Who Rules America?

Who Rules America?

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Welcome to Wall Street - the epicenter of financial power in America, perhaps the money capital of the world. The globally oriented financial firms, based in the New York stock exchange, have extraordinary influence on the politics and policies of this country.

No one has elected them, and in fact these financial firms are trying to undo the regulations and new laws governing them, imposed by the congress.

The people on Wall Street are just one of a number of un-elected and very powerful forces that operate in the shadows, behind the scenes.

There are the media forces, the military-industrial forces, the corporate forces, and there are the forces that will be investigating this television series, which asks a question that most of the media does not: Who rules America?

This documentary provides a comprehensive look at the so called democratic governing system of the United States of America and reveals the actual powers who are ruling the nation.

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7 months ago

It's like watching the daily Steven K. Bannon warroom show/podcast in 2022.

Who would have EVER believed these people could've wormed their way into the 45th president's campaign, the whitehouse, almost in charge of the entire department of defense and national security only to get summarily FIRED by Donald Trump, the 45th president, and go on to HIJACK THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IN 2022?
Holy wow.

2 years ago

A change it is coming. We need to get rid of all Congress members who failed to stop citizens united. Then any biased media and social media that censored recently. I will file and have citizens united overturned that is si unconstitutional the Male justices broke their oaths by not protecting the individuals rights of citizens over the group. Only one of those have god given unalienable rights and it's not the group. It says so in the Bill of Rights, Declaration of independence. And the Constitution. I'd say it's fair to say our founding fathers set that in stone individuals rights people are born with not the group. They have all been tainted and it's time for an overhaul of the government through legal means. Anyone that was there in 2010 when that crap bill was passed by democrat supporter George Soros

4 years ago

End credits state Produced, directed, and written by Danny Schechter for Globalvision Inc. I don't know who they are but it is clear they are either clueless or running a obfuscation campaign to provide cover for those who actually do rule the usa.

The one single reason Congress doesn't dismantle all that doesn't benefit the people they are supposed to represent is because YOU failed to see to it the proper candidates for the job were running for office in the first place. Sitting idly by while the banksters, their minions, fellow travelers, and propagandized useful idiots, pick the choices of who you can vote for, is YOUR lazy fault.

What good does it do to blame the jooz? Even if they are, or part of, the bankster part of the cabal that runs the Western countries? Finger pointing doesn't do a single thing to correct the problem. It only deflects guilt and blame from your lazy mind onto others which wouldn't have been able to accomplish their evil had you all been standing in their way, watching over the halls of power and booting their bought bums out.

Always has been an easy solution ...but a hard fix due to the laziness and ease of which lack of information and disinformation influences people who desire to believe they are too busy (watching the boob tube) to spend one or two of those hours a month they are watching tv and instead, screen the population for good candidates to run for all offices in all parties.

Alfredo Limia
5 years ago

The Jews.

6 years ago

Now What?!

Leigh Atkins
7 years ago

All hail the Almightly Dollar god...

8 years ago

Biggest problem with this documentary is that it only covers partially what it claims to be covering... Wall St is not the only real problem here in America. The Federal Reserve System of FRAUD is one of our biggest problems and is the main shadow government. He who controls the purse, controls the nation.

"Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws." — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

10 years ago

Very crappy... We need equality of OPPORTUNITY, not OUTCOME.

michael golia
10 years ago

taxes taxes taxes , need i say more , little man ..............

10 years ago

America is ruled by moneyed interests. As the documentary points out, it has been this way since day one. It is structurally built into our system and will never change until the US ceases to exist.

10 years ago

The 1% of the 1% are the ones who rules the world Fed reserve which has nothing to do with the fed's fund wars on both side so arm's dealers can get richer.

Net Capital
10 years ago

What a bunch of whiners. The single woman with a child. If she started hanging around winners rather than losers...her live would change for the good. Occupy group was a miserable failure and ended up with arrests of rapist, drug users, and communist.

10 years ago

What a distortion. The LEFT at work.

10 years ago

Why does everyone keep pointing out this was made by an Iranian media organization? Either you agree with what it says or you don't, why does it matter who made the documentary? I didn't detect any propaganda what so ever. It basically just points out the same truth all of us Americans paying any attention were already aware of, that our country is ruled by the one percent that hold almost all the wealth and that the mechanism by which this one percent maintains it's control is financing political campaigns and utilizing lobbyist. This is not a controversial or new assertion, Americans have been complaining openly about this for years now. It speaks volumes that when an Iranian media organization says it though many seem to automatically distrust it. Seems our American propaganda machine is doing its job well. There is only one truth, it should not matter who speaks it.

10 years ago

Very good documentary. I particularly like that it does not support the prevalent conspiracies, but slowly unravelles the flawed structure behind present US politics.

10 years ago

How many times does the nurse say 'You know' ?

10 years ago

Although this documentary is not complete bs…. just wanted to point out that Presstv is Iranian state television

10 years ago

As long as money can not buy immortality I'm OK.

10 years ago

Yeah America is bad but Iran is way worse.

10 years ago

In the last 10 years the American people were robbed of over 17 Trillion dollars.

10 years ago

there are a few simple solutions i can see to this problem

1. make it illegal to donate more than say $1000 to political parties and if they continue to do so take most of their money from them
2. give a maximum amount of money people are aloud to make in 1 year set it to like 1 billion no one really needs much less than this
3. only allow people or companies to donate to 1 party not both
4. make it so if you can donate unlimited money any money you do donate you have to donate to all parties equally not just the 2 big ones

these are simple but effective ways to not allow monopoly of the political system personally if i was in charge i would make it so that instead of the banks making money from debt, they can implement a system where for every dollar they make for everyone else they can make say 10 cents for themselves. but no we are forced to pay interest that was never put into the monetary system in the 1st place dooming a certain population of people to debt. lets play a role game, if i was to give each of the people in your household $100 and at the end of the week i asked every 1 to repay me $105 dollars, but no one is allowed to bring money into the house from the outside world. some 1 or more than 1 person will not be able to pay that money back. this essentially is what is happening on a global scale. this explains why no matter how much money gets donated to 3rd world countries they stay broke with the current monetary system some 1 always loses.

10 years ago

We Americans have become nothing more than a society of conditioned consumer sheep obsessed with reality TV, sex and big gulps. We are being financially raped (with no lube mind u) because we trusted our government and anything they tell us. No wonder the rest of the world hates us, we cant even trust our own people to have our best interests at heart. I hope this current information age leads directly to the one my son will be involved with in the near future. We need to educate the common man enough to make a real change on our soil. I mean change as in actual change not just electing a black president and recycling bottles. I really hope this next generation is armed with the information I see starting to bud today. Capitalism in its self as a social system is completely evil and has got to be stopped. Until we're ready to digest as an entire country that we are literally in the matrix, 99% of us will not take the red pill. American people have to educate themselves at this point, especially if you're a student of the public school system. Our government is one giant corrupt piece of ****! I feel like real change is right around the corner though. Just not sure if that change is coming in the form of a shift in social stratification or tanks and troops coming down our own streets after its own people.

Sieben Stern
10 years ago

he lists three, but leaves the religious complex out of it - that's how they guide and distract voters with single, dividing issues. It's how you get people to vote against their own interests.

10 years ago

I watched an old episode of Anthony Bourdain's A Cook's Tour the other day where upon he made his first visit to St. Petersburg in Russia. After a tour of the city & seeing first hand the palaces in which the last Tzar & his family lived (we all know to sordid story involving the "Mad Monk" Rasputin) Tony proclaimed: "If my neighbors lived like this, I would kill them too."

Of course that was nothing more than a sensational sound bite for television & perhaps a little harsh, it did serve a point in that the people of Russia were fed up with the ruling elite & put an end to the blatant inequalities of the time.

As oQ stated so well in her comment about the 99% accepting to be ruled by the 1% & the ongoing such rule, maybe it is time, if not far past that there was a similar if not as violent uprising of the "common" folk to take back their country/countries (not just the U.S. is guilty here) in a clear & demonstrable fashion that would leave no doubt as to the thought or intentions of the working class that have for generations turned the wheels that run these nations & supported this 1% in their criminal lifestyles.

I am dumbfounded each & every day that I awake to the same dark or middle aged political/economical paradigm that we live in this supposed modern, enlightened, free nondiscriminatory society that is the 21st century.

Are we all still nothing more than surfs & peasants working the land for the lords, ladies & royalty? Different times same positions? Different day same sh#t?

Over generalized & simplified statement on my part I know. oQ did hit it on the head though I think with her simple short sentence.

10 years ago

It's not the fed's that is the problem it's big banks and the 1% of the 1% who create wars to make money and fund both side that we need to address.

10 years ago

The difference between voting for a project (with government money) or investing your own money in a project is: you don't suffer the loss if you get it wrong by voting.
This is why i think it is Utopian to think we can ALL rule, and not be responsible for our decisions.

That taken in to consideration, it might be a good idea to be ruled by someone sometimes.
So the real question is not WHO rules?, but by what PRINCIPLE?
I personally believe in Libertarian, principle of free contracts between people, with limited interference of government.
Which means i do not mind being ruled, as long as i consented on terms and conditions and see mutual benefits.

If i can shoose (comming from ex-communist country): I think it is better to be ruled by money, than ideologies. Money is negotiable, ideologies are not!

john Palermo
10 years ago

Gee, do ya think that talking more about how bad we are being screwed and fooled is going to help? Peacefully awaiting action. ;-)

10 years ago

I would just like to point out that this was made by Press TV ( iranian state television ) who just happens to be banned from the UK for being anti semitic.....

Mick Fraser
10 years ago

This doc does not impart anything new here. Though I despised the premise for the Iraq War, though I agree that there are power brokers from various industries that rule America through lobby efforts and oodles of money, though I agree that many of us are hoping for a true democratic or egalitarian society especially with respect to individual rights and freedoms, the Iraqi government involvement in this doc bugs me. It's hard for me to believe that a politically based body that is a strict theocracy and that supports repression of all with counter religious views, can objectively tell Americans what is happening and imply what needs to be done to make our life better. I agree with oQ. IMHO we let the power brokers take our money and more. Only we can change that fact.

10 years ago

America is ruled by the 99% who accept to be ruled by the 1%, without their acceptance this could not go on.

10 years ago

for sure,it's not the 'Long Legged Mac Daddy Obama'......now I watch....

10 years ago

i have the feeling that the title is a rhetorical question