Hans Zimmer Revealed

Hans Zimmer Revealed

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He's one of the great chameleons of the silver screen. He's given musical voice to subjects as varied as professional race-car drivers, estranged siblings, military leaders, the Caped Crusader, the Man of Steel, and a certain legendary sleuth. But who is Hans Zimmer, really? As profiled in the documentary Hans Zimmer Revealed, he's more than just one of the most admired, influential and in-demand composers working in films today.

Driven by a relentless desire to create and play music, Zimmer took the film world by storm in the late 1980s and has continued to leave an indelible mark on international film culture ever since. Audiences were immediately drawn to his thrilling and distinctive sound, and this soon led to a series of unforgettable projects with legendary directors like Ridley Scott, Terrence Malick and Christopher Nolan.

The film captures Zimmer and his band mates as they prepare for a live concert at the Apollo Theater in London. They workshop each selection for live performance, and the results transcend the flickering images for which they were originally composed. We witness the camaraderie between each musician, and the exacting and joyful nature of their fruitful collaboration. Many of these fine musicians have worked with Zimmer for many years. In one interview after another, they speak glowingly of his capacity to bring out the best in them and the freedom they're given to explore their own musical expression.

We hear the stories behind the creation of many of his most popular scores, and are allowed a feast of musical performance highlights, including the infectious and plucky buoyancy of Sherlock Holmes, the percussive authority of Crimson Tide, the hymn-like majesty of Gladiator, the touching and tender ache of Rain Man, and the rallying anthems of The Lion King. Finally, the film presents us with Zimmer himself, who comes across as a modest, inquisitive and down to Earth presence in spite of his extraordinary accomplishments and influence.

Certain to please both casual and avid lovers of film scores, Hans Zimmer Revealed is a highly enjoyable look inside the artistic process of one of our greatest musical talents.

Directed by: Pierre Futsch, Maxime Marion

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4 years ago

He's always been my favorite musician.

6 years ago

he is fool which produces a bio about himself it is so pedantic

7 years ago

This man is simply amazing, soundtracks from The Pirates of Caribbean, Madagascar 2 to King Arthur and many more, thanks Hanz the mankind will remain richer with you. Go to Spotify and just hear the diversity of his work.

7 years ago

It's always a treat to hear people who see the world through music.