Furries: An Inside Look

Furries: An Inside Look

2011, Art and Artists  -   58 Comments
Ratings: 6.03/10 from 119 users.

This documentary gives an inside perspective on the strange and interesting subculture known as the furry fandom. The fandom is explained by furries in their own words.

Furry fandom refers to the fandom for the furry genre of literature, art and entertainment. Furry fandom is also used to refer to the community of artists, writers, role players and general fans of the furry art forms who gather on the net and at conventions.

Members of the furry fandom, known as furry fans, particularly enjoy media that includes fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.

Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability to speak, walking on two legs, and wearing clothing.

Characters that morph between human and animal form are also considered by some to be part of the genre. Even certain superheroes with animal derived powers are considered of furry interest by some fans.

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Seb Izzy
4 years ago

It would have been better to view more furries and their costumes while the people were talking... I couldn't watch the whole thing, it was kind of boring.

4 years ago

I decided to watch this documentary for, perhaps to try to understand this community that seems so strange to me.
Unfortunately, it didn't work. I'm still at the same starting point and I felt like I had an ad in front of me. There is no counterpart to the fandom's.
This documentary is too much oriented towards the same point of view.

Bob The Peanut
6 years ago

A lot of you are having some misconceptions about this, so let me clear some stuff up for you.

1. The reason the randomly-selected people were all male is because around 75-85% of furries are or identify as male. Don't ask me why, but if I had to guess it would probably be something to do with the sexual aspect of the fandom.

2. Yeah, furries are weird. Lots of things are weird. Furries just happen to fall into what's called the Uncanny Valley for lots of people. I recommend you look it up yourself, but it is essentially a measure of how close something can get to looking like a human until it becomes uncomfortable. For example, dolls and mannequins fall into the Uncanny Valley for most people, because they look very similar to humans, but are different enough to make it uncomfortable for the viewer. I recommend researching this one yourself.

3. The general term for sexual furry content is 'Yiff.' This is a blanket term used for things that relate to both furries and sex. Not all furries veiw or participate in yiff (Prime example: myself), but there is no denying that a very large portion of them do. I can see why people dislike yiff as compared to other forms of sexual content, but seriously, hentai is just as disgusting, if not more so. The only difference is the persons taking part in the action.

4. Most furries do not think they are animals. That is a separate group of people called Otherkin. The two groups are related, but there are very clear distinctions between a furry and an Otherkin. A furry can usually be referred to as a person with an interest in anthropomorphic animals, while an Otherkin is a person who actually believes that they are or were born a different species that is not human. This can mean they believe that they are actually an anthropomorphic animal, but in my experience Otherkin usually believe that they are simply a species of animal that they relate to. Lots of Otherkin are also furries, but in my experience most furries are not Otherkin.

5. The reason so many of the furries on camera had a hard time talking to it is because many furries suffer from depression. I can't tell you how many times I've seen furries say self depreciating things and talk about being abused. Just being a furry is enough fuel for massive bullying, but to add to that many furries are also LGTB. I've seen pretty much every sexuality out there in at least one furry, and this causes them to be bullied even more. Most furries have some form of depression or anxiety, if not both, so try to be a little nicer to them once in a while,

6. About the people in fursuits who got attacked by a bear, that's their fault for being stupid. Shouldn't have been in it's terroritory.

7. Most furries don't howl at the moon. We like animals, but that doesn't mean we consistently act like them.

Alright, that's all I have to say. This is all from my experience being a furry, so I know what I'm talking about here. Oh, and one last thing - furries are simultaneously some of the nicest people I've met and they overuse emojis like they're a drug, but they can drop the most toxic memes this side of reddit. It's honestly one of the weirdest things I have noticed to date.

6 years ago

2:50, Is that Zelda music I hear? Why is there Zelda music???!!?!?

6 years ago

You interviewed people "at random" who all just happened to be male?

mike m
7 years ago

just like nearly everyone above, i 2 think everyone not just like me is ridiculous

that's why we all think we're so smart

7 years ago

"I saw an episode once of some documentary program or other that featured some furries out in the woods doing the wild thing, and they got attacked by a bear!"

1000 Ways to Die on Spike TV is a documentary series to you...

Well, I see your sources are clearly very trustworthy so we should ignore all the furries like myself and those that are in the video who are saying otherwise. After all, a show... I mean documentary series... about people dying from lighting farts would never embellish stories.

Timothy Recksiedler
7 years ago

I'm a furry myself and it's only from good intentions. I don't like bdsm stuff or yiff also.

8 years ago

Well, whenever I think of all the hatred and misconceptions the furry fandom gets, it always makes me feel better to think of all the hatred and misconceptions all the other fandoms get. Like anime fans, and metal heads.

Seriously, furries don't have it that bad.

However, This could have been a better interview if they would actually focus more on the actual events on the furry fandom, and feature some well known artists like Noogy. They also do not really explain much about the fandom, but rather try to dispell the misconceptions by discussing them. Personally, I feel that dispelling the misconceptions would be easier, if they just stuck to focusing on the positive aspects of the furry fandom, and not the negative.

8 years ago

This is disgusting...These yiffing sodomites will certainly not make it into the kingdom of yaweh...

8 years ago

I think this is a beautiful way of uninhibited people expressing themselves. I'd rather have a conversation with one of these guys as apposed to the countless dreary 'normal' people I meet on a day to day basis.

8 years ago

i can't believe what i am listening to -

Molester Stallone
8 years ago

When the guy said he feels closer to his furry family than his BIOLOGICAL family, I vomitted.
2/10, would not YIFF in hell again

9 years ago

I say if it aint harming anyone, go for iit. Fail to see anyones freedom or liberty being damaged by furries. Enjoy!

9 years ago

I agree with a lot said here.

But mostly I hate how the media says that we are sex maniacs (well... 98% of us). I mean seriously why pick on us for our art, which is only about 7-8% pornography, when there are fandoms that have a HUGE amount of porn. Japanese anime, google ANY female character, look at dat porn, and all them fetishes (you got tentacle, gender changing, and ruined childhoods). Let's see, Naruto, any season, naming one character in a google search is all you need. A lot of furry sites that allow furry porn at least make you prove your 18+ or sign in with a 18+ account to see the Adult-Extreme pictures (I have found a few exceptions), while ANY anime porn site lets 6 year olds see their favorite Beyblade character get a launcher shoved up his a**, and him orgasm all over the bed as he pistoned it in and out of him.

Seriously, why pick on us for dressing up... *cough couch* COSPLAYERS! When there are so many worst things in the world, like the local child raper roaming the streets as the media films about us.

10 years ago

as my dead dad used to say:"dipsticks in camouflage!"

Alec Mowat
10 years ago

Some kind of bizarre cross between the 90's internet community (back when chat rooms used to get together).
Some part childhood imagination. Still role playing and playing pretend.
Huge part geek or nerd.
I don't really get it... They take this stuff so seriously, but it's all imaginary. I guess, some of them are making money and a living from it.
There is some strange eroticism hidden in there though. Even the word, "Furry", does not sound appropriate. I don't really know what's going on behind the guy at 17:24 either... There seems to be two guys touching a girls legs and butt.
No women were interviewed in this video either, which I find strange.
And I skipped the rest and nothing interesting ever happened.
All I really got was; "We play pretend on the internet, get together every once in awhile and have a strange obsession with animals."

Anyway. I give it a 2/10
Not very interesting to watch.
Does not really explain what Furries are, or where they came from historically.
Doesn't really show what people do at these conventions, or any of the stand up comedy or great speeches they speak about in their interviews. They are either too ashamed to show what they do, or there is very little substance to it.

10 years ago

I enjoy going to car shows. I enjoy how cars look and i'm interested in how they have technologically progressed for better or worse. That's what i'm into. To other people cars are simply a tool or means of transportation. They are not wrong but cars capture my interest. We all have our things. Our interests, hobbies, arts, sports. Things that mean allot to us but nothing to others. Now if your not out searching for food water and shelter I would suggest what you are doing with your time is a stupid waste. Just like Furries, Football, and sadly Cars.

anna miller
10 years ago

Another example of our human preference for concept over reality.
I conceive the notion that these human beings could gather around a realistic concept, such as.....
I don't know, what could I do to help improve the health of my planet?

10 years ago

Even ignoring the subject matter they are talking about, it quickly becomes clear all of these people are social misfits...some can barely make eye contact with the interviewer. When the one that comes off most "normal" is cockeyed and works as a waiter at a low-end chain restaurant, you know this is the bottom of the genetic barrel. This doc would be much more effective if it featured at least one person who could pass as a normal productive member of society (without needing to call himself "Doctor" and wear an lab coat in a clearly unrelated environment). Well, good for them that they found each other and have formed a supportive community, I guess.

10 years ago

calling it "anthropomorphic attributes" is just encouraging them -sounds so grown up! Call it toddler tendencies and give away a free toaster...zero comrades, and a psyc evaluation...ok I'll watch it at least...

10 years ago

how tf did I get here ?

10 years ago

About halfway through this, they start talking about some of the misconceptions people have about furries (a funny word that makes me think of unruly pubic-hair, somehow); that is, they start talking about the sexual aspect. I don't know whether it's all just a bunch of dissimulation on their part, and the truth is, I don't actually care all that much. But I think that if they are being misunderstood in that regard, then it must come about out of most of us having the conception of wild animals as being ruled by their "baser" instincts, and that it's thereby a little difficult to imagine from what motivations they might want to do this... Surely, it couldn't be because they have fantasies of running down a gazelle and eating it's stomach out? Or nursing a bunch of meerkat babies? Or curling up one's hindquarters and taking a dump in public? So what does that leave one on the outside to think could be the reason? A sense of community, a genuine love of animals, the expression of one's imagination outside of the norm?
Bollocks! These lovable freaks like doing the nasty in animal costumes!

10 years ago

I just don't get it and I hope I never do. I know we're supposed to accept everyone for who they are, blah, blah, blah- but I just can't help it. These ppl are freaks.

10 years ago

Furballs ;)

10 years ago

Playing World of Warcraft, I made a new avatar on an RP (role-playing) realm, where people write and act stories out using their game characters. The realm also functions as a regular realm in that the usual questing, dungeons, etc. are there, along with the community of players one interacts with on an MMO.

One of the first questions I was asked, via private whisper, was: "Are you a furry?" And...uh...they didn't mean the innocuous "my spirit guide is an animal" kind of furry. Oh no. It was much more...primal...than that. LOL! Needless to say, I had to do a bit of quick internet research on all the ramifications of 'furries'. It was quite an education!

10 years ago

'furr'ociusly boring!