Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings: The New Atlantis

Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings: The New Atlantis

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Throughout recorded history, mankind has dreamt of building the perfect society, an empire that might somehow satisfy the needs of every man. An ancient legend casts the shadows of one such society that is said to have existed long ago. Twenty-five hundred years ago, the Greek philosopher, Plato, set down a dialogue called the Critias. He recounted the story of an ancient Greek poet and statesman named Solon. Solon had journeyed to Egypt in search of wisdom to help the government of his beloved Greece.

The Greeks had been beset with factions and troubles, so Solon took counsel from the priests of the city of Sais. An old priest told him, "Oh, Solon. Solon! You Greeks are never anything but children. There is no old opinion handed down among you nor any science that is white with age." The old priest then proceeded to tell him the story of the lost city of Atlantis. In the centuries that would follow, scholars and researchers have debated whether Plato's Atlantis was intended to be an account of real history or simply an allegorical myth. Some even suggest that Atlantis was really the Antediluvian World, the wicked society destroyed by the wrath of God in the great flood of Noah.

In the 20th century, Plato's account was further supported by a Masonic philosopher, Manly P. Hall. Hall claimed that Atlantis had once been a vast and mighty empire that extended to the whole world, a philosophic commonwealth of nations that one day was destined to be rebuilt, but who would rebuild it, and exactly who was Manly P. Hall? Hall authored over 200 books and is said to have given some 8000 lectures on ancient philosophy. He is perhaps most remembered for his contribution to the mysterious brotherhood of Masonry. Upon his death in 1990, the Scottish Rite Journal, a Masonic publication, noted that he was often called "Masonry's greatest philosopher." Among his teachings was that contained in Masonry and all the secret orders was the ancient wisdom of lost Atlantis.

Hall wrote that for more than 3000 years, secret societies had been laboring to create a background of knowledge necessary to an establishment of an enlightened democracy among the nations of the world. According to Hall, these societies could be traced back to ancient Egypt and had, for centuries, known of a secret place hidden from the eyes of common men, a place that would one day be revealed.

In the 17th century, as settlers were colonizing the new world, Sir Francis Bacon, the leader of secret societies in England, set down his classic work, the "New Atlantis", while archaeologists and treasure hunters had searched the globe, looking for the lost continent. Four hundred years ago, Bacon, like many of his contemporaries, believed that Atlantis was America itself.

Directed by: Christian J. Pinto

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5 years ago

"Spreading democracy".."christian nation"..what bs!

7 years ago

The jury is out on Atlantis...T/F/or part T&F? Quien sabe? Given the timeline of earth's existence, according to science, it easily could be true. It is too bad we do not have more info from very early Egypt. There are folks who espouse very early societies in India/Pakistan as well. Rivals to Atlantis they say. Science does challenge the Catholic view of least the former version. However today's supernatural is tomorrow's science. While it is difficult to internalize the divinity of one being (Jesus) in this unbelievably big universe the fact is that we know almost nothing about the How and nothing about the Why (if there is a Why). Mortal beings cannot really comprehend anything without end which is everywhere. Let's face it, as soon as the Way became the Roman Catholic Church it was unfolding counter to it's own spiritual essence. This in no way refutes Christ's (or the Buddha for that matter) message.

8 years ago

According to my field of research, it is safe for me to say that there was once a perfect society with no greed only sounds like a nice fantasy.

The Inventor City
9 years ago

Atlantis fictionalized by Plato in sorrow of his teacher Socrates being put to death by his amoral Athenian Government to show that what a true moral government should be like if only as in the Atlantis as detailed in his book "The Republic" by Plato.

If only Atlantis existed it would be in the Old World, Athenians nor Egyptians had no means to support trade with the New World. So Atlantis has to be in the Mediterranean, if sunk it has to be an island now under the sea no bigger than Sicily or Crete. If not sunk Crete was the Atlantis.

9 years ago

OK! Wayne what in your humble opinion would not be self deception? And I do believe that there is a difference between mysticism and magick.

Patrick Smith
9 years ago

Stop blaming your problems on other people who help built our country. Seems to me, I know who built America and that was slaves and workers, the Free Masons where the first people to separate them selves from being a slave, they were skilled laborers who built the new world which was the colonies of slavers. So having a club or a place to meet in order for free people to stop slavery is not so bad. Why are people afraid of the New Word Order when the world needs order. Slavers don't want you to have knowledge and want commons to be s*upid. MASONS ARE TRYING TO PRESERVE HISTORY FROM SLAVERS. The New World Order is about making the common people educated so we don't have the OLD WORD ORDER hurting good people and treating people like slaves. YES, workers without pay, is still one of the biggest evils. Secret clubs are not the issue, it's people who are not educated and are fearful of are the ones who are.

Wayne Siemund
10 years ago

I guess this proves that even educated people can be lured by mysticism and rationalized self deception.

Matt Kukowski
10 years ago

Free Masonry is a direct response to The Catholic Church. Free Masons do not particularly hate Christians, but rather the Catholic Church.

Ordinary Christians worship out in the open and thus do not have secret orders and secret meetings. (although organized religion does practice Capitalism and so use The Bible to make money). But, buy and large (no pun intended), Christians are harmless.

However, Catholics have a Hierarchy with the Pope (sitting in for Jesus), Archbishops, Bishops, priests and Cardinals ... so on and so forth ... just like the Masonic Degrees (Hierarchy or Secret Holders)!

We know that Catholics burned and torched people for having 'thoughts against the church'. Thus, for science to be spread a counter to the Church was needed. Free Masonry has the EXACT same hierarchy of 'need-to-know' knowledge, JUST LIKE CATHOLIC CHURCH secrets. (Ever wonder what amazing knowledge and items are under The Vatican?)

Free Masonry, although was/is for Science, unfortunately, has Altars, Temples (King Solomon) and their own God heads and followers. JUST LIKE CATHOLICS! Thus, Masonry has turned into a religion! It turned into the very thing it hated, which was The Catholic Church.

(Catholic followers are pretty much as harmless as Christians, in that, it is organized religion using 'The Word' and Capitalism to make money and organize against Poverty)

However, these secret orders ALWAYS get hijacked by men wanting THEIR way and so people die if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or you pissed off the wrong Free Mason or Catholic!

Secrecy is the Disease of the World.

In the age where suitcase nukes and genetically engineered viruses ARE A THREAT to all of us... we CAN NO LONGER afford to live within a world of Secret Orders that could get hijacked.

A new Transparent Order is needed. The Internet is a tool to be used to organize Human Societies so we can survive and CONTROL the DEADLY TECHNOLOGY that now exists!

10 years ago

Did anyone else map out the cities and Stonehedge, and come to the conclusion that they do not line up? The cities kinda do, but Stonehedge isn't even close.

John Murgaš
10 years ago

If America was founded in occultism, why not build a self sufficient nation in tune with nature....This people are fkng esoteric sociopaths.
It takes the same amount of energy to build things wrong!

10 years ago

Is there any mention of Madame Blavatsky, the greatest scholar ever known?

10 years ago

Manly Hall may or may not have been a lizard person. Regardless, he definitely worked for them. Then again, so did I.