The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

2007, History  -   12 Comments
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The Great Wall Of ChinaIt was the most ambitious building project ever attempted in the history of mankind. And its story has been almost impossible to tell - until now.

Based on astonishing new archaeological finds and extraordinary first-person accounts, Great Wall of China tells the story of one of the greatest wonders the world has ever known. It's more than 3,000 miles in length and was built in just 20 years by a workforce of nearly two million using technology and construction techniques that continue to inspire awe even today.

The story of its building, one of human drama, labor and loss, is told in this film through three individuals, each one central to the tale. Thirteen-year-old Emperor Muzong, whose Kingdom is pushed to the brink of destruction by invading Mongolian warriors, demands that a wall be built that can never be breached again.

General Qi Jiguang, a military hero and engineering genius, is tasked with overseeing the largest workforce ever assembled on earth. And Zhou Li, an ordinary soldier, is forced to work in conditions of unimaginable hardship but ultimately finds sanctuary and peace in the shadow of this great wall.

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  1. Jonathan

    Too much time... and probably money... spent on the dramatisation of incidents. Would have been better with a simple narrator, facts and interviews. Would also probably have been about an hour shorter. Interesting topic, though.

  2. isana1

    Great Wall is a proof of great FEAR of chinese from mongols, not more.

    1. kongkakingchongcha

      No, that is completely incorrect. The Mongols didn't come to existence at approx. 1000 years after the great wall.

      The Great Wall was there to prevent Hiungno tribes not from invasion but preventing them from robbing the boarders. They act exactly just like the Huns from the Roman age; rob, kill, rape, enslave etc. (people do FEAR barbarians like these). Though not proven, Scholars even suspect a part of these Hiungno tibe later became the Huns because their behaviors are very similar.

      Later in the history, a majority of these Hiungno migrated into China during one of the greatest ethnic merges and some of them stayed in the north which ultimately become today's Mongolian.

  3. TigersPaw

    Great Doc.
    Looking forward to more like this on China's history and culture. Hopefully China will allow a more open border to scientists,archeologists and historians. Since Columbus in 1492 the history we Americans have is 600 years old. China's history is 6000+ years old.

  4. SimonTheSorcerer

    I liked this documentery good balance between information and reenactment as coyote03 said it . I found , that they tried to focus on the ordinary people/soliders , who build the walls and then manned them very nice. Even though they leave little trace of their existence, they still managed to dig up something. Which was both surprising and heartwarming. The acting was fine if not exceptional . I would recommend this!

  5. yal

    A wall is only Great if it supports a roof!!!

  6. Justin

    Great Doc! Yes, I was at the Great Wall (badaling section) earlier this year and was amazed not only climbing it but to spend some time in the museums which will add even more to this documentary.

    One thing that stands out here - you notice in this doc they mention the actual transport of bricks to the top of the mountain is a mystery. They suppose dudes just carried rucksacks of brick but I don't buy that... I think they did something with ropes and pulleys and I even got to toss my little theory at the museum hehe. Hey.. lets see if someone can solve that.

    What really blew my mind was just how much and how many walls there were! I just figured it was this one long line but it has 'avenues' and 'forks' and sections going here and there. (some old meet the newer etc).

    But anyways.. highly highly recommend this on life's list and I thought this Doc did a great job reviewing the story behind it all!

  7. ez2b12

    Better than I thought it would be. I'm just not that interested in the subject matter, still a very informative and well put together doc. though.

  8. mad

    Great documentary

  9. ez2b12

    Not to many comments on this one, think I'll skip it...wait. I see The Coyote has been here, may have to give this one a try after all. The Coyote says it's good- I'll try it.

  10. javi

    just to show how anything is possible, when there is good leadership.

  11. coyote03

    Can't wait to visit China and the Great Wall some day! Really enjoyed this documentary, good mix of recreations and archaeological investigation.