I Am Fishead: Are Corporate Leaders Psychopaths?

I Am Fishead: Are Corporate Leaders Psychopaths?

2011, Psychology  -   314 Comments
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Generally it's well established fact that a small percentage of society causes a disproportionately massive amount of problems and suffering for the rest of us. We've always wondered what holds humans back from creating the kind of society we'd all love to see. We used to call it evil but now we know that some people don't have the capacity to empathize or be remorseful.

The documentary I Am Fishead: Are Corporate Leaders Psychopaths? examines whether the people at the top are more likely to be psychopaths than the rest of us.

The neurological definition of a psychopath is someone with small amygdala (lesser fear response) and often less connections to the frontal lobe, the center for reasoning. There are many people like this and the reasoning is that these people are more disposed to taking risks and are therefore more often in a position to take advantage of an opportunity. A psychopath is a risk taker and often fearless of most consequences.

It really boils down to how you define evil. Some derive pleasure from causing others pain, and this is the litmus test for purely evil behavior. If you don't derive pleasure from killing the man behind the counter because he won't hand over the money, or from signing the paper that privatizes the water supply in a small nation, but you do it anyway, because you want the reward, this would still constitute evil but to a lesser extent. In the first case, the thrill and positive emotions of performing the destructive act is your reward. In the second case, the reward lies in the payoff from the act, and the suffering you cause is just unimportant.

This is looking at it from an individual level however. From a societal perspective, the 'lesser' evildoers, or the sociopaths, are probably more dangerous, because they differ less from the average guy. They are just ready to go that one extra step to attain what they crave. Put in situations where that kind of behavior is rewarded, and the responsibility is diffused or non-existent, they are likely to thrive.

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  1. Really bizarre that the film never discusses narcissism or even mentions it at all. How can one discuss people who manipulate and lack empathy without once discussing narcissism?

  2. wow- exactly where we are today!

  3. SO RELEVENT FOR 2021....

  4. Corporate capitalism is an economic psychopathic system.

  5. Worst documentary I have ever seen in my life. Very bad logic.

  6. A great premise, warranting serious study, completely derailing by the 30 minute mark when it switches to an anecdotal witch hunt.

  7. Love this documentary

  8. ed: A psychopath will NOT be handing out pills at a funeral if they even attend a funeral at all.

  9. The damage a documentary can do when it misleads and is incorrect is tragic for society that thinks it is learning or that "it is true because it is a documentary". The fallacies contained here are a mishmash of suppositions and poorly presented at that. An anxiety disorder or depression have nothing to do with psychopath/sociopath behavior. "Mental illness" is also a poor choice of words that covers the nature of brain and thought disorder. Paranoid schizophrenia is nothing close to an anxiety disorder and shown here the "man in the street" is clueless about everything. Not all sociopaths are serial killers but all serial killers are sociopath/psychopath. The sociopath you will know or already have known has no emotion, has no concept of right or wrong and if you tell them they don't they don't care. They have nothing to do with capitalism but only care about themselves, they will not reach high levels of management because they will not work hard for anything, their victims will have worked hard for what they had stolen from them by the psychopath. Use the term "sociopath" as the same thing and you won't be wrong by much. A psychopath will be handing out pills at a funeral if they even attend a funeral at all. They don't feel emotion and will quickly be outed by more astute people who see those who must fake emotions because they cannot feel emotion. Once in their clutches the victim is conflicted because they love the sociopath but slowly realize they are being used and their savings are becoming depleted by the sociopath. Normal people are called "empaths", those who truly love and care. A sociopath cannot look at a photo of a person and know the subject's emotional state. A smiling face on a picture shows a happy person, a sociopath cannot see that.

    The medications mentioned here do not make a sociopath and do a great disservice those who take those meds and are helped. Misuse of drugs do not make a sociopath. If you to know about the subject of sociopath/psychopath read Dr Robert Hare's books. This video is a mess of nonsense and its creator should be chastised or suspected of fraud. Dr Hare has the definitive list of traits to look for to identify the sociopath/psychopath. If you are disinterested then one rule to follow is do not loan or give money to anyone who asks. Do not bash capitalism just because you have been told to. Capitalism creates jobs and its only enemy is government and government is a collective of sociopathic behaviors using its power to take money at gunpoint from the people. The very reason for term limits and all defined in the Constitution. Gun control is a fine example of sociopaths misleading the gullible in an effort to castrate and enslave. How "red flag' laws are even considered by people as a benefit when it misuses "mental illness" as a reason to circumvent protected Rights is abomination and will reveal its faults after the damage is done and only then.

    I am happy to see that many comments are in agreement that this video is trash. I for one have no idea what "fish head" even means. When you are in the trap set by the sociopath you must escape by running away and never looking back. That person will have drained your bank account and will already have another victim in his sway yet will attempt to draw you back for a little more. Never associate with that person again. They only want your money. Period. End of story.

  10. Didn't care for the cheesy production methods, where the fishhead logo was flashed on your screen every few minutes. Thought they'd tire of it and stop after about 30 minutes, but it carries on the entire documentary. Like some other readers, I found that the original thesis of 'People of power are psychopaths' died out after a while and then there was an odd transition to other topics. Weak on many levels, informative on others, if you can deal with the cheesy production styles.

  11. Decent, but strayed away from the self-proclaimed thesis of are corporate leaders psychopaths. It pretty much established that they are, but I would have been interested in a more in depth analysis of how the researchers came to that conclusion, with more specific examples from history and the reasoning behind that diagnosis. Instead, the documentary moved away from the question posed to try to tell readers how society can combat the affect of psychopaths, which was a nice train of thought, but not necessarily what I wanted to sign up to learn about.

  12. The commentary on SSRIs creating sociopaths was ridiculous. The two actual studies that I bothered to find made no claims of the sort--in fact, one of them said the exact opposite: that test subjects who took the SSRI under study became more empathetic and concerned for others. The other study found that SSRIs do increase ADAPTIVE traits seen in psychopaths, such as social charm and interpersonal boldness. But if someone is severely depressed, takes an antidepressant, and sees an increase in social skills and confidence, then that means the antidepressant is doing its job. Not only that, but the SSRI decreased MALADAPTIVE psychopathic traits, like dysregulated impulsivity and externalization.

    I stopped watching around minute 33. Besides the misinformed and fear-mongering stuff about antidepressants, the documentary was a weird combination of overly sensational/dramatic and boring.

    1. I think that you missunderstand. In film they talked about people who are using SSSRI without any clinical issue. There is big difference between real depression and normal ups and downs in everyday life. For people who are using SSSRI without real neeed pills are working in opposite way

  13. I was looking forward to this documentary but found it very slow and I thought the slating of SSRIs was unhelpful and unnecessary; yes they inhibit emotional responses and deserved a mention, but the time dedicated to discussing them and bias against them was frankly, ridiculous. Even though the documentary focused on them being used for less severe diagnoses of mental illness, there was no acknowledgement that for people with more severe forms of depression or anxiety that these can be life-saving drugs. Imagine the impact for someone experiencing more severe mental illness who after watching the documentary now does not feel they should access medication that has been evidenced to potentially help them. I thought the way it was done was irresponsible and as someone who is alive today partly because of this medication I found the views on 'happy pills' deeply invalidating.

    I stopped watching 50 minutes in having learnt nothing new about psychopathy or corporate psychopaths.

  14. Anti-Depressants are prescribed too often, I agree. However, there are people who really do need these medications. Most people who commit suicide are majorly depressed. I didn't see an clear argument in this documentary for antidepressants having a relationship to psychopathy.

  15. A good example of sociopath is in the movie "Night Crawler". What a sicko.

  16. Great Video, I Thoroughly would give it a Solid 9.
    I tend to understand much of the more "unbelievable but true and how truth is stranger than fiction and other issues in life. Cool thanks

  17. Antinatalism FTW. If taking on all the evil in the world is too intimidating you can still refuse to procreate and add to the suffering. If we all did that one thing everything would work out just fine. If we don't then this is what we will always be dealing with.

  18. Thank you for making this documentary.

  19. You spelt fish head wrong.

  20. Psychology IS a science, b.t.w. Pharmaceuticals are used too quickly too often to essentially put a bandaid on a symptom rather than treating the cause of the symptom. Also, Nutritional Healing is possible, in combination with cognitive therapy and behavioral modification. There ARE those who really do require psycho Pharmaceuticals in order to get along in life but I believe the percentage of those people is much less than what we're medicating for.

  21. This is really interesting in respect to anti-depressants. I first took them in my early twenties and on and off for 20 years - mostly off. I would be very surprised if anyone took them didnt end up with some fairly serious side effect at some point. They are pretty horrific and you will never know if you arent just getting placebo effect. They should be for people who are really in a hole. For most people who get prescribed them that just isnt the case. Its a pandemic of learned helplessness, enabled by the medical profession.

  22. Me first, to us first = socialism. Dump Capitolism!

  23. Very provocative. Clarifies the mutually beneficial nature of morality. I especially like the way it points out the irony of the proud individualistic mindset so prevalent today. While it promises maximum freedom of choice and unhindered opportunity, proud individualism actually serves to divide, isolate, and therefore disempower the masses of modern Western society, making them unaware, apathetic, and much easier to control.
    As is so often quoted, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing". I would only add that to do good, good men must unite.

  24. They are paid by investment bankers (usually under the table) to bring short therm gain. Many solution for that is to destroy other people lives.

  25. That evil devil frightened the.... I didn't like it, anyway.

  26. The whole link made of mess to psychopathic behavior might be true, but the film made is seem ridiculous and losses all credibility by using just pure speculation as the substance of the argument.

  27. Are SSRIs overpresecribed? Probably? Are they useful? Many could not get by without them (you try living in an emotionally undead state dominated by anxiety and let me know how that works out for you – I'll take my chances with the drug, thanks). Do they create chemical psychopaths? I dunno, my dose is maxed out, yet I spend my days as a volunteer activist trying to protect people who commonly frustrate the hell out of me from corporate predators because it needs to be done and the 'normal' folks aren't stepping up. It may also be worth bringing up that prior to my taking these medications, I was unable to experience happiness, satisfaction, or altruistic love. But hey, maybe I'm just a freak case, and the fundamental problem with our society is the widespread and long-term use of obviously harmful psychotropic witches' brew and not, in fact, evilly selfish men with an insatiable appetite for power and money.

  28. Very interesting documentary - convincing arguments.
    Avaricious greed for power and wealth - it might lead to psychopathic behaviour. Our increasingly hyper-capitalist and neo-liberal societies encourage this type of thing.

  29. Although there may be psychopaths at the top of the industries as corporate leaders, you don't have to be a psychopath to get to the top. Yes these people have to lack empathy to get to the top, but this is because of the way society works, you have to be ruthless. All those who get to the top don't have to be psychopaths to do this, as a part of capitalism the aim to be rich can be enough to ignore morals.

    The real problem as pointed out in the documentary is that the industries themselves are sociopathic. Industries don't make money by using empathy and kindness, they make money by abusing the system, such as using sweatshops. The only way corporate leaders make it to the top is by being a part of this system, they can't do this by using empathy and being moral.

    So how do we change this? Changing the way these sociopathic industries work. If industries became moral, even if a psychopath makes it to the top they will only do so by mimicking morality.

  30. Would've watched it were it not for annoying edits and the ridiculous fish head graphic.

  31. If you like sex you'll have to take Viagra as the drugs create impotence. But it might be worth it, considering the fact that you are at the top of your social circle game.

  32. These drugs are very good for some people, and not so good for others. For me, when I was on them, they made me into a very warm, kind, caring sort of person, who didn't tick with deadlines and pressure, but actually connected with each and every person that I dealt with in a friendly sort of way. Others who have taken the drugs dealt with issues that weren't so good. Some people are Supermen on the drugs, that create wonderful environments for them and their social groups.

  33. How do I become a sociopath? I mean, c'mon men, they get laid more. They usually make more money. They sleep like babies, despite what they did to someone else the day before, after all, they had it coming to them.
    They are usually on their fifth marriage but who cares, they always have some hot, young, bimbo sitting on their noggin at work. So, how do I become a sociopath? Should I just go out and practice ruining everyone's day? Be rude to everyone? Get into one fist fight a month? Tell me my sociopathic friends.

    1. You know Clay, there's a fine line between lampooning and indulgence.
      Hey- you should check out The Wolf of Wall Street. In that movie you can see good actors playing idiotic roles, saying idiotic lines under terrible, farcical directing by Scorsese, and just basically feeding us a line that nothing could actually be that terrible. They are that terrible, however, just in a very different way. Not like Goodfellas.
      I don't what to say. Life is very short and you're either doing a better or worse job of it than you could be. Introspection is important.

  34. What's up with the constant submiminal fish icon that keeps flashing? I don't like or trust that. Stopped me from watching anymore wiithin 5 minutes of the film.

    1. You don't like fish?

  35. The Chinese phrase “the fish stick from the head” suggests that human mind can create external crisis. For example, in the economic crisis most banks offered low interest rates in mortgages to later increase them to unreasonable rates. It is unreasonable to think that people would not loss their houses, and the government has to come with solutions of this mess. This is psychopath behavior of cool
    thinker that did not measure the consequences in society.

  36. Awesome documentary. And inspiring. I'll try to stop scowling so much and see if forgiveness works out better for me.

  37. Like many documentaries, it only explains clearly the problem side of the system. It does not provide a clear solution, only a weak temporarily one. If it wasn't made for entertainment purposes, this documentary would have concentrated on a more reasonable long lasting solution, perhaps the creation of a system that cannot be easily abused by irresponsible power loving humans.

    1. I hear what you're saying, but it DID talk about the common person- a lot- which most documentaries skip in their investigations of the rich and powerful.

  38. These guys say they can test somebody who is an expert lier...k. so how do they test for lying on their written test?

  39. I have one comment on that: You know nothing Jon Snow, you know nothing...

  40. It's stunning that anti-depressants are called "happy pills," and that these people claim they create a "lack of empathy." First, anti-depressants never made anybody "happy" (if they did, there would be a thriving black market for them, as there is for opiates and stimulants). They merely enable people to function, and the price for that is a half dozen or so really crappy side effects. Second, the claim that anti-depressants destroy empathy is just breathtaking in its inaccuracy. Yes, they can flatten affect (the lows aren't so low, so you don't spend the weekend sobbing in bed for NO rational reason, or ruminating endlessly on suicide ... but also, the highs are never as high -- you're never so much "happy" as you are just not sobbing in bed for no rational reason.) The only way anti-depressants could destroy empathy (which presumably all of us non-psychopaths are either born with or learn at a young age) is if they sedated you to the point where you were drooling in your milk. These absurd claims ruined the credibility of the film's experts.

    Finally, correlation is not causation. The fact that many people in the corporate world take anti-depressants, and some corporate people are psychopaths, does not mean that anti-depressants cause corporate workers to become psychopaths. Really, there is so much shoddy "analysis" in this movie, I'm just shaking my head.

    1. I was on quite a lot for 5 months (thanks for overmedicating me), and I wouldnt say it took my empathy away, but it made me not care at all about many aspects of my life. Im a pretty responsible person Id say, and when I **** something up my concious is all over the place. But 5 months on citalopram and mirtazapin and my economy went down the hole and I started way too much weed for an unemployed man, and I didnt care much, cause I would still fall asleep at night.

      I do believe that for a minority of people ADs can be good. But many dont a damn thing about why they were depressed. They may know the cause, but thats like knowing you got ****, but not why

      EDIT: I should not take so much codeine and debate. The above text is a mess, have fun.

  41. The "shrub" , President Cheney , Ken Lay etc, are proof that either the 5% awareness level either has not been reached as yet or is not true. Surely any intelligent person watching WTC Building 7 collapse must know , yet here we are. I wish the 5% rule were true however I suspect it is not.

  42. Without splitting too many definitional hairs... The shrub and his Dad's decisions killed a LOT of people. Big ag & Big pharma & Big Chem are killing us at the pace of their choosing...

    I want to find more films that dig into the psychopathic corporate beast itself with an in depth look at our very own "non" government of the USA.

  43. Although you have the right rough idea, you are confusing some things.

    Psychopath: a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.
    Sociopath: a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

    The term you want is "sociopath", NOT "psychopath"

    There are a lot of studies over the years that have proven people in roles of leadership (ie. Politicians, CEOs, etc) show signs of sociopathic tendencies.

  44. I agree with the arguments of this review:

    "The explanation of the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths wasn^t clear, nor was the explanation of why corporate psychopaths are associated with "fish heads". The mere fact that there is a Chinese saying that goes "Fish stink from the head" is no explanation for why the fish metaphor should be applied to corporate psychopaths. At some point the makers of the film claim that it had by that point been "proven" that corporate leaders are psychopaths, but in actual fact nothing was proven. There was an assumption right from the start of the video that corporate leaders are psychopaths, and the film tried to find explanations for why this is the case. This is different from proving anything. I find it very annoying to see random film extracts in documentaries, which do nothing more than appeal to feelings of familiarity in audiences that share the same cultural background as the filmmakers, and when people are shown answering a question which hasn't been clearly stated beforehand I consider this as a form of manipulation. The experiments about how people can be influenced to afflict cruel punishments only say something about the American public, not about all human societies. The same is true for the famous prison experiment carried out by Zimbardo."

    Personally I did not need an extract of this film to understand that its information line was want for credulity. A careful reading of the loosely assumptive summary alone makes it clear that this deserves skepticism.

    There is no such thing as a category of human being who are biologically dissimilar. Every development in human nature has an explanation, and it takes only a broadened perspective to eventually come to the conclusion that 0 always = 0. We are balanced. We are alike, we are unalike, we are similar, we are disimilar, but we are made of the same cognitive and anatomical parts and the differences in our behaviour are informed by narrative choices.

    Two cognitive misonomers which sell the idea of a 'psychopath.'

    1 - Ego. Predisposes us to differentiate between individuals, who are ubiquitously unextraordinary except in how they superficially associate themselves with various preexisting social narratives.

    2 - Adherence to Dominant narratives. Public dialogues of a high profile and rate of contagion cary more weight than scientific or objective narratives, which are usually less palatable due to the fact that they are neutral and inconclusive; i.e., followed to their most radical conclusion, they would never justify the legitimacy of one group over another.

    Communication and Differentiation exists solely to ensure the survival of certain traits. When communication is not on some level engaging in a form of protracted hostility between male and female, dominant and submissive, good and evil, right and wrong, it loses all purpose.

    Thank you for reading, and for taking the time.

    A Social Psychologist. [my claim to dominance]

    1. so·ci·o·path [soh-see-uh-path, soh-shee-] Show IPA
      noun Psychiatry.
      a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks asense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

      psy·cho·path [sahy-kuh-path] Show IPA
      a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack ofability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learnfrom experience, etc.

      The Harvey Keitel character explains that while he will do what is necessary "for the job", he doesn't "like it." That psychopath" he says, "You don't know what they will do."

      The sociopath understands and is even capable of feeling, yet makes an amoral choice. The psychopath doesn't comprehend love, empathy, etc... but merely mimics what they observe as acceptable behavior as a means to get what they want. Once they have it, they are capable of moving on without conscience.

  45. There is nothing "turn the cheek" about this film. It calls on all of us to be the one who sets the example of resistance. In this case, "resistance" means acting in good conscience with human sympathy, because the system has no conscience or sympathy.
    The reason you can defeat psychopaths this way is that this sort of behavior is the LAST thing they expect!

  46. Psychopats are not human, they just have human bodies. That's the thing, but normal people is not still prepared to understand it.

  47. This film seems to seek protection for the wealthy, comes from a
    perspective oblivious to poverty. Justice would be served by focusing
    on the top 5-6% referred to at the end of the movie and FORCING a better
    moral code, not by the passive/happy sheep propaganda served up here.
    That's just what the animals/thieves at the top want, a happy, moral
    workforce. So here's a smart (Fishead) doc crafted to seem 'edgy' &
    push a turn-the-other-cheek philosophy for everyone at the bottom. Garbage flick.

    1. It always fascinates me what people perceive because the film is in my view saying exactly what you espouse. They say that all it take is by their studies is 5-6 percent of the population in the "herd" as he defines as essentially "good" and "moral" but passive population to effect change by AWARENESS and displaying behaviour that is desirable. This is changing the SOCIAL NORMS OF WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE. It is very powerful. You only diverge in the FORCING.

  48. The WH is full of them although they are NOT charming at all!!

    1. If WH means the White House, I absolutely agree. I think politicians would be a better punching bag for this documentary. They only, at best, are held accountable every two years. Business leaders are constantly answering to the bottom-line and bad behavior is self-correcting in the free
      market system.

  49. The explanation of the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths wasn^t clear, nor was the explanation of why corporate psychopaths are associated with "fish heads". The mere fact that there is a Chinese saying that goes "Fish stink from the head" is no explanation for why the fish metaphor should be applied to corporate psychopaths. At some point the makers of the film claim that it had by that point been "proven" that corporate leaders are psychopaths, but in actual fact nothing was proven. There was an assumption right from the start of the video that corporate leaders are psychopaths, and the film tried to find explanations for why this is the case. This is different from proving anything. I find it very annoying to see random film extracts in documentaries, which do nothing more than appeal to feelings of familiarity in audiences that share the same cultural background as the filmmakers, and when people are shown answering a question which hasn't been clearly stated beforehand I consider this as a form of manipulation. The experiments about how people can be influenced to afflict cruel punishments only say something about the American public, not about all human societies. The same is true for the famous prison experiment carried out by Zimbardo.

    1. Yes, I too noticed that early on the film didn't address the psychopath/sociopath difference as it stated the two were different. And yes, it implied the association between being a corporate leader and psychopath but that wasn't demonstrated through any sort of concrete evidence; in fact this kind of assertion might be nothing but a blanket generalization.

      There was a book some years ago called "The Sociopath Next Door." The author, a psychologist, indicated that about 4% of the public could merit such a title. This contrasts with the 1% figure give in this film.

  50. Brilliant... This is like some theories that you do not understand unless you have had a practical experience.... Only ones who have had the distinction of dealing with a SOCIOPATH and have survived would be to able to appreciate.....

  51. Nice comments, call me when the revolution starts. In the meantime keep marching to orders.

  52. Czech president was CIA agent i don't have any respect for him. shallow doumantary

  53. worth watching but terrible advice for the masses. 1) don't (as a group) go after the psychopaths and 2) try to do good and let it spread. Unfortunately, this type of random kindness culture plays right into the psychopaths hands.

    I think they ran out of material and just jammed in another unrelated documentary to fill the gap. (Something a sociopathic film producer might do btw). lol

  54. "oh don't mind us we're just psychopaths, and you can't blame us too much because you want to BE us" Wow, wealthy academic white men discussing how they've created such an unnatural world, but suggesting it could get better if everyone was just kind to one another? WELL, that's what people do day to day, taking care of their families and each other. I don't like the way this documentary puts out the few things the psychopathic male has done to gain and keep power, and at the end almost asking that people just deal with it in a kinder fashion? NO, this is the end for the white male supremacist structure, and no HUMAN woman, child or man will do better to keep you parasites around. Good riddance, your structure is and has failed. Now nature will deal with you accordingly, because you are as unnatural as it gets on this earth, destroyers.

    1. Truer words have never been spoken.

  55. Psychopaths make up 1-4% of our human population. We have genetically engineered our food. We are creating spider goats for profit

    We can identify over 1000 diseases through DNA. We can identify psychopaths through brain scans. Why can't we create a DNA test for
    psychopathology? It should be mandatory to test all individuals in high
    leadership positions, If we choose not to use science to identify psychopaths in leadership roles, then we must be willing to continue suffering from psychopaths manipulations.

    1. Bumper, I agree with most of your points. We ought to be looking for those psychopaths nestling deep in the soft, cushy seats of power, instead of spending our time (and making credit-rating industries rich) by grubbily thumbing through the credit scores (and private lives) of the New Poor who are desperately seeking work. The problems, though, are manifold. Who would do this testing for psychopathology? Would it be mandatory or voluntary? Would its results be available to the public, under a Freedom of Informatiion clause (especially important if the subject is running for public office)? Would spouses and families of the subject get to see them? Or would the testing become just another fluff measure, manipulated by psychopaths themselves to exclude their rivals from positions of power?

      I found this documentary to be thought-provoking and startling; I think some of these questions about how to identify and assess psychopaths probably were on the minds of the producers, which is why they ended up advocating non-invasive measures by the end of the film.

      Thanks for your comments, and thanks in advance for giving me a place to respond...

    2. I appreciate intelligent dialogue, in which people can respectively discuss controversy. Nikita your brought up the intelligent topic of ethics for the genetic testing of psychopaths. Testing those in high level leadership roles would be effective and the results should be known to the public at large. We should use science to help nature, rather than for profit. Isn't it ironic that psychopaths make up approximately one per cent of our populace and 1% is known to control the planet?

    3. There is a professor in California studying psychopathy and is also involved himself as a subject in dementia not related to his research. The connection was he does pet scans on his subjects and he also had a pet scan if his brain for the other study. He had looked at his pet scan and was shocked to find his brain correlated to that found in psychopaths. Interestingly he is a distant cousin of Lizzie Borden and also related to the first person who was convicted of matricide. So his discussion went to the nature vs nurture. Please google- pretty interesting stuff.

  56. People have demanded SSRIs . what a joke. They should be banned by law. they aremore dangerous than real drugs like heroin.

  57. we screwed up! What a joke. The financial crash was planned by the international parasitic self chosen supremacist tribal banksters!

  58. I only raed the title and, yes, they are. Now I will watch the documentary.

  59. You are so right!

  60. My friend if you don't believe in psychopaths then all I can assume is that you've never met one. They are completely different from you or I. It's not a "disorder" it's some kind of genetic thing that can't be changed. If you'd met one you'd know, at least if you were on the receiving end of their trickery. I'm sure we all meet lots in our daily lives, it's only when they're in a position of power that the depths of their deceit becomes apparent.

  61. Wow what a piece of junk this video was! I can't believe someone like prof. Zimbardo would associate himself with it. Although probably the only things that made some sense were those HE said. Specifically his discussion on abdicating authority to the government and turn into children. It is, in fact, the reason I find Socialism and the nanny state repulsive, and I identify as Libertarian.
    The whole end segment about being nice to each other was fine but completely beside the point of the video, which is supposed to be about psychopaths. Psychopaths FOR THEIR VERY NATURE aren't influenced by peer pressure to be nice because they don't care. You need a connection with your peers to react to their pressure, and psychopaths cannot form such connections. So nice overall goody-goody stuff, but irrelevant to the discussion.
    And talking about psychopaths, what should we say about people who insult sick individuals for taking their medications by calling them "sociopaths" to make a buck? So much for empathy and compassion...

  62. Yes, "this video is private"? Why is a private video on YOUTUBE?
    I have seen this video once before, found it eye opening and want to show it to others.

  63. Why was this documentary taken down? After what happened in CT yesterday, I really want to learn what exactly is the make up of a phycopath. Please put it back up or let us know if it will be aired on a tv network anything soon.

  64. I can spot a psychopath within 30 minutes or less of meeting them. No problem what so ever. They will always play the exact same role in every group I have ever been in but, even knowing who they are does not stop them from there horrible tactics. There has got to be more the 1% of them in the world or, I just have the great misfortune to be in positions were I come into more contact with them. And, the one guy, in the film, was so right about how the psychopath worms his way into top positions in corporations, by getting rid of the competition. I've seen it happen so many times and I am still amazed how the "leaders" never seem to see it, as all the good people walk out the door or, ask to be transferred to other divisions to escape the constant verbal and psychological assaults everyday. I've even experienced being "set up" by the psychos as a frigging temporary employee where I basically posed no threat to their job at all and still they have to one up you. And, I personally, will always be at a disadvantage because I don't like to lie and the psychos lie and have no problem with it, it's just another tactic to get what they want.

    I didn't mean to blab on and on but, this documentary really helped me to get some confirmation and, that really feels good. It won't help when I get fu*ked over again but, at least I will know I am not alone. I recommend this doc to anyone who has every worked in a corporation.

    1. Hi Colette,

      Your experience sounds very similar to mine. If you've ever worked in a large Corporation, particularly in sales, then you've probably had the pleasure of dealing with a few of these individuals. I've dealt with a couple situations and in most cases, it's almost impossible to continue your job as they will make your life a living hell. It sucks but often the best defence against them is just to leave the Company. It's either that or set them up, which is probably against your nature as a normal empathetic person. They will take advantage of that and use it against you so in most cases fighting back you will be outgunned. If, however, you do choose to fight back against them don't pull any punches and go full on with some kind of strategy that will ruin them completely. And don't feel bad aobut it, you know they won't. I'm interested to know what type of Corporation you were, or are working at where you had your first meeting with a psycho? As a normal person who also seems to attract these people it's always interesting to hear other stories. My first meeting was with the manager of a bank I worked for. It took me a long time to figure out what he was, which made the experience all the more unsettling but I knew something wasn't right and eventually did some research. Now, like you I can spot them after a while. It still takes some time as it involves a pattern of behavior but I can spot them by their actions. Generally the main way of spotting them is that "sixth sense" that we have that something isn't quite right about someone. When their actions simply don't make any sense. For example, my boss used to literally cry tears and say how much he cared about me. That was strange in itself, but he could turn around and talk to someone else and start telling jokes. It was the ligtbulb switch between emotions that caught my attention. His actions and words just made no sense. In any case, You're probably better armed against these types now that you know roughly what to look for.

      Thanks for sharing your experience and I hope more people catch on to what may be one of the most important issues facing the world today.

    2. Not everyone who clashes with you is a psychopath, and to assume you can know what type of person someone is from thirty minutes of interaction is not the action of a good, intelligent person. Yeah the world is messed up and we should try to change it, but I swear one more person tries to look smart, posts a comment based utterly on assumptions, and fails to understand basic English (with English as their first language) I will devote the rest of my life to resurrecting Grammar Nazi's. Seriously knock it off with the commas if you don't understand them, and learn to use THEIR, it's @$#*in THEIR, not THERE, when possessive it's their, not there. Say it with me now, Their not there.. good.

  65. Having watched a fair few documentaries and read a lot of literature about psychopaths and corporate psychopaths I actually thought this was interesting - particularly to folks who were coming at it fresh. The stuff about SSRI's and antidepressants and Benzo's/Valium was a bit thin though - although I could see what was being communicated by this - and specifically the general sense that most of the population don't feel, or act, or stand up to support others or themselves - BUT that's a bit of a tenuous argument to put it all down to the use of antidepressants. Many people these days are apathetic, will keep their heads down, be 'yes' men and women and many of them have never been near an antidepressant in their life. Much of that is about society and social media....being spoon fed and people being/feeling vey happy with that arrangement as it gives them an easy non-thinking life.......brilliant for the politicians and those in a position of power.

    Antidepressants really help a lot of people whose lives without them would have been severely disrupted, chaotic, and difficult to manage. There's such a lot of negative press about antidepressants - obviously there's going to be some folks who don't react well to them or who don't really need them but they can and DO work for a lot of people and give many a much greater quality of life e.g. they can get themselves out of bed, get washed, make some food, manage a conversation with a neighbour compared with isolating themselves completely, feeling suicidal, not eating, having poor self care and not wanting to get out of bed in the morning. AND they do continue to feel sadness, joy, elation etc.

  66. Very good documentary

  67. this is honestly the most boring moronic studpidly shot documentary possible...............a learned person should not waste the time on this dribble.

  68. A lot of corporate leaders might be psychopaths but in a way... you do have to act like one to grow your business properly. (Everyone that's been doing business knows that emotions have NOTHING to do with business or money.

  69. A very refreshing doc with an interesting subject.
    It was fun to watch Peter Coyote perform and narrate the doc, but why was one "expert" always wearing dark-tinted glasses?
    I didn't agree with the opinion that antidepressants were preventing the population from feeling empathy for others; and I found the whole"fish head" theme a little lame.
    But I would recommend this doc to to my friends.

  70. very banal.

  71. a freaking BRILLIANT piece of propaganda. beware this flick. it will hypnotize you and do things to you that you are not even aware of. the message is true, but the vehicle is a masterwork of control. proceed with caution.

    1. true, I agree it's propaganda. But... if the message is to be nice and kind to people around us, then it can't really do any harm. Or can it?

  72. One does not need SSRIs to lose empathy and communitarian sentiment. All one needs is Capitalism. Capitalism spawns psycho/sociopathy as it does income disparity.

  73. To the people who felt the segment on 'happy pills' was irrelevant:

    First off, the idea is meant to be taken generally. Of course some people benefit and need prescription medication to function. However, NO ONE can deny that these "medications" are grossly abused and used for the wrong reasons. I,unfortunately, know a lot of people who have used prescription medication as a crutch- especially one that they never needed. And it changed them, addicted them, and made them unable to cope without using the substances. That, to me, is enough to say that if this country supports that kind of behavior and malice simply because of the monetary benefit, then there is definitely something very wrong.

    I think this is one of the best documentaries I've seen to describe what has happened to our society.

    1. Really? You really know a "lot" of people who have abused anti-depressants? I'd like to know which anti-depressants they abused, because I'd like to tell my doctor I want them! From my experience, anti-depressants are a necessary evil. "Necessary" to stop suicidal thoughts, to enable people to get out of bed and actually speak to their loved ones, to make it to work 5 days a week. "Evil" because they come with a whole host of nasty, unpleasant side effects, from sexual dysfunction to runaway weight gain, to insomnia. "Happy Pills" they are not. No one becomes "happy" on anti-depressants. They merely become functional. Now, if you're talking about opiates, or stimulants, you're right: they can be, and are, abused.

  74. I have always found that the less I feel, the less I emote pain, the less I talk about how suffering is huge in our society....

    the more people like me.

    This is why psychopathy thrives.


    This issue with morality is that people have so many definitions of it.

    Also, they confuse morality with legality.

  75. I totally agree with Ch H and Lillith1723! Honestly I have no clue how antidepressants react on a person who doesn't suffer from any disorder.

  76. This was dumb. I part about "happy pills" or antidepressants was grossly oversimplifited if not completely ill informed. This should be taking off the site for lacking acedemic rigor.

  77. BS. Psychopaths now make up close to six percent of society...last year's estimates...and that number is doubling every five to eight five years depending on which study you believe. Ubiquitous, unrepentant and legally sanctioned. We need to get past the privacy law era (though it might seem counter-intuitive) and weed them out. They have a lot to hide whereas I don't and wouldn't mind someone checking out my profile. Yet then again, psychopathic psychologists responsible for weeding them out are also a huge problem in business today.

  78. We deserve psychopaths. 'Good' people are always so ideologically judgmental of one another and a psychopath can easily mimic whatever ideology is judged favorably in a given situation. 'Good' on the other hand must stick to its principles even when they confer a disadvantage. In this way Good actually punishes itself and rewards Evil.

  79. you said IT.

  80. They trying to give me a seizure with the logo?

  81. Don't assume that it's a small number: 1% of 7 billion people on this planet is 70 MILLION psychopaths! That's 70 million too many!! In fact, corporate psychopaths are concentrated in business districts of most cities.

    Go down Wall Street, 15% of the guys in suits you walk past are probably psychopaths. Why women breed with these kinds of men I have no idea, probably for money and status.

  82. In this movie, they neglect two things: vengeance/defensive sentiment. In other words, to be temporary psychopath toward some people who might deserve it in order to defend something or someone treated. The second thing is logic. People can repress or control their emotion in other to think about a logical reason to do or believe things. People are not always slaves of their emotions. There are people who deserve empathy, and some who don't deserve it yet. They are saying that we should let our emotion control us, which would make us easily manipulable. Empathy can also be use to exploit us collectively.

  83. From my experience, far more then 1% of the population is psychopathic. The reason for the stat being overly low is likely due to the ability of many psychopaths to actually have true, emotional, empathetic connections to select individuals, but psychopathic connections to others. As a fictional, well known example, think of the Dursleys in the Harry Potter series (or the Malfoys) - they show true emotion, sympathy, and concern for some, but psychopathic thoughts and actions toward others. This type of psychopathology needs far more study. The other issue is that you can't ask a psychopath to try to be nicer to others - if a situation arises, the psychopath saves his/her ego by projecting their own evil thoughts or deeds upon the one they just targeted. This is habit to them and as a result they never feel remorse. The only thing that can change this is emotionally healthy WITNESSES. No matter the age of the psychopath, people need to have the guts to speak out against this game and not let the psychopath get away with not owning up to his/her behavior. If more people were made to contront their mind games and not be allowed to get away with it, they would not be able to develop this evil habit; or if they already have the habit, but were not able to continue using it successfully, they would feel the pain of their own behavior (because they would be made to own up to it and not project it), which is the only thing that will cause them to change. Unfortunately, I think people detect this fear of pain in the psychopath, and for some crazy reason of their own, don't contradict the psychopath's game - even when they have the chance. Such people are themselves "not exactly normal" and live out some of their own hidden hostility through the psychopath.

    1. I agree with you; we are experiencing something like a psychopathic pandemic through the myriad means the psychopathic elites have at their disposal via meds and media. On studying all their 'revolutions' which are simply a repeat of formulae to destroy natural order and centralise power, we can see the psychopath at 'play' in the frenzied bloodbaths of history and in the making; aka Arab Spring.

  84. Those of us with all the skills, time and energy working to be the one's whom are the actual producers, we all need to turn to each other within our communities, work together in a close knit setting where we can see the direct results of each others actions and decisions. This will leave little to no room for the ones who are currently benefitting off the efforts of the majority with to little effort of their own.

    1. Apparently you missed the whole point of this documentary, put down the Ayn Rand, no one produces anything on their own, we live together or we die alone.

    2. Sounds good. Let's start by letting the government install cameras in your house so that all can see that you're doing your part. Better yet, maybe you could start by donating your house for the common good. Your pie in the sky theory always leads to total dictatorship.

  85. This is a great doc. I started out watching it for some cheap kicks in seeing fat cats being put in their place (a guilty pleasure of mine), but it went on to be far more.

    I can personally relate (consciously) to all that is in this doc and it warms me to be reminded that so many others can and do also. For that alone it was worth watching, but it is also a good bit of social education for anyone.

    The segment on 'happy pills' was particularly good for me. In my own not so distant past I felt EXACTLY as was being described in the doc, when on SSRI's. Being a very social and empathic person by nature, having my emotional senses dumbed/numbed down did far worse for me than what the issue was in the first place, which ultimately just needed some time, patience and a good howl after tossing the pills away and no longer being affected by them. After being on SSRI's for over a year and no longer feeling highs or lows, I actually developed a social anxiety disorder on top of all else. It was an odd anxiety that I couldnt identify properly though, I wasnt afraid of people (quite the opostie), I could just feel it all the time around them and felt more comfortable alone. I'd also become apathetic completly as to my own well being, even to a point of litterally just staring at enraged random strangers waving broken bottles or knives in my face (these things often happen to me for some reason), and just couldnt care less - which I'd actually express to them (they prolly backed off wondering who was the bigger nut). To counter this and lack of any real feelings, I'd actually hooked into alcoholism to rekindle some sort of buzz. Poor choice, but there ya go. These meds are truly awful things. If you value emotional response, good or bad, avoid them. They truly do make you psycho.

    1. .........amen.

    2. Well, congrats you made it with your life. I lost my sister, and nearly my own life last year to a nasty little pill that all the doctors say is the "safest". Lamotrigine (Lamictal) after swearing to never take a SSRI, after living through 9/11, a hate crime that required total facial reconstruction, and four near fatal car accidents in a two year time period (twice as a pedestrian, and twice on a bike), I finally started cracking up a bit and gave into a stupid psychologist, who didn't even listen to me when I told him I was going senile from the meds. My sister went to the ER after losing her meds, and for some reason didn't get help there (and her doc was at the hospital) so she walked across the street to a parking garage and jumped off. A year and a half, after struggling with the lasting effects of that medication, I am finally becoming myself again. These are the worst meds ever created, and the doctors prescribing them are quacks. We all seem to have forgotten that psychiatry was largely considered quack medicine until the sixties, and for the most part still is. A group of self aggrandizing megalomaniacs, that usually have more issues than their patients. And we have a war on drugs, lol, while SSRI's are killing 300k a year.

    3. No, SSRIs are not killing 300k a year. And that's just one inaccuracy in your comments. No time to refute everything you say (which would take too long), but I am glad you are feeling better. You have certainly been through the ringer.

    4. Wow, you've been on one strange journey. I've never heard of anyone developing a "social anxiety disorder" due to anti-depressants, and becoming "completely apathetic" to your own well being" to the point where you just stare at people waving weapons in your face (which happens to you often??) is very unusual indeed. It sounds to me like you weren't depressed enough to really need anti-depressants in the first place (as you say the issue "just needed some time, patience and a good howl"). These medications are for people who need them, and clearly you were not properly diagnosed. All that indicates is that a) your doctor made a mistake, or you didn't see the right doctor, and b) you didn't stop the medication but chose to drink on top of it (which is very dangerous, as alcohol and the drugs interact). None of that proves that the medications are "awful things" or that they "make you psycho." You had a bad reaction, but there are so many reasons why in *your particular case" that occurred (some of which you've told us, others we might not know). But you are one person, and for every one person like you who has had a bad reaction, there are probably a dozen who haven't. Generalizing gets us nowhere.

  86. Okay, though I enjoyed this documentary of the whole, presenting anti-depressants as a problem is just wrong. Depression is NOT the same as being depressed. Depression is a long term illness, that affects your ability to live and get on with everyday activities, where as being depressed, as in the example of being at a funeral is a healthy process.

    The two things are very very different, and having suffered from depression myself in the past I know it's real. No good doctor will recommend the drugs alone, they're meant to be a temporary measure to help you get over it.

    In fact I think that whole section is offensive, and makes it seem like depression/social anxiety is made up

    1. I agree Suzanne. It can be dangerous to misunderstand that aspect of this film.
      I sometimes think though that the high prevalence of true depression in our society is due to the crushing of the human spirit that takes place when everyone must be like everyone else. (not discounting abuse or tragedy)
      Constant competition, from a very young age, and a narsacistic, emotionally immature parentage that cannot guide the child to what makes them happy (teach them to trust which ideas make them happy, and follow them!!) is a set up for heartache in the child.
      There's a phrase "Good on you". I understand it to mean when the person works through a problem by verbalizing choices, they get to the one that makes them smile, that is "good on you". The life, or solution, or idea, that fits a happy life.

  87. Doubly excellent!

    'Cept... isn't it true that there's NO biological test, MRI scan or whatevers, to determine any DSM-IV determined mental condition whatsoever? 'Cause at 7.00 this documentary shows graphics that show a difference 'tween a scanned non-psychopath and psychopath brain, whilst, about the phrenology of the brain, the commentary says 'seems to...'

    'Gets better through to the end!

  88. The 'fishead' logo popping up every now and then is really bothersome.

  89. M. Scott Peck does a good job of defining evil in his book “People of the Lie” It can be much subtler than that. The book is a series of case studies and one that sticks in my mind over the years is about a family with two sons. One year for Christmas (I think) they gave the oldest son a .22 caliber rifle and he ends up committing suicide with the rifle. They never talked about the suicide with the younger son; out of the blue they give him a .22 caliber rife as a gift. It totally screwed up his head. He thought his parents were telling him to commit suicide too.

    1. That book is a life changer for anyone who is the 'victim" in their family, or as he states the other side of the coin "the designated patient". Bad marraige? Always the "problem" at the family Christmas party? Don't believe the lie and get as far from that group of people as possible. SAVES YEARS OF THERAPY!. Start telling yourself what the nice people at the grocery store, work, school, etc, tell you about yourself. Write it down and repeat it for as long as they told you the lies. Maybe when you are taking a shower, or walking the dog. Embrace love, shun hate, or worse, indifference, and enjoy life.
      (ps: It was the EXACT SAME RIFFLE, not another one. Anything makes you feel that awful, get away fast. Evil does exist and it ACTS nice.)

    2. I didnt remember that part. That makes it even worse! I read that book about 15 years ago and it is still part of my library; it had that much of an impact on me.

    3. That was the message they were communicating. The young boy was extremely ugly.

  90. I very much enjoyed this piece. Good production value, interesting subject matter but... Peter Coyote's narration was over-stylized and super-obnoxious.

    I wanted to gingerly remove his earring, place it in the palm of his hand and shake a calendar at him.

  91. This documentary is "timely" due to the recent public departure by Greg Smith from Goldman Sachs. I wonder could Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney or even Barack Obama could be corporate type psychopaths? That maybe a damning view on who we vote for higher office but how can we be sure of the character is either just a driven, confident, and caring leader or a sly, manipulative megalomaniac?

    Fascinating and frightening at same time.

  92. SSSRIs repress Empathy What utter RUBBISH yes there over prescribed , however many, pepople depend on thse drugs to function effectively in the World .

    1. But... the fact that many people depend on these drugs has nothing to do with the debate over whether or not they suppress empathy.

  93. They're VERY dangerous when they attain positions real power, like Stalin, Hitler...Ronald McDonald.

    1. And positions of power can include siblings, teachers, community leaders and parents. Their impact may not be as immediate as a Stalin, but the devastation can creep through a family or community over time and do massive amounts of damage.

  94. Interesting final thoughts here, do you think it's a similar idea to that of David Icke, The Lion Sleeps No More, or Human Race Get of Your Knees? I think so, very good stuff. I'm always happy around other people and sometimes go out my way to help others.

    1. Think it's basically the golden rule, do unto other as you would have them do unto you.

  95. a heavy, fascinating, frustrating, informative, and ultimately inspiring movie.

  96. Its subjective as to what morality is. I dont have to empathize with someone who has been hurt, and I dont reacte to all the misery around me, unless its close to home. Gut feelings and intuition are needed to live in this world, but Logic , common sense and knowledge are our saving grace. Psychopaths always take more than what they need, by lying and deceiving others, by that logic there's a bit of the psychopath's mindset in all of us

  97. AZ
    Sitting by a nice warm fire in Slomo, the Koot's are a fine place to think .
    Act alone and make the world a better place it work's .

    1. a word is a word
      because of the space beside the first and last letter
      a self is a self
      because of the emptiness of people
      on each side of that person
      with others a phrase of us is written
      a poet in her free time

  98. I think the idea that psychopaths make up a mere 1% of the population is a belief held by people who really need to get out more.

    I live and grew up in Australia, in what is according to liveability surveys the worst place to live in the country and I would say without much reservation that almost all the people there were psychopaths.

    When I hear stories of atrocities in African countries, again I think the majority, or at least a really, really significant percentage of people there are also psychopaths.

    If you think it's only 1% you're living in a nicey-nicey fairyland.

    I baulk at the documentary narrators who always harp on about Altruism being so widespread that it defines us as separate from the animals - where? Where is this altruism? I can only put it down to the extreme naivete of the middle classes in predominately white new-world countries like Australia and America, that this belief even exists.

    1. Agreed. I also live in Australia; in Perth, and there are more than a few people in management where I work who I would class as psychopaths, a couple of family members and at least half the people on the train I catch to work!!! (the latter may just be neurotics on second thought!)

    2. @Ash NA
      Yes,there are some towns here that are exactly as you say. A lot of the behavior is an antisocial and alchohol driven one. Binge drinking has now become a major prob amongst the 15-25 years age group everywhere.
      Nothing quite like the atrocities that happen in Africa have ever happened here, although in the dark past there were many crimes committed against Aboriginal people by white 'do gooders' and outright racists.x

  99. @Pysmythe
    'Just logged on to check the news for the day and saw your notification...Read it, looked at the clock, and it said' 6am (sh*t!!),
    I am afraid to move too fast in case my mass increases lol x

    1. Well you'd better move fast or something besides your mASS might increase. I should know.

  100. This has been a positive and therapeutic experience for me; I always felt my brother was an ‘evil genius’, that could do anything and had a ‘gift’ for understanding people that he squandered by abusing them. After watching this video and sharing experiences and opinions here on TDF, I see he has a mental malfunction, a malady that prevented him from having any meaningful relationships in his life.

    I see that my mother did me a real favor in treating me different than him. I am industrious, have friendships that are more than 25 years old, one is over 45 years; I am happily married to a wonderful woman for more than 25 years, have a house ‘I’ built, a job I enjoy, the respect of my family, friends and neighbors…he has none of that. It all makes sense to me now. We are funny creatures indeed, the evidence was always staring me in the face, but I looked right past it, wondering why he was ‘gifted’ and I was not. The truth is he is mentally ill…and I am not. Maybe my mother saw that in him…or… maybe she created it in him…it doesn’t matter anymore…I understand now. Thanks to all who participated. Thanks Vlatko, another great video!

  101. This was such a good documentary. Then came the 'new social norm' that these psychopaths, 6' removed can manipulate the majority into selflessly working in thier gulags. The facts stopped short with the solution of ridding our environment of these lethal irreparable parasites.

  102. Lie No 1: 'psychopathy is a personality disorder'. These personality disorders do not exist other than to justify the chemical kosh of medications. Psychiatry and psychology are completely fabricated 'sciences' devised by psychopaths to psychopathise the general population via perceptual distortions, negative self criticisms and of course, drugs.

    Left to themselves, psychopaths could not survive, they lack the basic survival instincts that empathy ensures the survival and thrival of the individual as part of the family group, extended family, community and species. Empathy is the glue that connects life with life. Psychopaths simply study and mimic, they are intergenerationally bred and programmed. Others become psychopathic via frontal lobe damage, brain damage or MK Delta programming.

    It was a psychopath who told us that we only use 10% of our brain; he meant, his type only use 10% of theirs. That 10% is specialised in manipulating others to create, invent, labour and produce. These creatures are emotionally retarded, prone to tantrums, sulks and violent outbursts. They love hurting children whilst playing weird macabre childish games and horrifying 'fun' characters. They are retarded, toxic and possessed.

    They target people they are secretly jealous of and then work on them to bring them down to a level where they can be despised; desperately hollow biological entities who never truly laugh and never truly cry.

    They always resort as the first resort to 'violence' which is violation. One psychopath can influence hundreds or millions of lives depending on status. Other psychopaths fund and support them. They are sychopIf you wipe out someone's life savings or means of life support, that is violence.

    Suggest election candidate's psychopathic Hare test rating be published well in advance of voting.

    1. First let me explain that I believe Hare's test is a crock and I'll leave it at that.

      Now if two candidates for public office were required to post those test results and one scored high and one scored low, who would you vote for? I would vote for the high score, assuming all other qualifications were equal.

    2. Your statement is very insightful: “Psychopaths simply study and mimic, they are intergenerationally bred and programmed.”

      When he was a teenager, my brother was obsessed with Ian Fleming books and other spy novels about human manipulation and intrigue. He was an excellent poker player, seemed to be able to read body language and could stack the deck while you were watching for it. After his poker days were over, he hooked up with a guy at the local bowling alley who taught him to bowl after hours, using a video recorder to help him perfect his technique. He went from being a non-bowler to having a consistent 260 game in a few months. They made a ton of money bowling against ‘professionals’ that ran the bowling circuit. Later I asked him why he didn’t become a professional bowler…he had no interest.

      My mother made a better version of herself in grooming his personality.

    3. Uhm... First you say there's no such thing as psychopathy. Then you outline your idea of it? If it's not a personality disorder (as in a personality that misses certain normal traits, in this case empathy), what is it? So far I've not seen anyone tout a drug that will cure psychopathy, because they lack the basic ability for it. Then we can ponder if it's due to genetics, epigenetics, or the way they've been raised (lack of attention as babies, emotionally abused, parents with similar empathetic deficiencies). Calling it a disorder is really just confirming that it is not normal.

      I agree on mandatory psychological tests for potential leaders being one way of minimizing the risk of ending up with a sociopath as leader of a nation. These tests would have to be done live for everyone to see, with full transparency.

    4. Serequel 400....after taking a half a one of them, it'd make Hitler send his kids to a jewish book store! :))

    5. mk ultra not delta

    6. you are 100% correct. The only people here saying that psycopathy isn't a major, major issue are those that haven't experienced it first hand. It is not a "disorder" they are born that way, they can't be helped, and we need to find them. Particularly the influential leaders. There are actually some jobs that a psychopath can perform much better than a normal person, however, the damage they do when put in political positions and other management positions certainly outweighs the benefits.

      Sure a psychopath is the perfect soldier, but it was probably a psychopath that got us in the war to begin with... all part of their game.

    7. Thanks. Although oblivious, the majority of people encounter the workings of psychopathy very personally in their daily lives; through taxation, unlawful legislation, the media, the medical mafia. They simply register this as 'normal' which is the first step of psychopathic entrainment.

      'Give me the child until 7 years of age, and I'll show you the man' they say. Well, when that child is abused and traumatised from birth and witness to other children of empathic nature being murdered as 'unfit' in their Darwinian frame, they have instilled the psychopathic personality.

      True: Banksters are the primary psychopaths and banksters draft wars which their relatives in power through Government then instruct. The Bankster dynasty has members at the top of the military cabal as they have at every other organised function of 'society'. These are intergenerationally psychopathic who only promote their own, way on down through the ranks.

      It is a dire misconception than 'mankind' has always been at war, enjoys killing and lesser forms to murder. Why, even now we have dissafected troops from the killing fields of Afghanistan/Iraq admitting they fired shots into the air rather than obey orders to fire upon women and children.

      Some recent authors who make their living from writing books on psychopathy are, I find, psychopaths themselves. Fine, we may think, for who better to write on the subject? However, they mislead their readers by the denial and ommission. Denial that we are born into a psychopath and false system of bankster zionista mafioso design spanning centuries, and ommission to alert as to whom and where such sicknesss originates, is executed and how it affects thought processes and choice. Thereby, the means of detection and survival are obscured. Instead they love to focus on the very personal one on one encounters with psychopaths which, although devastating, only engeander a general fear and mistrust of entering personal relationships. Thus, the psychopathic agenda of divide and rule is served.

  103. when someone says 'the fish stinks from the head' i think of religion more than I do capitalism and government - at least with those two we can influence and are not considered infallible.

  104. I just noticed a couple of things in the synopsis (above).

    "Most of us are conditioned to do good things. Psychopaths are not."

    What they are saying is that good is a product of conditioning which would mean we are all born "psychopathic". That would make "psychopathy" a normal human trait. How can a normal human trait be considered a mental disorder?

    "...psychopaths barely make up one percent of the population."

    Another example of using language to their advantage. There is no such thing as barely one. It is either one or it is not. There are no degrees of one.

    1. both of these are stupid points. i think they meant, psychopaths in general cant be. no matter what kind of conditioning there is. and to cry about "barely" is dumb.

      only just; scarcely; no more than; almost not: He had barely enough money to pay for the car.
      without disguise or concealment; openly: They gave the facts to him barely.
      scantily; meagerly; sparsely.
      Archaic . merely.

    2. Let me ask you. Why do you think in the definition of barely there was no example given of barely a number, as in barely three or barely five?

      Writers do not just throw words down on paper. Writers use words for specific purpose or meaning. Why use "barely one" when you could simply say one. I know people use barely that way in everyday conversation but this is not everyday conversation. The term "barely one" is ambiguous and inexact. I mean precisely what is "barely one"?
      It can't be less than one nor can it be more than one. The term was used by the writer to purposely obfuscate.

      When you say "I think they meant" I cannot see any other interpretation than what was said. They specifically said conditioning. That is, you must be conditioned. You must be taken from one state of being to another by conditioning.

  105. I'm debating whether to use my time watching this, if for no other reason than the spelling of "Fishead" and the use of the word "Psychopaths" rather than "Sociopaths" in the title. Is it worth it?

    1. Probably not, manufactured landscape is better, or fifth dimension. you vanished for a while, all good? :)

    2. I've still been watching docs here and there when I can, but I've been reading and play ing music more and haven't had time to watch as many nor to have conversations about the ones I have been able to watch. Also, regarding some of the recent docs I've seen, I just really haven't had much to say about (Thin Lizzy)... or have said it a thousand times before on the pages of better docs (virtually anything political). If anybody has any recommendations for the best of the recently posted films, I'll try to check them out.

    3. Been a few good ones, or rather there have been few I have enjoyed over the last few weeks. Everything a remix is one, and the new one, manufactured landscapes. I like the gentle ones :)

  106. Why call them psychopaths? What they are is bastards,
    and seemingly the corporate world is designed to reward whoever can tread on others to get to the top and rewards companies with aggressive, monopolistic tendencies and heartless policy- the shareholders are truly the ones to blame as "shareholding" is just neo-feudalitic slave ownership in reality.

    1. @Tarquin Mahoney
      I agree totally with that first statement!! No one has ever crossed the path of a psychopath who was a 'good guy' and never will. xx

  107. good doc. power to the people, a theme in vogue. good to see it from another angle. this psychological perspective adds some substance to it. Could add real momentum to the movement, Zeitgeist etc.

    PS Psychopaths aren't all bad :)

    1. Okay Glen please understand that I'm not picking on you but your comment underlines what I've said in a previous comment, that is, this has nothing to do with "psychopathy". It is a political film and you've responded to it in a political framework. This is exactly the response the makers of this film want.

      Now when in the previous comment I said that, I was told that I was reading "wayyyyy" too much into it. I let that pass for a couple of reasons but the main reason was I know something my critic doesn't know nor took the time to find out. The DSM (psychology bible if you will) does NOT recognize a diagnosis of "Psychopath".

      Take care with any movement that would use "psychopath".

    2. The new term is: antisocial personality disorder

      antisocial personality disorder,
      a condition characterized by repetitive behavioral patterns that are contrary to usual moral and ethical standards and cause a person to experience continuous conflict with society. Symptoms include aggression, callousness, impulsiveness, irresponsibility, hostility, a low frustration level, marked emotional immaturity, and poor judgment. A person who has this disorder overlooks the rights of others, is incapable of loyalty to others or to social values, is unable to experience guilt or to learn from past behaviors, is impervious to punishment, and tends to rationalize his or her behavior or to blame it on others. Also called antisocial reaction.

    3. I"m well aware of APD. But if you delve a little deeper there's serious disagreement of that definition of APD (or ASPD as it is sometimes called). And there is good reason for that disagreement.

    4. Science cant even agree on the definition of a species. Because it doesnt have a harmonious definition for everyone doesnt invalidate the symptoms, or the diagnosis.

      To me antisocial personality disorder has a sugar coated sound to it...political correctness, if you will. Psychopath has the soul cringing sound that rightfully alarms citizens to a lurking predator.

    5. @Robyn318
      Antisocial personality disorder is just that. 'Lurking predator' describes the psychopath perfectly.x

    6. OK!...who's the a$$hole that gave you my psyche evaluation?? :-))

  108. Interesting doc. Much to mull over.

  109. Bullshit...They didnt even list Bill Clinton who was the worlds worst psychpath. This is a left wing propaganda film made by psychopaths from Hollywood.

    1. You don't know how right you are.

  110. thanks for great doc!

  111. Insanity is simply a misunderstanding of perception.

  112. "If I cannot break your spirit, I sure enough can break your back!"
    I subscribe heavily to this mantra. But then again, I AM A PSYCHOPATH.

  113. Dang! Who did the production on this video? The background music is fantastic! Kudos to whoever did the production, great film, I was just talking about this very same subject earlier.

  114. Is Obama a corporate leader? mrshinola

  115. Whatever is said of who is or not a psychopath, the part about the bottom of the pyramid bowing to and accepting the roles of the string holders (here called psychopaths) is quite right.
    There is a line one ends up crossing after fighting being a puppet against other puppets in the corporate pyramid. After reaching that fine line one is given power and ends up having puppets underneath. How does one behave when one is given power? Like a puppet master, it is (i would say) inevitable because humans have the habit of making others live the step they took.
    To this there are some exceptions, some companies are exploring new ways of management.

    1. Cut the strings people, who needs these leeches?

  116. Well the broad brush these people use to define psychopath would certainly include most people at one time or another in their lives.

    1. yeah i'm sure we have all indentified within ourselves some triats of the antisocial personality from time to time, but the point is there's a bunch of specific charecteristics that tend to be group together to some lesser or greater degree. Hardly a broad brush.

    2. There are also specific characteristics barely mentioned or not mentioned at all, which is why I contend a broad brush was used.

    3. Let's say It's always been a goal of mine to someday own a Harley Davidson, ok? and one day I heard about this company that was giving one away in a raffel as a promotional gig. Now it just so happens that my freind, who follows my every lead and would do anything for me, is a "big wig" for this company" and has alot of pull to its on goings there.
      Now If I know that just by 'mentioning' I wanted a Harley to my buddy(who doesn't know that I know about his company giving away the bike) with the intent of using his admiration for me to instill the idea that he has the power to rig the outcome in my favor. Which he would eventually do...and....think it was his own idea without knowing my true intentions be considerd psychopathic behavior....that I'm a psychopath.....or something else? (keep in mind it's not his bike that's being given away.....and I've done things like this my entire life to benifit myself.)

      Now lets say the same thing only my reasons changed from wanting the Harley for myself to wanting the Harley so I could sell it for my families well being. And Ive done this throughout my life. Would a person be considered a psychopath then?

    4. @ProudinUS
      Not at all. Perhaps a mid range covetous 'opportunist', but not a psychopath.The fact that you are concerned about the ethics has taken you out of the equation already. xx

    5. Thankyou for your reply Norlavine. But isn't the first part of the senario I put forth in the same catogory as people getting ahead of the game by dishonestly rigging an outcome because 'they' knew someone who new someone....who knew the top level managment. It's cheating others of a chance to win isn't it? And if you keep doing it over and over through out your life with know thought of anyone else wouldn't that(acording to the doc) be psychopathic behavior?

      'I understand the concept of a psychopath and know what it's like to have no emmotions towards life from a f*cked up past. Where love and hate means the same thing and don't give a sh*t about no one just like how others didn't give a f*ck when life bit me in the ass. Your whole world goes from one day to the next with absolutely no sense of purepose other then to wake up and go to work or numb yourself with the 'pill' for that day that day'......Now saying all that, would that be considerably on the verge of a psychopath or a aftermath effect of some past trama?.......By the way I'm not really like this but I can almost see how this would easily happen.

    6. @ProudinUS
      A psychopath is rarely a willing victim as an adult -they merely devise ways to remove any and all obstacles that stand between them and their targeted aim, whatever that may be. They don't get depressed as we do, because there are limited emotions to process (usually only extreme anger when thwarted or detected.)
      Your fictitious character would make a great 'sitting duck' for a particularly predatory type of psychopath. x

    7. First, I don't believe there is such a thing as a psychopath. It's just another manufactured "mental disorder". To illustrate what I mean, there is now a push within the APA to classify grief as a mental disorder. This is the sort of mindset we're dealing with.

      Every organism on earth seizes any advantage that comes along for its own benefit. It's called evolution. It's how we got to be humans. To call that behavior psychopathic is just, well, psychopathic.

      Enjoy your Harley.

    8. I don't either . That's why I made the comment to see what others classified as psychopath. I pretty much think psychology as a whole is nothing more then a person with a Phd. in a office filling people up with false memories and their OWN personal issues. Don't get me wrong. There are people that need to be counsoled for things like post tramatic issuues. But they need to be counsoled by someone who knows first hand what the person in need is feeling. I learned this first hand when I got my last Dui and was made by the courts to attend attend AA and start seeing a shrink.
      The moment I stepped foot in the Dr.s office I knew she couldn't help me. She couldn't have been more then 28 or so and told me she has never drank. Here I am a grown a$$ alcoholic that started drinking when I was 13 or so...ignorantly dropped out of school to work ...and have had to deal with my silent demons way to long, coming to get proffessional help from a 'classroom' junkie psychiarist who's never took a drip of booze in her life. Now tell me the logic in that? How can someone truly help another person mentaly if they don't know what their going through first hand...you can't. So the clowns just pump a couple pills in them a day and send them a bill.
      Anyway as soon as I went to AA and became pals with a few people I began to slow down on the booze gradually until I felt I didn't need the sh!t no more and haven't drank since.

    9. I too have dealt with psychologists. Once upon a time I had a very sensitive security clearance. It was a requirement that my psychological profile be reviewed annually. What a joke. We would purposely lead these psychologists down a dark path just for the fun of it. How disappointed they were when they finally caught on.

      Psychology has its place and the only ones who don't understand that are the psychologists.

    10. Were you a spy?

    11. That's funny dewflirt. I'm sitting here just chuckling to myself.

    12. @lakhotason
      Trouble is,like any job/profession, psychology is now rife with the underdeveloped, the lazy and the uncreative,the ill informed, the unscientific, oh and I almost forgot - the egotistical.
      Perhaps your 'defiance' revealed an open and more honest character than those who completed the test giving all the 'right' answers?
      You do set people on a merry chase though. Your response to dewflirt was rather ambiguous and thought provoking.
      The revealing part is: 'I'm sitting here just chuckling to myself'.
      Right answer!xx

    13. Well if I gave an answer would that be my cover story?

      No, I'm not a spy. The reason I was chuckling was when I was getting my clearance the FBI interviewed all my friends (among others) and they got it into their heads that I was a spy. Took forever to clear that up.

      To do my job, I had to have access to classified information. That's all it is.

    14. @lakhotason
      The more you say,the more convinced I become!
      Please state your name, rank and serial number.....
      Have a nice day/evening, I'm off into the jungle. x

    15. Kind of like trying to convince a psychologist you're not a psychopath. The less said the better.

    16. They teach you that in spy school?

    17. I'm only required by the Geneva Convention to give name, rank, and serial number.

    18. That'll do for now, spill.

    19. EOD - the badass bomb squad.

    20. Oh my, even better than a fireman! Which one were you in Hurt Locker?
      Jokes aside, why would you do that? Glad you survived your work. Early retirement was a good move Lak :)

    21. Why would I do that? When attending training we had a psychologist working on his doctorate attempt to find out why anyone would do that. What he didn't understand was it is not that dangerous. I never heard what his conclusion was.

      We are so well trained (hardest school I ever attended) that we're miles ahead of the bomber.

      As far as Hurt Locker it's an over-dramatization. He could be considered a "psychopath". No one I know would have worked with him, in fact, he would have been unceremoniously kicked out on his a$$. That is if he didn't kill himself first.

    22. I do believe it is Azilda's birthday today, march 13th, at least it is what she said previously. So happy birthday Az, and am sure the rest will follow suite.

    23. @Achems_Razor
      It's Mar 14 here, so I could wish Azilda a happy birthday from the future, thanks for that. x

    24. Whats the future like?

    25. @magarac
      Surprisingly similar to the present! xx

    26. Thanks Razor :)

    27. I Thank you to all...i am having a nice day...which started with a nice quiet morning, then a nice sushi lunch and now a great get together with my loved ones including the youngest of them all.

    28. I just saw this, Azilda, but I don't think it's past midnight where you're at, lol. Happy Birthday to you!

    29. everyone's gone to bedorouttotown....it was a great night, i was definitively the oldest one around among a few...i sure enjoyed being included in the mass of friends of my young daughters.
      Py ... it is 11:13((13)

    30. Just logged on to check the news for the day and saw your notification...Read it, looked at the clock, and it said 12:13 (14!), lolol.

    31. I agree. I mean you'd think these people would know how to spell Fish Head for chrissakes.

    32. very humorous insight. i was 15 when the US ignorantly let that puppet actor,former GE spokesman (reagen) be their ribbon cutter. it has gone backwards in maturity ever since and the hatred has followed. 9/11 oz a site that will piss you off. who had to pay for the shrink,what a scam. why didn`t you get some nuts and do the time.bubba

    33. Hate?..ha haha.. you have no idea how much a man can hate, there squirt!...and I did do time..mista

    34. A psychopath befriends you, gets to know your family, your interests and especially your weaknesses. My brother would listen to people talking about their business at the diner in the morning over coffee, every day and would over time gain their confidence. His head was filled with this otherwise useless information about baseball players; he could tell you what Roger Clemens had for breakfast on any particular day, who hit the 197th home run in any particular year, he could rattle stats off on any player like he was reading it off a card. He also had some ‘basic’ construction skills that he could parlay into a confidence game with you. He stayed in the diner drinking coffee from 6:00am until about 11:00am, every day, unless he was working a chump.

      His M.O. was to challenge you to a duel of wits about sports; say you heard from someone a particular fact about a player that happened to be only ‘partly’ right, he would challenge you with this sh*t eating grin on his face that you couldn’t ignore. You accept the challenge and he would produce a magazine or other sports document to prove his point, and he is right.

      For some reason people like other people that know a lot of trivial facts about sports athletes and they make this insane mental leap that if a person knows so much about sports, they just have to be awesome business partners. My brother would become a salesman for the hapless victim, complete with credit card, expense account and pretty much carte blanche authority. My brother was a superior salesman, especially construction oriented; I have seen him in action many times when I was younger, the problem is that he hated sales; it was a ruse to bigger faster money. After working for 6 months or a year, his selling ability would have the businessman talking about hiring new people to keep up with the sales and my brother would talk him into starting another major project or opening another office a hundred miles or so away from the home office. Of course this endeavor required a large amount of money to get off the ground and the businessman would take out a substantial loan, sometimes mortgaging his house, to cover the initial setup…unfortunately for the victim, if he took out the loan, the gig was over. With cash in hand my brother would take his latest fling to Las Vegas or some other ‘exotic’ vacation for a week or two of sex and high-rolling; returning when the cash was gone, credit card maxed-out and all other means of available cash completed depleted.

      When he came back my brother would have some story how he went on a business trip and the businessman did something to sabotage the deal and all the lost money was because the guy was stupid and made some deal he couldn’t get out of and lost it. To add insult to injury often my brother was banging his boss’ wife too. This situation never ended in a pretty way for the business owner, sometimes divorced, sometimes bankrupt, sometimes both; and always in debt that would take years to resolve, if at all.

      That is a psychopath!

    35. Interesting story but I won't say your brother is a psychopath. Have you considered that the business man was also looking for an advantage? His thoughts were probably along the line "I can hire this guy for a song and rake in some big bucks". That is the nature of being a businessman.

      I would say it's a matter of which fool got parted from his money first.

    36. How about when his daughter (about 17) gets her first job, buys a car to go back and forth to work and needs money for insurance, so her mother, who lives in another state sends money for insurance. He cashes the check and spends the money for his own needs, never giving any thought to how his own daughter will get to work and pay for the car she just bought. A psychopath lacks empathy for others and has no conscience. He certainly fits the bill.

    37. I certainly understand. Those things are despicable that your brother does and I hope you understand that I am not making light of them.

      Yet should not the girl's mother hold some responsibility? She of all people would know that this would happen. So why would she allow your brother a way to get his hands on the check? Her actions lead me to believe that something else is going on.

      But yes, doing what he did to a child makes me want to kick his a$$, although I still contend there is no such thing as a psychopath.

    38. Who can conceive anyone would do that to their own child; until it happens.

      Anyway, Im curious, it seems you are saying it is an employer’s fault that he is scammed by a trusted employee in a trusted position. What is your take on my brother’s role and responsibility?

    39. Oh your brother is completely at fault. I in no way meant to say it was the mother's fault. It was meant to be along the lines of "screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me".

      Believe me I agree with all you have to say.

    40. I agree there are 'enablers' out there. I was one for years in an attempt to understand why he did those things.

    41. Sorry if I seemed a little flippant, I kind of understand what it's like though. My sister has Aspergers (or that's her most recent label ) and if I couldn't laugh about it I'd be a crying mess (again). She also has epilepsy. I read a while back that with each fit a little bit of brain fails and that can cause what seems like autism. Who knows? I understand why you decided to step off, it's draining. All take and nothing at all in return. I do feel sorry for his daughter, not only for the money but because she had to cope with that on her own. I hope she's OK now. :)

    42. I didn’t step off because it was draining. I stepped off because of personal survival. I was married twice, both times within the first year of marriage I lost my drivers’ license because he was stopped by a state trooper for various violations, said he didn’t have his license with him, gave the trooper my name and my date of birth and gave me a ticket. He never told me what had happened, never went to court or paid the fine, then one day I get a letter in the mail that my license is suspended for non appearance for a traffic violation. The second time it happened I hired a lawyer (fortunately there were no accidents or injuries) and I was able to convince the judge what he had done, It cost me over $600 for a $75 ticket and he put on file (supposedly) that a driver license is required for identification when I am stopped. My lawyer drafted a letter to him stating what he was doing is identity theft and a crime. I know this because when he opened the mail at my mother’s house he left it open on the table. My mother was mad at me for getting a lawyer involved.

      He screwed most of my friends in business transactions because they trusted me and he was my brother. He stole business checks from the center of my checkbook and wrote payroll checks and cashed them at at stores that knew and trusted me. He convinced sales clerks where I did business to put expensive tools and material on my account, then denied ever doing it.

      This is some of the stuff I am willing to talk about, there is heinous stuff that he has done to my friends and me that is just to difficult to discuss.

    43. You said something that piqued my curiosity. Your mother was mad at you for getting a lawyer involved? I have a friend that has a brother the twin of your brother and I noticed the mother treats them differently. The mother always over-protects the brother and makes excuses for him. In short the sister was and is held to standards of conduct that don't seem to apply to the brother. Is that maybe the same situation as you?

    44. I believe my mother created him, some of it out of ignorance and some out of design. He was her first born son and could do no wrong. He was a teenager when West Side Story was popular and spent a lot of money to make sure he fit in with the D-A hair cut, leather jacket, tight fitting jeans, etc. When I was born she wanted a girl, but I disappointed her. Yes I was kept to a different standard, my father would have chores for us to do; she would let him go out on weekend nights without doing his and I was expected to cover for him. I got his worn out hand-me downs for school clothes and when I complained because I was in 7th grade and interested in girls, I got one brand new pair of pants that I wore two days then washed. As a result we have opposite personalities.

    45. Now that's got me thinking, I see many similarities between Robyn318s brother and my sister, only difference is that he can hold down a job. Because my sister developed epilepsy very early on, she was treated very differently, molly coddled, always an excuse for her behavior and never a harsh word said against her. Don't know where I'm going with that, don't think I will ever have a firm idea of how to handle her other than to take it all and love her anyway because I see no end.

    46. Your comment makes me wonder how my sister perceives me.
      And how different we can sometimes be of our siblings.

    47. It is odd how the same upbringing can create such different people. I sometimes wonder if I am related to mine at all! I have never considered what mine think of me. When she was little my sister used to call me 'the girl who can mend anything'
      Maybe she still thinks that, poor thing :) Are you and yours very unlike each other? You would be an interesting sister to have AZ, I expect she loves you madly :)

    48. The problem i see from the way your sister is being treated and allowed exception where her behaviour is concerned is that she will have no regard or respect for boundaries in normal public life, it's all very well being protective and loving but when it comes to setting boundaries it would seem that your sisters inappropriate behaviour is being rewarded which is doing her no favours at all, to use Epilepsy as an exscuse is unnacceptable one day your parents will not being around and she will not understand why people are hostile towards her because of the sheltered life she is being given, life is about accepting responsibility for the choices and actions that we make in our life not running away and hiding in the hope that it will just go away, i would suggest a course in assertiveness training for all involved would go a long way by making everyone realise the narrow minded naive and erroneous ways in dealing with issues, i understand exactly what i am talking about because i grew up with Epilepsy and i had to learn the hard way about what is acceptable and what is not and accepting responsibility for my own actions you might want to pass this on, although from what you have shared i sense that you may enounter some resistance at first !!!!

    49. Your right, but she has a son. Our mum died when my sister was 19 and my sister's man died 18 months later on Christmas morning. Managed to keep thing on track for a while but she got a new and nasty man, she's been on amphetamines ever since. She has amphetamine psychosis now and we have her kid most of the time. Hard to know anymore where one thing ends and another begins. I want her to get better in every way because her son needs her, I fear she won't. I can't give up because everyone else has. I also feel a bit responsible, our mum had depression and 'self medicated' I left home at 15 and should probably have stayed to help. All sounds tragic but it's not my tragedy. Not one for self pity :) My life is actually quite lovely and boring, I like it that way ;)

    50. Twice the effort of an ordinary job and still only 2 weeks in Vegas with a hooker. Not that smart really :)

    51. Would that make the hooker a psychopath? She did to the brother what the brother did to the businessman.

    52. Yep, you know those working girls. Always got to be on top! ;)

    53. And then there is still the pimp. Looks like psychopaths from top to bottom.

    54. Not sure the 'customer' would like him on top as well.

    55. That is the mentality of a psychopath. The irony is that he was an amazing salesman and had amazing jobs; he couldnt do every day, he called it a 'grind'. He had the ability to have everything he ever wanted, legitimately, but couldnt bring himself to what was necessary. To me is like a heroin addict, I moved an hour away from him and started a new life, it was tough to start over at 35, but I am happy and psychopath free.

  117. I believe this "documentary" is a subtle, but very well crafted, political film. Of all the world leaders who are pictured in this "doc", who is missing?

    The narrator says," Look to the people who were in charge for at least somebody to blame". I found the video of the world leaders walking on stage and the "doc" jumped away from the video before a certain world leader made his appearance. Why is my question. Would it not be fair to include this most powerful world leader?

    This is dishonest and manipulative and purposely done. Who's the psychopath now?

    1. Can it be my go?

    2. Have at it.

    3. Don't know how, but if they're so hard to recognize I might be one already ;)I think anyone that wants that much power must be a little bit odd though, it must take a lot of effort to play at being normal and hold down a job. Most people want it as easy as they can get it. They must like the game.

    4. which world leader are you talking about? You think the film makers have a dubious agenda or are working for the man? I think you reading wayyyyyy too much into that.

    5. You actually have no idea which world leader I'm talking about? Simply amazing.

      This is why you must pay close attention to these so-called "documentaries"

  118. I'm of the opinion that the collapse of the economy and all the bizarre, brazen criminal activity of Wall Street and the Ponzi schemesters were all sociopaths/psychopaths. Just curious, but I would like to know what the known current preponderance of psychopathic personalities amongst corporate CEO and Politicians is? Any links,sources? Thanks.

    Personality I believe it has got to be very high among high achievers because those without empathy will take risks with other people's property. That's what I believe and I'm sticking with to it!

  119. this earth and life is symbiotic. in a monetary system we are in a state of auto-immune disease. money rewards selfishness lies theft disrespect ignorance miscommunication confusion last but not least slavery subservience and irresponsibility. when money is removed we can start to create an environment that rewards unity freedom and symbiosis

    1. If money is theroot of all evil than what is the root of all money?

      Don't be so naieve man! It's people who are selfish,liers, stealers. Take some responsibilty for your own actions.

      If we remove money than something else moves into it's place, because the simple fact is: WE NEED A FORM OF CURRENCY TO BE IN A CIVILIZED SOCIETY.

  120. We humans like to think we are not Animals. WE ARE ANIMALS. We have a reptilian brain at the core, as well as the mid brain (emotions) and what makes us Human is the Frontal Lobe. Frontal Lobe is what animals do not have, but we are still animals.

    Make laws and money and have SHEEP of the masses just take it up the ass ... everything that we THINK we know about religion and how the world REALLY works is completely lost and unknown to most people.

    People blindly obey. ESPECIALLY in group settings... you think money makes the man... when the man and woman are what is real. Not laws, money and illusions.

    And we wonder why we feel life is a trap and not a garden.

    1. a monetary system , psychologically is like a 5 year old that won't share his toys

    2. Yes, one of its characteristics is infantalism. It has been created by greedy idiots who never see further than the end of their nose. And they think they're smart - they're not. They're simply immature.

    3. Matt, I agree. In my opinion our whole system leans toward rewarding the psychopathic personality traits. The documentary on the Mayans had some quotes from Mayans about how the west is based on competition rather than on cooperation, no objection there. I would like to see a paradigm shift to a cooperation based model... just a dream I suppose...

  121. Never give power to somebody that wants it.
    Never allow anybody total power.
    Never let a system continue were the minority controls the majority.

    Voting is not a base to run the world but choice of idea,when you vote you are not getting a choice you vote who you think is the best of a bad bunch and think none of them are who i would vote for why do we only have the same type of people to vote for.When this candidate is elected do you rely think he is going to listen to your ideas,the simple answer is no unless you have a few billion in the bank then you will be able to have dinner to discuss your idea on a personal level.
    The others that don't have a few billion will have to walk the streets with banners shouting in the cold and rain to be heard even then the shouts are unheard.I have never seen a leader or any person of wealth have his/her children fight for country maybe i mislead some are in agencies and military but not in harms way.This example is prime in America the bush family and watch out bush No 3 is on his way and i will sate this now he is your future president and nothing you will do will stop that.So i leave with the knowing that the country is run by Psychopathic megalomaniacs liars and cheats willing to stop freedom at any cost.

    Freedom of choice is not what shoes you will wear or what chips you will buy or what you will have for dinner,they are not your choices the shoes are already made and the chips are made you are taking what is given to you .Freedom is the choice to say i don't agree with that rule and then live how you want we only have one life.Always with respect for other humans of-course.

    I hope you enjoy the satire of this as the world is run not for mans interest but for the few privileged.

    you think you have a choice but believe me the only choice you have is death unnatural.

    From cradle to grave you have no freedom long live democracy.

  122. The fabric of America, from its corporate workplace to its politics is the breeding ground for psychopaths. Even the medical profession is getting onboard the psychopathic hayride by dispensing drugs that don’t cure disease, just mask the symptoms and cause side effects that are worse than the ailment for which they are prescribed.

    Everyone knows to get ahead in the corporate world you have to engage daily in a dog eat dog environment where you make alliances with fellow workers one day and step on their head the next to get one step closer to the top.

    And everyone knows the corruption of American politicians, promising the world to voters and selling out to corporate lobbyists for their campaign contributions.

    This all sounds good on video or looks good on paper; but the truth is being kind to your neighbor isnt going to change the world…I know, I have been doing random acts of kindness for over 20 years, it has a limited effect on my immediate environment; and almost NEVER have I ever seen it repaid to someone else. I do it and I will continue to do it because it makes me feel good, not because I have some grand illusion I am going to change the world.

    I have an older brother that is a psychopath and a sociopath; I have known he is so for more than 20 years now. The description of a psychopath in the beginning of the video is a perfect description of who he is…very charming, helpful, understanding and intelligent. He always knows what to do or what the solution is (using your money of course). He is a predator: I have seen him destroy people’s lives and I have been told by many women how he devastated their girlfriends who trusted him; yet there is always another married or engaged woman standing in line to spread their legs for him. He has no conscience, even concerning his own children, mother, siblings or friends. He is a shark, leisurely cruising around looking for his next victim. The only consolation I can see is that he is older now (retiring age) and has lost his ‘edge’. He hesitates now when spewing his line of bullsh*t to his next potential victim, when ‘back in the day’ he was smooooth.
    Even now he is incapable of telling the truth…to anyone, even his children.

  123. My creator, my lord would be a psychopath. No empathy, no remorse. Callous and arrogant. Soft spoken, single mindedly spreading deception, maximizing His joy. Without a trace of humanity. He creates then flood people for His own perverse interests. Request sons to kill their sons, a test.The bottom line, a mystery and perversion the driving force. My dear malevolent entity.

    1. Clever spin on my post. I agree completely.

  124. they are coo coo for coco pops! off their rockers in need of serious medical attention! but if u listen to american politicians they'll tell you "corporations are people my friends".

    soon as the zombified Americans wake then maybe the people of the world could sort this **** out...right now they hide behind the biggest military force in the world with zombies willing to unleash it!

  125. If a corporation could be a person, it would be a psychopath. No empathy, no remorse. Callous and arrogant. Single mindedly maximizing profits for its shareholders. Without a trace of humanity it uses then discards people for it's own selfish interests. The bottom line, growth, and survival are the driving force. Unfettered, it may easily transform into a malevolent entity.

    If an executive does not have some of these traits to begin with they may become necessary to in order to become and remain successful. This is the dark side of laissez faire capitalism.

    1. Actually one other great doc deals with exactly that premise ...The Corporation. Highly recommended.

  126. This doco got really stupid when they started trying to make a connection between people working in the stock market, SSRI drugs and the GFC.

  127. ok enough of the fish thing...

  128. Where did the psychopaths go? Why did they spend the last half hour stating the obvious ? Niceness is catching, go out and spread niceness because it will make you feel nice.

  129. The chemical reaction in brain is same when we are intoxicated or successful.The diff between good or evil is repalced by profit or loss

  130. der ewige Psychopath

  131. An easy answer for the root of world's problems? No solutions? Self-organization, people. Work together. It's not rocket science.

  132. in my opinion, the passive people not willing to put the effort to be truly evil, yet not willing to be the hero, are the dangerous psychopaths who make me feel like giving up and becoming the evil one.

  133. I have to disagree with what magarac said below, just by thinking of the subject starts the movement to the solution. Another Chinese saying, a journey of a thousand miles starts with he first step. The solution is within us my friends.

    1. Why rely on Chinese platitudes? We can all do that, and there's always an antithesis to each.

  134. I had seen some of the other docs on psychopathy and expected more of the same, but was delighted to be proven wrong. I think this is a feel good film, in the end.

    As for SSRI, I do have to take paroxetine, the generic name for Paxil, as one of my meds for panic attacks. I could not live my current life without it. I suffered attacks for over 12 years and would not go back, but I do have the results mentioned - the general lack of enthusiasm for some things that I used to enjoy. I do enjoy my work very much, and could not do it without the SSRI. I have lived a good life since getting properly diagnosed. That was about 16 years ago. I do not feel I lost my moral compass but I do have a problem feeling empathy at times. I was aware of the drugs side effects and agree that is one.

    A really good film, I think.

    1. Are you, as the the Eagles say, "losing all your highs and lows"? Do you think it's a fair trade-off? Tell me because I don't know but want to know.

    2. Hi lakhotason,

      The discussion is definitely better than the documentary! I'd like to offer a response to your question.

      I take medicine for bipolar disorder (manic depression). Yes, it's a major trade-off, but it gives me life. I'm pretty sure that I'd have committed suicide if I hadn't gotten medical help.

      The ability to have highs and lows is probably overvalued and oversold. Human emotion is so much more varied and complex than just that one measure. I have as many joys and sorrows as ever, but now they don't drive me to the verge.

      Everybody must decide for him/herself. Some drugs have made me feel like a visitor from another planet---I stopped those. Some drugs impair my memory---I struggle along with those. The hardest side effect is constant drowsiness.

      Still, I have been on a LOT of medications over the years, but neither I nor the people who know me would say that they have altered my core personality. None of this is meant to contradict what Jeremy describes of his family and his friends. I believe all of it.

      People must be carefully diagnosed, and drug treatment VERY CAREFULLY monitored, and withdrawn if the person has ANY kind of extreme reaction. It's criminal how often these things don't happen.

      Nevertheless, SSRIs and other drugs can save lives, and I'm one grateful example of that.

      I hope this addresses your question. Peace!

    3. Ch H. Yes its so true!
      I have a chemical imbalance.
      I have a wonderful doctor who diagnosed me in 1992. Since then, he has patiently and dilligently adjusted my meds and followed up on my condition regularly.
      Before I was prescribed anti-depressents, I had attempted suicide a couple of times and hated living. I was always in mental anguish.
      My medications have allowed me to always see a light at the end of the tunnel.
      My feelings no longer feel like open wounds.
      I definitly have EMPATHY.
      The pills I take give me the courage to step forward and help others.
      They motivate me to do "what's right", instead of drowning in a sea of apathy.
      I am still alive and appreciate all the beauty in this world, despite what life throws at me
      With out these meds; life for me would not be worth suffering through. And I would not have the strength or courage to help others in need.

  135. Well yet another documentary spewing out lots of ideas and thoughts witout the slightest glimpse of a solution.

  136. A question that's all.

  137. Individuals create their surroundings and achievments. Nothing is ever just thrown out at you by fate. Sometimes you do have to do things at any cost to get things done. Goals are never accomplished out of failure. Set backs along the way...sure. But never failure because that just shows you've given up and in that case you don't deserve that goal.
    I think in most cases their confusing human nature and psychopath. most of the time people don't observe others "feelings" when their main focus is focussed on a set goal. We may convince ourselves that others should come first, but that's bulls**t and most know it.

    1. You're a Vet?

    2. where did that come from?

    3. So you are saying that a child growing up in poverty in some God forsaken hell hole created that surrounding and circumstance? You must be a Ron Paul supporter right? Psychopathy, thy name is Libertarianism.

    4. I'm deffinatly not a Ron Paul supporter. And why don't you quit with the lame humanitarian crap. You know dam well what the h*ll I ment. Of course there are different degrees of a individuals goals.
      Say a poor child raised in Cambodia found a way that nobody else knew on how to find a dozen eggs every other day so he could feed him and his sister. Some how,someway that kid always seemed to reach his goal. And it's because he did what ever it took to make that happen. Do you see what I'm trying to get at? The same principle goes for all walks of life.

  138. having known several people that have been on SSRI's, I can personally confirm this guy's viewpoint. They literally become a DIFFERENT person, it's like that creepy feeling when you look at someone and are talking to them, but you know they aren't listening to a word you are saying, yet looking directly into your eyes. Don't fall for SSRI's and become just like the psychopaths, my stepdad went from being a caring decent human being, to depressed, to SSRI's, to using drugs in alleyways and going to all night parties, eventually losing his job, criminal charges due to sharing an SSRI with someone that did not have a prescription, etc... It's all bad, and I also had a cousin that killed herself when she got on SSRI's, we found the suicide note and basically she did it because she "couldn't feel anything for anyone anymore" Her brother started on SSRI's a year ago, he is now this chattery little freak of nature that just goes and goes, does the whole stare right at you but no signs of life... etc.. Shit is bad, protect your loved ones, make them research the truth behind drugs.

  139. Things often succeed only after we conclude we had failed.
    It is necessary to know that your goal is not something you want, it is the goal that wants you. The path is where you stand with it or against it.

    1. Are you saying that it is destiny or fate and we shouldn't even try because it is beyond us? I won't buy that. The old saying is "If you don't know where you're going any road will take you there".

    2. We remember the past, we think we are in the present and we plan the future but are they really separate? How are we to know? All i know is that each moment is itself the result of the two moments it is encircled by and my life continues this way. I cannot plan the progress of this series of 3 moments progressing towards each now. I can have preferences, hopes, wishes but in an instant life can change without my concious decision. I am always in the void between what was and what is to be.
      When i write: "it is the goal that wants you", i mean where ever you stand in life you can see how you got here, planning it or not. I am not saying we shouldn't try, i am saying we can never stop trying to get somewhere because we always get somewhere.
      Is the future already written, or am i writing it in that void with each actions?
      I wrote once: "Trusting the unfolding of life is not to know that you will get what you want, it is to trust that you will want what you get."
      Because you have no choice once you get there. So might as well live in the moment full on, no regrets, no hopes just very aware of the two moments on each side of the present.

    3. Let me read and think on what you said. Get back with you.

    4. This is the nexus where you and I disagree. You say that life can change in an instant without our direction. I agree and not only do I agree, I want that randomness, for without it life would be meaningless.

      My joy is in setting a course and following that course. That is what makes us human - only we can do that and no other life on this planet can even conceive of doing the same.

    5. Sorry but i get the impression you read my words "looking" for a way to disagree and you found one but it is actually not a disagreement it is an agreement.
      And plus i say life can change without my concious decision, not "without our direction". Not only do you want randomness, you have no choice when randomness happens to you.
      My joy is in setting a course moment to moment and not being attached to an outcome but being involved fully in the journey because something better can come along the way, or something adversary like bruising a hand. You did exactly what i say: you came home, and went on an other trip.

    6. Az, I didn't look for a way to disagree with you, hell, you and I tend to disagree on anything. It's a true disagreement. God how I would hate life if each person agreed with me.

    7. @Azilda
      "Trusting the unfolding of life is not to know that you will get what you want, it is to trust that you will want what you get."
      I really liked what you wrote. It reminded me of this:
      'Don't wish too hard for what you want, because you may just get it'
      It's 11am here Sunday morning, the sky is blue, keep up your good work. xx

    8. But the problem isn't in the wish, the problem lies in not knowing what to wish for.

  140. Sorry, but this is total BS. Typical example of how "psychology" is in some cases NOT a science. The definitions and the criteria for diagnosis are so elastic that it becomes very, very subjective. Almost any person with ambitions can be a "psycopath". In my opinion we all have some psycopatic traits. In other words - it is a greyscale. This is just like the bogus definition of ADHD and Asperger syndrome. Virtually half the population on the planet can be "diagnosed" with a mental disease today.

    1. LOL, why afraid it describes you, i think it is very true and time we removed them and placed them a secure location, dont you agree?

    2. Well maybe I AM a psychopath, who knows? :-)
      But seriously: For example, I have seen many documentaries on brilliant artists that are very self-centered and manipulates other people. And I think that everybody likes to misrepresent themselves, for example on Facebook where everybody seems to be living perfect and interesting lives.
      I agree, though, that the banking sector needs to be regulated, but that is a political discussion.

    3. I don't think I disagree with your political views, but why not simply say that some people are a--holes and leave the psychopath talk out of the discussion?
      In my opinion the definition of "psychopath" as presented here is pseudo-scientific. Karl Popper is turning over in his grave every time this "documentary" is viewed :-)

    4. I agree with you Bokajsen. I don't think any one in this doc has ever read Machiavelli (incidently NOT an a**hole). Some do things simply because that is the way to get things done in our society. They aren't and shouldn't be considered psychopaths.

    5. What is a psychopath? Who should be considered a psychopath or is it a useless construct? You say some people do things cuz the way society is? Hmmm, it's vastly more complex than that. Zimabardo made the point here and has made the point previously "evil" has a structural and environmental element that should never be discounted, but that is only part of the story.

      BTW. I'm sure you are 100% wrong when you say no one in this doc has read Machiavelli. I'll wager they all have. How much do you want to put on it? I bet Hare, Zimbardo and the other psych professionals have all read or are fully aware of the key features of Machiavelli. It's a standard read for people in this particular field.

    6. I never said some people do things because that's the way society is. I said some people do things because that is the way to get things done in this society. Big difference.

      A useless construct? Never said that either. But I will say it is a subjective construct. Has it occurred to you that this "documentary" never once presented a dissenting view?

      I did use the word "read" when mentioning Machiavelli. My mistake. I should have used the word "comprehend".

    7. ok, but I'm still quite unclear though. Are you saying something like: some people have to make tough choices, sometimes they have to do unsavoury things but the ends justify the means? It's ok to be Machiavellian? Are you saying there isn't a small group of people that wreak a disproportional amount of damage on the world? I'm not saying you ought to agree with me or the doc, I'm just trying to understand your point of view.

      True, you never called it a useless construct but asked you that cuz again, I’m trying to understand what you’re driving at.

      I reckon Zimbardo and Hare comprehend Machiavelli. I'd put next month’s wages on it. Why not email them to find out?

      Yeah it's a shame about the lack of balancein the doc, many docs fail to provide the opposite view.

    8. What I'm driving at here is if you carefully listen to the language and note the imagery used you may find that these people have a different motive other than informing.

    9. Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure if it pseudoscience i.e. I’m not in a position to say for sure. I know the whole personality disorder thing is not without its distracters even with the profession (industry?). Maybe Zimbardo has a point; it's the thin end of the when we tell a racist joke. Maybe it's the same if we use language like "*******" to describe someone. Whatever label you want to pin on these people they remain the same. If you exchange the word psychopath for ******* have you made it any the less a pseudoscience? It certainly doesn’t sound as considered or professional. I don’t see the DSM adopting ******* instead of whatever it is they call them now. So we are back facing the question of what to do with these “********”. ;-)

    10. To the moderator: The word a$$hole was really necessary here as it was a quote of a previous post. BTW, that post wasn’t moderated. Inconsistent and unnecessary.

    11. how about deviant instead

    12. @Dean Edgington
      The uniting of all humanity in peace,love and harmony could begin at this very moment. It's not easy and it's called 'unmitigated kindness'x

    13. 'Unmitigated kindness'. I like that Norlavine. Sounds even better than plain old compassion ;-)

    14. you kind of missed the point that the system creates psychopathic behavior, in order to succeed in the system you have to act like a psychopath. The lucifer effect shows another side to this.
      Its not just that absolute power corrupts, but that the desire to have power over others is the result of a corrupt mind.

    15. Don't agree it's a corrupt mind. It may be a mind that recognizes the corruption in the human mind.

    16. No. I don't think I missed that point.
      As I said, the documentary is claiming to be based on science when it is clearly not. (The so-called psychopath expert in the film actually admits that it is almost impossible to define and recognize a psychopath, much less a so-called "corporate-psychopath".) And that is ALL I am saying :-)

    17. The system doesn't create psychopatic behaviour - it's the psychopats that have created this convenient to them system to screw everybody else.

    18. Hey Bokajsen, listen, I'd just like to respond to your comment re. ADHD and Aspergers. First of all, neither of these disorders are mental diseases, they are learning disabilities. I do think that both of these conditions, just like many mental illnesses, have been horribly over diagnosed and, as a consequence, overly treated with medication, especially in children. However, as someone who has lived with ADHD for 45 years and is married to someone who is a psychiatric nurse and who also has Aspergers, I can promise you, both of these conditions are very real. I cannot begin to express the profound effect both ADHD and Aspergers have had on both of our lives. The superficial symptoms that the media plays up - the disorganization and/or the social difficulties that both conditions influence are NOTHING compared to the sensory disregulation that occurs on a daily basis. What separates 'normal' people from people who have ADHD, Aspergers, or Dyslexia are real, physiological problems within the frontal cortex of the brain that can now be observed and measured. They are not just some list of vague symptoms that anyone can have. Additionally, they are 'spectrum disorders', the more brain damage you have, the worse your symptoms will be. Actually, ADHD used to be called 'minimal brain dysfunction' to reflect the fact that it's root cause is brain damage.

      I am only responding to your post because, at least for me, one of the hardest things about having ADHD has been trying to convince others that the condition is actually real. No one wants to have to tell people that they have a form of brain damage. It's hard enough to actually live with it. Again, I am very concerned at how early and often children are being diagnosed with these conditions, but on the flip side, one of the best predictors for future success, especially if you have Aspergers, is early intervention and training. Temple Grandon gives an excellent lecture about all of this on youtube if you ever are interested in learning more about this.

    19. HI Lilltih1723
      Thank your for your good reply. I think we mostly agree. But just to make my point clear:
      First, a diagnosis is just trying to "define something abnormal with a person" - just like trying to define, say, a "tiger" in a pack of "lions". Your condition does not become any more or less "real" just because the doctors are using bad criteria for diagnosis. Perhaps the precise reason why you sometimes have a hard time convincing people that you actually have a mild brain condition ("ADHD") is exactly because the criteria for diagnosis are not scientific? Don't take this the wrong way but perhaps in one hundred years your condition will be called, say, "DDHH", and be based on much better criteria (better "sensitivity" and "specificity") that ultimately allows for better and more individualized treatment. This all doesn't change the nature of your present condition - it only changes the way we talk about it.

      Secondly, as of next year (2013) the clinical diagnosis "Asperger" is, as far as I understand, not going to be used anymore by the experts (at least in my home country Denmark). Instead I think the nomenclature is going to be "mild", "moderate" and "severe autism". This could suggest that the experts have problems with the term "Asperger" and as you also point out "over-diagnosing" children is a really bad thing.

      I will watch the video you recommend. Thanks!

      PS I have just watched the video. The major point seems to be that each case of Asperger is unique. This is exactly the problem! A diagnosis must not only have high sensitivity it must also be specific. That is - it must be able to exclude false positives. I am now even more convinced that Asperger is based on a poor diagnostic method. But the talk is interesting and funny. But it is not science.

  141. psychologist that have studies Jehovah in the old testament say he shows all the hall marks of a rip roaring psychopath!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @mustbefree
      That's why I cringe when leaders of nations whose backbone is upheld in the old testament proudly declare this god is 'behind' them.
      If we are truly created in God's image, then Heaven help us, for there is no escaping this madman. xx

  142. Are Corporate Leaders Psychopaths? the best of them are.

    1. @Fecioru Florin
      Many people are ruthless,ambitious, immoral,coercive,dishonest,and even violent. But they usually suffer great mental anguish through consequences such as remorse, humiliation, incarceration etc, as a result.
      In my opinion, a psychopath is someone who 'acts out' EVERY moment of interaction with others for one purpose alone, to fulfill an agenda.
      =I don't believe all corporate leaders are actual psychopaths but I do believe some try hard to become one. xx

    2. Not all corporate leaders certainly. I heard it runs at 14% in major corporations. Source: my memory of a recent BBC doc on the subject. 14% stuck in my mind because I've always wondered what the figure is and because I was shocked it isn’t much higher. I'm glad to see this topic is becoming mainstream. Society needs this debate, it will make all the difference to our world if we can minimise the destructive effect these people inflict.

  143. excellent! thanks for posting

    1. This documentary and the whole idea of corporate psychopaths is s*upid. If you were to turn back the clock and go back 1000, 500, 200 and even 60 years. Then at least half of the world would be considered psychopaths/sociopaths considering slavery/discrimination/genocide.