Lifting the Veil

Lifting the Veil

2011, Politics  -   97 Comments
Ratings: 7.94/10 from 63 users.

Lifting the VeilThis film explores the historical role of the Democratic Party as the graveyard of social movements, the massive influence of corporate finance in elections, the absurd disparities of wealth in the United States, the continuity and escalation of neocon policies under Obama, the insufficiency of mere voting as a path to reform, and differing conceptions of democracy itself.

Lifting the Veil is the long overdue film that powerfully, definitively, and finally exposes the deadly 21st century hypocrisy of U.S. internal and external policies, even as it imbues the viewer with a sense of urgency and an actualized hope to bring about real systemic change while there is yet time for humanity and this planet.

Noble is brilliantly pioneering the new film-making - incisive analysis, compelling sound and footage, fearless and independent reporting, and the aggregation of the best information out there into powerful, educational and free online feature films – all on a shoestring budget.

Viewer discretion advised - Video contains images depicting the reality and horror of war.

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R. Fleenor
5 years ago

Corporations see politicians as just another little cog in their big machine, because to them a politician is just an opportunist with a job that does their bidding. An who are they to question this mighty corporation that employs thousands, uses vast quantities of raw materials, meets with other high level business owners around the world and touches the lives of countless people , these corporations are the movers and shakers and they expect a clear smooth road because they're traveling at high speeds and have no time to even notice the people they run over. No these giants run the world and they use politicians as con men to sooth the population so that they continue to keep their heads down and do as they're told.

6 years ago

Socialism does not work. Really. Just as people fail to control their government, they also fail to control the economy. But the economy, unlike the government, can be private. A guaranteed minimal income, a strong middle class of entrepreneurs is the best solution. It is verified practically. A strong public economy only increases the abusive power of the government over its citizens. (1:18)

Human Being
7 years ago

The Democratic party is PURE EVIL. The film is spot on. Our future depends on shutting this sellout party down and opening up space for a radical, independent, anti-war 3rd party for poor workers and the oppressed.

8 years ago

Great perspective. Thanks!

9 years ago

Excellent. This documentary is a clear lens and a bright light shining on systemic injustice, global plutocracy, and driving forces of darkness.

9 years ago

Loved this guy 46:57-48:51 nobody says it better then a pissed off irishman

10 years ago

Scott Noble should be given Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

11 years ago

Bring back real patriotism! Those of you who flag wave for our current leaders are waving it for their corporatism flag!
The government has been infiltrated by the corporate elite who own the Banks, profit from war, and want to rule the world. Plain and simple, our government is opperated like a legal Mafia!
Bring back sanity! Save our constitution! Stop voting for the polititions that our leaders and media endorse. They have tag teamed us long enough.
Why do you think they hide so much in the name of National Security? They don't want us to know the evil things they endorse behind closed doors.
Ron Paul is the only man who speaks wisely, and with the heart of a true patriot. I believe he only ran as Rep, was because it's the kiss of death to try and run independent!
Lets show them better! Vote for Ron Paul and we may get the changes that the mainstream politicians promise, but never give.

11 years ago

cant there be a smaller limit on the amount you can post. Its hard to sift through the novels people like to write on this site

11 years ago

obama may just be one of the most dangerous world leaders in history....a sort of wolf in sheeps clothing, or the iron fist in a velvet glove! the blatant lies and sheer arrogance of carrying them out in the manner in which he does it is worrying! to talk about the blame of wall street pre election and then to fill his cabinet of wall street lobbyists after is just obscene.

its time to limit governments to the minimum and let the people take responsibility.....embrace your liberty and freedom and rid this world of war loving, power hungry parasites now!

11 years ago

Oh yes, sorry for double posting, but I have to get this out.

You CAN change things, don't be pessimists people. I always say this: "The only acceptable pessimism, is that which regards to the present".
But the future on the other hand, CAN be optimistic, it CAN be better, and it WILL be better, if we just TRY! It's the people who criticize idealism that are the problem, idealism is GOOD! YES, be an idealist! Formulate some ideas, and put them into action! Don't sit there and complain about the state of things, DO something, I figured that out recently. You might as well too people.

Oh yeah, if you wanna solve a problem, don't formulate band-aid solutions to cover up the problem, prevent it from happening in the first place. For example:
Why do people commit crime? Either A) Financial difficulty or B) There's just something inherently wrong with them(Think war mongering).

Now, considering there aren't many people with serious psychological issues, we can assume the majority of serious crimes are financially related, SO, instead of imprisoning that guy who robbed and murdered Jeff, down the street, how about we get him a god damned job? Then he doesn't have to murder for cash.

You might ask: "How the hell do we that, genius?" EASY (god this is starting to sound like an infomercial) you cut work hours to 6 hours per day, and then increase pay to balance out the lack of income due to shorter hours. DONE. Then, you might ask: "What's this going to due to employers?" I've got that covered too, (All for three easy payments of $19,95 if you call now). 10 years ago, corporate taxes were at 28%, now they're at 18%. Back when it was 28%, they survived, in fact, they GREW, I'm sure that with the lower corporate taxes we could get away with higher wages. Just saying.

Anyways, a 6 hour work day would create an entirely new shift, which would create nearly 33% more jobs. WOW. If we have 1 million jobs, then switch to the extra shift, we would have 1 million, 3 hundred and 30 thousand jobs. That, my friends, is the equivalent of multiple average sized cities, and yes, we do have more jobs then one mill in canada, imagine the increase. (Admittedly it would have to be a gradual change to prevent economic volatility).

Oh and one more thing, Im SO sorry for how cheesy this post is, I really am...

11 years ago

I got quite the giggle at "Don't ask question is also good for the economy". In fact, Imma steal that one. x'D

hahahaha, yeah, it's unfortunate too that only the outlandish conspiracy theories are ever noted, gives ALL us conspiracy theorists a bad name...Ugh, HARRP.....Anyways, thought I might mention, I recently witnessed police brutality.

This guy was running from the cops, right? So eventually he gives up, and does as the cops tell him to, he gets on the ground with his hands behind his back. Clearly though, this wasn't done for the safety and well being of the cops,but rather for convenience because the cops then partook in mercilessly beating him, ALL of the cops that were there.

Yup, teach your children to trust in the police full heartedly and you'll get by just fine(assuming they don't ask you to sit in the back, take you somewhere secluded and then rape and kill you, or simply vouch for the classic beat down).

11 years ago

Same goes for Canada. 300 years of being told to sit down, shut up and do what you're told has culminated into a complacent society that believes the media and eagerly feeds the beast with every paycheque. Our gov. comprises our food, our land, our education and our future under the guise of "good for the economy". Pay more, get less, don't ask questions is also good for the economy. "Oh Canada --The Movie" (free to view online) explains our detrimental convoluted monetary system with facts and humour. Each and every one of us are the change.

11 years ago

I've been waiting 20 years for this and now I can take my never listened to self to join occupy Phoenix tomorrow. Bring back the limited charter on corporations. The OLD one. They get 10 years, or so, to run and then appear before a panel or such. There, the paper person must demonstrate benefit to the community,workers and country or else not have their charter renewed. Then give the workers an option ,probationary, to run it or something of that nature. This would put their BOTTOM line in the right place. I also believe it would gradually and automatically work magic on the government without firing one more single shot. And this would be another one heard 'round the world. I believe it!

11 years ago

But I really don't think that the USA citizens would make anything to free themselves from their crooks. Maybe I tend to feel that it's better that these "Internationanl" crooks are after the US middle class than here, I wouldn't tell.

Anyhow, since the USA corporates (The so-called "We the peoples" became sort of unfit to get the rest of the nations to swallow their lies: -What's left to to abuse and grab some money if they just can't justify an invasion of other peacefull nation?
Has some would say: "Home sweet home" since these coporates never had any real home otherwise known as citizenship.

Bottom line is that the USA seem to grab the best worlwide hoaxter, liars and criminals anybody could ever dream of to the detriment to other nations.
Oh! Sorry! The "Other democratic" contries that is.

But in the end, thankl to all USA citizens for harboring that sort of junk and slum.


11 years ago

This could be my favorite documentary I've ever seen. And I've seen a lot of documentaries.

11 years ago

Anyone else having audio glitches 13 minutes in?

11 years ago

sorry messed up oppression

11 years ago

when you look at it our fore fathers fought and died fore less optrssion. I'm afraid its to late to do anything they have the FEMA camps ready. saying there for displaced people yet the barbwire is facing in.

11 years ago

I'm in love with the potty-mouthed Irish guy 48 minutes in.

11 years ago

Ok! That is what the whole problem is about. Other democratic or social-democrats may simply be hidden. But what can be done when someone has sunk in this to his neck? I think it'll remain like this for a heck of a long time.

It take generation & generation B-4 peoples change.
All considered, peoples also have to eat...


11 years ago

Wow this documentary is slow and boring. Watch "Capitalism A love story".

11 years ago

Watching this makes me laugh so hard at all the gullible people who got suckered into the Obama "Hope" propaganda.

11 years ago

Warning, this is a very long documentary. But well worth it.

11 years ago

(last speaker) The words of a true American patriot...

11 years ago

who was the guy speaking at the ending this just before the credits? he is an amazing speaker.

11 years ago

How good is the section with Rage in the background... made me want to go do to the Bank and punch someone right in the face... Right in the Face

11 years ago

How good is the section with Rage in the background... made me want to go do to the Bank and punch someone right in the face... Right in the Face

Keith Whalen
11 years ago

An amazing documentary. All of the speakers were great but Richard Wolff's indignant remarks really hit home. Thank you (whoever you are) for the upload.

11 years ago

What a great doc. I still have HOPE.

11 years ago

It's all a massive deception,.. for shame on all us slaves for letting it continue.

11 years ago

"What better way to enslave a man than to give him the vote and tell him he’s free". Albert Camus

11 years ago

08:01 - When I promise that I.....we will..............
At least Dubya was a dumbass who was obvious choice for a puppet, Barak strikes me as a volunteer for the role. As a black man who is aware of racial politics I knew it was just too easy for him, especially against a war veteran. That was before he started promising the socialist agenda which never happened but is bought by simpleton American citizens on both sides. How easy it is to fool so many.

Can you spare some change we can believe in sir? I'm awfully hungry.

11 years ago

a very humane, wide-ranging collection of incisive thoughts & images.

maybe some eyes will be opened. mine were, wider.

11 years ago

Excellent. John Pilger and Chris Hedges are super communicators. Wish everyone could see this.

11 years ago

Few are powerful because other have given up their power knowingly or unknowingly . Strategy to power has changed from Fear -> Capitalism -> Democracy -> Liberal , over time . We have given power by unknowing agreeing with the powerful. It is the job of the powerful to find the common ground of agreement , to get more power from rest.

11 years ago

Who is the Terroreist ????

11 years ago

The Russian Time, always giving America the best news lol, im serious... You gotta love them Ruskies.

11 years ago

See what You want to!

12 years ago

EVERYONE needs to see this film please share this with others.

Joey Foo
12 years ago

All Hail and Bow before the mighty US/Petro Dollar!
jawohl mein fuhrer !

Its all so simple, just de-peg and allow countries to buy oil in their own currencies ....why are the rich so money crazy now, grabbing all the cash they can? cause they know ultimately all their money is as good as toilet paper,
When the world starts to rebel and dump the USD ....

USD is good for trade? Good for trade my ASS
Its good cause it can buy OIL! thats why all countries are keeping it

The day will come when oil will peak and it will push the USD on to unimaginable inflation ....i m a Cina Beng *redneck from tiny Singapore and i can see why the world is so F up by this USD imperialistic, fascist, war mongering, Polyarchy society? so why cant the Americans?

i think my country is a fine example of not going the other way too...
Its a Disneyland prison complex with the death penalty :(

12 years ago

1 $ = 1 vote
Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.
~ Benito Mussolini

12 years ago

Very good and clear documentary about the money and power system we're all victims of. Eyeopener.

12 years ago

Looks like Senator Obama died when President Obama was born. Sickening how you have all of these promises broken ON FILM and still no impeachment.

This was a very well made and while some of the footage was disturbing, I can see why it was included to help show the atrocious tragedies being
committed. American's need to start rebelling before it's too late! I am almost willing to drive down to America just to protest (the only thing stopping me is my fear of being labeled a terrorist)

George Carlin's quote was hilariously true as well: "They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it!"

David Powers
12 years ago

Why does the MSM not report these empty campaign promises. I, for one am a 66 year old voter who probably will never vote again, even should I live long enough, due to my total disillusion with what used to be my country. In the 60s I was in the Army in Germany for 2 years and thought I was defending democracy even though I wasn't even old enough to vote back then. Now, I have to decide every month whether to get all of my medication or eat, after almost 40 years of working. And yet I feel truly blessed to have a roof over my head. {I know some senior vets who don't]. Please, you young people WATCH THIS VIDEO and thanks Vlatko!

12 years ago

Thanks for posting with such haste, I do believe this is an important documentary for the people to see, especially those liberals who still tightly cling to Obama's ball sack. This is the REAL Obama deception, something I think all Obama supporters should watch with an open mind. If you have any human decency left in you, you will most likely never vote for another Democrat or Republican politician again as long as you live.

12 years ago

Well, our culture wanted a free enterprise system. Like it, hate it, or love it, this is how capitalism works. I admit that it is disgusting how money influences politics. But, it isn't a new thing. Read your history, it's always been this way. It doesn't mean there can't be social change because of it though.

This isn't the first documentary or expose about this political phenomenon.

I agree with Jack1952, the primary function of a corp (or business) is to accrue profit (it would be kinda ludicrous to own a business with the sole aim to lose money:) The problem that I have is that so many in the business community have little or no ethics.

Let me offer up a short, personal anecdote: I decided to take enroll in a business management program in college (kind of a crash course(s) in business for liberal arts majors). We spent one day on business ethics in which the professor gave us a problem... here it is:

You're walking down the street when you come across a piece of paper crumpled up. You pick it up and open it to find that it contains the secrets of your business competition. You have a choice. You can use this information and destroy your competition or not. Would you or would you not?

....At this point, before I raised my hand, I thought 'I don't want to ruin the lives of the other workers: they would lose their pay, their jobs, etc. How would that impact their families and their lives?'

When the professor asked the class of 60 people to vote, I was the ONLY person who didn't not raise a hand in favor of using the information.

12 years ago

Watch the movie Zietgiest. It will explain it all. The secret power behind the federal reserve are the real rulers of our planet. Before anyone calls me a "conspiracy theorist" watch the movie, learn the history of the FED, and be appauled. It;s time for revolution.

12 years ago

Take any college or university business program and the first thing you learn is that the primary function of any business entity is to accrue profit and to maintain a culture of profitability. To allow business access to the inner workings of government is to guarantee that business entities will use its influence to increase its profits. It cannot help but to do this. It is the core of the business mandate to look after its own interests. As the richest companies realize the potential in manipulating a government, their involvement will increase. Eventually the government for the people becomes a government for the corporate, in other words, a corporate democracy.
Fortunately, the mechanism for reform is still in place. It will take the participation of the ordinary citizen. They must insist that their government has been elected for the good of the people not corporations. There must be limits placed on the involvement of business in the electoral process. When a voter truly feels his participation in a democracy will have benefits for themselves and their families, will their be a truer democracy as outlined by the early leaders of the United States.

far far
12 years ago

The US is an unstoppable beast. Whoever gets elected is bound within the belly of the beast.