Prince: The Glory Years

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Prince: The Glory YearsPrince: The Glory Years is a documentary film which reviews and re-captures this golden decade and with the aid of his friends, colleagues, fellow musicians and other notable contributors, helps discover why Prince Rodgers Nelson simply stole the '80s.

This documentary primarily focuses on Prince’s creative and commercial output during the 1980’s, with anecdotes provided by several of the key collaborators of the era, some great insight is provided into the inner workings of the 1980’s Purple Reign.

Packed with live performance and studio footage, rare photographs and new interviews with friends, confidants, fellow musicians and other people close to Prince, the program sheds light on one of the industry's most innovative and influential artists.

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  1. jaberwokky

    Dear TDF Gods. This is only a 2 minute teaser, more Prince please!!

  2. sknb

    I always thought it perhaps might mean something that the only famous person I knew that I shared a birthday with was Prince.

    1. jaberwokky

      Are Liam Neeson and Tom Jones not good enough? ;)

  3. SoWhatNow

    It was such a pleasure to see Prince perform the halftime show at the Superbowl a couple of years ago. He rocked it and even created some old-fashioned controversy at the same time. It was fitting that he was chosen to do the show as it sealed his legacy as one of the top performers at one of the most-watched TV spectacles in the USA.

  4. Raptor jones

    Never understood why princes music wasn't more rock orientated considering his ability, seems strange that someone with so much artistic integrity favored mainstream as a platform. I also don't think Gambaccini is a great choice for commentary on this either.

  5. Chaz Ed

    I had to stop this at 32 min! This guy in the brown polo first stated that Prince started the fashion statement of mixing female/male! Big Fail! Didn't David Bowie do that a few times! And now this guy is describing in detail the lyrics of Red Corvette! Get a life! I had never heard of Prince until MTV saved his talented Pop self from obscurity! I saw his 1999 tour live and thought to myself then, here's a flash in the pan! He created his persona from everything before him! He was a brilliant musician! Reminds me of something, someone once said! Never steal from yourself! Prince knew that one well!

    1. MAllen Documentaires

      I agree and can't stand people who take credit for something they copied.

  6. Grace Watkins-Mayfield

    This was really interesting..I knew alot of it already, but it was nice to see Prince Rogers Nelson again. I love him!!!

  7. knowledgeizpower

    I really Enjoyed This One....Peace

  8. rubberman473

    Further into the documentary Gambaccini states that, "Lovesexy is not an album that people go back and listen to." Seriously? This is one of my favorite Prince albums! I am starting to wonder if Mr. Gambaccini truly understands Prince.

  9. rubberman473

    I would have to disagree with Paul Gambaccini's opinion of Nothing Compares 2 U. I personally feel that both Prince's version & The Family's version are far superior to Sinead O'Connor's version. I had heard The Family's version previous to Sinead's and was horrified what she did to it. I couldn't reach for the dial fast enough when I heard her version come on the radio. Each to their own, I guess.

  10. Sergio Arturo Cabrera

    what can I say, without you Prince my life would be so boring!

  11. Ashkan Nouri

    wow, i cant believe people are so biased.

    prince stole the '80's hahaha nooooooo man

  12. gnomishwisdom

    the 80's were culture dies around 1991. The 90's sucked, the 2000's sucked and now this decade sucks. Even many youngsters of today comment on how much the music industry sucks now (after having listened to music pre 1990 era). The nerds & haters rule now, as society is reflected in the decay of it's art!

  13. His Forever

    Never liked Prince, even before I got old and somewhat grumpy.

    I can't believe I'm actually watching this!

  14. Matthew Harrold

    Great documentary! I played keyboards in a band that played a LOT of Prince covers. The punters loved the music, we loved playing it. All hail Prince. It was a great era. I remember a 45 minute rendition of Purple Rain prolonged by cigarette lighters and crowd swaying collaboration.

    Not particularly impressed with his nightclub clearing skills circa 1992 though .. apparently I was too tall to remain at the Metro (Melbourne, VIC). Got kicked out (unceremonially) about 15 minutes before his arrival. Only short men were allowed to remain.

  15. GrittyKat

    @Achems_Razor Sorry Dude, not expecting you to answer to me just inquireing. Enjoy a cold beer and a wonderful day.

    Why did I watch it? To be polite, none of your concern!
    Why did I take up space commenting on it? again, none of your concern! Did not know you were hired as a space watcher and I had to answer to you?

    Am also a hard core "rock and roller" but with one caveat, am a drum player/musician.

    1. Guest

      what a great reply!....
      the way to peace, bow and let go!

    2. His Forever

      Sorry, Az. Upon further reading I understood what you mean. My bad! Seems he's quoting Mr. Razor (with all of Razer's tact and social graces) rather than being rather rude himself. "Road to peace". Yeah, Ok.

      Grittykat: I have two words for you: Quotation Marks!

      Peacefully yours as well.

    3. His Forever

      There ya go. For my "penance" for misunderstanding your post, I "liked" it for you! You're welcome.

  16. greyspoppa

    when i tell people that prince might be the best "artist" of all time(singing,playing instruments,writing,concept,and most important of all PRODUCER)they look at me crazy.although i've never had trouble backing my claim this doc should give me a little more ammo to go after the morons who call prince gay LOL long live prince the greatest artist of all time

  17. esmuziq & frames

    i loooooooove PRINCE he's the fukking man

  18. Imightberiding

    Thank you Vlatko for a nostalgic trip back to the 80's. The summer of 84 is one of my fondest memories. Oh to be 21 again. Say what you want about the 80's but for me, this decade in my twenties was a fabulous time. It probably doesn't matter what decade it was, as long as you were in your twenties when it happened.

  19. Pangaea

    Oh, very nice, a little gem here, This sort of stuff on prince is pretty darn rare, cheers Vlatko!you legend.
    (Is everyone else also getting the audio out of sync with picture?)
    "Fast forwarded this doc, mostly talk, watched in 5 min. Prince? ain't my bag. "

    1. Read the title of this website, its says Documentary Films not Music Videos
    2. Seems odd to me even commenting since hes "not your bag"

    1. GrittyKat

      My video was also out of sync, audio was a few seconds behind.

  20. bbga

    Love Prince

  21. andrew stegall

    i enjoyed it

  22. theWatcher13

    Are you kidding me, Prince Rules.
    Music as we know it just wouldn't be the same without him.

    Great addition to the performing arts catagory, nice one Vlatko!.

  23. Achems_Razor

    Fast forwarded this doc, mostly talk, watched in 5 min. Prince? ain't my bag.

    1. GrittyKat

      Then why did you watch it and take up space commenting on it??

    2. Achems_Razor

      Why did I watch it? To be polite, none of your concern!
      Why did I take up space commenting on it? again, none of your concern! Did not know you were hired as a space watcher and I had to answer to you?

      Am also a hard core "rock and roller" but with one caveat, am a drum player/musician.

    3. Guest

      May be if you had had the opportunity to sit at your drum behind would have discovered a liking.
      Admit it, the guy has talent perhaps not in your cords.

  24. Epicurus

    lol oh vlatko. what a random documentary to post! LOL

    1. Vlatko

      @Epicurus... Isn't that bad... or is it? LOL

    2. StillRV

      I think it is Vlatkos way of telling us to chill out for a few and enjoy the funk. Nice breather from the deeper stuff V.

    3. GrittyKat

      AMEN! I love me some science and religion and I am a hard core classic rock & roller but sometimes you just need to sit back and get funkalicous and Prince it the man for that. :)