Corporate Fascism

Corporate Fascism

2011, Conspiracy  -   81 Comments
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It's evident today that corporations raise and spend huge amounts of money on the political campaigns of the presidents and congressmen. These corporations also spend huge amounts of money hiring former government officials to lobby congress to pass laws that mainly benefit their interest. If so, have we allowed other entities than people to monopolize government?

The founding fathers were very concerned about the use of political power to benefit special interest groups, what they called factions - small segments of society that had their own selfish concerns that didn't relate to the benefit of others. So they wanted as much as possible to restrain the ability of the general government to engage in that kind of behavior.

The system of "interventionism" that we have today serves the interest of the lobbyists and they represent the international corporations, because they have influence. Some say that what we need is a lobbying reform to keep the lobbyists away from lobbying, but that is not the answer because lobbying is petitioning the government and we have the right to do that.

There are two answers to that. One, if we had the right people in Washington, the right members of the Congress, who would not yield to the temptation of being influence by money, but that doesn't seem to happen. The real solution is getting the government out of the business of being able to pass out favors, so there is no incentive for the businessman to come and lobby the member of Congress.

Have we allowed corporate power to influence the creation of laws that fail to benefit the people? Lawyers will argue that indeed the corporations are people. They will argue that they're even good corporate citizens. But is a corporation really a citizen or for that matter even a person? And what about a multinational corporation, is that even a citizen of any particular country?

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  1. nik

    Europeans also drive on the right side of the road..
    The people that believe the content of this video are the same as the anti vaxxers floating around in 2021

  2. Solatle

    Half truth! Lies on the most important parts--9/11 and fiat currency. There is nothing wrong with fiat currency if issued judiciously. The private ownership of the central bank with the fractional reserve banking precludes the sound judgment and is the mother of all evils.

  3. joe

    horrible production value. Turned off after 3 min,.

  4. Matthew Balcer

    this music be sounding like 7th Level Zelda

    1. Charonda

      Lol I thought so too

  5. Dave

    Corporations have no soul, no heart, no morality, no country, no honor, no respect for humans, corporations that buy your government and your rights, and your country, are the embodiment of evil. And they own the house and senate, and you be damned.

  6. Afe

    E=In the USA and Europe, corporate fascists have taken over. They will destroy us and our civilizations if if let them do

  7. sadfasdf

    So, the government is to blame, let's cut the "big" government and everything will be fine.

    Saying that corporate fascism derives from "big" government is just a bad joke, and what Ron Paul suggests is also preposterous. So to avoid corruption and clientelism let's cut the hands of government... OH wow! Brilliant! For corporations that's even better than having friends in the congress. It's like their wildest dreams coming true. Nothing better to screw the ordinary citizen and to make money than anarcho-capitalism. What the hell is next? Neo-feudalism?

    Yeah, in case you just forgot. The prevailing economic system prior to the birth of modern states was feudalism.

    1. Ibrahim

      Right on, my friend. Those libertarians as well as naive citizens want to blame it on anything other than the corporation or the rigged laws that in the first place allowed the corporations to meddle with the public power to make decisions that serve the greatest number of the people. This is really no less than sabotaging or privatizing the government apparatus (funded by taxpayers money). It really breaks down to legalized theft of public property.

  8. Yasiraosiris

    The problem with corporate fascism is that behind it we have insane people - addicts to power - like any addict they won't stop at nothing until they get their hit controlling gives this people a high, like any addict they are destroying themselves in the process of getting their drug: power, waking up means for people who wants healing for humans and the planet to start taking control by taking peaceful actions that start a chain reaction, knowledge is power so keep sharing this video

  9. DavidG

    Feeble libertarian crackpot

  10. human

    in the 20's it made sense to talk about the u.s. today it is myopia to speak of any single state. we are now truly a connected world. look at the facts and obvious trends. if americans continue to delude themselves into the fantasy of the u.s. as the center of the universe the price we will eventually pay will be horrible

  11. AzDi

    People relate the top corporations as Republicans and greedy rich people..... the 1percent. But if you look at Obama's policies with the Federal Reserve printing money and no one except the already RICH people are making all the money on the stock market. What is the working (if you are lucky to be working) people who have a little money in a savings account or CD, getting? NOTHING. SO WHO IS REALLY RESPONSIBLE right now for the big rich corporations and 1 percent. What Obama has done in the last 6 years HAS NOT HELPED THE MIDDLE CLASS. So Remember that when you vote!!

    1. Joshua Morrison

      the top 10 (well a lot more than 10) super pacs which represent many times the operating budgets of the campaigns involved, are all Republican. Until that changes this whole corporate money in politics thing is a Republican issue. Yes there are Democrats in Washington that are bought and paid for. I know that. But, the scale of the influence is titanically skewed to the GOP. Basically your comments are, perhaps unintentionally, misdirecting the conversation in irrelevant directions.

    2. Derrick Boyes

      Voting does nothing the polititions are already bought before we pick anyone the whole election and campaigning is a show not and election.

    3. Daniel Miller

      Also, not 1 banker was prosecuted...and the bailouts were a slap in the face. I still don't get the bailouts...I understand the insurance comp, name isn't coming to me, but not goldman, etc., the insurance comp paid back the bailout w interest...or so I read.

    4. Daniel Miller

      Josh...funny how things change. 5 yrs later the dems are becoming the corporate party. It might take another 5 yrs to fully transition, but the transformation has Def begun

  12. Rocky Racoon

    "But is a corporation really a citizen or for that matter even a person? And what about a multinational corporation, is that even a citizen of any particular country..." If you have to ask....seriously....from the into this documentary calls for government to get out of the way and let the "market" arbitrate the outcome-well geeh mah isn't that a great solution now that the 0001% has all the dough and the resources on top of it....private armies private schools private healthcare who needs the public now not them so they think. Castles made of sand....and quickly sinking! Am I close???

  13. shafawn

    I didn't agree with this documentary as a whole. I do agree however corporations like the conglomerate owned by Ted Turner who was Obama's top 10 campaign contributor twice is a major part of the media problem being used to control population ideas and beliefs.
    Ted Turner of Turner Broadcasting systems who privately owns more U.S. land than anyone else in America and owns the water reserve resource for the entire northwest.
    Yeah that Ted Turner The company's current assets include CNN, HLN, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Boomerang, TruTV and Turner Classic Movies and the list goes on and wide
    He's just one example and he lobbies congress all the time.

  14. bluetortilla

    "(America) is the greatest nation that ever existed." Yeah right, way too patriotic for me. I'd say this documentary is arguing for the nation-state and for isolationism. For me 'globalism' (you can contrast that with 'globalization' however you want) is what we DO want in a free world. We need a system of local production and law, with a central global apparatus for the development, spread, and access of technology and education. We don't need to be saying, 'let's protect OUR jobs and OUR way of life' as if it were more important than the lives of any other peoples.
    The so-called 'founding fathers' were a truly remarkable group of idealists who set the world on fire. They were also aristocrats, chauvinist, and a number of them had slaves (the U.S. at its a conception was a slave nation, not the living example of The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights; and it continued down a dark path to this day). However, what was good for Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Payne, et al is good for the world. And I am sure they composed their documents with general principles meant for all humanity- despite even the hypocrisy. They were bold, and we don't need to go back to any good ol' days- we can be just as bold by declaring a Global Bill of Rights and a World Court to protect those rights. The only reason it doesn't work is because we as individuals don't fight for it.
    By the way, terrorists have not attacked the U.S. because they are 'jealous' of its wealth and prosperity. They've attacked the U.S. because it bombs them and sets up coups to ensure that repressive leaders that will play ball with them stay in power. I don't think the government side of the equation is given nearly enough the blame it deserves for modern U.S. interventionalism. Like it or not, the U.S. in its modern configuration is an empire and its form of government, though new and therefore perhaps stealth, is an imperial form of government. The days of Independence are long since gone, the paper the Constitution is written on about as worthless as the paper of the dollar bill. But freedom can never be rendered worthless, and to paraphrase Patrick Henry, the freedom of humankind is something worth dying for.

    1. Daniel Miller

      Your perspective is a little off buddy...and ur interpretation of history is slightly perverted.

  15. Dapper Dan

    ...Overly generous to the poor? Wow. What an amazingly classless statement.

  16. John F Remillard

    Labor unions spend more money on buying politicians than corporations spend.

    1. Marysue5252

      Good God! labour union do NOT have even a zillionth the funds that the super rich have to bend government over to be fair to workers and labour is on the side of the majority-not the evil 1%!.

    2. Bill Schram

      Unions don't begin to have that kind of money. Bill

  17. Dan Courtney

    There are two main problems, only one addressed here. Yes, corporations have bought the political system and the politicians simultaneously extort money from corporations. But Corporations have a second line of defense, behind the politicians themselves, that prevents reform. The second line is the media. By dominating the media, corporations have brainwashed citizens into equating the corporate concentration of power with their own freedom. You argue that there is a third line defense, and that is the right wing assault on education. An engaged, critical thinking citizenry is the only solution to this problem short of letting the concentration of power continue until we end up with another revolution.

    1. Marysue5252

      The super rich OWN the media--all of it--except the little bit on internet that struggles to survive. Since 1963, there's also been a whittling down of funding for schools and university, except for those institutions teaching the lies of Friedman's wreckonomics. People (voters) are brainwashed, as well as dummied down.

    2. Matt Kukowski

      Yes since the 60's all public schools had no windows. This was intentional, so that the sutdent felt as if in a maze with no natural light ....

      The method of teaching REALLY became communist after Reagon became prez. He standardize all school grade tests. a b c d or e .... All text books are bias and censored, and the teacher CAN NOT dieviate from them if he she/he knows the facts to be bland and down right lies.

      It is a Nationalized Public School system, and that is what they are trying to do with America's Medical System, to nationalize it.

      I used to think that Nationalize single payer was a good thing. But, it is NOT a good thing when the Federal/Central Govnt runs it.

      They can decide to NOT fund private treatments for cancer... people in the U.K have to come to america to get unorthodox treaments that WORK, because the Nationalize Drs there MUST adhere to the Queen and Nationalized Health Care or get fired ....

      In America, the Insurance system is ALL corrupt and inefficient, but at least it is not run by the Government.

      THe BEST method, is to have a single payer system, but that the single payer is not run by a corrupt govnt.

    3. Marysue5252

      I'd hardly call anything in the USA remotely socialistic, or equitable, never mind communist. But your corporate bullies have bought our politicians and now we're experiencing the same kind of bad government, replete with a free-for-all wreckonmic system a la Friedman, where continuous rising profits are expected to be wrenched from a finite planet! Gawd! Publicly run healthcare and Grades 1-12 education is the only fair thing we have Left!

    4. Pysmythe

      Ah, well, our corporations politicians have figured out they can socialize their losses, so there's that.

    5. kelly kass

      That's why the Koch Brothers give funding to major universities with strings attached that basically allows them to pick who educates these students.

  18. Lastviewer

    Nothing new or different from the other docs that carry the same topîc. Hum, if no one does something about it, it may well be because there ain't much to do about it?
    And they'd say that it'll be worst for the next generations?
    My gosh! Let's just hope we'll be all gone!


  19. John Defalque

    The biggest BS myth we've ever been sold is that of upward mobility. Bull-for most people, the only way out of poverty is death. If we, the poor can't win fairness, then should we the poor just capitulate to crapitalism? Allow voluntary euthanasia, only allow the rich to breed and have large harems as in the past. Why was I forced to live when I was born 2 mos premature? Without medical intervention, I would have died dozens of times in my first 18 mos. If we are living in a Spartan social Darwinian dog-eat-dog cutthroat society, isn't it kinder to nip everything in the bud? As long as I am poor, this communist is going to be an angry enemy of crapitalism and only death will shut me up.

  20. Anna

    1:34:14. Disinfo: USA is not different from the world when it comes to driving on the right side of the road. Only in four European countries do they drive on the left side: Cyprus, Ireland, Malta and the United Kingdom. There are approx. 50 countries in Europe.

    1. a_no_n

      and in Japan

    2. Harry Nutzack

      what side of the road is driven on is solely based on where carriage drivers sat in pre-automotive times. in england, the driver sat on the right, in "catholic europe", the left. the carriage rode the opposite side of the road, to prevent the whip from becoming entangled in trees. in the us, we adopted the "non-english" mode after the war of 1812. gear head trivia to the rescue, lol

  21. Highlander

    Hi Dean, not seen you here before so look forward to see your musings in future. To answer your particular "tin foil hat " to me, I suggest that if the NIST report ( and the others before ) had been taken seriously by the building fraternity (and insurance/ flight and govt bodies) then during the last ten plus years we would have seen massive alterations to the building codes where fire is concerned. After all, a 47 story , steel high rise ( the infamous " building 7") collapsed not only through simple office fires, but also defying the laws of physics.
    I propose that had the explanation for this disaster been accepted , as you suggest universally , then the entire worldwide insurance system would have reassessed all high rises with people in them ? ( I assume that would be most , if not EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE?)
    Has not happened .
    I wonder why ?
    Now, my amigo who suggests I wear a tin foil hat , I say to you .
    Get real.

    1. Marysue5252

      Not to mention that all 3 towers went down like an implosion, and the owner got rid of his asbestos problem; Cheney got his profitable wars, Israeli's Sharon got American military might on his side, and all the other signs and symptoms of sheer evil, greed and sheer stupidity which has brought on global warming and thus all species to the brink of extinction.

  22. Highlander

    I would love to hear what Ron Paul has to say about the 9/11 attacks off record. I believe him to be a very astute , moral person and again, I believe that what he stated about the corrupted economy through multinational corporations to be true as he understands it. I do wonder though if he has watched the videos " explosive evidence , experts speak out " by A and E for 9/11 truth or "the new Pearl harbour" ? To anyone who has not seen either , I urge you to do so as it may make a lot of what we all just watched , suddenly make a lot more sense !

    1. dean

      Tin foil hat stuff mate. I've watched them all and more, many times...some (general) good points but the details are pretty wacky and get wackier the "deeper" you go. Who remembers the phrase "get real"?

    2. Kevin Levin

      remember when the tin foil-ers told us about the spying...they may not be as crazy as we are naive

    3. dean

      Mate, the spying stuff you allude
      to has been mainstream knowledge for decades...the tin foil-ers didn’t break
      that news (or any real news) so don’t give them credit for it. These tin
      foil-ers have very little to say and really should be ignored pretty much entirely.
      Like I said, apart from some very general and broad strokes, they tend to go
      off on some pretty wacked out tangents.

  23. CapnCanard

    For the most part I agree with this G. Edward Griffin's Libertarian ideology but I just can't quite embrace this idea of a gold or sliver standard simply because gold and silver are finite resources and that means that an economy based on any such resource is bound to crash as those with the most gold/silver can easily create crashes and then buy up more of the gold/silver and eventually obtain complete control. BTW there is another Libertarian film maker by the name of Bill Still who advocates a regulated public monetary system. And that is what I favor, otherwise we end up trading our system of 'Bankster Lords' for the fantasy of the 'Lords of Gold', so to speak. I believe we could just eliminate both and make it so that the People directly control the supply of money based on 'real tangible value', or real measurable economic activity/production.

    1. Matt Kukowski

      Yeah, going backwards to gold and silver was tried. There was a reason Gold was taken off as a lock and key. It was too restraining, not to mention it must be mined and that is hard work and destroys the planet.

      We are going into a new Era. With computers and robots automating things. Money will become obsolete. BEcause how can you make money when most the work is down automatically with robots?

      baby boomers do not understand this, because they grew up with computers the size of 10 story Buildings. Now computers are the size of a booger or smaller and 1000x as powerful.

      THAT is what future (and I mean in the next 5 years) are going to have to deal with. We are already dealing with it now ... only no one is seeingit.

      Some are starting to write books about automation and the hidden secrets that no one wants to admit to. Money is becoming obsolete and there is no replacement, this scares the hell out of the 'OWNERS' and yes even the 'PEOPLE'.

      It is uncharted territory we are entering here.

    2. CapnCanard

      Bit-Coin. And I believe that there are other alternatives to banking based currencies as holders of value. Personally, I would like to see money be eliminated as it seems to be the cause of most wars. It seems to me that we are locked in battle between a model based on Cooperation versus our old model based on Competition. Or I like to think of it as a fight between Quality(cooperation) and Quantity(competition) ;)

      A Brave New World, indeed.

    3. ZeissIkon

      It does appear that the current system is trying to place the burden of technology induced unemployment on the unemployed themselves. I've said this before on here, but the answer to corporate feudalism is the scrapping of the entire tax system as it stands and its replacement with a 100% Land Value Tax/Commonwealth consumption charge. In such a tax system the choice of legal tender, be it dollars, pounds, gold, silver or bitcoins, is not important, as the focus is on returning value, taken from the common wealth by individuals, corporations and monopolists, back to the common purse. In turn, after the social bills have been covered, the remainder should be distributed evenly to all as a citizens income. This would remove the pressure from our lives and all disincentives to improve our personal fortunes.

    4. CapnCanard

      Nice. Such a system sounds similar to a natural biological system, a bio-symbiotic process. We can see that the idea of value has been perverted by capitalism and the rush to object and land accumulation. I am with you and believe that value* should be measured by how beneficial the process is to the environment in which we make our "living." i.e. value should be like a bio-symbiotic process where the action has a positive benefit as both input and output or for both parties. Just like the bacteria in our gut. We would die without that good gut flora/bacteria. Or put another way, if we want to live then we have to contribute our efforts, talents, creativity and intelligence in sustaining the system. Good comment.

      *Value-here is where I don't see money as useful to the system based on abundance as money(the place holder of value and acquisition of money equates to power) only has real value when it is rare. If food, shelter and security is abundant then money isn't necessary. However, credit isn't likely to disappear. Or we could call "credit" faith, aka credibility, trust worthiness, honesty, reliability. And that is the very thing we can't expect out of our Wealthy Overlords!

    5. ZeissIkon

      Well yes I certainly agree, value should be attributable in more than one way. Aside from
      aesthetic considerations, there being a clear distinction between value through scarcity and value through human endeavour. By the same token, there is more than just capital in a true economic model, though the neoclassical tradition would bridle at such a suggestion, and they have ruled the roost for the past 150 odd years, shaping the political landscape into a harsh and overly competitive game of Monopoly, but perhaps it is high time we kicked them into touch and
      revisited the works of Henry George (coincidentally there was a 3-part Fred Harrison documentary on here last week that covered most of this).
      Anyway, I just think we've been down a disastrous cul-de-sac the past century and need to get back to properly sorting the Adam Smith stuff out before we have
      any chance of doing the Carl Sagan thing, but will any of us get off our loathsome, spotty behinds and do anything about it? That's the real question... I am up for it :-) who else is?

    6. CapnCanard

      Dude, I'm all in.

    7. Marysue5252

      Me, too, and all the others who know you can't have economic growth forever on a finite planet.

    8. Marysue5252

      Greed should be decreed a crime, and people with insane amounts of money and no conscience-- and all other psychopaths-- must be hospitalized for life in a very secure mental home.

  24. Galzu

    I have a daughter that went to university to study finance, something she was good at as I was a self employed electrician before my heart attack and she had done my books since she was 12, by the time she was 15 she was an expert in tax, I obeyed her every word, so when she got her A levels off she went to university to formalise what she had done in the past for me with a degree, after two years she said to me "dad I have learnt a lot more since just doing your books, there is another level to all this and it is corrupt, they force boom and bust to just strip people of assets, the whole system is destine to fail" she then said " I am not dishonest enough to continue and I want to change my degree to just maths", I was shocked but after knowing just how clever and good she is I said "ok my love you do what you feel is right", she had done enough to get a diploma in finance but she then changed her degree to just maths and managed to achieve that, she now works for a major bank as a credit analyst so at least one bank has one person that will do their job honestly.

    Anyway she woke me up and I then watched every vid and read all I could on our financial system and she is as I thought spot on and dead right.

    1. 1concept1

      Galzu I have a daughter like that too I know how proud you are of her!

    2. Matt Kukowski

      How honest can a bank be though? When Interest and Fractional Reserve banking is the standard.

      No Bank is corruption free, because Capitalism itself is destined to fail. As jobs get automated by Robot and Computers, where will the revenue come from?

      The issues your daughter talks about are correct. She only saw the SURFACE of the problems and thus changes to come.

      We will all try to be honest, yet find out that you can not be honest in a system that is designing itself away. AKA Automation.

    3. CapnCanard

      Dude, if you get time take a gander at "The Secret of Oz"... a strange doc re money and Frank L Baums little book. Not ruby slippers but Silver Slippers! And the cowardly Lion? William Jennings Bryan. etc etc etc. But all money is just a band-aid on a bullet hole.

    4. Matt Kukowski

      Oh I already know about all that man.

      Oz = Ounces measured for Silver.

      The original Book had Silver Slippers, but the powers that be changed it to Ruby, thus distracting the real story which was about Dorthy in Dream land, wishing to save the family farm, going to a Wizard which was nothing but a man behind a Smoke and MIrrors Fear machine.

      It was Toto, a simple dog that pulled the curtain back, explaining that even a lowly DOG can reveal the great Oz and the Great Hoax.

      The Tin man was the working man, which lost his Heart and seized up. A Lion with no courage, yet putting on the Front of Courage, which was just an act and the wonderful Scare Crow... the one without a Brain always in fear and skittish.

      Dorthy and her dream of saving the farm with her friends represented the A-typical person on the street... along the way the Witches of East and West Banking would fight... no wonder why a HOUSE fell on one of them, (Realestate has always been in the game of the Elites for power and money ... )

      The yellow brick road was NOT, it was a GOLDEN BRICK ROAD... leading to an Emerald City, some say was The Federal Reserve or other banking Institution of your choice...

      And at the END of the move, did you notice Whom her Uncle and Grandma and Family were? Why they were the Scare Crow, Tin Man and Lion ! ! !

      Somewhere over the Rainbox, Blue Birds fly... brings me to tears when it all hits me... think about how long it has taken us to get to the point of realizing all out dreams just MIGHT come true ... given enough time.... the inventors of 3d printing and programmers of code and energy machines.... they give, nothing but give and better humanity. Tesla, Meyers, Searl.... these men are great.

    5. CapnCanard

      I never really got into the Wizard of Oz thing until I saw the Bill Still doc. It does open up a whole new interpretation and it makes sense. William Jennings Bryan, the cowardly lion! apparently Bryan was called "The Silver Knight", a champion of a silver based currency instead of gold. And I've noticed how many new ideas have become available with the advent of these internetz machines... makes me think that most of what I learned in HS and College is all out dated BS now. Kind of a bummer but even old fools like me better learn to adapt. ;)

  25. 1concept1

    I sense, very seldom do we hear anyone with money, (lots of money), posting on here.

    In the 80's when money was falling from the sky in bucket fulls i hit my 15, minutes of fame and made bunches of money, lived right on the ocean, I mean right on the ocean. It was really nice i enjoyed it. Now i am eating sardines and peanut butter.

    Money is easy to make it's just that you don't know how?

    I'm a visual Artist I could care less about money. Money never bothered me never has. When I have money it means my bowl is packed there are plenty of Art supplies and i date 7's and 10's instead of 4's and 6's,

    I don't understand people they go out and buy a house that the bank owns and the govt. collects taxes and then they get a credit card and put today's party on tomorrows backside. And then get this, they have the never to complain?

    This conversation isn't going anywhere i just thought i would post some truth instead of the fifty cent articulate words on a ten cent budget that i have to work so hard at.

    One good thing about TDF as apposed to YouTube, on TDF Avatars get to know Avatars and now and then a personal conversation is in process and the rest of us get to ease drop? On YouTube it's wam bam thank you mam and your out of there.

    I still think about some of the Avatars on TDF back when, remember Oz he was a trip and always had some good input. And there was the Lady Oz what happen to her? I mean she would paint a picture, with words, about how she was in the bath tub reading a book with a little something she placed the book on. Not to mention people from all over, other country's and so on. And that dud from England who use to sit up in the attack and watch porn while his wife was downstairs and when she heard a groan or some unusual noise she would yell up to him, "hay that's mine".

    I should never have drank that coffee, i can't sleep.

  26. Guest

    06:29 - 07:05 =
    15:15 - 15:48 = What with Bitcoin and all I see a lot of unintended relevance to this statement.

  27. Black Scholar

    Cheap workers from overseas making cheap stuff. American consumers buying cheap stuff. Thus they drag all that STUFF to america wasting all that oil. But whose going to buy it in a technological unemployment syndrome

    1. dufas_duck

      Cheap is relative..
      A long time ago, I lived in one state near the state line. In the state that I lived, a 3 bedroom house rented for $300.00 a month, gasoline was $1.50 a gallon, average wages was around $3.50 an hour.

      I drove 15 miles, crossed the state line and made $5.80 an hour. Gasoline cost $1.85 a gallon, a 3 bedroom house rented for $450.00 a month.

      People from the higher cost state drove to my state to buy goods and others from my state drove to the higher priced state to work.

      What was happening there between those two states on a personal level is no different than what companies are doing.

      It is the same thing when you go to purchase,..say a car. There are two dealers sitting across the street from each other. One is selling a car for $20,000.00 and the other is selling the same car for $18,500.00. The majority of people will go for the $18,500.00 car and still try to get it at a cheaper price, if they can..... all while complaining about companies doing the same thing....

    2. Matt Kukowski

      You are right. Everyone likes to try and find a SCAPE GOAT. In this case, Corporations.

      And Yes, they are trying to save a Buck, BECAUSE if the CEO and board members do NOT, they ALL get fired !

      So, whom is really at fault are all the Share Holders, saying to the CEO's and Board members, (many of which are the stakeholders same as share holders )... all playing the same shell game as the guy buying Gas in one State and Working in another.

      It is called CAPITALISM. If you want to scape goat the real system, it is CAPITALISM. Well then what do we use instead of Capitolism? Certainly not Communism... or Fascism because they both failed.

      WHY did Communism and Fascism fail? They were both Centeralized and no one but the dictators and their under dogs had a say in Policy.

      The only reason Capitalism has worked so well, is because it broke up the centralized nature of things into parts. But, the problem now with Capitalism is this.,.

      The Corporations are MERGING, one buys up the other (walmart, target, safeway, etc) are all buying up the mom and pop stores ...

      So, also if your Corporation is not automating with Cmputers and Robots (saving money through labor costs and efficiency) your Corporation will FAIL, because the Corp across the street ( so to speak ) DID automate and so MADE MORE MONEY.

      So, the Corporations are turning into States that have the money/power to lobby Governments to set policy.

      So, Capitalism is just doing what Capitalism does... it exchanges goods and services with a Measure called MONEY. Things always tend to group or coelse or group together. Well Corporations are no different.

      So, we say, break UP the Corps... but that will only delay them reforming again.

      So, you see the problem is that soon Robots and Automation / Computers will FORCE even McDonalds to automate the burders and fries, because if they do not, Burger King will over take them once Burger King can offer an .50 burger FULL MEAL in 1 second or less thanks to robots and computer automation.

      So, our value system is going to have to change. Money is driving Corps to automate... well what happens when all the jobs are automated? OR even just 1/2 of them?

      Are you gonna say turn down the robots that do the work? NO !!!! You better wise up and think up a new system, and it is not going to be Capitalism in it's current form.

      There are MANY books about automation, capitalism and all that... I am no genius but it IS obvious to me that the Jobs are going DOWN, yet efficiency and profits are going UP. (leaving MOST of us behind to protest and wonder why we are all so poor ).

      Truth is, we have never been as rich ... just that the current capitalism system is preventing change from happening. The change WILL be something decentralized ... communism was centalied as was fascism..

    3. dufas_duck

      The problem with automation is that at some point, it will be self defeating. I don't think all those 'robots' are going to rush out and purchase the latest 'gee whiz' gadget or even food, clothing, or transportation. Diminishing returns.....

    4. Matt Kukowski

      2 worlds will emerge.

      1) A world where power Elite take control and life in absolute luxury and health. While the rest of the world is set at bay to pick up the scapes ... and live under a whip.

      2) The World Unites, and joins the Galactic Family that awaits us. Space is enourmous and the mysterious profound. You can opt to stay on earth and join the Gardeners ... or Opt to join the 'Spacers' as Asimov called them and explore new worlds KNOWING that time will be different from those on earth and thus a distinction between the Gardeners and Spacers will be evident.

      I think #2 is most likely, because who would want to be a slave? A fight would ensure and treaties signed .... Spartans was a story we need to study and learn from.

      The Spartans had too much Pride to change and thus sign any treaties with any one... in the end they were all exterminated out of necessity.

    5. Marysue5252

      There's nothing more centralized as capitalism! All the wealth and power is in just a few hands--Rothschlldren, Buffets, Koches, etc. Only a few hundred men are ruining us all.

    6. 1concept1

      Like President Clinton said, "someone has got to sell something to somebody".

      We are no longer nomads gatherers and hunters; that being the case we have to buy our food clothing and shelter and that being the case somebody has to sell something to somebody; a synthetic process.

      Now of course Marketing has developed and no longer are a pair of paints just a pair of paints but now they are "Jordash Jeans" And now some of us don't even bother to make and sell anything we just crap shoot on paper money itself.

      I'm preaching to the choir.

  28. Matt Kukowski

    Very candid. I only hope another hitler or WW happens. It would be such a waste.

  29. Janeen Clark

    it is called competition in order to win others have to lose that is the foundation of the monetary system so as bad as the corps are, they are following the rules of the game. in a money system the men with the most money have the most freedom. as you are as free as your purchasing power. democracy has never existed before.

    1. odogg51

      Most of what you say is so true, but to just sit back and say well that's just the way it is is like answering a question with "because". It does not have to be that way. And a close detailed diagnosis of the sum of human history on this planet shows that democracy has very much existed in different forms in different times among different cultures at many points in human history. Bottom line, just because that is the way it is does not mean that's the way it has to be. It will take a ton to change and it will not happen over night, but that doesn't mean don't do anything.

    2. a_no_n

      the Romans the Greeks and the Carthaginians might disagree with you on that last bit.

    3. CapnCanard

      Yep, money equates to power and freedom. And the same would still be true with a gold or silver standard. I would suggest that we replace gold, silver, oil, etc etc with demonstrable value. Is an engineer good? Is the doctor effective? Does the computer repair technician do qualitiy work? Right now we have far too much planned obsolescence with manufactured objects built to fall apart. i.e. our system has built in degrading value. Bit-Coin is a start and you can find other ideas on the internetz.

    4. Marysue5252

      But the basic premise of capitalism is deeply flawed. You cannot have growth forever on a finite planet. You cannot create wealth. All the wealth that ever was or ever will be was here long before the first deluded capitalist dropped out of the trees to stalk the land to pollute and rape it. The planet is finite. Capitalism is based on "growth forever". Ergo, uncontrolled capitalism combined with burgeoning numbers of humans on our finite, delicate planet are doomed.

  30. issue23

    #1 – I concur.