Kay Kay: The Girl from Guangzhou

2012, Society  -   9 Comments
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Kay Kay is the face of modern day China, a bright, educated and ambitious 20 year old living in the booming southern city of Guangzhou. She represents a new generation of middle class Chinese 'only' children, benefiting from China's economic growth as well as the single-minded dedication of her factory-worker parents.

This unique film has followed her for her whole life, filming her and her family every year since her birth in 1992.

It gives a rare, personal narrative to the decades of transformation that China has undergone. From her childhood and school days through to her university life where she struggles to get to grips with China's economic imperatives in the face of environmental issues.

Kay Kay is a charming, engaging guide to modern China, its people and the country's recent economic boom.

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9 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Matuvo Namikaze

    I LOVE this girl :) I don't know why.

  2. Matuvo Namikaze

    I love Kay Kay and how she grew up, such a dedicated, respectful, and bold you woman.

    "these are my dad's plants, thier suppose to chase away evil spirits. As if! rofl"

    how old is she now..? 22

  3. Bitethehand

    Kay Kay's mum:

    "Now we've got our baby she'll take care of us in our old age"

    From the "one" children I've met, I think her mum and dad are in for a big shock.

    And the one child policy only ever applied to about 40% of the population.

  4. Yutesy

    Amazing how fast the city of Guangzhou has changed in the past 20 years.

  5. Maxwell Thomas

    I understand when faced with 3rd world poverty and economic insecurity money is more of an issue/focus in ones life than those in 1st world countries but Chinese are all money money money, purely money...It's all they talk about, think about, it is their God. It is pathetic, sad, deeply disturbing. This uniform personality trait, this disgusting obsession unique among Chinese alarms me as they[Chinese] will likely dominate the world(economically, if not militarily as well) in just a few decades.

    Woe is me, what can I do but look on in sadness.

    1. LSK

      The "uniform trait" does seem prevailing in the overall image of China but this documentary is a good proof that image shouldn't serve stereotypes.
      Kay Kay says it herself on the end (which you probably haven't seen) ;
      "My generations moral duty isn't just to get rich. We must improve ourselves and our thinking. If we can do that we'll make this a better place for everyone, we'll all be happier."

    2. christophe

      Have you ever heard of capitalism? That's more disgusting than anything as it puts money before everything and the USA leads the way with that. You are just racist.

    3. Kevin

      The Chinese can't really dominate the world economically, though- they're built to produce and export cheap goods. They're firmly tied to the Western economies, and if demand from them goes down, so does prosperity in China.

      China will inevitably continue to grow and become more influential, but for it to truly dominate the world economically, it would have to change so much (economically, politically and demographically) as to become unrecognizable from now.

    4. Matuvo Namikaze

      yes, you do sound very racist. you've taken the poor people's need to make money and live better and turned it into all they care for is money. who are you? were are you from?

      what you've said here is thoroughly unfair and your backing isn't substantial. she said twice in the video; money is not all thats important.