Moon For Sale

2007, Science  -   50 Comments

Moon For SaleAfter 40 years, man is preparing to return to the Moon. But this time the astronauts won’t just land on the Moon – they plan to stay.

From his office in Nevada, Dennis Hope has spawned a multi-million dollar business selling lunar real estate. But scientists believe the real prize is trapped in the Moon’s rocks.

It contains large deposits of an extremely rare gas called Helium-3. Could Helium-3 be mined and used as a new source of almost inexhaustible, clean and pollution-free energy on Earth?

Whoever succeeds in transporting Helium-3 back to Earth could solve the world’s energy crisis. Who will win what has been dubbed the second Moon race? And should we be exploiting the Moon’s valuable resources at all?

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  1. Steven E

    Does anyone know where to get this documentary on DVD?

  2. astromann

    The only possible independent evidence of the moon landings would have been genuine moon rock samples. Unfortunately these were found to contain Titanium, brass, oxidized (magnetized) ferrous compounds, and other 'manufactured' material. Not very convincing is it?

  3. Michael Bennett

    wouldn't geothermal effectivly cool the inner earth, causing a whole range of new problems?

  4. carol christooferson

    who own the moon. I don't thing if this ## can nail a for sale thenand only then he couldhave aclaim

  5. rpm3145

    First things first as in we actually have to get there for real.

  6. agun

    Hmm, how about we contain these electrons from nuclear fusion in a magnetic field?

    Fusion is the future.

  7. Jeffrey Thomas

    If we can get a new resource from the moon then I'm up for it, but once that runs out, if it's even possible, then we'd have to find something else. Granted it would take several generations before we started running out. We need to find a renewable resource that would sustain the entire planet for longer periods of time. Using something until it's gone and then utilizing something else in the same way, is utterly devastating to the world and all of it's inhabitants.

    1. zureal

      The Sun?

    2. Yazan Al Nafisi

      There are tons of renewable sources of energy here on earth: solar, wind, geothermal (there are 2000 zeta joules of that easily extracted by today's technology, the whole modern world uses 1/2 a zeta joule a year says MIT), wave and tidal energy and a lot more. The so called "energy crisis" is not a deficiency of energy it's simply the deficiency of petroleum, which is one of the shittiest methods of energy extraction. The negative impact of this crisis will be economic but really we are surrounded by easily extractable energy.

  8. Xbow

    A new Jobs program for eggheads and more corporate welfare. If going to the moon had the potential to tun a profit private industry would do it. Governments wouldn't need to put up a dime, Exxon/Mobil, Shell and OPEC and all the aerospace industries would band together and do it.

    As it stands you could have tons of Lunar Helium 3 and you wouldn't have a fusion reactor....those don't exist yet. And a sustained energy producing fusion reaction has yet to be accomplished. The little pops and pulses that last a micro second that have been created have never even come close to braking even with respect to power in and power out. Obtaining nuclear fuel for a fusion reactor that doesn't exist is like buying hay for a horse you don't have. Absurd.

  9. Nicholas Penney

    Wow, I want to live on the moon, I'll even quit smoking cigarettes :)

  10. Xercès Des Stèles

    when china wins the second moon race tom hanks and tom cruise will be like :(

  11. James del Valle

    If this is a sucessful endeveur then I guess we are lucky enough to be part of a time when the moon was a mysterious world which people longed to walk on and explore. Its moon rape but then we have already did it to the earth so I guess we might aswell do the same to the moon.
    On the other hand I dont trust Nuclear fusion and reckon creating a sun however big here on earth could potentially end in a scenario with their being 2 suns in our solar system.

    1. Paul Brickey

      "Its moon rape but then we have already did it to the earth so I guess we might aswell do the same to the moon."

      We already 'moon raped' the Earth?

      Using available resources is not rape. Short-sighted exploitation is. You are creating a false dichotomy by implying there is no gray area here. Just like weed: There is such thing as responsible usage.

      I also fail to see what ecosystem we would imperil by mining a molecular isotope from a sterile astronomical body. I believe that rigorous scientific study would be required before any 'strip mining' would take place to ensure that no scientifically valuable material would be destroyed, much like what happens (or rather is supposed to happen) on Earth before any mining takes place.

      A true Conservationist or Environmentalist would be singing the praises of Nuclear Power and more specifically, Fusion. The energy output is amazing and clean using a renewable resource. Waste has been reduced several orders of magnitude by ever improving reactor designs over the past several decades. However, Nuclear power remains the environmental boogieman to those that believe that all reactors are best represented by Chernobyl and it's generation of reactors.

      Interesting Docu.

    2. Dabadu

      "On the other hand I dont trust Nuclear fusion and reckon creating a sun however big here on earth could potentially end in a scenario with their being 2 suns in our solar system."

      Even for an internet discussion, that has to be one of the dumbest things I've heard someone say. Clearly, you have no say in any matter even remotely related to this topic.

  12. alans

    They made water out of moon dust, but did they take into account the changing properties of moon dust once it has been transported to earth? If they can make water out of moon dust on the moon,then we can be certain.

  13. DocLover247

    One small leap for man........
    One small leap for mankind destruction.....

  14. Xbow

    How is some a**hole in Nevada selling real estate on the moon that he doesn't own? Not long after Jules Vern put out From The Earth To The Moon there were scam artists selling "crater bottom land" at bargain prices.


    although whether the moon landings were staged is up for debate, just looking at the lunar module, it is difficult to believe it could do the job. it looks like shit. also, would they televise the event even though space travel is dangerous(possibility of seeing people die on tv for real)?

    1. KarpKomet

      lol...ya thats probably the best argument for the "they didnt go" conspiracy. It was indeed almost crazy with the tech of the time. it really does challenge logic. but thats why its so famous and celebrated, not doubted. The U.S really did take a huge risk infront of the world and they really could have died on live TV. Remember this is the cold war when the russians would cover up every one of there many rocket failures. So it might have been a kind of a political/ ideological statement to have it live. May i also point out that they showed the shuttle missions where people REALLY DID DIE live on tv, and also the sketchy high risk first shulttle flight. As for the thin sad looking Lunar Module it needed to be light and they didnt really need to shape and shield is against debris cuz the odds of it hitting something in space is crazy low. Me i dont buy the conspiracy, just look up the laser reflector they left behind, its pretty bulletproof. Or when i was a kid i would think about the NUMBER of people involved in the project... they would all have to lie with the same near perfect story for 40-50 years! i dont think they would risk that many civilians keeping there story straight :)

      anyway all will be proven soon..india china and abunch of others are going to send pimp sattelites that (i think) can image the landing zone.And after that manned missions will follow so some chinese astronoughts will be taking tourist photos infront of the apollo site. And when/if that day comes I'l even write a response for you conspiracists; The yanks thought of that and secretly sent a moon rated rocket to dump fake landing zond debris and a moon rover to fool the world 100 years in the future.....


      buzz aldrin can't even keep HIS story straight lol.
      why go through all the trouble of a moon rated rocket, NASA has been touching up photos forever.

    3. KarpKomet

      Cuz the chinese are gonna find things. Cuz the moon landings happened? Did you read my post?

    4. elidan1900

      from 1969 to 1973... that averages out to two moon landings in a year... just go back... 2012 seems a good year!

    5. elidan1900

      why has it taken so long to go back there? Bush jr says it will be a launching pad for further space exploration... now there's rare and valuable helium 3 that could solve all our energy problems... shouldn't they be gearing up to go back, like by the end of the year! we allegedly flew back and forth to the moon 6 times from 1969 to 1973... that averages out to two moon landings in one year... just go back... 2012 seems a good year!

    6. Paul Brickey

      The LEM looks brittle because it was designed to operate in an environment without air (and thus, without air friction and not requiring it to be aerodynamic) and 1/6th the gravity here on Earth.

      So, BECAUSE it looks, as you say 'like s***', that is further proof that we indeed went to the moon.

      As for your second 'point': We see people die on TV all the time. I remember watching 9/11 on TV. Or for an example from the period, check out Nguy?n V?n Lém.

      Like all Moon-Landing Con points, each shot down.


      radiation belts.
      interested in the camera lens they used? look into that and the connection with the late Stanley Krubrick's 2001.
      also power sources for all this filming/communications?
      enlighten me.

    8. Xercès Des Stèles

      you have been mythbusted.


      lets see MYTHBUSTERS bust 9/11. only then will i consider them a credible source. thats on the DISCOVERY channel correct? I seem to recall them going to NASA to gather their data...its called "conflict of interest."

  16. Otter Nonsense

    The value of the "moon-landing conspiracy" theorists may be to teach the world how common are mental disorders among us.

    Far from being an issue to ridicule, I feel eternally sad to know how irrational so many can be and who cost all of humanity so dearly for it’s shortsighted pursuit for “more, more, more” over “better, healthier, happier”.

    Am I alone here?

    1. Anthony Pirtle


  17. Skeptical Observer

    Van Allen radiations belts. Machines can pass through them, but no living organism can. It takes an hour to pass through them traveling at the speed of the Apollo missions. The only barrier between the astronauts and the radiated was a 1/4 inch of steel. The powers that be want us to believe that human beings survived inside a microwave for an hour with only a 1/4 inch of steel to protect them from deadly radiation. The great philosopher Decrates proposed that if anyone has ever mislead you in anyway, you must never fully trust them.

    1. Xercès Des Stèles

      do you really think there would be an industry worth billions and billions here on earth with companies like nasa with a budget bigger than the money growth of most countries if no one had never been to the moon.

  18. tocs

    The cancellation of the Constellation Program (the space program bush announced in this video) is a real shame. I can see why Obama did it, but dam it still sucks. Oh well I'm sure the Russians will get there because, hell, they're Russians. Crazy Russians.
    You know while the Americans are learning to make water from moon rocks, the Russians are learning to make Vodka.

  19. A. T. Heist

    i'm less than a minute into this, and so far I ain't buying it.

  20. Shawn L.

    On a second note, this is kind of ridiculous in the sense that we're planning on going to the moon the mine helium-3 before we even have a working prototype of a helium-3 fusion reactor. As the documentary says, decommissioned nuclear weapons have helium-3, so we should use them to build a fusion reactor... see if we can get that working... THEN create documentaries about this.

  21. Shawn L.

    As for people who say we've never been on the moon... they left a little specialized mirror on it. Scientists on earth have been pointing powerful lasers at this specialized mirror and calculating the amount of time it takes for the beam to bounce back to earth. They do this to calculate the precise distance from the earth to the moon--this way they can see if it changes over time. We've been doing this for decades.

    1. James del Valle

      The Russians also have these mirrors on the moon but they didnt go, I know it is cited as evidence by many sources but its merely propoganda and doesnt prove anything, wouldnt it be funny if these moon rocks were not from the moon.

  22. Insomniac

    Watch Moon with Sam Rockwell (2009). Wonderful sci-fi movie about a helium 3 miner alone in his little space station up there. One of the best sci-fi movie in years in my book. Truely worth your time. (dont expect big bad aliens with lasers and big explosions. Its not an action movie)

    1. tariqxl

      I was gonna say the same thing but thought I'd read this discussion first... Great film wasn't you hoping to see the clone get back n kick the originals ass lol

  23. Eff

    Google your heart out! There is no concrete evidence (lots of vague wording though) that moon rocks were physically scooped up from the Lunar surface. Lots of theories on rock composition (H-3, H-4) and performed tests from found meteorite samples on Earth. (sheared-off crater chunks)

    The Russians claim their LUNA project "remotely" brought back samples 40-years ago. It is conceivable (with today's technology) that NASA remote-vehicles have brought home lunar samples.

    Speculators would concur that Property values on the moon are likely higher than current prices along the shores of the Gulf of Mexico CALL-1-800-SHYSTER-LUNAR-REALTORS.

  24. Eff

    To all! Armchair conspiracy theorists and great thinkers alike Check out my Facebook site: Storegga Sliders I have left several comments on the Homepage. Re: oil spills, Tsunamis, Profiteers etc. Your shared input is desired...

  25. Eff

    What a lunar scam! Swipe your credit card Jump in a moon capsule Get gassed with Helium-3 And get flown to the dark side... Of Disney world... On the back of a 1/2-ton truck. Now that's tripping! Be sure to bring back some souvenirs Like a pocket full of rocks... P.T. Barnum: "There's a sucker born each minute."

  26. watching_you

    There is no moon - it is only a manifestation of mankind to pacify the fact that all humans are afraid of the dark by nature. They were attacked and killed in the night by predators and even by their own kind. Indoor lighting became a major goal for all humans no matter where in existence on the planet. It started with the bare essential, fire. Humans now have the technology to hold light in the palm of their hand and control it. It can be harnessed, redirected, amplified, intensified, diffused, and transmitted at... you guessed it, the speed of light. If you are becoming even slightly enthused by any of these words then by now I must ask you to re-read the first sentence and ask yourself if not any of it could be possible in the production of another documentary based on the fact the everything that actually can be observed, may not actually exist but for not the fact that they were indeed observed and how often can that be repeated once experienced by the common long sentence writer. Afterwards please indulge yourself in the last sentence. This is the end of that conspiracy.

  27. savage

    their still guys like you.. there no wind in the moon so the lunar rover even the foot print would have stay there..
    dont you think if what you said is true the soviet would have already said decades ago that the moon mission is a conspiracy that would have discredited the capitalist

    1. James del Valle

      @Savage just how exactly could the soviets prove that the Americans didnt go, all that was sent back from the moon was data. The pictures from Apollo 11 could have pre-recorded and broadcast from moons surface, to be fair they did look unconvincing. Also the shadow from the LEM on the moons surface is pretty long and it looks like the LEM is still up there.

    2. tariqxl

      Good point Gaddafi is doing that now saying Al-Qaeda started the rebellions there based on the conspiracy theory that bin laden was a puppet of the west.

    3. Brian Stoll

      Gaddafi is dead

  28. Trevor

    Return to the moon? Man has never been on the moon. This documentary is pure farce.

    1. James del Valle

      definetely no solid evidence provided I will agree with that. The sun in the pictures taken by the astronauts while on the moon looked more like a spotlight, it was too big in comparison to the size of the earth and also sun beams dont usually look like headlight beams from a car but the light spreads out but then the atmosphere spreads it to be accurate however the pictures still look fake because they have concentric shape, this shape is not produced by the lack of an autmosphere because I have seen photos taken from space when the sun had no concentric reflections. There has been a lot of talk about the appollo missions not having got past the Van Allen Radiation belt however there is video evidence which suggests they did. There is some contravertial evidence that they did it and also some that they didnt so there is no solid proof either way to someone with an open mind.