Inside the U.S. Secret Service

Inside the U.S. Secret Service

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Inside the U.S. Secret ServiceLearn more about the U.S. Secret Service that you ever thought possible as National Geographic cameras venture into uncharted territory to bring viewers the most comprehensive view of the secretive government agency ever. From the remarkable measures taken to protect the President and his family to an agents-eye view of the job duties and a look at the exhaustive training program it takes to join this elite agency, you won't believe your eyes when National Geographic cameras start rolling and the secrets of the Secret Service are revealed.

A really good look at what the Secret Service is all about. Great history and current information. Having had a small taste of it when the first President Bush paid a visit and I was an attendee at a function, I can attest to the thorough job that is done before, during and after his appearance. Truly amazing.

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10 years ago

Haven't watched this doco, but it's amusing to note in the brief description above the Secret Service having revealed her secrets.

Maybe the institution shall now be appropriately known as Not So Secret Service. I guess it would be safe to say that it is naive to assume that secrets are secrets being made known, but the naivety of the producer of this doco seems to stand out.

Frank N. Blunt
11 years ago

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11 years ago

really good doc , so interesting learned a lot

11 years ago

I would also like to comment that the duties of the SS to protect the POTUS should be their only duty; counterfeiting of currency should be assigned to another agency. Why, you ask? Well, protecting the privately owned Federal Reserve’s fiat currency is in service to the banksters who print the money and that is a conflict of interest.
Incidentally, President Kennedy, before his assignation, was in the act of taking the power to print money away from the privately owned Federal Reserve.

11 years ago

Good documentary, however concerning the Kennedy assignation, the two pedestals where the SS agents were assigned on the back of his open limousine were vacant. The SS presents on the back of the limo would have obstructed the shooters.
The documentary did not include the images of the two agents leaving their stations just prior to the assignation nor the reason for them to leave their post. Highly unusual don’t you think? Yet, there is no explanation for that unusual behavior by the SS at such a critical time.

12 years ago

agreed w/ the rest, i love this site :D on the quest for more knowledge

12 years ago

Your web site was very intresting for further investigation

12 years ago

American gangsters...

13 years ago

just wanna say thanks man love the site keep up the good work :)

13 years ago

i love this site!
so much stuff u can put in your head just by watching!
entertainment mixed with education at its best

14 years ago

Welcome to TDF Thomas, and thanks a lot.

14 years ago

Vlatko, are you one of the site administrators/owners? Anyways, I just want to say thank you :) Great site, I love it.. I've been watching documentary after documentary for the last week. Keep it up :D