Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal Cannabis

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Medicinal CannabisIn this myth shattering, information packed documentary, learn from physicians and leading researchers about medicinal cannabis and its demonstrated effects on human health.

This game-changing movie presents the most comprehensive synopsis to date of the real science surrounding the world's most controversial plant.

Topics include: What the consensus is from over 1500 scientific and medical trials? What conditions have been proven to benefit from medical marijuana? Its historical use as medicine dating back over 5300 years.

Methods of delivery and their different advantages. Government sponsored studies intended to show Marijuana having negative effects that yielded the exact opposite results.

Common myths about negative effects of Marijuana and what the research really says about these topics. For more info and donations visit the official site Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health.

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2 years ago

Grew up in miami 60's/70's a walk to park..simple, fun no one & nothing to fear was bliss. College dream job married & stopped until kids left for college. In high school came parties...saw alcohol consumed & told my kids about pot & prohibition was/is right & pot be legal..any one semi-up the bell curve knows no drunk car crashes, violence etc. is a given. Heres thought popped in my head warching tear gas thrown wound up ppl..a purple haze mix they would run home to chill!

John wilson
2 years ago

medical marijuana has an active ingredient called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. It helps activate the brain neurons which helps better memory for the elderly patients.

3 years ago

What movie shows the hope that the opiate crisis could be eased by the use of cannabis products.?

Monique Perry
4 years ago

Thank you for sharing and spreading awareness! Cannabis is really indeed magical. As studies progress, it unfolds a lot of possible uses and applications in science and medicine.
I hope this could be the future treatment of a lot of diseases.

Athea Jo
4 years ago

Many people have been using medical marijuana to cure their disease.

Jennifer Smith
4 years ago

Medical cannabis is a great herb for different medical disorders. I love this post!

5 years ago

its not just tobacco as the leading cause of lung cancer, but carbon intake... i.e. ... fossil fuel burning, gasoline, oil, coal...or air pollution. smog.. hello,

9 years ago

said from moroco: d'apres ce que je lis et je regarde parmis vos programme j 'ai recapitiler que le canabis est une source de soulagement si la personne la consomme avec responsabilitée et apres avoire consulter une visite midicale pour agreer ss consomation,ici dans notre payé la loi le combattre malgre que la plupart des gens consomme en cachete je serai heureux si vous et les gens qui collabore a l'edition de ses pricieux documentaire si vous avez la possibilité de nous venir en aide par votre governement et les gens de la science et la medcine a eclairé le parcours lorsque vous engager a venir en aides envers les autres par des medicaments a demender de faire parvenir ce produits comme vous le faite par des pointe de distribution comme les pharmacies et coféshop car je vois dans ma commune des jeunes qui se conduit vers les comprimés de niveau 2et3 non organisé et des gens qui fournis leur argent pour l'acheter et qui soufre de la qualité si entre parenthese vous proposer de organisé le marcher et venir a aider les gens car vis a vis au donation que s'engage les payés puissant pour venir a laides des leur frere peuvre la façon d'ou elle trace son trajectoire pour l'investire a l'amelioration de qualite de vie de son peuple ce drnier est pricisement les partie faible de la societe qui prend des micro credit pour sortir de leur situation difficille et qui ne puissent pas subir les frais d'un traitement a budget levé ils se derige vers le cannabis pour soulager leur douleur mais en meme temps ils sont menacé d'etre intercepter a n'importe quelle moment malgre de leur position de consommateur qui vous tend la main pour les aidé vive la science medicinale qui a eclairer nos chemins vers des secret de cette magical herbe TANKS100%FOR YOUR MIND

9 years ago

SWEET BABY JESUS. I love this bull it is similar to the big Tacbacco compnanies ads in the 50's and 60's.

10 years ago

It has helped my Cervical Dystonia spasms. I highly believe in it. So I already told my specialist to put me on the list when they pass the bill. :) Waiting...

toddy potseed
10 years ago

This dated 12/03/2012;

Big thanks( even though i live else where) to Washington and Colorado. Perhaps change will occur soon every where else soon.
I can attest to the curative properties of cannabis. I've been smoking the herb since i was 17. I am 42 now was always 140 lbs, never gained weight. I work in a restaurant setting and can out work those 20 years my junior. So to those who feel that us stoners are overweight, lazy you just can bite me.

11 years ago

You dont appear to know what you are saying. If you suffered with a chronic uncurable illnesses that made your life pointless you might change your mind. If the only thing that helped decrease that intense daily pain was pot then you might change your mind. If you suffered from an illness that caused violent heaving and barfing sessions that wrecked havoc on your already brittle body you might change your mind. If the only pain medications allowed to you were ones that make you sleep all day and miss out on your children's lives then you might change your mind.
For me that illness is chronic pancreatitis.
Prescription pain meds only dull the pain and they are harmful on the liver and kidneys as well as ones colon.
People seem to think that in order to safely use pot as an herb that the person must be some kind of morally corrupt uncaring unbathed low life idiot who spends his waking hours stoned. Yeah there are some people like that. Just as there are some people who are addicted to food so should we make food illegal? Some people are addicted to alcohol and go home every night to beat their kids while drunk. Some people are addicted to cigarettes and smoke them in enclosed cars and homes with their children trapped in there with them clowly dying from it. Some people are addicted to sex and run around cheating on their spouses and spreading STDs so does that mean we should out law sex?
There will always be the stupid kinds of pot smokers just as there are stupid eaters and drinkers. Anything used improperly is harmful even water.
There are many many people out there who have not been able to find physical relief with those presciption medications that make them sleep all day and night and kill their livers off, but they have been able to find relief with pot. And one doesnt need to smoke it to get the madical affects of it. Nor does one need to go running to a joint everytime they are stressed. One must buck up and face life but that doesnt mean we should have to mercilessly suffer in agonizing pain beause the government doesnt like one of God's herbal healing plants. You'd be suprised how many people use it and function normally in society.
Common since tells us that pilots, surgeons and others in such jobs should NOT use pot before their job just as they should not use prescrption pain meds before doing those things due to their sleepy side affects. So common since must be used as with all herbs and medications.
But to deny a critically sick person a chance to grow and use a FREE herbal plant is communistic. Notice I said FREE? Do you think that maybe that is why it isnt being legalized? Whose wallet do you think would suffer if we didnt need to buy so much prescription pain meds because we could grow and use our own pot for pain?

Sick of everything
11 years ago

One of the best vids on the subject.

shane scallan
11 years ago

criminalized marijuana is not just stupid it is MURDER!!!!

these scumbags in politics and government in their pathetic effort to control us have restricted sick people from a confirmed medicine and perhaps even treatment.

Im tired of hearing all about the miracles of industrial petrochemical medicines.. nature is the true source of health care, not artificial synthesized chemicals and outright toxins.

I read somewhere that the average American GP usually completes around 10 hours of nutrition study in their MD course. if this is true... I;m OUT of their corporate fantasy.


11 years ago

Every elected offical and law enforcement person should be required to watch this a least three times so that it sinks into their neandertal brain that pot is good for you !!!! cant beat mother nature !!!

Ryan Fulford
11 years ago

you guys are all focusing on extremes. the fact is that marijuana is non addictive, non violent, enjoyable time. by non addictive i mean, the user will not experience withdraw symptoms if he/she stops using the drug. do u want to know why marijuana is such a big industry? 20 billion in canada alone! its because everyone is doing it! millions of people smoke! and do u know why u never hear about it? because its a victimless crime. In the 1930's when Henry Anslinger was trying to turn marijuana into the image it has today by the majority; he and the FDN always struggled to capture marijuana smokers for the central reason that it is a "victimless crime". The party doing the crime would never report it and there is no victim. no body gets hurt. Buddy smokes his joint and goes home. Thats it. the only harm he did was the act of smoking. if he had stuck out of his house at night. crept over to the nearby park and packed a bowl full of lawn grass and smoked that. he did the same amount of harm to himself,which by the way is nothing. People don't smoke a joint before doing crime either. thats bulls***. most people who smoke herb get paranoid in Mcdonald's. when you smoke weed you want food and enjoyment/relaxation. What's one thing Pot smokers have in common that tobacco smokers don't? well I can name a few. Marijuana only smokers do not have COPD, less chance of contracting cancer rather than an insanely increased risk with tobacco smokers (2000% increase risk in developing cancer) and the list goes on and on about other benefits. My favorite difference between pot smokers compared to tobacco smokers is that all tobacco smokers do is complain about trying to quit, how hard it is, and always seemingly regretting smoking tobacco. they hate it. its what makes them battle the cold and rain just to have a smoke. its pathetic. On the other hand marijuana only smokers love that f***ing plant. I have never heard a pot smoker complain about trying to quit. marijuana is easy I've quit several times in my life. once for the military and many more as I've travelled. it is habituating but you can quit without puking up your lungs out and being bed ridden for days or weeks, or without stress levels go through turbulence, insomnia etc. Drugs that do have these withdraw symptoms are drugs like heroin, crystal meth, alcohol and tobacco, morphine etc.

Also what marijuana is doing in your brain is very different. Our brains actually all have a cannabinoid receptor that processes cannabinoids like THC. Other drugs that people use inflict there "high" in a different way. Usually by altering endorphins and other behavior influencing chemicals in our bodies. We process THC like we process our regular feelings of happiness or sadness etc. Through similar receptors in our brains.

The fact is marijuana is relatively harmless compared to our other legal substances. Yes it is true people abuse marijuana and use it as a coping mechanism, and people also do that with alcohol, coca-cola-tobacco, chocolate, ice cream, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, heroin, painkillers, porn,that list could go on and on. People use substances to cope with things. Im not saying i agree with it, im just saying it happens. a lot. and like all over the world too. So do we ban everything that people can abuse? or do we only stress to people why not to abuse or misuse? just f***ing legalize it and tax the f*** outta it, ill pay it! ill open a cafe in toronto!

"When all them cars go past you dont hear it cause your thinking. Herb is the thing, it give you a little time to yourself so you can live; if you use it". - Bob Marley

11 years ago

States like California have the right Idea, it is cruel to keep medicine from the sick.

11 years ago

I advice people to use a Vaporizer for your herbs, it doesn't involve burning. Thus keeping it clean and more healthy. You can also better regulate the amount of CBD's and CBN's being vape'd. The lower the temp', the softer the hit. The higher the temp', the higher the hit. So if you really want the benefits of using medicinal cannabis, use a vaporizer...

Edit: @lol I live in the Netherlands. Don't have to tell you about our laws regarding cannabis. If you think that there are only bums, lowlifes and junks in this country, you'll be surprised to see that that's not the case. If there is a substance that can make your painful life so much better, then why not use it, for crying out loud....

11 years ago

Seems like most people who don't like marijuana/don't want to see it legalized don't want to give others the choice to control their lives and ingest substances that they see fit. Just because you don't support or agree with something doesn't mean that everyone should have to follow you. Saying that people should not have to choice to smoke weed is un-american. I don't like alcohol, it makes me sick and I tend to make bad decisions, does that mean no one else should ever drink alcohol because of my bad experiences?

11 years ago

the best prescribed drugs could do for my mother after being diagnosed with breast cancer,was let the cancer come right back twice,ten years of kemo and surgeries to get her nowhere, until she started to smoke marijuana,wich to me was a massive shock because all through my teenage years she was so against me smoking it. she even had the cops come by home to give me a talking to.Besides that my mum now is able to go back to her work,her gardens and all the other things she enjoys in a new light. I like so many other people have seen the good come from medicinal use of this drug. to deny it is plain arrogance.

12 years ago

its simple ppl, especially to the ones who want to post here and not watch the movie... we were designed to consume cannabanoids. just looking into the human anatomy tells us that. yes, i and many others enjoy this euphoric feeling more often than our bodies tell us is nessesary, but ill be a stoner way before ill be a drunk and history has proven that my choice to do so is a very safe one. i pay my bills, dont kill ppl, and am cautious of my carbon foot print. and im sure there are more ppl like me than in any other demographic in the world. we just have to continue to push the envelope like we ve been the past few yrs and this civil war weve been fighting since 1937 will be over and won. keep it up buds and stay safe.

12 years ago

Plants contain an amazing amount of healing powers.

My brother was diagnosed with severe stomach and intestinal problems of many kinds- many of which he connected with stress. (Stress is a medical diagnosable state - high cortisol levels and such).

I was with him when he was vomiting profusely, terribly terribly sick after a difficult break up.

The doctors said he would have to be on Nexium and other medicines for the rest of his life.

He stopped drinking alcohol, started eating a predominantly raw and vegan diet, no chicken, beef, pork, minimal (maybe once a month) fish and dairy, and smokes marijuana every day. He lives in NYC.

He has not needed Nexium or any other pharmaceutical since. He has moved up in his profession, started earning more money, and has been in a stable relationship for three years.

Also he is 43 years old and people think he is about 35 (that could be genetics though).

ALSO - A study in Japan has found that women who eat mushrooms every day and drink green tea regularly are 90% NINETY PERCENT LESS LIKELY TO GET BREAST CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 years ago

To the moron who titled his comment "lol". Do you not realize that people DO take substances to make themselves "feel normal" and they are prescribed to them by doctors? And these drugs kill over 100,000 a year? While marijuana has been proven time and time again for thousands of years to be medically useful to people will many illnesses and diseases. And guess how many people have EVER died from marijuana? Zero. Thats right a--hole, zero. In thousands of years not a single person has died from weed. So stay ignorant and judge people who are making a choice to do something natural and not harmful to anyone. Support the pharmaceutical companies and die like the rest of people who support killers while rejecting what they dont know.

12 years ago

I'd hate to see what would happen to this country, with it's already overweight, ignorant, self pitying population, if weed was legalized. :( Get over yourselves and learn that life isn't painless and never will be. Anyone that thinks they need weed to relax needs a shrink appointment, too. If anyone honestly thinks that they need a substance to be or feel "normal" is probably already ****** up and won't ever be/feel normal regardless of how much they smoke, drink or inject drugs.

12 years ago

F legalization. I likemy weed cheap!

12 years ago

None of you should even act smart cause i bet nobody looked around on this site to find a name to see who wrote this shit, considering anyone could have. I'm not saying its wrong and i'm not saying it's write but still SWED.

12 years ago

the politics and weed need weed is harmless when used correctly

12 years ago

I am the victim of chronic pain. To deny me the use of this helpful herb is not only beyond understanding, but cruel and hypocritical. If I drunk myself into a stupor to relieve the pain, guess that would be considered OK. Use of medical marijuana may save some poor soul from taking his/her life due to intractable pain.

The issue is nothing but a political football, which legislators trot out to show how anti-drug they are. But let them be in my body for five minutes. I guarantee they would quickly change their anti-marijuana stance.

12 years ago

been smoking since i was 20. It gives me energy, more empathy and i am more relaxed and artistic. This "drug" is used my Doctors, lawyers, police, judges, policeman, musicians, athletes. Do some research on it, More people die from Aspirin in 1 year than all the years pot has been used. This plant is a HUGE threat to corporations and big pharma. It's only illegal because it poses a threat to Profits.

Lets look at the history of alcohol and tobacco which kills more people but is still legal. Its a double standard.

12 years ago

Cheers with a huge HempStar bud in one hand and a huge Kush bud in the other. My friend rock.

12 years ago


12 years ago

I make cannabis tincture. I supply about 45 clients - arthritis (a big one) epileptics (of which i anm one), MS, musular dystrophy, amputee (of which i am one) cancer, anorexia, HCV, HIV and the list goes on - one of my clients has a nerve damaged arm from a MTB accident - he's essentially one armed - he swears by my tincture - i have a tincture recipe on YT. Now - cannabis is too good a drug, therefore drug companies support prohibition. Forget all the other bullshit - this is how it is - imagine the $$$ the drug companies would lose if everybody can grow their own (extremely effective) medicine - well, all we can do is be like me - a bootlegger for the best reasons. Remember - persist and prosper, question authority and dont believe a word they say.

12 years ago

i make cannabis tincture and supply about 45 clients - many being elderly, with arthritis.i have a client who paralysed his arm in a mountainbike accident - he's essentially one handed - and has much muscle spasms - he swears by my tincture - i have 2 cancer clients, depressives, epilepsy (i myself am epileptic), MS and muscular dystrophy, hep C, anorexia, amputees (which i also am) and the list goes on - i have a tincture recipe on youtube - so - pot will never be legal cos the drug companies support prohibition - its a natural medicine we can all cultivate - imagine how much $$ the drug companies would lose if everybody could grow their own. Therefore be like me, a bootlegger for the people - question authority, kill your idols, persist and prosper.

12 years ago

im 19, been smoking since 15, never gave into peer pressure cuz i thought it was SOO bad cuz of the bullshit propaganda and now i smoke everyday,, i got in tuned wit myself, life and existence..

12 years ago

I, like millions of others, smoked pot for literally decades (I'm sixty-three years old). How the hell did that happen to me??? It is great for the calming effect it has after a difficult day at work, the enjoyment of music and the arts in general, working at my particular hobby, and countless other things. After a long history of using I found I was simply smoking too much and not always at an appropriate time. I quit entirely about two years ago, and the good thing is that it was as easy as simply deciding to do it. I had the devil of a time quitting cigarettes about thirty years earlier. I still enjoy pot on an occasional basis but by baking instead. I seem to lack self control when it comes to smoking pot, however, it is neither addictive nor a "gateway drug" in my experience. It is totally benign when compared to tobacco or alcohol, with none of the addictive properties and far fewer physical health problems. The criminalization of cannabis use is truly one of the most misguided things we are doing. The extradition of Marc Emery to face "U.S. justice" was a real low point in our Canadian battle for sanity in law. Legalization has been completely absent in discussion and debate in our upcoming federal election Keep enjoying it Azilda and let us try to make some changes by unabashedly promoting the cultivation and use of our herb.

12 years ago

What is tragic, is that, If they legalize it tomorrow it does not mean they have to release or pay anyone. They broke a stupid law that was in effect when they were sentenced. Think of the thousands of people siting idle, Consuming your tax dollars while at an age when they can be contributing. Think of the money that would be saved if we did not have to build more prison to hold these people. If we did not have to arrest or prosecute these people. Think of the good that could be done if law enforcement shifted its focus and resources to violent crimes and those who harm children. I do not smoke weed but all this is madness. Its a waste of money and people. I pray they legalize it, and free the non violent offenders caught up in this madness.

12 years ago

I had an intestinal infection for 6 months- it consisted of consistent diahrea and vomiting...i honestly felt that i was going to die..during the time i visited 6 doctors and 2 G.I specialists...none of the doctors, nor the G.I. specialists could figure out what was wrong with me...they told me it was something that i was going to have to live with (even though they didn't know what i f--king had)...towards the end of my 6 months of consistent stomach problems one of my friends told me to try some weed....i was completely against it and thought it was just as bad as any "hard" drug....boy was i wrong...the first time i'll admit i didn't feel much except a small improvement with my was my first time being high so i didn't know what to expect...the 2nd time (the next night) my buddy told me to try it stomach problems completely vanished...not just for the time being but eventually (1 week later of continuous use) all together....i went back to the 2nd G.I specialist and told him the problems diminished...he told me i probably had a bacterial infection...then he said "it seems that the fiber tablets we gave you seemed to work" i told him "nope i tried cannabis and it really did the trick for me" i didn't even take the fiber i smoke on occasion with my friends but i cannnot thank cannabis enough during that time

12 years ago

Let's say they legalize...what happens with the thousands that are in jail for that reason?
A little problem, they don't know how to solve....shame is right but it is placed on the wrong side of the deal.

12 years ago

Look at Willy Nelson, he's been going at it for a hundred years and he's still going strong. As far as I know he doesn't have any major medical problems, but then, I don't know him that well. Still, he's been puffing the killer weed for so long now that somebody should do a study on him, they just might find out that cannabis is actually a preservative.

12 years ago

How can the government make billions of dollars worth from the medical industry, if the public can grow the miracle cure in their back garden?..
Thats what it all comes down to.

12 years ago

I can understand choosing not to use it. A lot of people don't like the feeling or have various other good reasons not to. It blows my mind however every time I meet someone who is vehemently opposed to it as if it were this horrible thing. They talk like it does nothing but churn out lazy twisted people. Personally...I use it recreationally, a lot. I have no shame in that. I have for years. Yet every single job I work I am one of the hardest working and lowest stressed people there. I'm a friendly, intelligent, non-aggressive, helpful person.
Yet I am a criminal.
I know many people like me as well as many people who use it medicinal purposes(whether legal or not). The only real problems that it, in and of itself, causes from what I've seen is more of an amplification of the type of person you really are. Lazy people...aggressive people...stupid all seems to come out more when you are high. At that point it's not really the drug causing it.

12 years ago

It's so clear that pot has so many positive uses that one has to ask ... why are the powers to be still pushing cannabis prohibition? I really can't understand this? Is it simply that it affords more control and restrictions on the individual ... is it just and excuse for spending more tax-payer dollars on enforcement agencies ... is it another nail in the coffin of human rights? No law enforcement agency that can get statistically high arrests and convictions in marijuana want this to be legal because it's so easy to increase their budgets via this stricture ... without it law enforcement budgets would eventually go down and that is something such bureaucratic institutions do not want to happen.

12 years ago

Just to add; thirty years ago my father insisted that heroin should never be used as a pain killer for terminally ill cancer patients. He would get this stubborn look on his face that told you there would be no compromise. 25 years later, when, unfortunately, he was dieing and in considerable pain, he finally realized just how bull headed he was when he was younger. It took an extreme situation to change his mind.

12 years ago

My strong opinion is that they should not legalize Hemp but legalize Pot. Hemp is dangerous to Pot botanically.
Pot growers have to be careful to not allow huge hemp fields near by. We need to push to allow huge pot fields. If hemp spreads in fields the size of corn or soya fields than pot will have to be grown indoor only. If we are going to use the different breakdown of the plant might as well start with the quality we have trained the plant to become!

12 years ago

cant beleive they wont legalize it here (Scotland) i suffer from depression and smoking makes me feel better - better than any drug the nhs can prescribe, but i have to rely on street dealers when there a danger that the weed could be laced with something - they lace with glass so the buds look more crystal and spray with hair spray to make crisp, or the weed is just damp and not cured correctly. it should be legal and widley available especially for the people with serious medical problems. also for recration purposes - not as a high priority - but would take away the danger of the street dealers weed. you can go to nearly anyshop on any street and pick up cigerettes and alcohol which are proven to be killers. and insted i can get a plain to amsterdam (55min) away and buy as much as i want up to 5gram daily, and it is properly cultavated and safe to use. the governements need to get their act together, swallow their pride and say we lied about cannabis being as harmful as we made out and decriminlize it.

12 years ago

I hope they come out with one doc about why they dont want legalize cannabis. Is more than clear cannabis is useful in all aspects.

Great doc.