American Juggalo

American Juggalo

2012, Society  -   93 Comments
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American Juggalo is a look at the often mocked and misunderstood subculture of Juggalos, hardcore Insane Clown Posse fans who meet once a year for four days at The Gathering of the Juggalos.

The makers of this documentary went to The Gathering of the Juggalos and let the Juggalos speak their minds.

The Gathering of the Juggalos is an annual festival put on by Psychopathic Records, featuring performances by the entire label as well as numerous well-known musical groups and underground artists.

Described by Joseph Bruce as a "Juggalo Woodstock", the Gathering of the Juggalos includes concerts, wrestling, games, contests, autograph sessions, karaoke, and seminars with artists. Warning: The film contains nudity.

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93 Comments / User Reviews

  1. jimmy

    Wow. I know understand how 9/11 and Trump happened.

  2. Michael D Martin

    These people shouldn't be breeding at all.

  3. Marshall

    Dude do these people over use the "F#@!" word way too much. Like seriously find another word to use.

  4. DG

    It seems like a rehash of the hardcore youth culture in the mid 80s. Especially the whole belonging and loyalty among misfits thing.
    We need connections with people and a lot of people get disconnected from their family, so sometimes these youth cultures form, so they can have some connections. But they don't last very long - there will be a falling out when some become succesful and others are left in the dust, and people move far away or deliberately cut connections because they're more trouble than they're worth, or want to move on to a new phase in life - it isn't forever - and being in a tiny, strange subculture at that age will make it difficult for a person to connect later in life, even if you're able to retain a few from this time.
    Not meaning this as a criticism, really, it is what it is, and we need connections so sometimes people find a way and they just have to do that however they can. But, it's important to keep perspective and not kid yourself about what's really going on.

  5. Alyssa

    I myself am not a juggalette or anything but people can really misinterpret juggalos by this video. Yeah alot of them get f***** up and not have a care in the world, but they seem to leave out that people from all types of society are part of this family. They really are the most laid back non judgmental people i have ever met. For those who are sitting here bashing away this is why you dont understand the real meaning of juggalo. It all started because of music and the fans and after that everyone put their own twists on it. I dont fully agree with the way some of these people are perceiving them either. My friends and boyfriend are juggalos. I have never felt so welcomed in by people before and when it comes to ANYTHING we got each others backs no matter what and i love em to death! And its whoop whoop** not woot.

  6. Enzu

    I have never understood the (American)? need to put a disclaimer on everything that shows something as little as a female nipple, while showing executions et al is perfectly normal.

    So something natural (nudity) is worse to look on than someone killing another human being?


    1. James Thomas

      Yes, we are indeed paradoxical here in the US, almost as much as Japanese porn.

  7. Adam Young

    the clown look gets me thinking of the Movie the warriors and early 80s punk band the Adicts. i suppose it was a new thing for Hip Hop but really in the end, they just looked and sounded like a pair of mediocre clowns, leading an army of even more mediocre clowns.

  8. trumpsahead

    I like the idea of getting together and expressing your sense of Freedom. What I don't like is they seem moronic: pregnant women cursing and smoking and drinking; man spray-painting his face says it burns - ya think it may be toxic, duh?
    There doesn't seem to be much in the way of creativity, but rather a hanging out with like-minded er, freedom lovers.

  9. trumpsahead

    They seem uneducated and trash-mouthed, expressing themselves in ways "normal" society would frown upon. Gutter language and bad taste is their normal, but that's all part of their reason for being Juggalos -- expression of Freedom and Liberty in a safe environment. Basically, one might say this is a large group of Libertarians. I think if we lived in a truly free society, if America were not a police state, and the right to privacy, freedom of expression, unhampered pursuit of happiness were the norm, then there would be no such thing as Juggalos.

    1. Johnny Ferringer

      I see how Conservatives and Liberals have done such a bang up job for the last 100 years...Kudos idiot.

  10. A MFM

    Someone call a doctor! Oh, never mind.

  11. Rusty

    They ain't got nothing on the "Wonderful Whites of West Virgina"

  12. watchtheduck

    Three minutes in this gal is talking about her Juggalo friend, who she keeps referring to as "this Mother-f'er" . There is no word more disgusting than that and yet this girl who appears pregnant and soon to become a mother herself, speaks her gutter language, not realizing how demeaning the word is, as there is nothing more sacred than motherhood. Anyone who would demean it with such trash-mouth, which is far too common in this country, only shows how far we've fallen in intelligence and morality.

    1. Richard Neva

      I agree totally with you!

    2. CJarvik

      Actually it has nothing to do with intelligence, but everything to do with personal taste. I have been a member of MENSA since age 11. I own or share over 2 dozen medical patents and have saved thousands of lives. I also cuss like Da Vinci painted. There is nothing more profound then a well timed MFr or an expertly placed c@#k s@#$er. So morality and intelligence seems to be your issues rather then these stupid kids, who honestly were under the influence of far to many altering substances to be fairly judged. I have seen colleagues act very different under the influence of things as simple as caffeine, much less narcotics! Yeah though, their Music sucks!

  13. watchtheduck

    So, this is the level to what people have been dumbed down to.I don't think they could go any lower before hitting the single brain celled amoeba stage. I can see why people in other countries consider America the Great Satan.

    1. Chetsome

      I think you mean "So, this is the level to which people have been dumbed down"......

  14. Ryan Bolin

    funny how these non conformists all conform to one another. I bet if someone who is athletic, highly educated, and well dressed came they would be judged on their appearance as well.

  15. MarkW99

    The Hater comments are obviously from people who have never had to occupy the very lowest strata of American Society. Life's a little different when you come from the bottom. We all didn't come from Orange County. At some point, you just gotta own it and Juggalo culture is about owning your status and saying f--k it.

    1. celtic~chelle

      haters just ignorant, on a high might narcissistic "righteous" power trip, there way the "only way" lol...

    2. Isaac McCracken

      This. One thing the highest and lowest classes share is their disregard for middle class standards and sensibility. These are people sliding off the edge. Saying f*** it is about the only good option.

  16. Bebe

    She's six months pregnant and smoking cigarettes?

    1. celtic~chelle

      several pregnant women smoke cigarettes.. at least she not smoking or shooting up drugs...

  17. Inferior


  18. Joseph Harrison

    what I see here is a bunch of degenerate f*ck ups from broken homes who are perpetuating the typical white trash stereotype. the s*upidity I have just witnessed in this video is staggering, and has given me little hope for humanity in general. I would almost guarantee each one of these whippet huffing, meth smoking pieces of s*it is a burden of the welfare state and their combined IQ can not be more than that of a head of cabbage. furthermore, any one of these "people" who brought a child to this gathering should be charged with endangerment, neglect, and any other penalty that can be applied. this video has truly disgusted me and every single one of these imbeciles should be systematically eradicated like the vermin they are.

    1. Dean Edgington

      I think we ought to round up all the "people" in the world called Joseph Harrison and systematically eradicate them just to be certain we don't miss the Joseph Harrison who left the ludicrous, bile ridden outburst above. Get a grip Joe you vermin.

    2. Alec Mowat

      This is a back country and urban culture. It's actually a off-shot of the '60's and '70's hippie cultures. Most anyone would be accepted there, dispute the hard attitudes.
      Don't bring anything you aren't willing to lose. Don't start sh*t you can't end. Stay with your friends. I don't see a lot of violence in this, I'm sure the organizers keep it that way. I don't see any racism or discrimination against others.
      The core organizers are probably a group to be cautious of, but most of the day trippers are ordinary people that come out for the festival once a year.
      To be honest, your hateful rant was far worse then anything that happened is this video. They are only neglected rejects because of people like yourself, after all.

    3. celtic~chelle

      hmmmmm, i have been a juggalette since i was 22yrs old.. i'm currently 36yrs, and ummm all your assumption are incorrect,
      1st off i am FAR from whitr trash and/or from broken home, my parents will be very happily for 40 yrs this march 2013, i have NEVER EVER IN MY LIFE HEARD THEM RAISE THEIR VOICES IN ANGER AT EACH OTHER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! i grew up middle/upper middle class, my parents have always have at least $10k stashed back in saving strictly for emergencies..
      i got pregnant my 11th grade year high school i NOT ONLY GRADUATE, I GRADUATED 1/2 A YEAR EARLY, IN ALL ADVANCED PLACEMENT COURSES,
      i am currently a DOUBLE MAJOR in psychology and anthropology at a univeristy that has a LIBERAL EDUCATIONAL PLAN.... which means i have almost 40 credit hours other than my required credits toward my majors, i have to take 3 credit labartory related science, 3 credit of physical sciences 1-3credits biological science,, 3-4 credit historical course, 3-4 credit cultural course, 3 credit fine arts, 3 credit fine arts course, 3 credit humanities course , 3credits social sciences, 6-9 credits of global perspectives courses 6 credits in maths, 6 credits college english, along with a thematic sequence course, do a capstone and be a level 301 or more in a forgein language,
      OH and i'm HONOR ROLL student mostly ALL A's ONCE IN GREAT WHILE i get a B but not often...
      i successfully have raised 4 children ALL BY MYSELF OVER 12YRS, (& FYI..ALL 4 MY KIDS BY SAME MAN) after i left him after being tired of being abused...
      OBVIOUSLY i do not do drugs or i wouldnt do so well especially in school...


      but i do agree small child should not attend NO KIND OF CONCERTS/FESTIVALS/GATHERING OF ANY NATURE... for pure simple fact their eardrums so delicate...

      & to ensure my children were not picking up new vulgar comments statements from lyrics from ANY MUSICAL ARTIST & repeating them in school, church, daycare, etc...
      i never allowed them to hear it. if they was home, i had earbuds in..




    4. watchtheduck

      Your parents must be so proud. Their middle class, educated daughter a Juggalo! Or is it Juggalette?

  19. disqus_DckmtFvCrE

    Only one week each year? That's not good enough is it?Wnat the good
    times? Better to Work, save money, buy a house, rent the house and get
    the hell out of the rat race we call life.( Don't marry either)There is
    plenty going on in the world these days to enjoy, but the spirit amongst
    the young these days isn't what it once was. This documentary clearly
    shows there are still some young( and not so young) people with a spirit
    and a zest for life in this boring socially computer media connected
    world we now live in.

  20. Salty

    What's the average weight of this crowd? I partied hard in college and went to many music festivals. There are people like this at every event. Still this group seems to be heavily skewed towards the "probably working fast food forever" end of things. I worry about meeting people like this when our society goes to s*it and they haven't prepared.

    1. Salty

      I want to see that kid who spray painted his face after another 24hrs of family help

  21. Robb Karlin

    Is type II diabetes an admission requirement? a weekend with Honey booboo all grown up.

  22. chard01

    loved it! some seriously funny lines "it takes a village to raise a child" and the classic "i'm going back to school and learn doctor shit" a must see.

  23. Erik J. Owens

    I happen to be a Juggalo and love the message ICP has to put out. They are about family and taking care of your own. Just because someone paints their face or has tattoos and piercings, doesn't make them unintelligent or a menace to society. Myself, I served overseas in Iraq with the US Army and this music helped me out a lot. Since leaving the military I work with machines and operate robotics. On top of that, I am also a full time college student. So, if anyone wants to say all Juggalos are useless druggies, I am here to say you are dead wrong!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!!

  24. pwndecaf

    I never knew...

  25. Susan Ernst

    To each they're own...that's all i got to say.

  26. Mykl Clark

    H*ll I've met way worse Juggalos then any interviewed here. Still not my thing but f--k it.

  27. Cran Donpon

    I have never before seen such a large gathering of fat people.

  28. elwood

    im not a juggalo im a traveling gypsy i have ran across many people in my travels i have meet many people who claim on thing or another and i can say without a doubt that every juggalo i have ran across has been a caring helpful trusting and most importantly accepting people i have ever meet so think what u want of the juggalos most people can learn something from the and that is hard to say after watching this video

  29. CarimboHanky

    mmm this is just a bunch of white trash(some black) with a moronic attitude, drinking and smoking drugs while screaming incoherent stuff and ending every sentence with a annoying Woot, woot... really boring!

  30. Marcell Rodden

    I am going to send a letter to Kim Jong-Un asking him to wait for August and attack this festival with his nukes.

  31. perfectarc

    Mom: "I should have had that abortion." "Why did I listen to that crazy religious group that changed my mind about having an abortion?"

  32. Simon Gramstrup

    "Warning: The film contains nudity"

    Was that warning really necessary ? Please vote up if your head did'nt violently explode when you saw the horrible dirty dirty naked people..

  33. mjnkhr

    Woot woot! I'm not here to judge, but I do find it funny.

  34. Highlander

    Waldo has it sussed . Many ( but not all , I must add ) pathetic people in this film. This group would mainly be useless in any national/ regional emergency of any type . This group will be amongst the first to be rounded up and put into the Fema camps ! ? .....( personally , I couldnt care less if they and their " I do what I want " friends were taken out tomorrow ? )I know our comments make no real difference to anything , but sometimes seeing how other folk, who dont give a shit for anyone but themselves , just makes me so mad ! May the sky fairy or any other available " gods " please help us ?

  35. Psych3d

    A lotta hate comments here, even though, indeed, we stumbled on a lot of... "people that look if they were southerners" (to put it in the most fashionable way possible now, lol, kidding folks). If you had any clue what ICP was all about, you'ld realize it is a big part of a great laugh. Got to have some humour. And even though my great education and rather broad spectrum of interests in the arts, philosophies, life, science, ... I have also gone totally wild on ICP when I was growing up. just as much as I did with the stones, led zep, beastie boys, dj krush, whatever the f I liked. Anyhow, to make a long point short (if I even made one) Don't be haters, sometimes people can't choose in what environment they grow up in... That said... Plenty of "geniuses" coming from "great families" have proven to be the filthiest low lifes roaming this planet mankind has witnessed until now...

    So judge not lest ye be judged...

    And to end this little rant, as much as I have loved "No sleep till Brooklyn". I ditto enjoyed... The great Milenko...

    Come one, come all, and witness magic!

    I introduce to you an occult sorcerer

    Of the ancient craft of Necromancy

    A caster of mind-bending illusions

    From the nether void of the shadow walkers

    A soul from Shangra La, The Great Milenko

    1. oQ

      Have to agree with this:

      " That said... Plenty of "geniuses" coming from "great families" have proven to be the filthiest low lifes roaming this planet mankind has witnessed until now..."

    2. bringmeredwine

      I was first introduced to ICP music around 5 years ago.
      I loved it!
      In my opinion, the lyrics are so offensive that they're hilarious.
      I have no desire to look or act like a juggalo; but to each his own.
      Nor do I have the urge to attend a juggalo gathering, or an ICP concert. (I'm way too old any way!)
      Watching pregnant women smoking and drinking, and people throwing up, does not appeal to me.

  36. Milosc

    Oh my God

    You should include "Idiocracy" to this site's roster of documentaries

    (That said: much of what I saw here was positive, however flawed and peripheral to what I 'normally' consider any laudable potential. Beautiful beings are being born into this screwed up world with no outlet or direction. When a person is starved of love and acceptance, it is only natural to cling to the next best thing-- whatever form it takes. If you blame these people for anything, blame the world that produced them along with it

    They each seem like good-natured people, more or less, which itself is nothing to shake a stick at)

  37. 220VOLTS

    Could there be a secret desire in all Americans to return to the magic of adolescence and no responsibilities at work here? Every generation creates a new commune group enjoying bacchanalian delights.
    No mystery here.

  38. Dan

    I sure as a muther****** am not impressed. Reminds me of my neighbours.

    1. bringmeredwine

      Do you live in North Bay?

    2. Dan

      No, Verdun , Montreal. Don't live there anymore. Moved to the country to get away from riff raff.

    3. bringmeredwine

      I know it well!

    4. Dan

      It was a nice place to grow up though in the 70's-80's but the atmosphere changed .and wasn't fun anymore.Much better in the Country.

  39. Tony Loscalzo

    The event which is entirely frivolous now, could attract some real trash; so have fun but not too much. And don't quit your day jobs.

  40. Heidi B

    To mention Woodstock in the same sentence from anything in this "documentary" is sacrilege. Is this the result of too much inbreeding and whip it?!?! It's as if you need an ignoramus certificate to be part of this.

    1. Rick Kiriakidis

      People born in the 50's would look upon the first Woodstock and pretty much make the same comment you just did. Dirty hippies with the IQ of a sloth who need to get a job. Hypocrisy much?

    2. Imightberiding

      I thought it was the people who were born in the 50's & the 40's that made Woodstock happen. Born any later & you would have been too young.

    3. Rick Kiriakidis

      You are correct sir, my math was little off lol... Respect. Probably should have said the 10's - 20's - 30's.

    4. a_no_n

      i dunno, technically it's right either way...the next generation always looks down on the last generations music and visa versa...i think if that ever stopped it would be like dividing by zero or something

  41. Corey W.

    I have lost faith in humanity completely by seeing this. There is nothing good in the world, there is no god.

  42. Mr Makanhoes #Alien

    Oh just reading the comment is pure comedy! I love being a juggalo... Hate it all you want we are just having fun. It's ok when any run of the mill metal or rock band throw on some face paint but as soon as rappers do suddenly its so horrible thing. If you took the time to look past the smoke screen of chaos and odd s*it that you see from first glance you would see that most of these people are devoted to a deeper message then ANY fan base in musical history. 80% of the people that hate on ICP and juggalos are just mad cause two 8th grade drop outs made more out of their lives then any of them will ever do in theirs.

    1. wald0

      "... these people are devoted to a deeper message then ANY fan base in musical history."

      What a laugh, every fan base says this exact same thing. None of them have ever made a real difference though, except maybe the hippies. They at least managed to get the country to sit up and pay attention to the war. Most people have never heard of a juggalope, get over yourself. You're just a bunch of people that like a certain rap band, no more, no less. Hardly worth a documentary in my opinion. There is nothing new or original about it, people have been following this band or that since bands have been about. Several bands have had cult followings larger than this one, yet where are they now?

    2. oQ

      Like the Deadhead.

    3. Psych3d

      He did it... he called this a "documentary" ;) ... noooo run, run!!!

    4. Mr Makanhoes #Alien

      Just because we have not made a difference does not mean we are not trying. It's fine that you dislike something so much that you need to voice your thoughts on it when it does not pertain to you... Juggalos are about acceptance and individuality. As for the juggalope comment you apparently know tons about juggalos since you felt the need to try to senselessly bash people for having their own taste. I could sit here an go back an forth but whats the point... i know you wont change your mind cause your captured in a state of judgement and im not going to change just cause some random dude talks about how something is "not original" when everything in your life is a pass down of something that was already around... nothing is original everything in this world is a repeated copy of something that once was something else.

    5. I AM POP SLAG.

      Thing is, whilst you are devotionally attached to this band who have some good tunes maybe? dunno not my sort of thing havent heard it- just looked like a bunch of i*iots in a field about as dangerous as some slightly annoying boy racers or any other band for that matter. the music of these clowns is just that isnt it? any great message they have will be lost because clowns ,to most adults, are considered by most to be a bit creepy (but kids seem to like em)

      thing is you arent kids are you? and your watching clowns? ever heard the term "bread and circuses"? your not rebelling you are conforming its just when you are older the clowns will be making experimental jazz and the beer bongs will be glasses of wine or you will be dead of a case of s*upid.

      yes party on...we know ..we heard it before...just stop the i*iot with the fireworks from blowing his own fingers off.

      I got that far in and stopped watching- you can have fun without being total f@@king i*iots you know?

      It might get you the time with your doc to tell the world about this deeper message these messianic clowns want to share, All i heard was some deranged, high as a kite buffon bang on about "sewing up a womans c::@t" and various other hideous things like anasty ten year old who had just learned the word and got hold of his dads horror video collection and drunk two litres of cola.

      I fear the collective sense of belonging you feel to the "juggalos" is little more than a true bonded affiliated group of r*tarded people...if that were to become a movement in its own right then fantastic but you have to be a bit more civilised if you are to represent the learning disabled peoples of this worlds right to act out their natural instincts in a relatively safe environment.

      Another thing is that with your collective behaviour the more your posse or movement or party grows they will shut you down like it aint no thing...the hells angels have parties but they are not like they used to be,,,which is a good thing

  43. Trevis Robotie

    sweet freedom.too expensive

  44. Sable Knight

    Well close minded comments will appear everywhere. I thought the overwhelming message was inclusiveness, I.E. (Family). I guess some people are still caught up with appearance and how others use the english language. It may not be my scene but at least they seemed real!!

    1. matthew hawker

      well said..and no typo's! respect!

    2. wald0

      They seemed real? What do you mean by that remark? Do you mean that they seem to be expressing sincerity, not putting on an act in order to present some pre-manufactured concept of who they are? I couldn't disagree more. It reminds me of that episode of south park when the goth kids tell Stan, "If you want to not be a conformist you just have to act like us, wear the same clothes we wear, and listen to the same music we do". These people don't seem original in the slightest to me.

  45. Marty Feinstein

    I read somewhere that Western Culture is in its dying thows. I fear the dreadful has already happened

  46. Bob Trees

    Silly me! I thought this was about a band dressed up as clowns.

  47. Rick Kiriakidis

    You know I've read the comments and people tend to forget what they were like when they were young kids trying to fit in. You do stupid stuff and you live for the moment. Sure, some people will never go on to much more than having a mediocre life of hardship and living day to day, but thats not a symptom of being a "Juggalo", its part of every social group. These kids are no different than kids who like metal, go to raves or Woodstock type rock festivals. You can ridicule these kids all you want but its easy to forget what you were up to when you were a young kid and wanting to have fun was the only thing that mattered. Its a time of their life they will never forget.

    1. Kateye70

      Well said. All the "stupid stuff" I did in my first years away from home are my favorite memories now. Wouldn't change it for the world.

    2. Pysmythe

      Me, too. And the people that I did them with are the best part of all. I'm only 48, and so many of them are gone already, for all kinds of different reasons.

    3. dufas_duck

      Way back, before political correctness and zero tolerance of everything, my high school yearbook had several pages devoted to "Most Likely To....." which listed students that were jocks, nerds, geeks, those who excelled, those that failed, and most anybody that gained some sort of reputation while attending high school.

      This was during the early 50s... My "Most likely to......" was that it was doubtful that I would see the year 2000. Being adventurous in my youth, I was involved in all sorts of questionable activities.

      There were lists and adjoining short descriptive paragraphs describing why some student was "Most likely to succeed" or "Most likely to fail" or "Most likely to ...whatever the student's predication at that time indicated..."

      During a class reunion held in 2000, it was found that:

      ........the forecasts were mostly wrong.. of those deemed most likely to succeed, very few made anything of themselves, most ended up being normal, work-a-day people and pretty average. Some ended up in prison for white collar crimes, others became fairly down trodden, alcoholics, heavy drug users, or just had trouble making a good life for themselves.

      Of those that were 'Most likely to fail', many ended up either in good corporate positions or started their own businesses. Some did remain 'geeks', others, as expected, ended up on technical or science fields.

      The closest forecast results concerned the punks and the school bullies. Many of them jumped from job to job, a number of them spent their time in and out of jails or ended up in prison. Several became policemen.

      It is usually difficult to forecast how a person will end up by their high school or college antics.....

  48. wald0

    Most of these people are either so stup1d they can't form a coherent sentence, or so high they can't-"Just living life, having fun, aha ha! Doin' whatever I want, aha ha!! Woot, woot woot"!!! In other words, "I'm a selfish loser that decided to celebrate my failure as if it were an accomplishment and be proud of my own self absorption."

    1. geamala

      I like that, well said.

    2. duguayp79

      I couldn't have said it better myself.

  49. Adam Young

    couple of fat ass wiggers who once saw an Adicts Tshirt form a band and every mid western under achiever found another reason to stay stupid.

  50. avd420

    I watch this and I can smell hotdogs.

  51. Kevin Travers

    future civilizations are going to have a field day with this one.

  52. mn_skatepunk

    HAHAHAHAHA! You have got to be kidding me. Does anyone here have an IQ above 70?

    1. matthew hawker

      who cares what thier IQ is? stop acting so superior. u don't need a high IQ to have fun and treat ppl with respect.

    2. I AM POP SLAG.

      142-properly professional test too.
      Doesnt say much really besides the test is mostly spatial puzzles which is a rather particular skill- i believe i did rather well mainly because of an interest in engineering
      the iq test in its modern form is more of a test to see if you would make a good technician rather than a genius of any sort.
      Your score is also quite dependant on the speed with which you perform the tasks. you can get stuff right but if you take too long...
      my tester was very attractive and i couldnt concentrate on the last puzzle because well...ehem.

  53. Hamdy Shaban

    hippies are that the war

    1. anonymoose

      Devoid of any real purpose behind what they're doing, these guys seem a lot worse than hippies even.

    2. a_no_n

      nah man, hippies went on to pollute modern society ina bad way...Hippies continue to screw us over with the wonderfully depressing things like Homeopathic AIDS remedies and anti scientific gm/nuclear hysteira...All these kids seem to want to do is have a good time and identify as something niche.

    3. gert2222

      looks like the fascists are back too.