The City of Atlantis

The City of Atlantis

2004, Mystery  -   10 Comments
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This episode of National Geographic's Naked Science centers on the fabled lost city of Atlantis, believed to have been destroyed by a natural disaster an estimated 11,000 years ago. The filmmakers explore ancient ruins in four Mediterranean and Caribbean locations in an effort to confirm or dispel theories of where - and if - Atlantis may have been.

Writer Ignatius Donnelly first sparked public interest in the search for Atlantis in the 19th century, a quest that has continued to maintain its momentum through present day. First introduced by the writings of Plato, Atlantis is said to have been an advanced, sophisticated civilization rich in art and culture. It is widely believed that a tsunami brought Atlantis to its end, and commonly assumed that its remains are underwater. The filmmakers cite certain details from Plato's depiction of the doomed metropolis, such as the city's layout and ritual practices like animal sacrifice, and use them as a gauge to determine if any of the sites they visit could indeed be the remains of the legendary city.

The filmmakers travel to Malta, the Bahamas, Greece and Cuba to evaluate ancient architecture both above and below the sea as we learn some of the historical reasons for selecting these locations. For example, Nazi party leaders were the first to focus on Malta. The SS had a vested interest in locating Atlantis, as they felt their "super race" may have originated there and finding evidence of it would prove their superiority. In the 1940s a self-proclaimed psychic named Edgar Casey predicted Atlantis would rise again near the Bahama's Bimini Islands. In 1968 an underwater rock formation now known as the Bimini Road was discovered, leading some to theorize that these large, flat structures are remnants of Atlantis.

Interviews with tour guides, researchers and general Atlantis enthusiasts paint a fuller picture of both the mythical society and those who seek it, balancing arguments for its existence against skepticism and wonder. A fun and unique travelogue, Naked Science: Atlantis takes viewers on a playful and whimsical trans-Atlantic journey that stimulates the imagination and provokes one’s curiosity.

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  1. Bobby

    Göbekli Tepe Founded pre 10th millennium BCE - 8th millennium BCE.

    Jericho - Founded 9600 BCE.

    3200 BC: Sumerian cuneiform writing system and Egyptian hieroglyphs.

    November 18, 2018 Researchers have identified a large meteorite impact crater hiding under the Greenland ice. The enormous crater – bigger than Paris – appears to be result of meteor strike just 12,000 years ago.

    "How Does Carbon Dating Work - Carbon-14 is a weakly radioactive isotope of Carbon; also known as radiocarbon, it is an isotopic chronometer. C-14 dating is only applicable to organic and some inorganic materials (not applicable to metals). Gas proportional counting, liquid scintillation counting and accelerator mass spectrometry are the three principal radiocarbon dating methods."

    I don't want to be the one to say anyone is wrong but i feel there are many pieces to a puzzle that will never be found. If the North American Continent was covered in ice at one point, where did the water go? and i bet there is more then 1 missing city/culture/civilization if you actually start to look

  2. Lesia

    city of Atlantis?ahaha seriously?it was an EMPIRE , so how is possible to search a big Empire(bigger than Roman one and bigger than Empire of Alexander Macedonsky) just in one single place ?

  3. Dan the Man

    This is a fail right off the bat. Atlantis wasn't a city.

  4. neriah

    How bout indonesia?

  5. China Mike

    I have never thought there was an Atlantis; it was merely a literary ploy put out by Plato during a festival speech. It is well documented as being such. Why on earth people to this very day want to believe it was real at all is beyond me.

  6. DustUp

    It would seem @Kamil has nailed NG as propagandists.

    Here is some of their agenda driven BS: From a news article: "A 9-year-old girl is making history as National Geographic’s first transgender cover model."

    Every minor thing: gays, transgenders, gay marriage, etc. has and is being exploited by the collectivists in attempt to gather them under their wing and then turn them into enemies of anti-collectivists (conservatives and Christians). Clearly Nat Geo is now part of the Democrat agenda like much of the media.

    The certainly don't care about readership, which will drop like a rock if they keep it up. Much like the reader/viewer-ship of once prominent news organizations after they started agenda fake news a number of years ago.

    Unfortunately all these collectivists could care less about anything, including the people and groups they exploit. They just want socialism-communism in order to control you because they think you need to be controlled from causing the fake bad news they bought into. And they have gone so far as to create the bad news and blame it on you. Case in point is GeoEngineering (chemtrails) which causes more severe weather. Definitely "man-made" cause of weather problems but nothing the populace caused, excepting doing nothing about it. Where is Nat. Geo. reporting on something real that is affecting the Geography like this? No where because it would hurt the collectivist agenda.

    Note: Collectivists include socialists, communists, progressives, fascists(big corporatists), Marxists). The fake news is that big corporations seeking and benefiting from govt policies where it limits their competition are conservative. Far from it.

  7. Kamil

    Hi, hope i can start healthy discussion about Atlantis but fact that human history should or need to be rewrite. First thing first National Geographic loved by me when i was young i was fascinated with every thing they displayed on the screen . According to Plato source Atlantis is located just outside pillars of Hercules (Experts say about Gibraltar ) and no of that location is present in the movie!!!! I understand that Atlantis was highly advanced but how the hell any one could visit/trade with them if they were located no north pole or Jamaica. To back this up just look at Troi myth for so many centuries and all it takes one German archaeology who can read with understanding. Back to the point NG is no longer reliable source of information, is misleading viewers by showing only tip of the ice berg, another series this time by History chanel call Ancient Aliens i was so amazed by the idea of the program until i finished first season, again misleading viewer mixing bizarre story's with facts!!! I thing main objective is to mix facts with nonsense just to achieve even more propaganda . Just to add that more reliable information is there for us on the web for example, and final last thing why no one even bother to watch quest of the lost civilization by Graham Hancock who is and expert in the filed... Shooking!!!

  8. isha

    wow a nice documentry

  9. Cassius

    Atlantis is under the ice, 2 miles down, in the Antarctic. The Earth shifted, and
    its crust moved Atlantis from a temperate, to a frozen location, flooding and
    freezing it in that process. Adm. Byrd, and the Nazis, both went there because
    that is where Atlantis now 'resides'.

  10. dmxi

    this is discriminate against lemurians !