Forest of the Golden Monkey

Forest of the Golden Monkey

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The snub-nosed golden monkey is a primate that lives in the seasonal forests of Central China. We get a view of the thriving ecosystem and biological diversity of the forest and how the monkeys interact within their habitat. It is interesting to see the typical lifespan of one monkey born in the spring and affectionately protected by family as she learns to adapt to the change of the seasons.

Not all newborns make it past their first few weeks and when there is a young loss, it takes a toll on the entire group. As affectionate a species as they are, they have their own interesting mourning ritual to deal with their loss. The ones who survive have a lot to look forward to with their nurturing and protective family.

All wild animals have to battle the elements to survive and these monkeys are no different. Their survival lies in learning to adapt as the seasons change. They have easy access to food, spend a lot of time grooming each other and relaxing, and of course, evading any predators like rattlesnakes.

With the changing seasons, the forests change as well, the babies grow and adapt to different diets and the practices of their elders. Additionally, as things change, so does their food supply and with the forest as home to more than 90 species, this means the vital food sources have to be shared.

We get a peek at the mischievous and rumbustious bachelor gang, (the single males of the group) and their exploits as they seek to establish their own families. The challenge is a sight to see and so is their mating ritual. Not all bachelors are successful when they mount a challenge to take over a family, but the attempt itself is a sight to behold.

Learn about their unique characteristics like their unusual way of travel through snow in the winter months. If you are a nature buff and you want to get a peek at the impact the different cycles of nature have on one particular group of animals then this will be a great watch for you.

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