Known Universe: The Biggest and The Smallest

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Known Universe: The Biggest and The SmallestFrom the enormous universe in which we exist to tiny atoms that make up the building blocks of everything around us, size matters when it comes to understanding the cosmos.

Starting with our solar system, we'll explore the true meaning of word "big." Odds are you saw a model of the solar system made in grade school.

With incredibly realistic CGI, we'll reveal how that model, if built to scale, wouldn't fit inside a football field, much less a classroom.

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  1. Achems Razor

    Very good doc. well put together!

  2. adil

    very interesting doc thanks the beauty of this creation shows the almity of the creator

  3. austin

    Here we go. God and science again. Please stop polluting minds. The world is sick of war that your god not only allows to happen but is a majority of their causes.

  4. BJ


    What is "almity"?

    Also, austin. I don't know what there is to talk about in regards to God and science anymore. You either live within the law and let rationality guide your life or you live your life the same way but only because you want to get in some special club after you die and are only thinking of yourself, selfishly gliding through life.

  5. 420 Vision

    Gods, believed by many to be the creators of life the universe and everything, have no interest in causing wars amongst creation. Perhaps because they feel affection and pride for that which was created. Much like how a carpenter would feel standing in front of a fine table she has built from scratch.

    Cause and effect is the relevant issue. When a massive star evolves into a supernova event and releases it's fusion products into the cosmos, these fundamental elements and energy create complexity, harmony, balance and perhaps peace from chaos. The gold that you may cherish as a symbol of love in that ring around your finger originated within a supernova, and so did the mercury in your vaccines.

    God, like a true scientist observes the growth, interaction and evolution of competing species, like two different bacteria growing within the confines of a petri dish. God is perhaps content to simply observe the scientific method and experience how that which was created interacts with the physical and psychodynamic environment. Or perhaps God is just the petri dish.

    It is the freewill instilled within God's very creations which decides fate. If misguided children ripe with false ego narrow of mindful thought, manipulated into refusing the development of the true self, and effectively cut off from the universal subconscience, may manifest the single emotion neccessary to perpetuate war,.. greed.

    If you wish to find peace within your true self, and understand your individual and collective significance within the vast cosmos around us, than reflect upon this truth - within the universe exists us all, within us all exists a universe, and we all have a unique and special purpose within the grand scheme of existence. Your existence within the cosmos is very important, so much so that if a single atom from your body was to disappear from existence than the universe itself would cease to exist. Matter cannot be created or destroyed only transformed.

    Peace will be discovered by those who seek peace, chaos will be found for those who seek chaos,.. and neither seeker is right.

  6. doc-fan

    i seen this documentary somewhere in this site in full length...

  7. Chris

    A good solid elementary introduction to some of the basic science of the universe in the broad strokes. Recommended to anyone who wants to begin their journey of understanding. For Christians, I find nothing here that you should object. It's all very sound as long as you abandon foolish non-scriptural ideas like an earth that is only 6k years old.

  8. BJ

    @ 420 vision

    I have to say I pretty much disagree with everything you said.

  9. SteveM

    BJ, I totally agree, what garbage!

  10. 420 Vision

    BJ and SteveM,..

    I am curious to discover the basis for your opinion. Feel free to explain to the forum what in particular you find so disagreeable and refusable with my simple opinion. Instead of just arrogantly stating your opposition, please explain why you oppose the view using your reasoning skills.

    We are not free unless we can think, speak and express our feelings, choice and convictions to others.

  11. Achems Razor

    @ 420 Vision:

    You remind me of the movie..."as good as it gets" with Jack Nicholson.

    Quotes...Nora, housekeeper from neighbours apartment to Melvin Udall, talking about Gods beautiful work. From Melvin Udall...quote .."where did they teach you to talk like this? in some Panama City sailor hump hump bar? Or is this getaway day in your last shot at his whiskey? Sell crazy someplace else. Where all stocked up here"...unquote.

    My sentiments exactly.

  12. 420 Vision

    Gods do not create wars, people create the Gods to help explain their existence within the universe. If greed infects the accompanying religious doctorine manifested within the human understanding of reality, morals, truth and righteousness, then ensuing conflicts between opposing ideologies will give rise to aggressions, such as war. Greed, self-serving behaviour is the origin of war.

    Simply throwing mud at something you don't agree with or understand is the vain strategy of the ignornant.

    If you don't agree with something, state your case and debate the implications of the argument being presented, then maybe you will learn something.

  13. HaTe_MaChInE

    @ 420 Vision - Everything you say is opinionated gibberish.

    "within the universe exists us all, within us all exists a universe, and we all have a unique and special purpose within the grand scheme of existence."

    I think your definition of universe, unique, special, and existence is different then mine.

    Depending on your definition the statement "within the universe exists us all, within us all exists a universe" is either horribly redundant or just incorrect.

    We are unique... just like everything else. All petrified turds are unique... just like everything else.

    Special... do you mean short bus special? See unique.

    "Gods do not create wars"
    Well Gods either wont stop wars in which case they enjoy watching people die, or Gods cant stop war in which case they are not really gods.

    Same with disease... Either the Gods want babies to die of leukemia or your Gods cant stop leukemia. Either way I have no use for them.

  14. 420 Vision

    This reveiling documentary describing the grand design of nature, and the wealth of knowledge that remains, makes you wonder what our level of understanding for nature would be today if we chose not to fight amongst ourselves, and bicker over our petty ideological differences, points of view, or pursue the control of another countries indigenous resources to feed our inefficient oily machines.

    We spend trillions on defense and other mechanisms of death, while our people die from easily preventable disease and starvation. If we ever hope to gain the enlightenment the universe offers we must stop fighting, commence self-realization and universal cooperation.

  15. Achems Razor

    @ 420:

    I agree with H.M. long time no see by the way.

    Gods create wars, strife, and contemporaneous feelings of hatred for followers of different religions. And those that according to the word of there Gods worship false idols, false religions

    Religee's take there bible, bibles, literally as the word of God, show me in the old testament where the gods are kind and just and full of love?

    What I do not agree with is your flagrant flowery misconception of how the universe came into being as per: your Panama City sailor hump hump bar, gods.

    What? you want to teach me something? Go ahead, and good luck!

  16. Epicurean_Logic

    lol@ 'all petrified turds are unique'.

  17. 420 Vision


    Thanks for your comments,.. i appreciate your words.

    The statement “within the universe exists us all, within us all exists a universe, and we all have a unique and special purpose within the grand scheme of existence.” Is a quote made by the late Dr. Carl Sagan, of Cosmos fame. A very wise man indeed that was considered by most to be quite in-tune. He also believed that life exists so that the Universe may know itself. A beautiful and profound sentiment.

    The quote refers to the fact that we as a species live within a structure called the Universe. Within each member species exists an environment that is analogous to the superstucture of the universe itself,. complete with fine structure symmetry and highly specialized homeostatic functions which must work in balance to maintain the superstructure of the organism. Like a star, galaxy, supercluster of galaxies etc,.. we are also born, live out our lives transforming matter and energy and then die, so that others may live. Everything in the universe is structured around the 4 fundamental forces, and this includes even you, Hate Machine.

    Dr. Sagan also quoted 'We are all starstuff", and he is exactly right. Without some ancient supermassive star going supernova than the calcium in your bones would not be in your bones,.. so again within us all exists a Universe. As for our special purpose, which is only a humanistic ideal, this can be considered to be something as mundane as metabolism and respiration which alters our environment or something more significant such as discovering the meaning of life.

    Yes,.. Gods do not create wars,.. it is the people which misinterpret what is considered devine enlightenment and manifest the greed and self-centered morals that perpetuate war. If Gods exist than they probably love their creations, but like a good teacher may simply know that the best way to teach right is for the student to experience wrong.

  18. 420 Vision

    Achem's Razor,..

    Ultimately you are only as wise as what you are willing to believe. I have nothing to teach you that you don't already believe.

  19. John Seals

    @ 420 Vision

    I see you love Dr. Sagan, understandable. He was a geniuse and a beautiful soul at the same time. You have posted once saying God existed and then once saying man created God so i'm not sure which you lean toward but i like some of what you have to say. The existance of a diety is debated on this site quite often and very passionately, so i think thats why people reacted strongly toward your statements. That and people jst do not respond well to the whole love and peace thing any more. I am of the age that I remember when it was cool. I grew up right aftre the hippies and the counter culture was rolling strong still, we just called ourselves something else. Optimism was in and so was involvement. I got arrested fourteen times man. All in Birmingham- working with The Right of The People- A group fighting for equal treatment for minorities at the local University. I got really thumped around the last time cause I was with a bunch of black guys- The black guys always got thumped I was just with them this time thats the only reason I got it. Any way I here you man you are saying some beautiful stuff but, now days its all different. people respond to facts and witty debate but not beautiful sentiments any more. Too many times others have used peoples emotions against them, people just can't trust any more. I have to say I like it better now and think we all had it over simplified when was younger. That's why we where foolish enough to buy the whole peace and love bit. We wanted it to be true see, but that tide broke and rolled back to the sea. It left a lot of bodies behind when it did to man. To Linda, John, George and Katie all soldiers in the minature dirt wars, who didn't quite make it back- I'll see you soon guys the man is closing in. Wow I am all depressed now- Think I'll sign off awhile.

  20. 420 Vision

    @ John Seals,..

    Thanks for your comments, very well said, and I understand where you are coming from.

    In respond to some of your statements : The human brain evolves and changes over time as it absorbs data, collates the data, and formulates the best approach to ensure the survival of the self. The memory of burning keeps your hand out of the fire.

    As for Gods : to clarify, based upon what I have witnessed, my brain believes there is a yet unqualified and unquantified force in nature that is responsible for the origins of this universe. One's God does not necessarily have to be a biblical God. So I believe in the unseen forces of nature, and seek enlightenment from further observations. My God cannot be personified with human attributes.

    My comment regarding man's personified God, refers only to this biblical God, and how the teachings of organized religion can in some cases lead to segregation, aggression and disdain for other competing ideologies. Northern Ireland's Protestant and Catholic fighting is just one of many examples seen through the ages.

    There is a difference between a mind that discovers belief on it's own, and a mind that has been trained to follow the teaching of a Deity without question. If your doctrine teaches you to be peaceful, cooperative, inquisitive and respectful of other views, then you will live your life with an open mind and be more likely to discover true enlightenment. If you limit yourself to a rigid and structured faith that denies you the experience of the true self, and mandates that you must convert or condemn others simply because they do not share your view, then in my opinion you will be less likely to achieve enlightenment.

    There have been many genocides and attempted genocides originating from groups that desire the eradication of any society that does not share or is willing to adopt the status-quo ideology. Inca, Maya, Aztec, North American Native civilizations,..Rwanda, the list goes on,..and on,.. and on. Convert and conform or be destroyed.

    The true potential of the human societal race will only be realized when we choose cooperation over conflict, when we learn to share our resources instead of horde them. If people have been sufficiently programmed to adopt a false-ego mindset that desires only to transfer their internal aggressions and fear upon others, and see what is bad before what is good, then society will never achieve the cooperation skills necessary to evolve our minds, and ultimately gain the insight to understand the grand design of the amazing universe from which we evolved.

    Our species is the only species known that has the potential to figure out the biggest mysteries, and life in the universe only exists for certian on Earth. Why through away this precious circumstance simply because we choose to reach for the gun before the hand ? Plainly said if we don't end war, war will end us. Wars are waged to conquer, and spread a particular brand of ideology.

    An organism cannot evolve mentally or even biologically if it is constantly exposed to stressors such as fear, and aggression. Life has evolved a specific set of responses to stress, which are called up only as a temporary fix - fight or flight. Cockroaches scurry away when you turn on the lights, otherwise they go on about their cockroach business. Under constant stress an organism and it's society is incapacitated, and thus does not evolve. If you treat an animal poorly it will stress, become ill and perhaps die. It is interesting to note however that DNA responds and ultimately changes an organism as a result of environmental stress, so temporary stress is an important function of evolution.

    The same could be said about a star like our sun and how life on earth in dependant upon our sun being dynamically balanced and chemically stable. Life evolves and thrives within low stress environments, and perishes under chaos.

  21. John Seals

    @ 420 Vision

    "As for Gods : to clarify, based upon what I have witnessed, my brain believes there is a yet unqualified and unquantified force in nature that is responsible for the origins of this universe. One’s God does not necessarily have to be a biblical God. So I believe in the unseen forces of nature, and seek enlightenment from further observations. My God cannot be personified with human attributes."

    Does this god have a conscience, I mean does it know it exists? How does it know itself? Did it create this universe with a purpose in mind? Will this god one day pass judgement on humans or does he or she offer some type of afterlife? It seems every one believes in thier own personal god lately. everyone I meet that is religiouse says- " I don't buy the bible or believe in organized religion but I believe in a god." Most of them will go no further in explaining this new personal religion just that it does not conform to old christianity, judaism, Islam or anything like that. Some want to keep the bible and just say it was mistranslated but they know what parts not to believe in, some want to throw the bible out along with established dogma. We are reaching a time when the standard religiouse dogmas are no longer resonating with people. Soon established religion will redefine itself in order to survive. It has done it many times in the past, I wonder what it will turn out to be this time.

  22. Tyler Durden

    I see the battle lines are not drawn now a days by which god you believe in or don't, or my spaghetti monster is superior to yours, but rather the believers and atheists. At least we are narrowing down we are against. One day we will all grow up and quit our meaningless bickering. It doesn't make much sense attacking someone for what they believe, last time I checked we are all humans and have those inalieble rights to freedom of religion and thought. When we jump on people for simply saying something is beautiful in context of a creator aren't we doing the same thing we get so upset with religion for? We are persecuting them for having different opinions or beliefs. I don't care what you label it or how you justify it, the behavior is the same and I am so tired of these useless debates that seem to run in endless circles and never enlighten any of us. By having to defend your beliefs you must first convince yourself your right and then indoctrinate yourself further in that system until you become a part of it. I would rather not put all the religious do-gooders any deeper into that system than they already are. Nor do I think an online chat is gonna convince them otherwise or make them question their beliefs when so much information is already available to them through the web. In an effort to be objective I find it difficult to lay so heavily on science myself, especially when we get into Quantum anything. For these reasons I simply ask that we be polite and respectful here, not because of some idea of karma or my "make the world a nicer place" agenda but because we will never have peace ourselves if we first don't extend it to others.

    @HM, I am still laughing at "petrified turds are unique" you are a scholar, well said.

    @420, I enjoyed your posts and am glad you have decided to speak here. While I may not totally agree with you I do think you put alot of thought into your posts and I appreciate that.

    @Achems Razor, I recently read an analysis by A. Kephas in his book "Homo Serpiens" about the Judaic god of the old testament and it strongly supports your statement, here is an excerpt, enjoy: In the old testament "Jehovah is portrayed as a cosmic male chauvinist, an intergalactic patriarch obsessed with petty displays of power and prone to pathological outbursts of rage and jealousy. He is forever "testing" his children demanding offerings to placate him, contriving new rules and stipulations that allow him to inflict ever and more ever barbarous forms of punishment. No wonder he is a single parent no woman would ever put up with him!"

  23. 420 Vision

    @John Seals

    J.S. wrote : Does this god have a conscience ?

    No,.. I do not believe so, at least not in the human sense, there is no recognition of self, because to me this force is not compatible with our definition of life, but perhaps through the eyes and mind of the life that evolved within this universe as a result of these fundamental forces, the universe may gain a recognition of self, and a conscience. Does one need to be the living definition of life in order to have a conscience ? It is quite amazing to me how simply chemistry can evolve into a Rachmaninoff Concerto, or the hydrogen created just after the big bang can evolve into thought.

    If no life existed in the universe than what would be the point of the universe ? What we consider the creation point for the universe is only a point on a mathematical equation. The universe we see today and in the past shows evidence of the present and historical interactions of matter through action, and reaction, and thus the activities of the original creative event. Matter and energy of all kinds including dark matter seem to obey unique properties and mechanism that are universal, there seems to be a sense of purpose. Perhaps the goal is to produce beings that possess the conscience that the raw materials lack.

    My concerns over human fighting and war, and the accompanying self centered attitudes, which are often mitigated by certain rigid religious views are presented here because I believe this behaviour to be counter productive for a species that has the clear intelligence of mind to discover the true nature of the cosmos.

    J.S. wrote : I mean does it know it exists?

    No, as far as my small brain can tell, the fundamental forces of nature do not recognize a sense of self. Yet, they are curiously so perfectly defined and balanced that any slight modification of these constants will alter the physical structure of the universe. Maybe there is a regulator gene tasked with keeping the math balanced.

    J.S. Wrote : Did it create this universe with a purpose in mind?

    When two hydrogen atoms combine with one oxygen, a molecule of water is created, this water can then serve a purpose that leads to other things, such as life. The universe and all its elements were created from energy that over time formulated the subatomic and then combined into elements, molecules, dust, stars, galaxies, and the universe we see today. The universe will eventually fuse all of the available hydrogen and then perhaps star formation will cease, elements will no longer be created, matter will separate, isolate and disipate until the last star fades out and the universe will become a cold, dark and lifeless place. This is the inevitable fate of the universe.

    A cold disturbing thought, much like death. One should find peace within this pathway for it is the life that lived within the universe that enabled the universe to perhaps gain a conscience which it may have desired all along. "We are the way for the universe to know itself.", Carl Sagan Our definition of what constitutes life and what fabricated our origins will evolve along with our minds.

    J.S. Wrote : Will this god one day pass judgement on humans or does he or she offer some type of afterlife?

    No I don't believe that a recognition of self is carried with you when you die. We are all made from eternal things, the atoms within us have existed for billions of years, some since only a few hundred million years after the big bang. The energy that makes us has always existed in various forms, and will continue to exist forever, less the strong and week nuclear force tears apart in a bit rip. If your conscience energy should somehow remain intact after death, but lose it's attachment to the self ( Buddist belief ) then perhaps your current reality is only part of a much bigger journey !

    *:) It has been nice chatting on this form with you all,.. thanks Vlatco for your TDF web site,.. it is an excellent source for uncensorced media, and expanding minds. (:*

    cheers and peace out,.. Trisha

  24. John Seals

    @ 420 Vision

    You have managed to achieve spirituality without evoking an all powerful conscience being. Without placing man out of his proper context, as just another carbon formation that just so happened to develope a sence of self to revolve around they usuall five. Congratulations, you have just one religion of the year in my book. Though I would call it a life style- not a religion. Regardless of what you call it you seem a beautiful person and very spiritually in touch with your self. Good luck with every thing I'm sure will see each other on the forum somewhere , its addictive. I spend way too much time here myself.

  25. Achems Razor

    @ 420:

    Well hi, Trisha, Pitt Meadows BC. EH! beautiful area to be in, know that area very well, as you know big lost gold mine at at Pitt lake BC. Supposed to be worth billions.

    You do have a nice writing style, flowery but so what. I go along with your cooperation over conflict senario, and bad stress agenda.
    But without stress there would not be anything, stress makes order out of chaos, everything is the product of stress in varying degrees.

    Our bodies are the product of constant stress, now am talking about what is called "Eustress" the most positive stress that can be healthy and beneficial for you.

    It seems you are into spiritual aspect of existence, whatever floats your boat.


  26. John Seals

    @ 420
    I meant to say you had won (not one) religion of the year in my book. Damn, spell checker gets me every time. I should proof read better.

  27. BJ

    @ 420

    Okay. Above I said I disagreed with everything you said. I still somewhat hold that view but as more information as been revealed to me through your posts and others it's not so much I don't agree with your views its that I don't comprehend them, so to speak. I find it hard t get into your mindset and let go of what I consider rational.

    It's true, you do write very spiritually and to be honest I haven't encountered such strong spiritual beliefs before. So wrapping my head around what it is you are talking about is new to me.

    What more can be said, if some truly wants peace as I, then all I can say is peace back.

  28. Tyler Durden


    You sound like a Psychonaught, that kinda understanding don't come from anywhere but medicine or 20 years of meditation in some cave. I agree more with you now that you have elaborated you world view. The Tribe can always recognize one of it's own.


  29. Breadthing

    @ 420 vision
    put that joint down dude

  30. John Seals

    @ 420

    At least pass it man- Your bogarting. Then comes the famouse weed head contraction of "here" - "ere" man. Gotta hold it in long as you can, man. I said it this way sooo many times in the seventies that I still say it like that- and I haven't smoked in years and years. We could have and did change some things but, if we hadn't been so high we couldv'e done a lot more. I'm just joking of course I have no idea if you smoke or not- your name suggests you do.It really makes no difference in the long run. Some of the smartest and most driven people I have ever met smoked every day- I would if it wasn't illegal- here in hick ville Alabama it is a seriouse offence, carrying from 1 to 15 years depending on previouse record and amount of involvement.

  31. yourboycal

    420 vision you are a great example of an open mind. You strike a cord with these one track mind kids =p Your making there blood boil when you go against the grain! Calm down buddy , take it easy on them lol . One track mind people have a hard time breaking outta there little shell =p

  32. 420 Vision

    The greatest threat to the status quo are those which question the status quo,.. todays radicals may be embraised as tomorrows pioneers. When we limit our thought potential we limit our experience potential, just like there is more than one position to have good sex !

    Luv and Kisses,... Trisha

  33. Achems Razor

    @ 420:

    Well, now I think you are hot! love and kisses back @ Trisha!

  34. BJ


    Speak for yourself sir. There's a difference between someone(420) making complete and utter assumptions through their own spiritual thought process and the cold hard facts. To say blood is boiling is to say our opinion and the scientific consensus means and stands for nothing. Its not a shell, it's true life. Now that 420 has expressed her thoughts on life and how and why she got to these thoughts that's fine, I understand. It's not a one track mind. It's called science. Without it we would be without the ability to even discuss our opinions due to suppression and so on.

    Try breaking out of YOUR little smug shell sometime. I would much appreciate it.

  35. hmmmm

    wow 420, you really trolled em good, lol

    just so ya'll know, 420 is code word for pot smoking, the dude is just high off his ass messin with you all.

  36. 420 Vision

    420 Vision is just a phrase I use to describe what my ccd camera detects through my telescope during a 7 minute exposure = 420 seconds. It is also equal to the minimum amount of time neccessary to fully resolve the white dwarf star at the center of The Cat's Eye Nebula. Sorry I don't smoke mother nature, just love her instead.

  37. xxxPEACHYxx

    Confused fukrz. lol

  38. gab007

    Not working..

  39. Jasenabba

    It is said in this documentary that the precise place of earth from the sun is a luck. Is it a mere luck only? Think....? How can the earth be precisely placed in order for life to begin. Who could have placed the earth in such a exact place? These are things which we have to ponder on?

  40. matthew razo

    with out you here to observe it the universe does not exist. it is coming from you,not at you.

  41. matthew razo

    it is a projection of the mind.

  42. matthew razo

    our external observations is the result of an inward condition.

  43. 420 Vision

    @matthew razo,.. up until the momment that you made your comment I did not know that you existed, so I guess it was about time that my mind conjured you up,.. so can I play with you now ? Maybe pull your wings off, and through you in a spiders web ?

  44. matthew razo

    the universe is an illusion of the mind.the collective memory of the big bang is locked deep in the canyons of the unconscious is repressed memory on a massive scale.

  45. Achems Razor

    Well, I do not know about that @420. (LOL)

    A number of top theoretical physicist's tend to go along with what @matthew razo: is saying. But does not mean that I tend to go along with that, so do not put me in that mold! (LOL)

    Watch..."the primacy of consciousness" on TDF

    And google..."youtube-a conscious universe-the observer effect"

    I'm just saying! Carl Sagan.

  46. matthew razo

    physicists refer to the moment before the big bang as singularity,it could just as well be called oneness when all was at is still there,but we have entered into a nightmare state of illusion called duality.only with duality can strange things happen,and they have been happening ever since. what is the sound of one hand clapping. nothing

  47. matthew razo

    nothing real can be threatened. nothing unreal exists.

  48. 420 Vision

    @matthew razo What are you talking about I threaten coke everyday,..

  49. matthew razo

    @420vision well that explains a lot...just say no...

  50. matthew razo

    you really got me stuck in a spiders web 420.consciousness did not come from the universe,the universe came from consciousness.

  51. matthew razo

    @420 vision...the "like from like"principle dictates that,god being perfect and eternal would never create anything that is not perfect and eternal.the logic of this is flawless.

  52. 420 Vision

    @matthew razo,... coke, 'the real thing' a.k.a. federal trademark,.. duhhhhhh :)

  53. matthew razo

    @420 vision what did you mean by pulling my wings off.

  54. 420 Vision

    @matthew razo,.. if you are an adult you are very child like and nieve. Stop overthinkig reality this is just confusing your perfect little brain. "The creations must be as perfect as the creator" huh ? What a load of kaa-kaa ! If your theory is correct then how do you explain genetic mutations, or something as simple as a pimple ? You should know the answer to this considering you are a mutant, and you probably have pimples.

    In addition IF as you say we think the universe into existence than that must mean that I conjured you up from the dark recesses of my drug induced psychotic mind,( hey it's mushroom season ) and therefore must own you like so many vibrating toys and if I should so desire ride you like a lawnmower, or pull off your wings and paint happy faces with your blood. LOL !!!

    cheer up,.. life is a party, so party hardy farty :)

  55. matthew razo

    @420 vision the universe seems real because you are under the influence of a split mind.the mind that is produced from your brain is ego-body oriented,and responds to the universe on a multi-sensory level.this is the mind that created the universe you see,the cause of genetic mutations,pimples and all of the countless oddities that exist. all of which are illusory.

    and then there is the MIND.the infinite MIND that exists outside of time and space.the MIND that must be reattained to achieve enlightenment.

    and by the way...these are not mere theories or flawed ideas.i am not making this up as i go along.these principles have already been is pure fact...vedic knowledge.

    so relax we are just sharing knowledge.

  56. bunninmonkey

    Duality does create an illusion, but it doesn't mean that the universe doesn't exist in the 'real' singularity. It is not the universe that is the illusion, but the duality that allows the universe to be aware of it's own existence. It is believing that mind is separate from MIND that is the illusion. mind is one of the many mediums of MIND...

    Also, who says the universe isn't perfect? Who are we to decide what perfection is...if perfection consists of the universe experiencing everything that there is t experience, then it's on it's way to perfection. The reason that people have such problems accepting notions of God, is because they attach human qualities to help them comprehend something that is incomprehensible. It is the personification of God that causes so many problems, especially when we imagine God to think about the universe the way that we do, as if we are the 'be all and end all' of the universe. To think that there can be nothing in the entire universe (or beyond!) that could have a better understanding than us, only goes to show the arrogance of man - to equate the existence of wars and suffering with the non-existence of God, because it goes against what we think is right and wrong is pure fallacy. What is needed big time by the majority people is re-evaluation and a new understanding of what is meant by God...

  57. Jo McKay

    Good overview "size" guide. Does anyone know where this film originates? (I have a favorite films facebook page & would like to link to original if possible). Comments again fascinating. I think my capacity to handle sometimes wild and wooly, even brutal, debate, is growing in tolerance. Smart Woman @420 Vision; I like your tenacity and sense of humour. I realize that this doc was (let's say simple) but, if 'everything is atoms' and we are all 'star stuff', then where fits the ('theoretical') dark matter, which I hear can NOT be atoms. I was all happy with the cosmos until dark forces, lol (dark matter, dark energy, and dark flow) started taking over 96% of the Universe. Now I'm just getting grumpy :)

  58. Rich M

    Nat geo has too many factual errors and over dramatization.

    This might as well be discovery channel BS.

    Please consider this when you renew your magazine. Once N.G. was awesome. Today they got lost in the money....and lost the true science and facts. It's about the showmanship.

    There are better sources to find good science.

    This is not science, it's entertainment.

  59. Winston Smith

    exhausting to listen to! .. whizzing graphics, booming soundtrack, and and regular references to football stadiums... it reminds me of why I got rid of my TV/ Almost unwatchable.

  60. Rampage

    Woh, that sounds like idealism or immaterialism, check out
    George Berkeley, and nothing you said has been shown to be factual. So don't be a liar thanks...

  61. henrymart81

    WTF? I'm not going to pay to watch this.

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