Missing Women and the Bachelor Time Bomb

2019, Crime  -   8 Comments
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Around the world, there are over 200 million girls and women who are currently missing. This epidemic is especially prominent in China, South Korea and India. Many of these females will not be found by their loved ones, and the circumstances surrounding their disappearances usually remain elusive. According to the harrowing and informative documentary Missing Women and the Bachelor Time Bomb, this crisis has been many decades in the making, and can be traced to the attempts of the West to control the population of developing countries.

The filmmakers travel the globe to explore this deeply disturbing human rights catastrophe. It has its origins in the United States and Britain following the Second World War, where super wealthy and powerful forces have long imposed population restrictions on poorer countries in exchange for aid. Women were dissuaded from giving birth to daughters, and were encouraged to abort their fetus if it was female. Many members of the female population were rendered infertile following shady medical procedures.

The film offers a damning indictment of these approaches to population control, which the filmmakers suggest were merely a front for decimating the impoverished classes.

As a result, many years later, women are a rare commodity in many of these developing countries, and a prime target for human traffickers. These criminals often go hunting for their prey in the slums of the poorest cities. Their clients pay top dollar for a suitable mate. In a world of depleted femininity, crime continues to rise in these regions of the world, and the state of global peace itself is in peril.

The film features interviews with historians, social justice advocates and - most hauntingly - with grieving parents whose children have vanished into thin air. They often have no recourse against the injustices they suffer; they don't know where to begin searching for their missing children, and their pleas for assistance too often fall on deaf ears.

Missing Women and the Bachelor Time Bomb weaves a wide canvas story of criminality and conspiracy with an acute eye for detail and a sensitivity of perception. It cleverly balances these larger themes with deeply intimate and personal tales of loss.

Directed by: Antje Christ, Dorothe Dörholt

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8 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Roy Borrill

    Urban myth with absolutely no proof that what they claim is true. Find me a girl who this had actually happened to, or someone who has been convicted of stealing women for single men and I might take you seriously. Till then it's all conspiracy theories and conjecture.

  2. RositaAngulo Libre de Marulanda

    It would have been so much easier to perform a vasectomy on the boys.

  3. MIchael Andrade

    This is crazy, as a father of 3 daughters . I can't help but feel angry and sad at the same time.

  4. terence galland

    sick sad world !

  5. Anna Bettencourt

    Goodness Gracious! China's one-child policy was established by Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping in 1979 to restrict communist China's population growth and limited couples to having only one child. Although designated a "temporary measure," it remained in effect for more than 35 years. And now US is responsible for these missing girls? This is so disgustingly biased. Bleargh

    1. Space Ace

      LOL... well said Anna. I agree.

    2. Urban dweller

      Duh! The film is also about India along with third world countries communities...not just China!
      Also, did you even listen to the part about trade agreements that required the country's effort to reduce population? China has become prosperous because of trade agreements with U.S. and Europe!


    Excellent film.