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Plasticized is an intimate account of a first-hand journey aboard the Sea Dragon with the 5 Gyres Institute on the very first scientific expedition, focused on plastic waste, through the center of the South Atlantic Ocean.

An eye-opening story about the institute's global mission to study the effects, reality, and scale of plastic pollution around the world.

Despite rumors of massive garbage islands, an immeasurable amount of plastic pollution of all sizes is floating throughout every major ocean in the world.

With the numerous ghost nets of trash or larger windrows of rubbish dominating the the occasional headlines, tiny bits of plastic particulate from frail chunks is the overwhelming contaminant that is secretly infiltrating all levels of sea life like a cancer.

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  1. DustUp

    Didn't get to see it. Like so many docus NOT on here any more but put up on display like they are... until you click to watch.

    The description says the 5 Gyres Institute wants to "study" the problem. What a waste of time. Similar to studying human anatomy on spring break.

    Why not actually DO something about the problem which has already been studied by several. If they actually find areas of garbage suck it up into their vessel for processing instead of blowing a wad of dough (however they got it) on an ocean vacation "studying".

    "Well sir, they have to study how best to do that..." Really? We already know what types of plastics there are and what happens to it and what can be done with it. Now if they wanted to develop some new more efficient process, great, they can do that much cheaper on terra firma. Point being, quit wasting donated dough like the govt does, assuming someone somewhere donated their capital. Doubt they have any other source like patent royalties but who knows, full apologies if wrong about that.

    My guess is that the biggest problem is the broken down by wave action and partial degradation due to sunlight (and water depending on the plastic), fine particulate of plastic invading all points.

    I've recycled most everything they will take for over 25 years. One problem is they don't take nearly enough. Even today the recycler only takes 1s and 2s not 5s which are also prevalent along with a few others.

    All these type of problems are fairly simple to fix. It is govt that allows or in many cases, does the dumping at sea via garbage barge. All that could be converted to energy and compost like they do in Spokane WA. Just need non corrupt municipalities. That definitely includes "progressive" run cities. Corrupt as hell.

    Get r done.

  2. James

    Those researchers to my opinion are latte sipping and I am not surprise they are the one that drink coffee from disposable cups daily

  3. terencegalland

    Terence Galland59 seconds ago

    Convenience today is inconvenience tomorrow plastic is fine so long as it has no impact on wildlife and in the oceans.....i guess its down to the manufacturer to make sure the plastic is environmentally friendly and biodegradable it should be tested before release to sale!

  4. Sam

    We can do all we can but until Asia get's the message the Pacific is going to be the worlds biggest floating trash can.

  5. Richard Neva

    23 minutes of this film was enough for me to get the message. More GLOOM

  6. crbowley

    Wonderfully made, made me look around just where I am sitting, and seeing the incredible amount of plastic in a 10 sq. foot area. I am not as diligent in my attempts at being a greenie as I should be, and this film made me acutely aware of my shortcomings, for that I thank the producers of this film, and I'm sure that they were hoping for the results that have emanated from my watching this excellent film.
    I now am looking at the recycling matter in a whole new light, and will make a much stronger attempt at cleaning my corner of the world. You've accomplished a major objective and for that I give you thanks.

  7. spinkter

    need to be active picking up trash in the seas as on land....quite simple actually


    i question your motives. did mummy and daddy finance this wank (jaunt)....mummy and daddy willing, what will you LOOK at next

  9. anna miller

    "In 2010 over 300 million tons of new plastic was produced around the world. 13.3% of plastics were recycled in 08 & less than 1% of plastic bags.Recycling one ton is $4000.00. The product created is valued at $32.00." Since the second world war, we have used plastics that are thrown away but last forever. Our five oceans are now filled with plastic confetti, that organisms mistake for food. Inspirational documentary.

  10. Brix Mo

    This is nothing , between Africa and South America around equator is more than 200 miles long , and so dense , that you will probably drowned in that garbage if you try to swim.