My Brilliant Brain

My Brilliant Brain

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My Brilliant BrainThree films exploring the very thing that makes us human. Each episode features an extraordinary character who can do extraordinary things with their brain.

Marc Yu is only 7 years old, but he already has a repertoire of over 15 classical piano pieces - some of them over 20 minutes long. Chess grand master Susan Polgar tells the story of how her father turned her and her sisters into chess prodigies.

Autistic Savant George Widener stuns us with his superhuman calculating and memory skills. And prepare to be moved by Tommy McHugh - the Liverpool hardman who turned into an obsessive artist after surviving a stroke. We find out how they do it. Episodes included: Make Me a Genius, Accidental Genius, and Born Genius.

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5 years ago

with this documentary we can really apreciate that educational sistem needs to change. in the schools they could try recognising the potential of every children and give them the chance to improve, by encouraging them.

8 years ago

A big fat no thanks on buying a dvd.

10 years ago

I got to say that I wish I had SUSANS father. Seems Like a really smart human. Most people that are your parents beat you down by telling you that you cant do something cause you werent born with it. Thats how most people think. My memory has become much sharper with Vedic mathematic studies. Because of it I think the same way she does about being able to do anything you want. It is only a shame it takes one in life so long to get past the limitations placed on us.

10 years ago

This is true, I was once told I could not calculate large numbers in my head. I said F U to standard education and welcomed Vedic Mathematics.. Its about the quality of learning. Cause I found math cumbersome in highschool

bud oracle
11 years ago

Creative "Flow" is interrupted by many who inject their limits and myopic realities into the forming minds of others. What you must remember is that allowing genius to go where it wills is an adventure upon which life thrives. It is not an unnatural act. Of course when we couple success and self worth with genius we then run the risk of producing great human pain, individual tragedy in failure and even mental illness as in addictions. That is why we must understand that anyone at any time can have a moment of genius insight because they may be at the top of their game, in a moment of altered bliss, and/or, in great pain. The sharing of responsibility for genius insight and the striving to achieve it must be dispersed unto the shoulders of many more people. We must all aspire to a "higher Consciousness" as individuals in order to raise the intelligence of the species. If necessity is the mother of invention, so too may courage be the father of genius. That is one thing all the mentoring parents contribute in the videos: a development of self confidence in the abilities of their charges. This allows an individual the freedom of the mind to explore the unconventional because they have the courage/understanding to not fear failure.

11 years ago

I don't like hearing about child prodigies. There are millions of children out there with so much potential that was never explored; it's only a few of them that possess parents with the "drive" or Need to make them famous- for a time anyway; while their children still listen. That's not impressive. What's impressive is that they go from child prodigy to "creative genius" and that's where little Mozarts can be seen. To take something from their childhood and take it one step further. Not many can do that. In fact, taking things to a level beyond the last is an achievement rarely seen. That's where talent comes in... and the dabate of nature vs. nurture. It seems though, that luck or chance are also important. Many try, many fail; only a few succeed. But why? The talent, the need, the opportunity-- what is it? That's the question that needs answer. These scientist just focus on the "how". The "how" is something they could never change. The "why" is what would settle these arguments/debates/doubts.

11 years ago

I now want to have 2 sweet kids.. possibly a boy and a gal.. and will dedicate my life to make them a genius from day 1, if that's possible... why not ? I will better spend most of day hours with my kids and teach them all the things in universe, the way they would demand to learn...
I reckon before teaching, we should inspire them to learn first, and give them a wide variety of choices so they never get bored in learning.. inspiring 1 to learn from day 1, should have significant effect in his/her learning ability.

In my physical realm, I should make all the livings for my and my family life, before we have we don't have to struggle with work for family survival..and can spend most of time with kids to make and inspire them to learn...

I am sure, that would be one of most wonderful part of me and my partner's life..Hope the day shall come soon...

G. P.
11 years ago

it's the great karpov and kasparov the greatest... not some fishy fisher...

11 years ago

These segments were wonderful! thank you.

11 years ago

Mark's mother is beautiful.

and what is that word the narrator says in the chess doc? 17:51 some word "meritmory"???

11 years ago

What was the duet that Marc and Lang Lang played together at the end of the first episode?

12 years ago

Most important is happiness. Not a jack-o'lantern grin smeared over the face all day; rather to be fulfilled by causing happiness. Wish I could.

13 years ago

Very touching thanks

13 years ago

its awesome doc & really remarkable.

13 years ago

I've been interested in this channel when I watched the first time about being 'Accidentally Genius'. Then I watched about the Polgars, and interestingly the father did very well in trained up his daughters to be chess prodigies. Our brain is really one of the most complex organs that a doctor/scientist could understand. However, it is incredibly a super computer if we train it in a correct way.

13 years ago

absolutely astounding to think that all these incredible talents and geniuses are actually inherent in all of us. i especially loved part 2, about the savant talents. it's interesting to think that if our society were a right-brain-hemisphere society instead of a left one, then all the normal everyday skills that most of us possess, like logical thinking for instance, would be considered an amazing 'savant' like skill to them.

13 years ago


Matt Tyler
13 years ago

Wow! I am a true admirer of this man and his vision for his family.

14 years ago

interesting, but nothing jaw-dropping great about the doc.

14 years ago

Absolutely wonderful! My husband's mother read the entire Bible to him from cover to cover as a child. I'm sure much of that has affected who he is now in a similar way. I need to make sure that we do the same with our own children as both my husband and I already realize how extremely brite they are even as infants. "Train up a child in the way [she] should go, and when [she] is old [she] will not depart from it." ;-) We plan to teach our daughter as well as our son equally the best we can.

14 years ago

Great Doc about a fathers dedication for his children.