Body Beautiful

Body Beautiful

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Body BeautifulMore and more young Australian men are willing to put their lives on the line for the perfect body. Study showed that they're bowing to social pressure to be bigger and stronger.

In the quest for the perfect physique they sacrifice a normal life, while some are taking it to the extreme. These guys just don't want to do it slowly anymore. They want instant gratification. Just how far Australian men are willing to go for the "body beautiful."

While the sun, sand and the surf are definite attractions, so are the bodies on display. In the summer beaches become the pageant stages for young fit men to show off their physical prowess. For some achieving physical perfection is only a passed time, for others it can be an obsession.

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  1. m

    Honestly, legalize test for over 45 year old men. It's only when you feel yourself diminishing and don't want to be weaker in various ways, it's heartbreaking. Let us stay strong mentally and physically. Do you really think phama companies have your health at heart over money?

  2. Ryan Hahn

    I once asked a bunch of girls what kind of body they like on a guy. Majority of them thought the lean and toned guys were cute. When asked about bodybuilders' bodies, most didn't like them, and some even thought they were gross.
    The girls thought the muscle bound guys were conceited, while the toned guys just took care of themselves. I got news guys, the girls want to be the pretty one in the picture, not the other way around. Frankly, I think these guys do this just to satisfy their egos.

    1. rainmaker

      Agreed. Many surveys show that women perceive muscular men as physically dangerous, and are much more attracted to well-shaped and toned men.

    2. hisdudenessishere

      What a load of bulls*it.

  3. disqus_05E76Cty8S

    worst doco I've seen, anyone that bags the mental and physical gains and requirements to keep fit. I know heaps of natural bodybuilders, biased crap doco with factual content to back up the opinion

  4. Sy2502

    Much misunderstanding here. Why do body building? Well why do anything? Why run marathons? Why climb mountains? Why get a degree? Why start a business? Why have kids? All things that are hard, require huge commitments and sacrifice. Why do it? Why not have a mediocre life with mediocre achivements? It's disheartening to see how many people don't get the notion of setting lofty goals for oneself, and work hard to achieve them. It is a feeling of accomplishment like no other. But if you have never done it, you will never know it.
    Also while drugs are in fact to be handled with respect and full knowledge of the pros and cons, 'roid rage is a stupid myth, and the very fact steroids are illegal prevents good solid scientific research that may allow them to be used for 'recreational purposes' under doctor supervision.

    1. bodbod

      well said!

  5. Artemisynn

    These men are not attractive to me, lean muscle that comes from just taking good care off yourself is great - but non of this super bulk that at its extreme is not practical but rather physically restrictive. Much prefer a skinny or healthy thick figured man - ultimately attracted to those who look after themselves and want to enjoy life. I know my partner ( very slim) wishes he had 'abs' etc and it's sad how male unrealistic body ideals (like women's) make him feel inadequate - because his body is his and he looks great. I can't imagine him looking like something else, imagine if all men were super-muscles:/ The variety is much better.

  6. Andrey Nwohater

    body building for people who likes to waist their lives.
    maybe they can attract women but not for long time.

    1. Ken Shaw

      i think you mean "waste"...i'll be 30 in 2 confident i look better at 30 than i did at 20 thanks to diet/exercise/bodybuilding...speaking of confidence, i'm certain that i won't be able to maintain a magazine cover body forever but im confident that the confidence it has built in me will last a life time.
      ...your name suits you well señor hater

    2. Roberto Vidal

      you must be fat.

    3. Roberto Vidal

      or weak. Whatever state of being make you resent those who strive to accomplish a superior physical state.

  7. Lovro Šari? Kora?evi?

    I never understood the metrosexual idea of a handsome-or should I say "pretty"-man.

    1. Ken Shaw

      your body is the greatest tool you are ever given..if you can't understand trying to reach its potential or maintaining a competitive edge then i'm sure there is quite a bit you don't understand in general. fyi beauty isn't a male or female thing. it's a beautiful thing.

    2. Lovro Šari? Kora?evi?

      Beauty is a term and it varies on things relying on contrast. One of the most significant contrasts is male and female. Each side compliments the other by being drastically different. Therefore beauty is a delicate term and depends entirely on balance or measure. Nature makes no mistakes in it's measures and shows beauty in function. Humans tend to forget about function and concentrate entirely on beauty. The reason is vanity. By that they loose a sense of measure and make lies, which are in aesthetics known as kitsch(think of fake boobs). Kitsch is also a term to describe unnecessary. When loosing balance, vanity will defend its lie saying that it has a function of beauty, forgetting that beauty can only exist in function, and function can not exist in a lie.
      (you were right about the most part of your comment though!)

  8. ZTC_G

    Welcome to the ultimate pusification of men. This is the way to turn men to perfect consumers. What's next, cry coz u can't get the body u saw in the magazine? These girls need to grow one thing.... balls not muscles.

    1. JezusVanNazareth

      Yes, because becoming stronger, better looking and testosteron-fuiled, is EXACTLY the same as becomming a it isn't, t's the OPPOSITE.

      There is nothing wrong with steroids, if you start using them ONLY when you've reached your genetic potential.

    2. IndustryOfBlame

      Yea, because giving in to peer pressure and being persuaded to sacrifice all of your free time and possibly your health for that one goal is considered a manly thing to do. I guess that's the way to go if you want to make it in any sport, but it hardly makes you a better man, it just makes you good at what you do.

    3. ZTC_G

      Real men are born with testosterone, smarty. The only reason u need to inject some is if u r a girl ;)

    4. Michael Goodman

      The real problem today is not men obsessing over their bodies but boys who do not know how to grow into men because of a severe lack of good male role models.

      Being a man involves sufferance, self-sacrifice and dedication in all that you do and anyone who can push their body to its limits by training like this is at least on the road to being a man.

      Would you rather they were sat in front of a computer spewing crap onto some comments section that no one cares about?

      And to put you straight, both men and women have testosterone and estrogen at differing levels. Working out increases the testosterone levels in both, as does taking some supplements.

    5. ZTC_G

      Someone sounds like a sore girl. Missing supplements today?

  9. PaulGloor

    Being one of those skinny, nerdy guys, I say its about time there was some attention in this department... Its not only women who are fronted with these often unachievable standards of outward image.
    I have tried too, worked out regular. Its a fight for me to put on any kind of mass so I said screw it, Its enough to be a healthy weight and build. It still depresses me though when I see the girls fawning over the pretty boy with muscles and a truck and pisses me off when I hear about them being pricks to women.

    1. Imightberiding

      Don't be a prick to women. (or any one for that matter) Look after your self as best you can & be as healthy as you are able to. Be a decent human being & forget about big trucks & big artificial muscles. A healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy mind will take you much farther in life with a much happier outcome, be it women or men that you are attracted to.

      Any person worth your time will ultimately see far past the exterior beauty of those you are pissed off at. It is unfortunate that so many women are side tracked with abusive @ss h@les. My experience has mostly been women attracted to wealthy @ss h@les more than men more physically imposing than me. I am fairly fit & I believe relatively intelligent. It is not exclusive to women to measure up to a certain standard to attract a partner. Men fall prey to this as well.

      Don't be one! Be the best Paul Gloor you can be & accept the win fall that is certain to follow. Cheers!

    2. PaulGloor

      I'm in my 30's now and well beyond caring about the popularity contest these days but thanks for the pep talk :P I think I do a pretty good me.
      I just hate when people fall prey to it, Fashion and figure create a near endless spiral of self destruction and I've seen it bring people to tears one way or another.

    3. Cineplex

      I like nerds and so do my friends.

    4. PaulGloor

      I'm 35 and single ;P

    5. ZTC_G

      I come across many beautiful girls that are attracted to nerdy skinny guys. The only problrm is they do not seem to make a move. So all u need to grow is balls not muscles. U got enough testosterone there, plus what imightberding below said also helps. As a marketer, I can tell u this how we have women entrapped into shopping stupid sh and spending all their time in the mirror as opposed to doing something good for themselves.

    6. JaniMyshtari

      Paul, my advice to you would be that the kind of woman who needs only to see a nice body and a nice vehicle to fall for a guy is not the sort of woman a quality man should be interested in anyway. Granted, girls who dig skinny, nerdy guys aren't exactly the majority, but they're out there. Keep looking and above all be confident and you'll attract the type of women that will truly make you happy.

    7. Simon Opacak

      That's the problem, more and more guys are becoming "bodybuilders" which makes the skinny/nerd type lose confidence, because they are seeing these guys get all the girls. vicious circle.

    8. rainmaker

      Remember this (VERY IMPORTANT): for any woman, the most important quality in a man is SELF-CONFIDENCE. Period.

  10. Jeremy Hughes

    One place that people don't seem to even care about steroid use is here in America in the up and coming MMA circuit. Nearly all of the 18-40 age bracket amateur MMA fighters I have come into contact with all admit they take anabolic steroids. The whole sport should honestly be shut down because I guarantee ALL of them are using it. When you see men that have the frame of a small woman packing over 200lbs of muscle, you are either ignorant or purposely deluding yourself when trying to convince others that it is from their "hard work". I know REAL gym rats, they don't look like that, at all...

  11. dmxi

    steroids...the solution for better sports or the begining of moral decline!
    the spirit of the old roman empire revived...the best deserve to leave the stadium!

  12. JezusVanNazareth

    RIP Zyzz - Forever Mirin'