InfamyInfamy is an intense journey into the dangerous lives and obsessed minds of six of America’s most prolific graffiti artists. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Doug Pray (Hype and Scratch) who teamed up with writer, publisher, and graffiti guru Roger Gastman, the movie takes you deep into the world of street legends Saber, Toomer, Jase, Claw, Earsnot, and Enem.

With brutal honesty, humor and charisma, these artists reveal why they are so willing to risk everything to spray paint their cities with "tags," “throwups,” and full-color murals. You'll also meet Joe "THE GRAFFITI GUERRILLA" Connolly, a notorious "buffer" who paints out graffiti on his neighborhood’s walls with a vengeance matched only by those who vandalized them.

From the streets of the South Bronx to the solitude of a San Francisco tunnel, from high atop a Hollywood billboard to North Philadelphia for a lesson in "Philly-style tags," from the Mexican border to a Cleveland train yard, Infamy doesn't analyze or glorify graffiti... it takes you there and brings it to life.

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  1. mike tonelli

    joe connely !!!!!!!!! A.K.A IGNORAMOUS tha clown boy!!!!!!!!! dude ???????? probly was a son of a pig, but was a drop out of the military and the police acadamy........... great doc thou thankyou........" keepitreel " Boston MAS!!!!!!!

  2. Ohio boy

    Awesome documentary showcasing artists from different sides of the country. The Joe connely part was a waste of time. I get that he's there to add another perspective to the act of graffiti, but I just found myself being annoyed by him. Great doc, though.

  3. InvisibleHandInMyPants

    Should art creation ever be seen as illegal?

  4. leigh

    Quit after 1st guy. What a little brat.

  5. Ludakriss

    A one, magical journey. Damn the road does not end, huh?

  6. tpvero

    I can't watch this. I don't want to be in the company of these spoiled criminal egomaniacs.

    1. InvisibleHandInMyPants

      Sounds to me you dislike people of color.


    this was awesome. love it. showcases graffiti from different points of view, each artist having different motivations, but sharing a passion for what they do. some look bad but some look awesome. enjoyed this one a lot.

  8. Lin Frank

    check the kid out of the recycle plant...he's got talent too..

  9. Lin Frank

    murals arent get a coloring's art...just as much as your "tagging" young man...they've got talent're not alone in the art world...if you think you are then guess what? you delusional...breaking the law is the purpose of creating? than don't create...

  10. Lin Frank

    the kid has some talent...try doing it with a can of spray paint..try it...try isn't that easy is it?...

  11. Lin Frank

    apart from the gangs and crap...these kids have talent...believe me they have if they could harnass that on

  12. pusspussbangbang0555

    In the 70's our street gang was called the Tartan Boys, we" tagged" verywhere on our concil estate , but we did'nt have money for spray paint so we used chalk and pastels stolen from the art department of our school. Creating tartan patterns on walls and pavements was not easy, but bags of fun, and some of the creations were truly artistic. These autistic scribblers who deface buildings now, need to understand that art should be temporary, leave the space for the future users, use chalk, pastels, leave your ego at home, and leave your ugly black rap culture in the ****** up apartementyou share with your "homies"

  13. jaccopax

    i saw many beautifull works.. not only the pieces but especialy philledelphia tags looked like japanese caligraphy !! great !! i respect the artists in this docu. because they risk and give their lives for their art.... they are talented and hard working and this is not the case for most modern artists!!!

    i think these "street" works will reflect the URBAN world many people live in today and be real art!!... and i hope the work made by "academic" artists today, will not be worth the cost of canvas and paint.. the "elite" crap will be a sign of the times and end up in a historlical museum and looked upon with horror!!!

  14. zaphodity

    Territorial pissing with spraypaint.

    1. Ludakriss

      Subjective, but I'd agree :D

  15. Drakeycrust

    graffiti cant be classified as a general term and be tucked away as crime, art, or whatever. it is what the writer uses it as such, an expression of rage against the system, love for art, a way to make yourself known, anything really. there are some people who like to write books and study law, and there are people who like to paint on property. one should be more worried about the kids out on the street at night than rather their home is going to get painted or property values going down.

  16. Anthony Wrifford

    one guy painting s*** and another guy painting it over and this cycle continues? Important? I don't know. I'm not qualified to say. But, as a human behavior; I think it's interesting. That's about all.

    1. Ludakriss

      Your thinking in this area is, interesting too. To me.

  17. Richard Best

    To who ever stated that tagging an apartment building isn't the same as tagging a home...... Mt apartment is my bloody home. I paid for it and the monthly cash I pay to keep it clean could be better used than painting over some scribbled crap. Pieces are awesome. I managed to get the UK's largest legal Graff wall passed about 8 years ago. It was wicked. Some still had to go and spray the local art gallery walls. They got busted, the cops bought them to me, I was running a skate park at the time with the aforementioned legal wall. the cops asked my opinion as to whether they should book them at the station. I said book them and sink them for all I care. If something costs people money and you deface it, do your time fools.
    I like Graff, hate bombers.

  18. Fluxy

    Lot's of ignorance in these comments. Particularly one about taking America back and the most recent one relating to abortion.

    @ Steve: Who exactly are we and who exactly are we going to take America back from? Ourselves? You seem like the kind of selfish ass who wants to cling tightly to your tax dollars which you think are going towards cleaning up tagging. But when you "throw all these losers in jail" for a minimum of five years, the taxes you would have to pay would go through the f@#$%^& roof. If it really bothers you, be proactive. Go out and clean up like Joe Connolly.

    @ Lord Bob Fates: There's this thing that happens where when you become more mature, you learn to put yourself in the shoes of others. Also, think about the most common way learning happens. Repetition. Sure, they could just practice in their little notebooks forever and get better and better. But how are they going to learn to paint beautiful murals without the experience? You think someone wants to allow a painter with no large piece experience to paint on their walls? It's good to know there are people like you that would wish life away from people who don't have many other opportunities going for them.

    Anyways, pretty decent doc.

  19. Lord Bob Fates

    These fatherless welfare brats should have been aborted. What an absolute blight. That said, I readily admit that there are some truly talented bastards out there who can do some pretty impressive stuff with a spray can. My bitch is directed at the illiterate mongoloids and their indecipherable scrawl - plastered all over peoples private property, as well as public structures. I have no problem with artists who seek, and receive permission from property owners to create something visually and graphically appealing - taggers, on the other hand....

  20. NY

    Tyler Durden,
    you are wrong to assume that graffiti writer’s have over “over inflated egos,” it is actually the opposite. Writers obsess about putting up more work to inflate their deflated egos. This is why graffiti is done, not to outright break laws, but to become ‘somebody’ in the eyes of others. It is the quickest route to fame for a teenager, and it becomes addicting when you first get a taste. Although, breaking laws is the rush that first usually starts this cycle of addiction. The rush side effect is always a benefit, but law breaking is nor the primary goal. We also recognize the unmoral nature of this. Otherwise Tyler, I like and agree with what you say, and I won’t go any further with this.

    Ron, Will, People need to stop debating whether graffiti is art or even the justification of vandalizing someone’s property. You are missing the point. Graffiti is about getting up in more places and pushing one’s own boundaries so other’s will recognize them, not to spread their artistic expression to the public. Frankly, we do not give a shit what the public thinks anyhow because they don’t get why graffiti is done in the first place (you two have blatantly shown this). Graffiti writers do use legal walls to paint on, but only on occasion, primarily for the fact that their work rarely gets seen by their counterparts, which is the point of graffiti. Saying “If these are artists then I am Michelangelo,” is a short sided view of what these people are doing as we recognize that most of writer’s graffiti is just recycled lettering from across the world. There is only a small percentage of graffiti that we consider to be art. And just for the record, gang graffiti is an entirely different genre of what we do.

    I could talk all day about this, but this is just a small blurb of what most graffiti writers feel about this issue.

  21. niikkii

    cant believe someone would compare this to "exit through the gift shop " their work sucked

  22. Bristol Graffiti

    Graffiti always sparks a divide. Cool vid thanks for posting.

  23. Matt

    Hate to say it, but these guys are i@#$%^. Their artwork is mediocre at best.

    Don't defend them for vandalizing people property, it's not their property and they are forcing people to spend their own and taxpayer money to clean that sh** up.

  24. yahdigg

    amazing flick

  25. Renaissance Austin

    This is a really good documentary. I am very selective about art and I can appreciate the technique of graffiti art and the fact that it is what makes these people feel wonderful and at peace with themselves, like they are someone and that is good. However, not finishing school or getting a further education whether it be at a community college, or "life" school is not good. It seems outside of the art form there is a lot of sadness, anger, and frustration in their lives. Going to and from jail, watching out for cops, getting kicked out of your home is not ideal to me. There is a whole world of opportunity for everyone on this earth and it's all about the mindset of the person...There are plenty of programs and organizations that embrace graffiti art. Are these artists making money or a business with their talent? This whole world is about business. That's what I'm looking at.

    1. knowledgeizpower

      Thats what I am talking about someone that has a good head on his shoulders well said. This technique of art sometimes gets a negative wrap. I do agree with you there are organizations that do embrace this particular form of art and help those who want to do something with their gifts and talents. Its not always about destroying property you can take whatever gift or talent that you have and use it for something positive...good doc alot of interesting comments also...Peace

  26. Newman

    I have a bigger problem with corporate mass advertising everywhere then with anything these guys are doing. That stealing and violence and s@#$ isn't cool. I don't care what you have to say about it. This world it to small for even one a@@#$%&. Don't be that guy feel me.

  27. Ivan


    I can tell right away that there's no lies in you. You speak from the heart pretty much. I recently eased up on graf and want to make a career out of it. Just like how you did. How did you do it, you mind helping me out? Coming from someone like you it would REALLY help on another level.

  28. beigeee


  29. eoin

    dogs piss on lots of things. and so do i.

  30. Soopreme

    Infamy is just documenting the truth of our current society. Whether you agree with the notion of illegal graffiti art or not, there is not much you can do about it. Why would it carry through so many cultures world wide if it was not relevant to millions of people.
    Love this film. Learnt a lot and inspired me to go out and take part in the most important art movement of our time!

  31. Steve

    When we throw all these losers in jail and take back America things will be better. No job? Tagging? 5 Years in jail minimum. It's not art, give it up. Noone cares about your tags, go home to daddy and tell him why you feel so neglected. LOSERS.

  32. DRSelkirk

    Oh and to continue with the discussion. Yeah its art and yeah its vandalism and yep, I think its beautiful.

  33. DRSelkirk

    Great movie. Probably the best produced graffiti film out there. Filled with egos and outstanding cinematography. I hope that top docs can get Banksy's film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" when its available. Its a must see.

  34. Will

    I am sick of hearing comments supporting this cr*p. The debate always gets lost because the graffiti artists think its naysayers are saying it isnt art. Thats not the point! I happen to think it is art. But your putting your art on something thats not yours.

    I'd like to follow one of these clowns home, wait till they sleep then spray paint my name across their damn houses, then sculpt a dildo into their trees. When they come out complaining Ill be like relax man its art.

    And most of them are cr*p too. Putting your name on something doesn't do sh*t but feed your ego. You wanna paint a wall, buy the wall! Cant buy the wall, then go buy a canvas and paint until you can afford it. Get a business to agree to a mural, do something other than destroying someone else's property, or in other-words grow up.

  35. Supreme


    Thank you for being humble in your response. As you stated, you disagree with the gang graffiti, but have expressed interest in the graffiti with, lets say, a purpose to which you can relate to ( ie a Political Message ).

    What needs to be clarified here is that none of the political messages of works from world renown artists such as Baksy would ever be possible if it werent for "street graffiti" medium being able to open the walls as a canvas and paving the trails for future advancement of the art itself.

    The culture which all of this is born from is where the anti-government/establishment attitude breeds from. Hip Hop in its roots of Public Enemy was anti-government at its rawest form. This attitude transcends into all other "elements" of its cultural fiber. The 4 elements of hip hop are Graffiti, MC'ing, DJing, and Break Dancing. All these pillars of the culture have battling or war like mentalities associated to each craft. Now a days, you can still find people who dont believe "DJing" or Turntabilism is music, or break dancing is real "dancing". Its their point of view, they are entitled to it, but in reality, if none of it was "real", then none of it would exist.

    As mentioned in my previous comment, I am speaking in first person. I lived through the stereotypes of my father who thought my "tagging" ways were actually a secret communication language used by criminals to indicate which buildings were good targets for robberies.

    This is the communication gap I dealt with for years. Now, I am in my 30's now, I no longer go out tagging and instead directed my artistic energy to more "publicly acceptable" corporate formats. I can no longer listen to the modern version the hiphop music which at one time was the soundtrack to my life.

    I must say, I am extremely thankful now for docs such as this which help to educate people like my father on the art culture behind the scene. However, it is still virtually impossible to be able to fully translate to viewers the feeling, mentality, and sense of purpose of why I would go out bombing unless one was able to immerse themselves in the entire "hip hop" culture and all its elements.

  36. Tyler Durden


    I see your point and validate what your saying with admitting I made assumptions and generalizations. Your right that just because I don't understand it it doesn't invalidate it's inherent value. I am making generalizations about harmful graffiti and the majority of it in areas where I have lived was Gang related and it would end up on cars or peoples homes and business'. I do enjoy the subversive"f-the system" and resist globalization art I see spring up in some cities where people are writing more than their own name on the wall or their call sign/gang relation.


    I know we are on the same side in the end just from reading comments you have posted before in other arena's, it's this debate between us that keeps us all sharp and informed. Let us continue to do so and not rot away with our beliefs in some corner. We must resist and bear forth new ideas regardless of the attempts of the powers that be to intellectually labotomize us. The key word here is resistance, but when we do that illegally we hand over power back to the man, who in turn now has legal right to incarcerate. If we are more cautious and less liberal we can beat them at their own game by subversive infiltration, or poisoning the wellspring and spreading memes of dissent to make people wake up tho their slavery.

  37. David


    You're ridiculous.

    "Just because it’s illegal doesn’t at all take away from it’s artistic justification. Have you seen Man On Wire? Incredibly illegal…but more so incredible."

    That is the quote that you've been trying to tear apart this whole time.

    I just want to know where I said it was THE SAME!!! ?

    You seem so mad about it all, which is just hilarious to me.

    And sure, I'm a descendant of First Nations, we could get into it if you wanted. Could be card carrying, but decidedly am not. Three people in my family have PhD's in Native studies and one of them is a curator at the museum of civilization. You can guess what her role is. And really, I don't even know what we'd be getting into. Whatever it is though, I think it would be easy with I'm in.

    And blood splatters on the wall? Really man? Are you the kind of debater that covers his ears screaming "lalalalala" when other people speak, and then come back at them about something completely unrelated for shock value? Let's bring up rape or the holocaust, I know the topic is graffiti, but I want some attention, dag nabbit!

    You want to see people paying for art? Go watch a documentary about successful artists, man. You chose this one. And accidentally, you watched a piece of art that people will be "paying for in a contemporary sense". The director of this film pulled a fast one on you. The paradox of scum artists.

  38. Ron

    John Seals

    What inspires these people is their talent. The muse and medium are a total waste.

    Saber just about died to be in a group of people who do this. And you want to say I am being judgemental? Talented ignorant people who have no constructive way to express their talent basically because they are LAZY. They are getting their driving need for approval met in a destructive fashion.

    You don't need a psychology degree to see that.

  39. Ron


    I am a first nations from Canada. You want to get into it?

    You are the one who brought up the man on a wire comparison. You think it is the same thing. It clearly is not to me. the one guy who steals things and thinks it is his right is a joke and total waste. Man on a Wire dedicated his life to doing one thing. One stunt. With a passion beyond any person on the planet. It was an incredible feat. You said it was the SAME. It is not the same. People could shoot people and the blood splatters could be art on the wall behind them and you would say that is the same???

    I think this doc could have provided some cred by showing people who are making something that people are actually following and paying for in a contemporary sense like any other art form. Some subculture that provides artistic noise where it is not wanted nor desired seems like a total waste but if you look at the lives of these people in the video that is what you see also. Waste.

  40. David

    Ron, does the fact that my grandparents on one side of my family are Native mean that I could answer your question myself? If so, yes, I think graffiti is badass, son!

    And I wasn't calling you a babbling fool. I was being sarcastic in saying that IF I didn't understand your comparison, as you clearly still haven't understood mine, you would then be a babbling fool. I suppose that this last comment of yours has now solidified it.

    The only point I was arguing was that both were illegal.

    I'm glad that you think a little bit of paint is as dangerous as a man who could infiltrate the WTC. Thank goodness he was just walking a wire, right?

    I love this argument because Man on Wire is one of my favorite docs of all time. Made me cry in fact. Maybe I'm just a sucker for rebellion.

    If I could just end this one post with a shout out, it would be to John Seals comment. It gets a backup booyakasha!

  41. John Seals

    @ Ron

    You sound like a really boring, opinionated, spoiled brat. "These people are talented uneducated ignorant destructive people.." Don't judge people that have different values and priorities than yourself, it makes you look ignorant. Your lack of empathy, think and act inside the box, get in line or we'll lock you away- attitude is what inspires these young people to get in your face. Thank god. If it where up to people like you, nothing would ever change- unless it made you a buck.

  42. Ron

    well david the ground you are standing on belonged to the natives maybe we should see what they say about what you call art then? You make a ridiculous argument and say that is not the argument.

    I think we all know that if you put it up for referendum in all major cities in the US people would be opposed to what you call art. There doesn't even need to be a referendum we all know what the outcome would be.

    These people are talented uneducated ignorant destructive people who got their 5 minutes of fame.

    Man on a wire is no where near what is going on here and jail has nothing to do with it. To compare going to jail for what man on a wire did to going to jail for SCRIBBLING is about as assinine as it gets. And then to stand up and argue the point is pretty much what you called me.

  43. John Seals

    Of course this is art. I don't pretend to understand the tagging, but the throw ups and pieces where cool. As far putting it on someones home, I didn't see them do that. They may have put it on apartment buildings but that's not the same. I don't think these guys are going around tagging or anything else on peoples homes. They do it in places where their are no individually owned free standing homes. And part of the art is that they are creating it while dodging going to jail. You can see and feel the tension in some of the work- other times you can see that the artist had to have lost himself or herself in the work- not caring at that point about anything but the art for arts sake- not money or the fame it would bring- not how long it stayed up or even if it got finished- Just living in that moment of creation even unto the damnation of everything and everyone around you. That's release that few people ever achieve or understand. I do it through music- they do it through grafitti. Looks like fun to me- I'm going to try it!

  44. David

    Ron, for you, dot jots.

    - The Mt Rushmore comment was made because the white man seized the land from the Lakota tribe. They're forced to look at four honkies on top of a mountain that should, perhaps, rightfully be theirs. The artists don't care if you have to look at their "scribbles". They own the city space as much as you do.

    - Man on Wire broke the law. These guys break the law. That was the comparison. For art's sake. I would much rather walk a tightrope than spray bomb a house, but that's not the argument.

    - Only a babbling fool would call himself Michelangelo. But I can understand comparisons.

    Tyler, I agree with Supreme, you're a well spoken man. Like you said in your first message, I think we agree somehow. You want freedom for everyone, but with the restrictions that you see fit. I want the same. We all just have different boundaries.

    It was this quote of yours that made me define "value" the way I did:

    "...there are murals and wall spaces in cities that are available and profitable for these taggers to funnel their creativity into ... How about you just post your address and open up your home for them to tag on, I’m sure that will increase it’s value."

    I don't think you were talking about how a home has an abundance of intellectual value. And I don't think you meant that the profit for the taggers at BM was just their chance to do it in a legal avenue.

    Beyond all that. I feel you. Glad Supreme is here though for sure. I see all kinds of people coming from this kind of a background really making a dent, and I'm all for it. It's the best hackers in the world working for the CIA. We're all caught up in it somehow, and it's definitely interesting to talk about.

    We could write our messages up on our city's walls to make them just a little bit louder though. You in?

  45. Ron

    Man on a wire is a not a premanent fixture done by someone stealing wire and food and bragging about it like a goof. Also one person had the talent to do the man on a wire. We don't see thousands of people committing themselves to learning tight rope walking and going and setting out to put their mark on the world with tight rope walking. Scribbling is much easier appearently.

  46. Ron

    Ya it is art? People are stealing supplies to make their art. They are steallinug food to eat. If it was art there would be a large enough market for it that these people would be like the best rappers or hip hoppers making good coin at it. It is definately part of a culture but it is not serious culturally acceptable stuff. Put it on a canvas or is it more easily saleable to someone being a 50X50 foot concrete wall??

  47. Ron

    well I am not an artist or even artistically inclined but the documentary starts off with some babbling fool talking about how Mt Rushmore can be the same as putting up graffiti??? Like the people who created Mt Rushmore did it without any approval from anyone. He doesn't even know how Rushmore was created or the sacrifices one individual ARTIST went through to get it done and over many years as well. This is for the most part a great example of people without good role models or education out there stumbling and bubble mucking along in the world. Nice documentary on criminals and we should all be thankful there are not more of them.

    To say what people spray on walls that are not inviting or made for said art does not make it art it makes it an invasion of someones property and possession. You buy the property and build the wall and paint however you like cool. Mt Rushmore was not just there for the taking. Individuals and governments got involved to make it happen. Just shows you the ignorance of these so called artists.

    If these are artists then I am Michelangelo

  48. Supreme

    Tyler, you seem like an intelligent, well spoken individual..

    With that being said, I think you need to do some more "in depth" research on this topic before formulating your opinions, and by research I am not talking about going to a rave in the Vegas desert. Graffiti is some of the fastest rising and most sought after art currently shown in galleries and sold in auctions. A lot of iconic artists that represent art in all its forms got their feet wet with street art, tagging included.

    In fact, I used to bomb the streets myself for years. Developing a love for the art that later pushed me towards a career as an Art Director for a major corporation. Please do not take offense by this statement but just because you don't understand the art or the people behind it, doesnt make it wrong.

  49. Tyler Durden

    We live in a capitalist society, I am a Zeitgeister myself and believe money is fiat. I am only trying to keep these artists around and out of jail because no one deserves to go to jail for expressing themselves creatively unless it's harmfull to others. That is why I suggested legal avenues and murals to use. I am not concerned with profit as much as people simply respecting each other and each others hard earned homes. I don't advocate going around painting or marking peoples homes, cars, ect ect.. and I have a hard time wrapping my head around what your saying. Sadly Burning man has been infiltrated by the Corporate agenda and it has changed the spirit of the burn, but it's still a great time. Money and value seem to define what goes forward in a capitalist society so it should be a consideration. When I term the word Value, I mean artistic, aesthetic or intellectual. You seem to define it differently so I will leave it at that.

  50. TheParadigmShift

    I can see why people would hate on TAGS but putting all graffiti art into the same group is unfair. Graffiti is the oldest form of art on Earth when cavemen put black ink into their mouths and sprayed handprints on cave walls. We would know absolutely nothing about the ancient Egyptians if they didn't scribe artwork into walls. You folks should go on Google images and type in BANKSY. You may appreciate his guerilla art, it has a political message and is aesthetically pleasing. Graffiti has made him a milionaire and it is a creative outlet for many. I owe my career to doing graffiti art and find it much more interesting than religious painting after religious painting in the Louvre...

  51. David

    I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

    Burning man? Really? Can't touch that one, as I think it's much too hilarious.

    You seem to be concerned only with profit and "value", and thus, completely miss the point of this style of art. Profitable art at Burning Man? Great, another commodity. For a guy named Tyler Durden, you seem quite the consumer and trumpeter of worth!

    Ancient Rome. I guess the NY subway tunnels should be compared to the Colosseum...? History texts of the future just littered with buildings from streets of Chicago, NY and LA!

    I have to say though, I'm flattered that in a comment I've made about a documentary on graffiti, I've made art meaningless. What kinds? Just yours? If I could tear up the Mona Lisa, I would, and I would replace it with a picture of all of my friends, because that would be something I would want to look at. You might not, but I can only care about your taste as much as you can care about mine.

    It's funny because apparently I care a whole bunch about graffiti, and I had no idea. I think computer art is boring. That's for sure. I've never seen any that has impressed me in the slightest. It's lazy and easy. But forms are changing, and I'll just stay behind to comfort the old guard.

    I don't know, young man Palahniuk might be shaking his head, but old man Palahniuk might instead want to be shaking your hand.

  52. Tyler Durden

    There are legal non destructive ways to push the boundaries, Go to burning man and you will know what pushing the artistic envelop is all about. For those who can't attend the burn, there are murals and wall spaces in cities that are available and profitable for these taggers to funnel their creativity into. Signing your name on peoples homes and office buildings a hundred times is not art in my book, in that case loggers who spray paint trees to be cut down should honered in our nations galleries. How about you just post your address and open up your home for them to tag on, I'm sure that will increase it's value.

    I say paint your Mona Lisa somewhere else, I would like my home and business free of unsolicited so called art. Any 4 year old can scribble his name onto a wall, so if we wanto equivalate every chap who can spray paint his name with the likes of Da Vinci, then be my guest, you just made art meaningless. I will throw you a bone, in that the art we see today will be in future texts, however no one in the art world is looking at people who know how to write their name or alias onto a building with paint in any way that will ever make a textbook. Ancient Rome was known to have a lot of graffiti on her walls, and no one remembers Roman art for it's wall scribbles.

    Canvas artists? Who just paints canvas's anymore? Most went digital years ago, and what do they risk.....hmmmm...... how about starvation....? It's make it or break it in the art world no matter where your from. The Artists who eat well are on commission or well established with their own galleries. All the rest of them live month to month, and some day to day for their art.

    I will take your suggestion and watch Man On a Wire, thanks for the tip. David although I disagree with you we are on the same side on this one. Backed into our homes is no place to be no matter what you do.

  53. David

    It's the only art form created during our lives. This culture is the only one that will be stamping our times in future art history texts.

    " I don’t think pissing on top of someone else’s legal art “building’s ect.” with paint is justified or needed"

    It's certainly not needed, justified, I don't know. Just because it's illegal doesn't at all take away from it's artistic justification. Have you seen Man On Wire? Incredibly illegal...but more so incredible.

    If someone had painted the Mona Lisa on the side of a building, you cops (all of you) would be blocking it off and charging admission.

    It's a ten thousand dollar fine in my city if you're caught spraying. What do canvas artist have to risk? If no one pushes boundaries, we'll be backed up into our homes and won't come out.

  54. Tyler Durden

    Over inflated ego's meet spray paint can. JibJab stole my other one liner with the dogs pissing on tree's comment.

    I got through 20 minute and realized how totally uninteresting and mind numbing these people were. Breaking the law simply because it's there? into their late 30's? It just says that they missed adolescense or never left it. While I do enjoy art and creativity I don't think pissing on top of someone else's legal art "building's ect." with paint is justified or needed. If I were an architect I wouldn't want to build or put my creation into an area where I knew people would just destroy it with "Tags" and they wonder why the ghetto's broke? Why should an entire society be made to look at your personal advertisment everyday just because you feel yourself more important than everyone else. I am also against billboards and other forms of advertising for the record which is more of the same. It's mental pollution, the underground imitating the corporate overlords, and thinking they are becoming individuals by imitating everyone else, what a joke.

  55. JibJab

    at least dogs only piss on tress

  56. TheParadigmShift

    SABER is badass!

    Awesome film.

    If you liked this I I recommend seeing 'Exit Through The Giftshop' by Banksy.