Money as Debt 2: Promises Unleashed

2009, Economics  -   50 Comments
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Money As Debt II: Promises UnleashedBailouts, stimulus packages, debt piled upon debt...Where will it all end?

How did we get into a situation where there has never been more material wealth & productivity and yet everyone is in debt to bankers?

And now, all of a sudden, the bankers have no money and we the taxpayers, have to rescue them by going even further into debt!

Money as debt 2 explores the baffling, fraudulent and destructive arithmetic of the money system that holds us hostage to a forever growing DEBT... and how we might evolve beyond it into a new era.

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  1. Matt Kukowski

    Why does it takes over 1 hr to say this.

    Money is a measure... like inches, meters or miles.

    That is all money is. A measure. Ok? Not hard.

    As technology automates more and more 'jobs' the more we will all suffer.

    The factories and robots and computers automate for our good. Yet, the 'owners' of the factories take ALL the money...

    So, automate everything we can and everyone should receive a check on behalf of the factories (machines)...

    But, people are so far gone in the mind ... they simply do not understand technology and will be slaves... even though the machines are doing the work for the super rich.

    One day the whole thing will crash and bloody.

    Or one day we work for the whole and get rid of money.

    Which one do you think will happen? I think it is 50/50.

    1. anastasius

      Money may be a measure of value but you can't ignore it's function as a store of value. It is how we store our surplus production (wages, profits etc). Money that does not function as a store of value effectively is only money in name. It is little more than a scheme.

  2. Dean Edgington

    It's hard for the average person (me) to know if any of this is true. I'm glad the author isn't a tin foil hat wearing nut, con-man like Alex Jones or one of those supporters of Ron Paul but is he right? Dunno! From what I've very briefly read, he describes the mechanism of money well but draws the wrong conclusions i.e. that the machine is inherently flawed and can ONLY lead to catastrophic failure. Many learned people (for what it's worth) disagree with Grignon.

    Let’s says this film is correct. Other than a Greek style protest, what can I/we do about it? Probably very little right now and not nearly enough by the time it's too late. But if the film is wrong, all is well, economies will continue to grow and the only downside will be the tiresomely incessant conversations about how we remember when a glass of beer was only $1 and you could drive all the way around to world on a single tank of petrol.

    I certainly feel there's a better way to do commerce than our current system so that at least the PERCEPTION of unfairness is reduced. Even better would be to achieve an ACTUAL fairer world (sorry to sound like a beauty pageant contestant). Calling for a fairer world though only raises the question: what is fairness? You can’t change a great deal without a strong moral imperative so for me, for quite some time now, fairness is the real question. It’s seems to be what all the economic debates you see in the media boil down to.

    1. Mark Gibson

      “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.” Marshall McLuhan, Media “Guru”

      Look up incredulity and yo'll konw what I mean. What you have seen iLook up incredulity and you’ll know what I mean. What you have seen in this Documentary is one of the most accurate economics discussions you ever been given. When I first found this out, I was in a daze for a month and still have challenges as to what to do about it. What you do with this information is up to you but I hope we all wake up and begin to make better decisions about all aspects of function of our Economy ( Personal and otherwise) our Government, our so called politics and our Nation (Which is actually us, The people of the U.S.)

    2. Rebel Soul Kaydee

      many of the movie's quotes are from people who at their time were considered chief experts and many are considered that even today. there are many documents confirming the basic claim of the movie, that money is debt created by banks.

      in a small amount this is created by reserve banks (central banks), when paper money (not coins) is printed, but most money is 'commercial bank money', which is created by high street banks whenever a loan is made.

      if you read some of the regulators descriptions of allowed practices you'll see that this is how the contracts work.

      the Basil accords (recently Basil 3 has been ratified by the international financial world) stipulate that banks are now only required to have 7% of all the money they owe. (so for every 100 dollars/pounds/euro etc., they owe, they only need to have 7). This is called fractional reserve banking and is what is the most common banking practice.

      Basil is by the way the Swiss town that hosts the Bank of International Settlement (BIS) which is the central bank for central banks. Another interesting fact is that up until recently 3 countries did not have a central bank subscribing to the BIS regulation: Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. The remaining countries that do not operate under the 'indirect' rule of BIS are Cuba, North Korea and Iran - you might see a pattern here. Remember what the movie commented on going to war to pay off debt? Now you see what happens next...

      FYI you should also read what Woodrow Wilson said about his signing of the federal reserve act in 1913. JFK was actually the first president who had made direct claims that he would end the Federal Reserve. The Fed is owned for the most part by Rothschild bank and banking partners. Ever wondered why the worlds largest bank (Rothschild) has barely any branches? They just don't need them...

    3. Diptarko

      Even if the system isn't flawed, don't you think that it's unfair if a few people at the top who own banks and corporations get to control entire economies, governments, and essentially buy anything the world produces because these people have the power to create money out of thin air? Not to mention the fact that they lend out money that they don't have, and get back actual money of the same amount, plus interest.

    4. Janeen Clark

      that is the only reason to have money at all.

    5. anastasius

      All I can suggest is you take a little time out to understand how our money system works. This video is a good starter but the first Money as Debt is better. There is a reason you are ignorant of this issue and it is not your fault. Use your rational capabilities to decide for yourself but only after you have an understanding.. You will come to understand that the system we now have only exists because of the power and wealth it garners to a select few.

  3. IsraelAli76

    I had to watch this four times!

  4. BellsNwhistles

    Incumbents are the cancer in government. From sheriff to congress the lifer takes a ride on democracy but stays to make it communism with a life time appointment. The two party system are designed to control labor, weather citizens are employment slaves or debt slaves the system wins.

  5. 52donny

    the main reason communism does not work in todays society is greed once a person or group gets into power its hard to give that power back to the people its also a great way to manipulate and supress the masses. Democracy isn't doing well either the banks are showing what happens when a company can make a ton of risky moves because they know the government will bail them out if they fall. they are irresponsably giving out loans and taking high risk investments. In the united states we aren't even aloud to see where all the bail out money was going and what it was being used for. While the other corporations are taking advantage of loop holes created by corrupt politicians swayed by lobbiest we need to cut these loop holes out and treat them like every other business not as a person with all sorts of rights

    Opinion by an Id*ot

  6. 52donny

    there is one big reason communism will, never at least in our life time, work and that's greed. in this system government is suppose to disapate until its virtually non existant but once the leader or leaders get that kind of power it is very hard to give that up. Its a great idea in theory but the practice of this kind of system always turns into a dictatorship an easy way to manipulate and control people. However our capitlist system isn't doing much better with corporations controlling alot of our government and compoud that with a centralized bank that does not regulate how much you can lend based on your assets and no real responsibility for loss (federal Bailouts) you get a system that is failing we need to bring back small banks that relied on themselfs not to over reach and less tax breaks and favoritism towards big corporations.
    a truley free market system is our best bet for the imidiate future but i also believe that eventually a more global movement will make a system that incorporates both these ideas and everyone will have the right and resources to bring prusue thier dreams. that is hundreds of years in the future but that's only if we survive that long.
    An opinion by an Id*ot

  7. Jasmine Tanner

    There's nothing wrong with communist theory Mike, to anyone except the US administration. In fact, communist theory could answer many of the problems we are currently witnessing. The problem is that control of most countries' assets has been sold off to private companies, putting whole populations at the mercy of the interests of profiteers. The quest by these companies for yearly profits and continual growth has long been pricing people out of the market for what are considered to be basic necessities. We are officially running out of food, natural disasters, factory style farming of basic food crops run by mega-corporations have combined to ruin access to food to low income earners and those living below the poverty line. Certain companies are currently exploiting poor farmers in India, selling them GM seeds to sow GM crops, which are not fertile, ie: do not produce seeds to re-sow at the end of a crop. A poor farmer is obliged to spend virtually a whole year's worth of income on an entire crop worth of GM seeds every year, thus rendering his family without the basic resources to live, and no way to improve his fortune by investing in seed. They work hard for little/ no reward. This is slave labour, in my opinion. Genetically modified food is not the answer that it's touted to be. This is but one example of the exploitation of large companies, at the expense of critically poor people. The Indian farmer can't continue like that, and neither can the global economy. Something has to give.

  8. mistertonga

    Got halfway through the FIRST clip, got so annoyed with a) the lack of any narration and b) the porn-film soundtrack that I completely lost interest -- and I'm actively following the subject. Dunno why "documentary" makers don't bother with courses in Communication, but it matters if you're trying to deliver a message. Please, ease off the caffeine, take an hour to draft an outline, and lose the cheesy soundtrack.

  9. alans

    Its called a money tree. You grow it, chop it down, and print some money.

  10. alans

    Lets barter in toilet paper. It has real value. We all need to wipe our asses.

  11. Mark Stouffer

    When they give you a loan or line of credit for $10,000 out of thin air. They are just adding an amount to an account.

    They give you money, however, when you withdraw from the account.

  12. Arnold Vinette

    Paul Grignon has put together a really intelligent analysis of current money and financial system and all of the problems it currently entails. All of these problems were dramatically highlighted during the financial crisis of 2007 to 2009 when the banking industry collapsed due to the ever increasing interest on home loans given to people who simply could not afford them.

    The derivative crisis was spawned by greed that was rampant in the banking sector and loan sector.

    Ultimate financial lending power leads to ultimate financial greed and this is exactly what was seen during the 2007 - 2009 banking crisis.

    The banking system as it now exists based on everything that I have read is doomed to failure due to the greed of the private institutions lending the money. As a general rule there is a problem with the human condition and that is a desire to gather assets continuously for self preservation and survival that eventually surpass anything that is needed for a for a person's survival and well being.

    Over and over again we have seen individuals whose greed to gather assets knows no bounds and they eventually destroy the very economy they are getting assets from. Self destructive greed and gathering. Like a dog that will eat food continuously until it dies.

    Put these people in charge of a private banking system and it is a recipe for disaster.

    The banking system around the world I believe needs to become nationalized again and put into the hands of the people who need the money to make a modern economy work.

    There is no need for taxes in this type of an economy. Taxes simply drain money out of the economy that could be better used for the purchase of goods and services.

    It has been suggested that gold be the standard of a country's money supply or other material resource or resources.

    I disagree with this. In every single country around the world there is only one natural resource that needs money to function in a modern economy. That natural resource is the people living in that country. Only people need money to function in a modern economy. Natural resources do not need money there are simply finite consumables.

    The new monetary system that I have proposed to American President Barack Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is the "Work Credit" system.

    In a "Work Credit" based society people are assigned a monetary value that is paid back to them over the course of their life to do work for their community, city, state and country. People are also paid to do entrepreneurial work that may or may not generate revenue.

    In a "Work Credit" based society growth is not important. What is important is providing the necessary goods and services for a society to exist and function.

    In a "Work Credit" based society it is impossible to be homeless, unemployed, or in poverty, because a person's very existence is a value to the society at large.

    A "Work Credit" society works in harmony with a capitalistic society providing a steady source of income to pay back loans and purchase goods.

    Every member of society is paid an income to participate at what ever is needed at that time during their life.

    For instance children are paid to go to school from preschool to Grade 12 or what ever is the society norm. A society is much more productive if its children are educated to the highest level possible. Education is a job for children. They get up at early and work a full day. For kids at the higher grade levels it is not uncommon to work into the evening and on weekends. Education is a job. It needs to be recognized as such and children need to be paid for the work that they are doing to benefit society.

    By recognizing education as job, drop out rate in high school will simply stop do to children who need to find a job to help support their families. Students dropping out of high school is a real problem in the United States today. This problem is easily fixed by paying students to go to school and learn.

    This earned money can then in turn be used to purchase the kids clothes, food, supplies for school, computers for school, and assist their parents in paying a mortgage or rent. Children become an economic asset to their parents, their community, their state and their country.

    This job of education continues into college and university. Students are paid to go to college and university and they are paid more to go into disciplines that are more in demand for their community, state and country. In this way the job skills are created and taught that society needs to function more efficiently.

    Universities and colleges are also hubs for innovation and so students are being paid to learn and innovate.

    It makes no sense what-so-ever that a country would require its students to pay for an education that the country needs to grow and prosper.

    A “Work Credit” based society is NOT about equality. A “Work Credit” based society is all about providing a basic steady source of revenue to pay people to contribute to their local economy, state economy and country economy in a positive and meaningful way.

    People with exceptional skills will earn more money in a “Work Credit” based society.

    People with minimal skills will earn their basic “Work Credit” allowance allowing them to thrive in the economy and contribute in some positive.

    The concept of “Work Credits” reduces crime because people do not need to steal or rob to survive.

    “Work Credits” allows a government to focus its needs of infrastructure building and services to support the economy.

    There is no age discrimination in a “Work Credit” based economy. People can work at what they love to do until they die of old age. As people age their interests will change, their capabilities will change, but at all times they can contribute in some meaningful way to their economy.

    Making a profit in a “Work Credit” based economy is not necessary. This stops the need for growth engine that is currently a problem in society. Modern societies cannot keep perpetually growing. If they do so they will ultimately destroy their environment. An equilibrium must be obtained to ensure sufficient resources for long term society survival.

    A “Work Credit” based society completely stops the necessity of runaway government deficits.

    The government is in control of the money supply. The people are the base valuation of the money supply to be paid for work that contributes to their community, city, state, and country.

    A “Work Credit” based society more importantly can be run independent of oil, natural gas and other energy resources required in today’s modern economies.

    This is very important as the world is now passing the top of the Worldwide Peak Oil Curve. Beginning in 2011 it is all down hill from here. Meaning that there will gradually become less and less oil to maintain our current global based economy. Between 2020 and 2030 the modern oil economy we know will cease to exist.

    The structure of current banking system will not survive the collapse of the modern oil economy for the simple reason that oil based and dependent companies will collapse creating a cascade of bankruptcies around the world. We have already seen this in the crisis of 2007 – 2009. Between 2020 and 2030 the economic situation will be much worse.

    So the world economic banking system needs to begin changing today for the survival of modern economies to exist past 2020 to 2030.

    A “Work Credit” based society is one way to do this. Where people become the source of their country's currency with which to pay them to do work to benefit their society.

    A “Work Credit” based financial system works in conjunction with a capitalistic system without the need for constant growth. It also allows for the nationalization of banks, elimination of interst rates, elimination of taxes, and the elimination of constant economic growth allowing cities to stabalize in their current size.

    People are paid a base salary from cradle to grave to serve their society in what ever way suits them best. Required jobs are paid at a higher level letting natural human greed fill these positions. Entrepreneurs are given funding to pursue projects impossible in the old way of doing things. Children are paid to go to school, giving them an incentive and reason to go. The job of children is to learn.

    But most importantly of all a “Work Credit” based society can function independently of fossil fuel energy resources which will become shorter in supply until their ultimate collapse between 2020 and 2030. At this time overall country populations will begin to decline as there will insufficent food available to feed everyone. Growth must stop.

    A “Work Credit” based society will allow growth to stop and decline at an ordinary pace without causing social unrest, chaos and war. This must start today as 2020 is only 9 years away and 2030 is only 19 years away.

    Arnold Vinette
    Ottawa, Canada

    1. MyReligionIs2DoGood

      @Arnold Vinette:
      This system sounds pretty good to me. Actually I worked on a pretty similar system for a while already. I'd have a few questions:

      How do you handle a disabled person, or an old person that just doesn't want to work anymore, or a person wanting to do something that is not of any direct value for the society (like certain artists), or a person that doesn't want to work at all?

      Who decides what is necessary?

      Who decides which value any particular job has?

      Who would control if and how the work was done?

      What would be the minimum of 'Work Credit'?

      I'm looking forward to your answers!

      Seldric Herrholz
      Berlin, Germany

    2. InfoSp

      That sounds like communism to me. It really is a nice idea, but so unlikely to work in practice. The problem with your solution and with the documentary is that it does not address the good things about the current financial system. There are actually quite a few. I don't agree with current system, but yours seems to lack answers to quite a few problems that our current system does address. Do you have links to a fuller outline of your suggestions? I admire your idea though; I can't come up with anything better.

    3. Mike Sevik

      Jeez... you sound like a tea bagger to me. Sorry dude, but this is the reality of our monetary system.

  13. Dr. Thomas C LaMar

    The now ancient, always totally corrupt and immoral idea of money created as debt (John Law) must be stricken from the face of the earth ! Money should be based on the GNP, put into circulation by the government incurring NO NATIONAL DEBT, with strict controls, including state nullification pwers to ensure a fair basket of trade to base the GNP upon. NO more national debt; the great legacy President Jackson left we Americans with. The most productive country in the history of the world is not "broke"; our prosperity has been hijacked by the Federal reserve private banks with the "legal", but unconstitutional Fed act of 1913.

  14. Anthony

    While I understand the idea of digital money is a fine one. In practice it would be more difficult. How would you decide which money is yours? The card? How would you obtain one? How would anyone know it's you? Biometrics would be the most obvious thing but, that opens up the can of worms of personal invasion of how you spend your money, how much personal information you want to give to anyone and a lack of impersonality of money.

    Yes, I said that money SHOULD be impersonal. Money is not the only way that people have value because as it said "only goods and services can pay for goods and services." If we were able to equate our money as our money-ourselves, we truly would be slaves to it.

  15. Nina

    This is a great and extremely informative. Everyone should watch it AT LEAST once!

  16. p.s. Homo Novus

    A new promising system based on a new paradigm in the times of crisis will produce hope for a better change, however its benefits are going to be exaggerated but pitfalls and catches - overlooked. Take it as the law of social psychology. Unfortunately, in hard times people at large are more susceptible to various schlock doctrines (Have you thought why even such ideas as expressed by Hitler in his "Mein Kampf" were greeted with favor by masses?) I call for caution and thorough meditation on the subject. Anyway, this is not to be the ultimate solution. Give a nice city to barbarians, and they destroy it - and the new generations of barbarians are programmed to come because of our way of thinking, which is just too technical. Were the ideas from the above video turned into some broad action, some day they would be damned and cursed by some other creative persons in their new films. I have seen how good ideas, even those that have already worked somewhere else, turn into fiasco because of the faults of the particular local culture. It takes people (not money) to produce things in real world, so it also takes people to run systems... The recipe is an old one: whatever you do, whatever you are up to do, first repent your sins, folks. Repent and repent - again, again, and again.

  17. Homo Novus

    Make a new revolution, and people's greed for more wealth, power and sensations will disappear, there will be no more fraud, abuses, murders, and no war :-/

  18. Jannine

    One should not believe everything one sees or reads!! Please read or watch documentaries that tell the other side of the story in order to build a good opinion.

    I think this is definitely a good and worth watching documentary and I respect the author's opinion. However, I believe that digital money is only one solution with a numerous amount of other problems starting with the existence of hackers.
    As pretty as digital money might sound, it still posses its drawbacks.

    Moreover, another issue in question is that of innovation and business creation which is entirely stimulated by the good side of the capitalist state.. or it is not??
    Will a new system where the money supply supply is fully controlled by the government work and allow for innovation?
    A state where profits cannot be made leaves no room for sustainable growth... we all know how communism works. And of course! I am aware this is not in any way close to communist ideas but we must make sure not to touch upon it in any way otherwise we could face serious problems.

  19. David Haase

    The International Banks are taking over with plans to squeeze as much money out of you and your children and their children forever by keeping you in debt. We the people can fix it if we act soon; you do not need to be an Einstein to understand it, this is very simple. We need to take the tool they are using against the people away from them; the nameless, faceless tyrants and give it to the people to whom it rightly belongs.

    Most people know something is terribly wrong that should or could easily be fixed if only? But most people and many politicians do not understand how to fix it. That is why I am running for the Senate in Alaska. I know how to fix it and so do a lot of other people not running in this race. If I can help two of you to understand and you do the same for two more and so on, in time the whole country would understand. If you understand that logic, you can understand the banking system’s trap for you. If you don’t, please don’t stop reading, we are all wired differently. Most people see the truth when exposed to enough of it, we have been given a vast amount of disinformation over a long period of time so you may need a lot of the truth in different lights to finally see clearly. The only people who do not figure it out are the ones who don’t actively seek out the truth, they simply shrug it off with a laugh or the ones that say “not me I will be gone by rapture” or those that loose themselves in ridicule of the idea; no one has found a constructive reason why what is proposed will not work, because it will work and it is very simple. A round earth was a hard sell to the flat world believers; after all in their day they were the majority.

    When I first learned real estate financing over 50 years ago; most homes were free and clear, few people had a car loan and nobody had a credit card or needed two jobs. We are serfs to the big banks by their design. Please do not be too lazy to figure it out for yourself. All tyranny needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing.

    It is time for the "Peoples Bailout" before it is too late; this is the how we do it.
    1. Federalize the Federal Reserve and place it under Congressional control and oversight.
    2. Pay the entire national debt off, with non-interest bearing notes (Greenbacks as Abraham Lincoln did).
    3. Place responsibility for funding Social Security, Medicare and a Citizen Dividend to the Federalized Federal Reserve Corporation. (Next to the new consumer protection agency.)
    4. Abolish the individual income tax. (Having no interest to pay our government will not need this source of revenue).
    5. Plan a return to the banking system our founders gave us, to protect us from what has happened. (We need to get our gold back before going on a gold standard.)
    The results would be more wealth for every citizen.
    1. Every tax cut in the past has stimulated the economy; zero income taxes on people would really stimulate it.
    2. Jobs will be everywhere as the free enterprise “can do” attitude is unbridled and untaxed and all those foreign dollars collecting interest will come back seeking U.S. goods and services. The money as interest the Federal Reserve takes out of circulation would be returned to the people and therefore kept in circulation.
    3. The International Monetary Fund would be obliged to return our gold as the debt it secures has been paid in full. Going back on the gold standard might become desirable.
    4. Foreign countries will no longer be able to hold American dollars and get interest for doing so. The incentive for them to spend them on American goods and services will increase ten fold as the market laws of Mercantilism take hold our balance of payments with others countries will improve drastically.
    5. Once again the United States can show the world a better way.

    Our founding fathers knew the laws of Mercantilism as evidenced by the constitution they gave us. The international bankers of today are the heirs of the very people our founding fathers kept in check with our constitution. These modern day moneychangers plan to ruin us as a nation using the laws of Mercantilism and take over controlling us with bank credit and FEMA camps for the resisters. Why is Obama calling for “a civilian force equal to and as well funded as the military”?

    Ben Franklin said 1813, "The real reason for the war's because they the crown took our currency."
    Thomas Jefferson said in 1809: “Banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered”.
    Andrew Jackson called them organized crooks.
    Woodrow Wilson said on his death bed in 1924: "I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men."

    The money changers are carying out this tyrany against almost every nation in the world and have been for centurys. My high school history teacher taught his students that the French army was sent to Mexico in 1864 to collect money owed the European banks. The Greeks who gave us Democracy might again be teachng the world as they refuse to pay their debt to these tyrants of today.

    Citizen, it is your duty to find out the truth and stand up against tyranny.
    “Not everything on the Internet is true however the truth is there.” Mary Ruwart.

  20. Yamato_kev

    @ tpd - How is it the banking system's NOT the problem?
    Where do you think the government's debt arises from? Isn't it partly from the Federal Reserve?
    What about fractional reserve banking? This is okay?
    Isn't it basically theft, counterfeiting? How do you create a large percentage of money, OUT OF NOTHING, and then lend it to people at high rates of interest?
    This is basically the force behind the transfer of wealth from the people to the corporations, which have heavily infested (and invested in) government.
    If you follow what's happened since the FED came and central banking everywhere else and look at the basic 'economic' cycle of boom-bust you'll see that the sh!t is scientifically created. This is something that Presidents during those days noted. Then banks in the smartest way 'loose' the people's money and then the people through their taxes have to 'bail' them out. Then the government gives banks the money, and borrows from the same banks???
    Banking "is a virus, a disease, a cancer of this planet, it is a plague...and we are the cure."
    rant over

  21. tpd

    It's not the banking system that is the problem, but the government's increasing debt and Federal Reservs much too low interest rate. It's killing the US. And ultimately resulting in a comming collapse of the dollar.

  22. tpd

    this could not be further from the truth!

  23. Yum Yum Dum Sum

    Well... if the banks are able to create something out of nothing, then technically, I don't owe them a damn thing!!! And the sad thing about this whole money situation is if everyone pays off their debts (which is what I am trying to do) then the economy will flounder. I want to get off the hamster wheel, but it seems as though I'm forced to get back on it if I want to purchase a house or car. Who really can save $500,000 to purchase a house on a $70,000 salary?!?! What a sad world we live in. And NO ONE will ever attempt to do anything about it, because either they'll be silenced or ridiculed for even questioning this system that is supposedly working?!?! I'm not sorry to say this but as an American, I am ashamed of my country's ideologies!!!

  24. Yamato_kev

    @Sir Sohn - then tell them what the real deal is man.Dispel the brainwashing that has blinded them from the truth.

    Personally,I don't support the pro-digital money movement or bringing back the gold standard.

    A few things need to go though or need to be overhauled.

    - Banking & fractional reserve lending

    - The application of interest on monies created out of nothing.

    - federal reserve & central banking systems.

    - world bank,IMF,BIS,UN,IFC,

    - the theory that global warning is caused by CO2.Cap&trade.

    Just a thought.From a Kenyan revolutionary

  25. Sir Sohn

    You people writing about digital money have not understood anything about the program. Ignorance is a bliss, isnt it?

  26. Yamato_kev

    Can someone please tell me how to get back the video viewing capability in IE?
    Each time I come to this site I can'yt play videos.

    This is a very good documentary BTW. We need to find ways of printing our own money.

  27. Chris

    One of the best and highly recommended.

    Truly, we need to take back our country from the banking system. I was hoping that the federal government would have refused to bail out the banks, allow them all to fail, and then take over that function as per the constitution. Too bad we blinked.

    Per the doc, I like the idea of a complete federal take of the banks and outlawing usury. Sure, there will be a lot of problems to work out. Some will like it and some will not. But in the end, it will end the power of money as money returns to its original function of assisting with trade.

    You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one.

  28. Banking Elite Rule the Whole World!

    You need to watch "The Obama Decption" then "Fall of the Republic" Obama like Bush is only a puppet. He does whats hes told to do.

  29. covered

    Rubin, Summers and Greenspan would only be a start. Hank Paulson, under George Bush, pulled the trigger on the crash with the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy September 15, 2008, then extorted congress for a trillion dollar bailout-bonus guarantee with taxpayer money and IMMUNITY FROM PROSECUTION for himself and his cronies as part of the deal. Obama got handed the exploding cigar and the blame to take, which he's playing along with quite nicely. Obama will not prosecute the guilty that crashed and plundered our country. That is what pisses me off about Obama. He's Bushes' 3rd term. Think about it. Do we have health care? Are we still in Iraq? Are we still in Afghanistan? They are all in it together. You can take it and you can write on the Internet or you can do something about it. Whatcha gonna do?

  30. robespeare

    When are gangsters like Robert Rubin,Larry Summers and Alan Greenspan going to join Bernie Madoff in jail..Those crooks deregulated the markets and gamed the system to make fortunes on currency trading,shorting and selling MBS to conned investors and than when it blew up..they were sitting pretty.Than Obama bails them out with the po folks tax money while the po folk get laid off and at 60 got to get a job in a young man's industry at a third the pay; or it gets shipped off to China. Than Obama shuffles them into his cabinet (Rubin & Summers) and gets all the Goldman Sach gangsters in the Fed and treasury.Obama even says he admires Lloyd Blankfein,the ceo of Goldman Sachs. So now you know that big money runs your government and all is show. You the little person bail out Wall Street and get screwed by the system that is simply corrupt.Not easy being a sucker!

  31. Ominous Clouds

    Digital money sounds great, but also has the capacity to be followed every move of the way, a real nice tool for Big Brother. Careful, we don't need any more lack of privacy.

  32. Eric

    Screw the Federal Reserve,The facsist elite,the bilderbergers, crooked polititians, and ourselves.

  33. Chad

    Why couldn't I invent money and get the real wealth of the world for the paper I create out of thin air !!

  34. Mark S

    Agree, digital money for the win. Also, new energies NOT owned by the oil companies. Unabated greed should be punishable by death.

  35. sue k

    Great documentary! It's so informative that I need to watch it again.

  36. gex demolay

    wow ... nice documentary ... screw the world bank and all those international bankers ... federal reserve as well ... DIGITAL MONEY FOR THE WIN !!!