Overcoming Obstacles In Treating Your Diabetes

2011, Health  -   23 Comments
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Overcoming Obstacles In Treating Your DiabetesA valuable step in effectively managing diabetes is understanding the importance of sticking to your treatment plan.

Discovery Channel presents a new patient education program that features personal stories of patients with diabetes who may have challenges with taking medication on a daily basis.

Experts in the field of diabetes care will discuss how barriers such as non-acceptance of the disease, low motivation, and lack of knowledge can be overcome to live healthier.

Some of the myths about diabetes: 1. Eating sugar causes diabetes; 2. Insulin will cause a lot of weight gain; 3. Insulin cures diabetes.

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23 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Entertainmentluvva

    very informative !

  2. Litto2

    I have try everything ..from insulin to pills,daily excersice,holistics methods,herbs,extreme diets,24hrs monitoring,dietits,nutritionists,theraphy ,support groups..doctors..and more doctors..you name it ..nothing works..I continue to lose weight and Im totally lost and discourage with myself...I give up...

  3. Princeton

    heres da exact link to simply raw : reversing diabetes in 30 days --- a doc of case studies of poeple who've reversed their diabetes within 30 days.. again seems genuine to me... but id like to know what u think.

    vimeo dot com / 27278058

    1. oQ

      I could not find the full doc but watched the 9minute trailers. It does look convincing, would like to see more.

  4. capdanks30

    I have been fighting my treatment for Bipolar Disorder.All I have to do is take some meds,exercise,sleep 8 or 9 hours daily and take blood tests.

    I guess I was angry about my diagnosis 8 months ago.

    Unlike Diabetis people get angry at you or leave you when they find out that you have my illness.Could you imagine if people hated you or left you because you have diabetis ? Does that make sense to you ?

    This is a genetic illness that I have but people are full of ignornance and fear so I guess it makes you want to be in denial and feel hurt.

    1. James Hague

      Lost plenty of girlfriends over the years because they were scared when my sugar got low or what not and bailed *Shrugs* **** happens I guess goodbye to them!

  5. Emily

    The assertions at the beginning of this episode that people with diabetes "fail" to comply with their healthcare regiments, and that diabetes is easily manageable, are offensive to me. The word "fail" is shaming, and diabetes is NOT easily managed. There are different types of diabetes, which require different management plans of varying strictness. Some cases of diabetes can be controlled with a healthy diet, and some can not be controlled at all. Some people take pills, while others require multiple injections per day, with NO BREAK, ever. This is not easy. Even with the hardest work and best technology available, many people with diabetes experience chronic anxiety, depression, exhaustion and infection, all caused by the diabetes itself. To imply that all cases of diabetes are the same, that it's easy to handle, and that anyone who does not manage to control their blood sugar is "failing", is misleading and offensive.

    1. sknb

      Well said.

  6. Juan Green

    Everyone, type II diabetes can be cured by just eating a whole-foods, raw plant based diet. For further reference make the following Google searches: 1) "Dr. Gabriel Cousens" 2) The China Study book 3) Forks Over Knives. Good health people!

    1. Jeremy Hughes

      No evidence says it can be "cured", controlling blood sugar levels and insulin levels will be a lifelong battle, there are, however, FOODs, including fruits and vegetables and NOT SUGAR that DRASTICALLY improve a diabetic's life. The "raw food" part is bogus, raw food diets have been completely disproven and actually shown to cause issues in deficiencies. There is nothing NOTHING wrong with boiling spinach, or having cooked vegetables, research shows that many of the nutrient levels actually GO UP in cooked veg. For evidence of this simply check out the "learning to think critically" video in the Recently Added, watch the 2 episodes about Raw food. Good day : )

      Eat more veggies and fruits, LOTS more, and cut out the sugar. That's the best thing a diabetic can do.

    2. Jeremy Hughes

      by sugar, I mean processed sugar, fructose is not what I mean.

    3. princeton

      take a look at a doc called "raw for 30" in which a group of random diabetes patients lives in a cabin for 30 days following the diets of a group of raw food chefs. well all those who followed the diet.. did not need any insulin within the first few weeks. there are even follow ups of the patients when theywent to see their regular doctors to document the results and reactions. i know it is not 100% proof, but the documentary seemed very genuine and i have to admit it convinced me.

  7. Deltaleematango

    Diabetes is not a disease, Deficiency in the system cause this disorder. when people keep saying this as disease, it irks me.

    1. Anca

      I think this is just a denial. It doesn't really matter if it is a disease or a disorder. Fight against it.

  8. Demoorelizer

    As a type 1 diabetic it makes me angry that they lump us together with type 2 diabetes as just diabetics.
    I don't have a choice about going on insulin. I really wish they would change the names of each type to something else.

    1. sknb

      I completely understand where you are coming from. They should have another name for it.

      However I really need you to look at your comment and understand that you are coming from a place where you, like most in our culture, are blaming people with Type 2 Diabetes and insinuating that they deserve their disease and "chose" to get it. This is a fallacy and is deeply insulting, demoralizing, blame filled. I don't think you intended to come off that way, but you did.

    2. Demoorelizer

      I was slightly angry, because this is a common occurrence. They are both very different in how they affect the body. Type 1's literally make no insulin (after a certain period). It is genetic somewhat, but also random. It happened to me because I got the flu and my autoimmune system reacted damaging the islet cells in my pancreas.

      Currently Type 1 diabetics only account for about 5-7% of all diabetics, not including the type 2's who have not been diagnosed.

      Now for Type 2 other things occur. The body still makes insulin. However it is simply resistant to it, being that the cells simply do not respond to insulin, resulting in more insulin being produced, and working the pancreas harder, when they are in a state of hyperglycemia. Then insulin causes weight gain and there is extra flowing around in their system, causing most of them to gain weight making them genuinely(genetically) predisposed to type 2.

      Another way type 2 develops is when the person is overweight (which they can also be predispositioned to be, but completely different from predispositioned for diabetes by different mechanisms. Many times though it is simply poor lifestyle choices that causes them to gain weight, making them more likely to become diabetic. For these people, with these mechanisms, diabetes is completely preventable, as long as it is combated early before damage is done.

      Now according to a study at Loyola 1 out of every 5 type 2 diabetics is morbidly obese, meaning they weigh 100+ over what the (possibly unhealthy)healthy body type, height, and BMI should be.

      We cannot simply say what percentage of what comes from either mechanism of developing type 2 diabetes. So my anger is directed at those to which have the mechanisms to prevent this. Now in actual biology it is more complicated than this, and this is a simplified version, but I hope you understand my gist about these "mechanisms".

      However, being that Type 1 and Type 2 have different causes, and different affects, both caused by the same organ, setting off other things which cause the same symptoms (although they differ much in extremity of the symptoms). This is like how many things such as asthma, bronchiectasis, and bronchitis can cause OCPD, which in reality is a symptom, caused by differentiating mechanisms,from differently named/categorized diseases.

    3. sknb

      Once again, I completely agree with you that there should be different names for type one and type two diabetes. But you have failed to show the empathy I would think you would.

      I want you to understand where I am coming from. My best childhood friend found out he had Type 1 diabetes when he was 11 years old. I saw what he went through and educated myself about the disease and he was very brave about what he had to go through. I know it was hard on his parents as well. Also, both my parents have Type 2 diabetes. I was told I have an 80% chance of developing diabetes before I am 50.I have spent weeks in the hospital with both my parents, watching their suffering through kidney problems, strokes, and eye issues. I have heard my father cry in my arms about death coming with tubes sticking out all over his body. I am doing everything in my power to prevent this from happening to me. I was told by multiple doctors that "I was born with some terrible genetics". What an arrogant, limited viewpoint they had. They never saw any of the positive traits my father and mother gave me, they defined me by a disease they saw as inevitable. I found out several months ago that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, one of the main symptoms is Insulin Resistance. I am told I probably had Insulin Resistance from birth (I had Acanthosis Nigricans from the age of 4) and before that I was chronically underweight. The relationship between my diagnosis and my parents is still speculative and being investigated. Please don't think I am speaking from a place of ignorance, I am not. I was not asking for a scientific review of what these diseases are, I have seen it in the pain of my family and friends.

      In my countless meetings with doctors and nurses and research in both professional journals and studies as well as comments from laymen I see an overwhelming "blame the victim of Diabetes" trend. My parents never had the warning that I do regarding this disease. My father grew up in a developing country and my mother from poverty in the USA. Neither of them had any idea about this disease, nor did any member of their family have it. It is not their fault. Repeat: IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT.

      Honestly, I think that a large portion of it has to do with culture, poverty, and lack of education. The food system in the United States is absolutely sick and disgusting, but this is BY DESIGN. All the cheap corn products, the packaged food, this is a result of political design for economical gain of a few corporations. You are right to have "anger towards those which have the mechanisms to prevent this". But those people are not the victims. The largest determiners of obesity in the US is poverty level and minority status. Diabetes is a disease of oppression.

      Through increased education of myself and my adult students I try to have them understand how the food system and its corruption works.

      Best of luck in the future.

    4. James Hague

      I got mine the same way you did in fact I am an auto-immune nightmare. Sorry type 2 we die a hell of a lot earlier then you boys so realize why we don't wanna hear its the same.... Bull!! Doesn't even run in my family for god sakes! I got adolescent onset diabetes at age 26 i'm 40 now and try living more then half your life normally then BOOM next day your in the hospital needing to change you whole lives. Sorry type 2 you are different and prolly either old or fat.... Well im not fat and i sure aint ready to kick the bucket yet... But now I will so sorry you got it when you were fat or old..... 50 you can beat that my dad got type 2 at 65.... either way his still works a little and he's already well past his prime. He watches his blood sugers and does just fine

    5. James Hague

      I got mine the same way you did in fact I am an auto-immune nightmare. Sorry type 2 we die a hell of a lot earlier then you boys so realize why we don't wanna hear its the same.... Bullshit!! Doesn't even run in my family for god sakes! I got adolescent onset diabetes at age 26 i'm 40 now and try living more then half your life normally then BOOM next day your in the hospital needing to change you whole lives. Sorry type 2 you are different and prolly either old or fat.... Well im not fat and i sure aint ready to kick the bucket yet... But now I will so sorry you got it when you were fat or old.....

    6. Lisa Denn

      I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a couple of weeks prior to my 38th birthday. At the time I weighed 125 pounds. I find your comments both offensive and rude. I was not old nor was I overweight at the time I was diagnosed. So much for your theory that type 2 diabetics are probably either old or fat.

  9. slpsa

    This was of personal interest to me. My father died young, from complications caused by diabetes. If the technology existed back in the 70's like we have today, to control this disease, he along with 5 of his brothers and one sister would still be alive.

    1. Zureal

      I'm sorry for your loss.