Japan by Bicycle

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After living in Japan for over two years Andrew decided to return to America. To end his time in Japan, he cycled the entire country from south to north with his friends Scott and Dylan.

At night they camped or stayed with hosts. Their route stretched 3500 km, took 43 days, and wound through many incredible destinations in Japan such as Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Mt. Fuji, the Japanese Alps, the beautiful NW coast, and the plains of Hokkaido.

Only one month before the start date of their trip, Japan was devastated by an 8.9 earthquake which triggered a 30 ft tsunami. The damage was unreal. Bullet trains went missing, nuclear power plants broke down leading to radiation contamination in Fukushima, and the death toll in the first few days alone was estimated at over 10,000.

Although the trip was never intended to be a fundraiser, all three of them easily agreed that they should try their best to raise money for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Their goal was to raise $10,000 of relief aid. By the time they crossed the finish line, over $13,000 had been given.

Completing the trip was one of Andrew's major life goals. It taught him the value of big dreams, good friends, and perseverance. The ride will always be one of his best memories.

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    Taylor Ryen
  1. Taylor Ryen

    3 of the most boring guys in the world take a long bike ride together... This "doc" is jam-packed with all the good stuff you would look forward to seeing in a trek across a foreign country... Lots of monotone explanations of things they already did but forgot or missed video taping, food, awkward passive smiles, and the admitted but forever present sexual tension among one another.

    Not remotely worth watching other than to acknowledge the fact that you and your friends would have done a better job... If even one of you had a personality or even a shimmer of humor this video could have been reasonably entertaining...

  2. Earthwinger
  3. Earthwinger

    Harsh but fair :)

    I was kind of impressed that they completed the trip though, as never before have I seen grown men floundering so much, trying to ride bicycles. Perhaps they were celebrating their graduation from stabilizers to two wheels.

  4. Bob Trees
  5. Bob Trees

    Thanks for the doc. Japan looks like a fairly good place to travel by tent. Too bad there wasn't much on how you guys dealt with camping there. Other than, "yeah we camped at a park."

    The drivers looked like they were few and far between. Even though there was some incident, it looked like it was fairly chilled riding across the country.

  6. jon jenkins
  7. jon jenkins

    shoulda taken some more heavy duty bikes :)

  8. Paul Woodward
  9. Paul Woodward

    Nice guys and a good cyclists impression of Japan.

  10. neutraltack
  11. neutraltack

    haha, so true.

  12. macmets
  13. macmets

    ...and then there's the countless "here we are in's" and "now we're off to's" with not a single explanation or insight to the geography, history or culture of Japan except a fascination with a toilet in a McDonald's restroom. Oh, but then there's my favorite profound observation..."Here we are in Hiroshima. This is our second atomic memorial museum, so it will be interesting to see what the differences are."

  14. Nataša Brunec
  15. Nataša Brunec

    Impressive and fascinating! Thanks for sharing this.

  16. Kerrick Reynolds
  17. Kerrick Reynolds

    This documentary is exemplary of the strange societal rift that has burrowed into American life. I have sworn off travel due to a paranoid fervor that usurps all rational thought. I can create fantastic pros that poise arthritic heads in owl’s geometry. This newly minted bowl movement is prime example of people so desperate and boring their only redemption is to peruse “ adventures “. The prefectures of the Nipponese do not deserve this plague.

  18. terencegalland
  19. terencegalland

    real people doing some real travelling and even adding in a good cause and i enjoyed watching excellent *****

  20. Imightberiding
  21. Imightberiding

    I actually enjoyed this. I'd love to tour the length of Japan as well as countless other countries.

    Just an afterthought, perhaps the title could have been: Three guys, two tents.

  22. Saleko
  23. Saleko

    Okay documentary, but i dont understand why in every town the stay they are showing how they eat food in some restaurant

  24. Joseph
  25. Joseph

    This was an average documentary. I did enjoy the scenery but most of it seemed as if it was rushed

  26. jahaja
  27. jahaja

    Come on, these guys are not professional film makers, cut them some slack. And who doesn't look awkward in front of a camera?
    They did a bike trip through Japan (nice!), documented it, met lots of nice people along the way and even raised money for the tsunami relief effort. I think that's a definitely win. I found it quite inspiring in a non-pretentious way.
    Not everything in life has to be spectacular or entertaining for the masses in order to be worthwhile.

  28. bluetortilla
  29. bluetortilla

    I couldn't watch this past Nagasaki because of the young three stooges. And I lived in Japan for 20 years. I was really hoping they'd have something to say/show...

  30. bluetortilla
  31. bluetortilla

    Past the concrete and plantation cedar mountains, Japan has some incredible beauty. Too bad this doc. did a lousy job showing it.

  32. Mikael
  33. Mikael

    Thanks for making a fine movie that I enjoyed watching. I dream of going to Japan one day with my family.

  34. Dave
  35. Dave

    Great story, inspirational for others to visit Japan, experience its culture, and perhaps even do a similar ride! Great job guys!

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