Human Body: Pushing The Limits

Human Body: Pushing The Limits

2008, Science  -   17 Comments
Ratings: 6.55/10 from 60 users.

Human Body: Pushing the Limits takes you across continents and introduces you to people who have pushed their bodies to the max.

This groundbreaking documentary uses CGI technology and hi-tech camera work to examine their physical ordeals in vivid detail both externally and internally!

From mountain climbing, martial arts and desperate rescues to medical breakthroughs and professional sports, here are the tales of the incredible power and performance of the amazing body we call our own.

Four areas are covered: Strength, sight, brainpower and sensation. Learn what the human body can do in the most extreme circumstances.

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17 Comments / User Reviews

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  1. Brenda

    Would be nice if you could add captions for the deaf and hard of hearing can enjoy the video as well.

  2. Christian

    Very Cool and interesting I enjoyed it and learned a lot. It was a bit freaky when they showed the brain but other then that it was really cool.

  3. Watcher

    Very cool and interesting showed the brain too much

  4. Hergeir Staksberg

    link broken

  5. call center service

    That's really amazing concept of extreme pushing bodies.

  6. LLaqui

    This is amazing

  7. eyecandy_babydoll

    If you think humans are incredible, you should see animals. We're not the best, fastest or strongest physical predator on the planet - what makes us so dangerous and successful are our brains.

  8. the intrested

    thank you very much you scientist people for informing us by this great information that makes our mind full and taking us into your research to an ordinary world ... than you again .

  9. aaaaa

    worst audio ever

  10. killer

    soo cool i didn't believe that a human body can do all of that when pushing to its limits thanks guys that made human body :pushing the limits i didn't find any information like that in any library but whatever thanks to the gays that made it and the guys that helped in making it.

  11. bob

    Liked the interesting details inthis documentary but I found it extremely annoying when they were just showing recontructions over and over, I mean I get the point go on tell me the interesting stuff.

  12. Life.Is.The.Alien

    Wow... cyborg vision... the wonderful possibilities for new adventures, positive experiences, learning opportunities, and original horrors.

    I have always thought that we have less freedom of 'choice' in life than people always tend to think. So much of our experience and desire is automatic, intellectual free choice is often just a slave to the lower instinct. We have very little power even over our own bodies! Though hopefully in the future this will change.

    Personally I have never experienced life-like dreams, as some of the lucid dreamers describe. My dreams rarely have any detail - only the bare minimum to create an feeling experience of the moment or an episode. I am always aware that I am dreaming... it is like my logic center never turns off.... even when I sleep. For example I have never had a dream where I feel present.

    Science of dreaming is of course pretty vague and cryptic itself because of the immense complexity involved dealing with the phenomena.

  13. Yavanna

    bah my name got written over by some spam

  14. Achems Razor

    Must be our high proof beer, or our Canadian Rye, Mr. Y.

  15. Yavanna

    A highly entertaining doc that illustrates the strength, ingenious yet automated nature of the human being.

    Still looking for the doc that explains why Canadians have flappy heads though :(

    1. bruce thomas

      like Southpark flappy? r Chael Sonnen flappy?

  16. Achems Razor

    Very interesting Doc. Evolution, lucid dreaming,

    How to live longer by caloric restriction,

    Same flight or fight responses as animals.

    How are brain slows down time in dire needs. etc: etc: