content - Nil. Fringe, sensationalist and an embarrassment for all of the participants. GASP ! is this the home of the Easter Bunny ?? (Sad little man holds up map, with buck tooth rodent drawn on it). Scratching around under a bush for a while - GASP ! this could be a descendant of the Easter Bunny (Holds up roadkill rabbit). These people have no credibility whatsoever and the "proof" they advance is nothing more than fantasy based on moonshine and nonsense.

  24. Richard Chase

    These documentaries lift you higher and higher....and this one seems so easy to associate with what we think we know of Atlantis. (Albeit, solely from Plato)

    Along with the rest of the world, I await confirmation of at least ONE of my fantastic 'wanna-believe's.' I've gone out on several limbs, based on myth, very convincing evidence, my own two eyes and the eye's of thousands of others.

    But- almost as a cruel, hidden, chess-master skillfully rigs his game, proof still eludes me, on every front. The same strength of possibility that first opened my eyes and my mind, drives me to relentlessly seek the truth.

  25. KsDevil

    The story of Atlantis is more important than they "physical" existance. Trying to find Altantis is missing the point and that's what these fortune seekers do.

  26. Eniki520

    i like how plato says that the Atlatic ocean was passable because it had an island in it(Atlantis), yet everyone is looking in the Mediterranean instead of in the atlantic. An island in the Mediterranean, Europe, or Africa would NOT make the Atlantic ocean any more passable.

  27. wald0

    Fairly interesting, but I don't like the way NatGeo present things. Several of the opening remarks to this doc are very misleading.

    "Atlantis is thought to be one of the most advanced societies of the ancient world"

    This may be true for some scholars but, overall the general opinion of academia is that it never existed. I am not saying this general opinion is correct, only that it is reality.

    "Atlantis is considered the holy grail of archeaology"

    No, this is absolutely false. Like I said the vast majority think it never existed. That aside there are definitely more important finds. If the general consensus was that Atlantis was the parent civilization for Egypt, Greece, and much of the early middle east this would be true but, this isn't the general consensus. Plato scholar Dr. Julia Annas, Regents Professor of Philosophy at the University of Arizona, had this to say on the matter:

    "The continuing industry of discovering Atlantis illustrates the dangers of reading Plato. For he is clearly using what has become a standard device of fiction—stressing the historicity of an event (and the discovery of hitherto unknown authorities) as an indication that what follows is fiction. The idea is that we should use the story to examine our ideas of government and power. We have missed the point if instead of thinking about these issues we go off exploring the sea bed. The continuing misunderstanding of Plato as historian here enables us to see why his distrust of imaginative writing is sometimes justified."

    Further more if you study the structure of writings at this time, specifically political writings and discussions of ethics and morality, you clearly see that fiction is widely used to make a point. Socratic writing in particular made extensive use of this method.Plato also used this method extensively, as he was Socrates student. This is a qoute from Voices from the Past: Ancient writings and History, by David Brown and Julia Micheals. One of the standard texts used in the U.S. to teach western civics and ancient history.

    "Plato used dialogues to express his ideas. In this type of writing, the author's thoughts are explored in a series of arguments and debates between various characters in the story. Plato often used real people in his dialogues, such as his teacher, Socrates, but the words he gave them were his own."

    Here is another false claim made by this documentary, and this one is a straight forward lie not an ambigous statement.

    "Plato insisted that this was a real place and not an allegory..."

    This is a flat lie, no question about it. Plato never told anyone wether he truly believed this to be real place or wether it was just a fictional story to make a point. If he had of told people this there wouldn't be so much confusion. If you read Atlantis: the myth, by Alan G. Hefner he writes-

    "Whether Plato intended to end his story of Atlantis so abruptly or whether he intended to extend it no one knows. Just as no one knows whether Plato believed in the real existence of the island or whether it was purely a mythical kingdom."

    This is a widely accepted fact amongst scholars but, if anyone can show me an authentic writing or some other conclusive proof that Plato truly believed Atlantis to be real I will eat my words.

    1. wald0

      I like myths and mysteries as much as anyone else. I like watching these shows about Atlantis and all even. But, lets not distort the truth in order to make a documentary more entertaining. NatGeo and the History channel have a tendency to do just this. They do thier level best to make every documentary as mysterious and entertaining as possible, even if they have to omit facts, sensationalize trivial things, or out right lie.

      That said, I would like to recognize National Geographic for the years and years of great work they did before they sold out to be a cable television station. As a child I must have read thousands of issues of National Geographic magazine. I lived in a rural area and this was my only exposure to global culture or real science, there was no internet at this time of course. I just wish they could have retained the same integrity and high standards when they tried to capture a larger audience. Perhaps this failure should tell us more about ourselves, the American public I mean, than Natgeo.

    2. oklima

      I agree with you about Nat Geo...these Americanised, dumbed-down documentaries are made with one purpose in mind: entertainment, not historical accuracy. To me this is really infuriating and makes them unwatchable :(

    3. tomregit

      Thank you wald0. I also quoted Dr. Julia Annas in a discussion (which got a bit out of hand) with another subscriber about the documentary "Is it Real?" Atlantis has been "discovered" so many times, in so many places, by so many people, any new finds are difficult to take seriously. No real scientific discovery in archeology or any other field is released in a made for TV program, but is published in a reputable peer reviewed journal. I agree with your assessment of Nat.Geo.'s declining standards, particularly for it's television audience. Its disappointing to me since I too am from a generation who's perceived world view was greatly influenced by the periodical.

  28. Tristen Jay Abraham

    If you Google "Atlantis Bakhu" you will come across a very recent presentation regarding the whereabouts of Atlantis. I usually find these documentaries and theories interesting but more for pure entertainment than educational purposes.

    HOWEVER Jerry Wells has the most compelling evidence I think that has ever been shown to date. He claims Atlantis is actually ABOVE the water on the north western part of Africa. After watching his presentation you almost can't deny the fact that he's found Atlantis! I'm keeping a close eye on his organisation's (The Wells Research Laboratory) upcoming endeavours. Honestly, make a point to watch his presentation (his voice is a bit annoying - I'll be honest - but totally worth it!)

    1. Cool E Beans

      You are correct...he has an annoying voice, generally uninflective until he tries to emphasize a point and then hyper-inflective, but interesting none-the-less. I am of the opinion that everything is connected and he has done a lot of connecting without on the ground excavation even being started.

      An additional possibility is the expanding Earth hypothesis which is that the Earth is growing larger in diameter due to the increasing pressure from within the Earth. If this were the case, an earthquake caused by the expansion could have been centralized in that region.

      I will be sending Mr. Wells an e-mail suggesting this as a possible cause.

      Thanks for the info.

  29. Taylor Ryen


  30. Teamtigerpaw


  31. Eniki520

    ive never heard that atlantis was the mother city of ancient egypt, if it was wouldn't the Egyptians worship the greek gods since the Atlantians had a temple to Poseidon.

  32. Russell Rabe

    great job...just continue searching for evidence

  33. Guest

    Keep it up. You might aliens as well in there :D

  34. WTC7

    Yes, it is interesting. I like this kind of stuff. Mysteries spark imagination & I love them :). As to the issue of Atlantis being a myth, as they point out in the doc Troy was one too - before it was found. Well, whatever, still, I am keeping my fingers crossed they find Atlantis too :).

    1. Guest

      I have not watched Troy yet....good reminder.
      I too like imagination and the mysteries that come sprouting from it.

    2. WTC7

      I am sure you do, because it is clear from things that you write that you have a beautiful, non-conventinally bound mind :).

  35. Guest

    very interesting!

  36. Subject6teen

    I'm going to watch this but I keep wondering why people still hold on to Atlantis and start linking newly discovered cities as Atlantis. Why not just ask the question what they have discovered might be, instead of naming it specifically.

    Another thing, I thought Atlantis was the island Santorini. Because the description of Atlantis matches with Santorini quite nicely.

    Thanks for the Documentary Vlatko!

    1. MyReligionIs2DoGood

      Santorini, or more exact, Crete, doesn't match with Plato's description.
      He wrote that Atlantis lies beyond the 'Pillars of Hercules' - the Street of Gibraltar- which Crete hardly fits.

      But I agree to what you said about new-found sunken cities. The cities are themselves exciting enough, they don't have to be Atlantis to make them interesting.

      There is a doc somewhere about some findings in Peru on the Alti Plano, which match Plato's description quite well.

      This discovery in Donana though looks very promising to me. We'll have to wait and see what they find there.

    2. Guest

      Santorini may not be Atlantis but it's volcano eruption may be the reason why Atlantis disapeared almost instantly.

      may or may not are necessary until they get replace by is.

    3. WTC7

      @ az,

      I agree that nothing is certain until there is undeniable evidence that it is so. But in this case, I'm sceptical that Santorini may have been Atlantis simply because Sandorini was not "at the edge of the known world" as Atlantis was said to be.

    4. Guest

      I was once in Santorini, that hole is impressive to say the least, may be it was accompanied by large earth quakes...(lol) and then the whole mediteranean went to "shite" all the way to the mouth.
      Always thought being a digger for an archeologist would have been right up my alley! I love shoveling dirt and snow!