Project 10:10:10 - Pill or Perception?

Project 10:10:10 - Pill or Perception?

Ratings: 7.85/10 from 109 users.

Project 10:10:10 - Pill or PerceptionThis is a balanced and thought-provoking documentary about the connection between the mind and body, and how we can take a much more direct approach to managing our health and our world generally.

It begins with the premise that we have more power over our lives than has been previously understood, and focuses on the keys to taking more responsibility in being well, rather than allowing stress from our environment and our upbringing to create illness.

The documentary is in three parts. It begins with The Make-up of Man a discussion with a number of internationally-respected experts such as Dr Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton on how the size of our frontal lobe, where we create and dream and make decisions, makes us unique as humans.

Their studies show that our 50 trillion cells are like mini-individuals, each with a consciousness which is controlled by our attitudes and perceptions, which in turn are programmed by our upbringing and our environment.

They talk about the connection between stress and illness, our ability to make thought more real than anything else and how we can become so obsessed with thoughts about the past or future that we create the very things we obsess about.

We can therefore make changes in our lives and create different outcomes if we choose to take charge of our thoughts.

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7 years ago

Own your stuff!

Todd Morrow
7 years ago

Judging a documentary by its cover art, I thought this was going to be a pro illicit drug rant about finding inner self through getting high, or something saying we are all God.

Boy was I wrong. This is full of common sense advice on how to rely on your self, other good people and healthy activities and thought processes to escape predatory medicine and psychopharmacology.

Klyde Happy
8 years ago

Very good documentary. I will tell you why cause some of you are not sure. When someone empowers you by giving you to you and not taking away from you, that is good. I laugh at some of the comments and wonder how old some are ,as they protest and defend their walls of reality. This is a good starting point, all you need to do is listen without clinging to or protecting a spoiled ego. We live in a material world and that is a fact. How we perceive the material world is a different kind of fact, because we learn to perceive.

10 years ago

I agree with Jay, a lot of sciency sounding words and a lot of leaps of faith. I am incredulous that Joe Dispenza calls himself a neuroscientist, this is rather lilke somebody who watches porn calling themself a Gynecologist. he seems to have major problems with even basic brain anatomy. Examples would be confusing the Diencephalon with the Mesencephalon, that is Maclean's Mamalian brain with the Midbrain which actually would be placed in Maclean's "Reptilian Complex" he appears to think that the hind brain is just the Cerebellum and that dendrites are nerves.

He then tells us with no reference other that his own assertion that the Forntal Lobes are the seat of Consious Awarness and that the Cerebellum is the seat of the Subconscious Mind - how does he know?

He also seems to use his complete misunderstanding of physics to promote his own form of Solipsism, which I'm sure he will teach for a few thousand dollars. Maybe the video chould be called 10:10:10 Proof or Deception?

I'm quite sure that meditiation and other relaxation techniques are good for one's health and wellbeing, and that science supports this idea, unfortuately this science isn't presented in this video.

10 years ago

Top documentary, i've always tried to refrain from taking pills and never bought into it, now i know why. This is the stuff the corporations and governments don't want you to know..good on these people for giving us the heads up and good on the documentary makers ..:)

10 years ago

This got so mushy and intangible I had to turn it off. I have seen thousands of documentaries and if you are a lover of knowledge, this one is a skip. Just a bunch of allegory and metaphor to indirectly describe a overgeneralized topic using pseudoscience buzzwords, about half way through you have to roll up your pants because the bs starts getting deep. Im sure they had good intentions but this doc needs a giant enema.

10 years ago

I enjoyed every bit of this Project 10: 10: 10 documentary,I am in agreement with the workable philosophy,as I had an experience some years ago when I was seeing floaters,I went for a check up,the diagnosis was,there was a scratch at the back of my eyeball,which were causing the floaters to be seen.A family member who accompanied me,told the Doctor that I believed that the body can heal itself,and she(the doctor),started shouting, No,no that's impossible the body cannot heal itself,she even called another Doctor ,drawing his attention to the statement,he too denied that the body can heal itself.They told me to come back in 2 weeks,they did not give me any medicine,even if they did I wasn't going to take it.After 2 weeks I returned,the same family member came along,the same tests were done on me,and the Doctor asked me,Did you take any medication? I said no,she said the scratch is gone,but that doesn't mean that the body can heal itself,I didn't respond as I knew better.So I fully understand the sound reasoning behind this project,I must say thank you for your good selection,more people should view this,I give it 5 stars.

10 years ago

Thanks - really enjoyed and empowered!

10 years ago

As far as I know, all forms of trauma can be healed with plant medicines (i.e. Ayahuasca and Ibogaine). I recommend to do your own research and find out about how they work, how to prepare and where to go. These very strong natural alkaline activate healthy DNA, required for healing and they will get rid of the toxins, which aggravates symptoms. Also, when used correctly (dietary precautions and under proper medical and spiritual supervision), they have no potential for harmful side-effects. The hallucinations caused by the DMT release are temporary and have no lasting negative effects (just as normal dreams are not harmful). Instead these visions help to process deep seated hurtful emotions which are necessary to the healing process.

Sherry Roberts
10 years ago

THIS WAS BRILLIANT. As someone who has always believed that humans do not need medication of any sort but simply need a healthy lifestyle I truly appreciated this documentary.

11 years ago

I would like people to stop glorifying the human beings. We're so far from perfect. Actually we're still just barbarians with our modern technological gadgets instead of spears. Stop glorifying us. We need to change. We need a big change in perception and behaviour. We need people who don't behave like a part of the herd, we need individuals who think logically and for the betterment of us all, and animals, and plants, and our only, and essential mother Earth.

Jerome DePape
11 years ago

It's interesting I've made many of these 'perceptions' on my own.

11 years ago

When good information is presented in the right way, "generally",individuals instinctively know where there is truth.

11 years ago

this is a great documentary, I completely agree but its too bad that the majority of poeple are brainwashed to believe that they need these prescription drugs

11 years ago

I love me. me community, me self and me body. yeeeppeee :)

11 years ago

Oh yes

Vaughn Murphy
11 years ago

it's funny.. when someone speaks with an Australia accent.. I just can't take them seriously.. might be the home made wine though

11 years ago

The mention of epigenetics can not be understated here, although this doc focuses more on the positive aspects of it, when much of the literature and studies I have read focus on negatives. For example, stress, famine, BPA plastics, and pesticides can all change the genetics of parents to the point that their children and grandchildren are affected by these things even if they have never been exposed. They think it might be linked to the recent diabetes and obesity epidemics.

Also, everyone should look into "telomeres" : they are parts of you chromosomes that you can actually change with diet and exercise. Scientists can now look at a telomere length and determine how old someone is, or if they are close to death. Then certain actions can be made by the individual to lengthen their telomeres and their life.

11 years ago

Impressive, I don't usually get this satisfied with documentaries. Amazing.

11 years ago

Having so much anxiety all day and being sick with an ulcer-like illness today; I wonder, if I must go back on Cymbalta as my doctor wants me to. It's been about 30 days, since I went off of it with the help of a amino acid called 5-HTP, and tapering the dose down. I am a nurse; although today, perhaps a foolish one; as if I was a diabetic, I would take my insulin right? I am 56 years old. I lived in the same house for 20 years. I had a great job with a State in the USA working with the developmentally disabled until the place closed. I have suffered from chronic back pain from degenerative disc disease, since 1999. That's when I started the long-term use of SNRI's for depression secondary to chronic pain. I have tried drug challenges many times to get off of medication; and like now, it takes about 6 weeks to feel lost and wanting to give up. My kids are raised, I am currently unemployed, I have financial situations that can be resolved in a few months; but until then, I am so worried. Paralyzed almost by just having to call my landlord. I know, if you just face your fears, it does get better. Asking God to help me all day, (you call it magical thinking if you want to as I need my faith) I pray to be shown the way. So I see this person below this comment saying what a great documentary this is, I am hoping it helps. I am not stupid; however, and know my main concern I am afraid is calling my landlord. Why am I my own worst enemy, when I can do so much good helping others? I write poetry at heartunes to know thyself, I know rationally what is wrong, and I have family and friends who care for me. I just don't care for myself well, and I am irrational, when it comes to my health. With my kids grown, losing my great job, my secure home of 20 years; then going off of these damn pills, I wonder how to heal thyself, nurse. (laughing) At least, I can laugh at myself, writing all this crap down. Sorry. I hope this film gives me some insight into continuing to become a productive member of society again.

Wesjuhh HardCore
11 years ago

Wooooow AWESOME Documentary!!!
SHARE IT ON YOUR FACEBOOK!! SHARE THIS WITH THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!! How F*cking Obvious Can It Be?! It Sound Like The Truth To Me!!

11 years ago

Watch : Making A Killing, The Untold Story Of Psycotropic Drugging. People are allowing themselves to be marketing experiments, from Meds. Insurance, Food , etc. I can spot the suckers who have been sucked in to the biggest CULT of all,, they are the ones who leave uneducated, skeptical comments, convinced that doctors are gods and the poison they dole out like candy are magic.

11 years ago

easy to say if you have a roof over your head

11 years ago

I do believe we control our thought destiny but the explanation of what happens in what location of brain has been found false.The message of this docu is fantastic!! but take no notice of the parts were they use brain locations.It has been shown that the synapses fire all over to create any form of thought or movement.Brian Dunning take note you weasel lol.

11 years ago

Fantastic doc. I bilieve that we control our own body and our enviroment. We all are conected in a certain way and everything starts inside ourselves.
Great doc. It makes you think on a different way.

11 years ago

I was hoping that some of the participants in the doc would come and comment in this Forum, secretely thinking how great it would be to have 2 minutes from Bruce Lipton.
Well I realize Bruce Lipton doesn't have time to spend on TDF.
I have found this interview which i think is a great add-on to this doc. I would like to share it with people. He talks about conciousness and quantum physic in simple terms.
Science & Theory behind the Tapping World Summit - Bruce Lipton

Would appreciate any comment about it.

11 years ago

This is an excellent documentary.

11 years ago

The question gets ask to all of them “what makes us so unique”, what is shared isn’t science, it is peoples opinions, is the film called “A scientific view of the world” No it is called Pill or Perception?, peoples learning’s, experience and thus perceptions are being shared.

Did we do pre-frontal lobotomy in the 1930’s (yes) and the results of that are shared. The power of the frontal lobe is obvious and discussion is had about the pre-frontal lobe, our cells. I love the graphics of the brain, neurons firing of, disconnecting and reconnecting, understanding that these connections weren’t there when we were born and how our environment and what we have learnt have created the reality we experience now. Research (in a petri dish) shows how cells interact and adjust to their environment. We know that the different thoughts and states we have create different neurotransmitters to be released in the brain.

We are programmed, it’s obvious and the examples here make common sense, at some point we realise in life that we can change those programmes, if we choose. There is no right or wrong person on this page just comments in effect of what people thing they do or do not know.

This documentary is obviously not for a scientific audience it is for those that experienced mental or physical illness and are seeking other options, new insights and I have heard many of these speakers in lectures and their explanations go over my head but here they have cut out all the in depth scientific jargon to match their audience.

Are our brains in a highly influential state in the first 6 years of our life’s?... yes (and if you think not, do your research) this film gets people to question and think about how they are being around our children, especially our teachers, as parents, society. How are we influencing the identity of self?

John and Camillia share their experiences growing up, some people here think “so what” but for others that have also been physically abused or in an alcoholic, drug environment they relate and feel comfort, there is so much left brain in the comments on this page, bring in some right brain people, bring in some heart.

Can we become obsessed about our thoughts, of course, do we need science to prove that, (well some here may) but most don’t, its obvious.

Growth and survival don’t happen at the same time, I have no interest in reading a scientific paper to understand that, it says it all in the film.

I love the humour and explanation of distress and eustress and why aren’t kids taught about stress, the effects of it and how to manage it, that should be number one on our curriculum. Understanding how stress releases cortisol and adrenaline and that increased levels and continual releasing puts pressure on the heart and so, on and so on…

I know now when I am stressed, I stop and focus on my breathing and within seconds I feel better, this was one of the key messages I got form the film. Some people will watch it and not try it, just judge it, some things are simple but they need action for results.

Having a good night’s sleep, eating living foods, exercise… obvious, who needs science for that, but who does it now days, where are all the vege gardens?, I am appalled by what goes into our kids lunch boxes, dead food into living systems and we as humans created it. I agree with the comment “shut down the fast food outlets”!

There is so much research out there about the healing phase and building our immune system, I personally wouldn’t be interested in seeing all that data in a film, the discussion is there for people to go and do their own research.

Do your research on SSRI drugs, the facts are out there, they are the biggest killer in the States. Read the book MAD in America all the stats and data that the public do not get to see is in there, it’s time to wake up people.

One third of all healings is due to the belief system and its scientifically established, the placebo is in medical journals every day, its old news.

The books scanned and filmed in this doco are medical journals, the medical community are fully aware of the side effects (direct effects) from these meds.

Why do we pop a pill and supress our emotions, come on face your fears and deal with it.

The only moment you can experience is right now and if people learn how to live in the moment, be in the space of love, focus on our strengths, take responsibility for our life, healing and growth.

Bruce mentions Dr Dean Ornish, research him and the experiments on cancer drugs v’s lifestyle. Drugs stopped the degeneration – lifestyle, they regenerated.

Do we need science to tell us that lifestyle is the key to wellness?

11 years ago

Hehe... Well Vlatko, that's just me commenting on human beings in general. You guys do nothing but pass judgement on each others understanding of the cosmos. I just LOVE your religious discussions!

Look... I'll give ya that this documentary is kinda "New-Agey", and is a bit short on scientific data. But these people admittedly are not scientists. They are just regular people commenting on science as they understand it - just like we all are doing here. And if scientists don't appreciate the layman's interpretation of their work, then they really should keep it to themselves. I personally enjoy interpretations such as this one. It helps me understand how regular people think.

11 years ago

@Waldo, Vlatko, and whoever else... If one were to say that "consciousness is that which recognizes it's own existence", then one would be hard-pressed to say that everything living does not posses it, to some degree. Not even sub-atomic particles. It is only that we humans have evolved enough to ask why things happen that sets us apart all that came before us. No other species cares why; therefore, they don't need to know whose to blame. That's all US, baby! Welcome to Judgment Day!

11 years ago

One Thing this Film Doesn't Talk About is Trusting Our Instincts. We as Humans Don't Do It and Go By it Because We're So Afraid of Rejection Because
Our Brains Which Are Basically Computers are Programmed Since Birth to Rely on Something or Someone Who Knows Better or is a Professional in the Finding the Solutions of Our Problems at that Time, But We Have All the Answers Plus With Self Obedience and Awareness with Keeping an Open Mind Can Get to The Roots of Our Stress Our Issues Our Problems Without One Pill ...But the Catch is Having Patience, Our Bodies are Working Processes Which Means in Time it Will Work How You Want it to With the Condition of Taking Care of It. With Instinct I Knew Taking Medicine Will Not Cure That One Time of Year I Have that Horrible Flu, I Knew With the Proper Nutrition & Exercise I Would Eventually Feel Better and Guess what Happened?..

11 years ago

Hi All,
I'm sure all the folks in the doc charge a pretty penny for their services. It's the open (with some regulations) market. They are merely competitors in this market. I'm sure you could find a bunch of oncologists who sound just as convincing and well-intentioned. Google Stanislaw Burzynski.

Ash NA
11 years ago

So, you've been to Alice's site, done the search, read a few articles and you want a clearer understanding? No. Clearly not.

I've watched a bit of the doco and I'm pretty appalled. I get mad like Dawkins when I see misty-eyed sociopaths preying on the vulnerable, even though they are both locked in an endless compulsive cycle and don't want to be released, much less exposed.

Magical Thinking is not the same as understanding compulsive and irrational behaviour, because it is a flight from emotional pain as opposed to an acceptance of it. That is a critical, vital difference, and it's the line between reason and insanity, one that is all too easily crossed when you put your mind in someone else's hands.

The only way I know to 're-program' your mind is the hard way. It's the way alluded to by Alice Miller and I think best layed out in practical steps by Nathaniel Branden in How To Raise Your Self-Esteem, but also to a lesser extent in his other titles. That this doco contains seemingly rational half-truths makes it all the more seductive to people who aren't interested in a Scientific Falsification - that is a constant challenging of their beliefs.

11 years ago

Having read a few comments here I'm loathed to watch this, but I want to just pitch in that my only interest comes from quantifying Alice Miller's concept of 'The Compulsion To Repeat', which is no doubt playing out already in this comments section.

I wouldn't normally comment before watching something, it just seems pertinent in light of the Reason versus Irrationality argument going on - the compulsion to repeat does actually explain compulsive and irrational behaviour. I'm even doing it now a bit, cos I'm not over my trauma either. I was a reasonable child with highly irrational parents, so I insert very rational comments with links to the greatest life-changing minds in history into arguments between strangers on the Internet. But I see more sense in doing it here than Youtube. That's for me, a step in the right direction.

If this is new to you, pop over to her site and search for "the compulsion to repeat", or grab a copy of the revised edition of The Drama Of The Gifted Child.

11 years ago

Too many of you guys are too hell bent on science. Yes I believe many can over reach in an effort to understand what science hasnt explained yet but why so restricted? I really think you just feel safer that way. It's just too easy to laugh at the free thinkers because you can pull a study out of your ass and say," ah haaa! Look here, you don't know what you are talking about, please move back into the box."

So go ahead. Stay in your box. I know where the boundries are. I say BORING! Im gonna try and take a look around just outside the box. Not to far, I'll try to use the edges of the box as some foundation. But this box is 3 dimensions, Im told there might just be 4. I know its here somewhere.


to Epicurus.. IT MAKES ME FEEL GOOD..

11 years ago

8 minutes in and struggling already! I blame my childhood.

11 years ago

1st- I never thought you were attacking my ego, my ego isn't involved here because these are not my opinions nor my theories i just agree with them. 2nd I never said nor insinuated you were any thing less than intelligent, nor would I. 3rd this is not simply adding on top of existing knowledge, it is directly conflicting with existing knowledge. 4th Who ever said you couldn't state your opinions? 5th Sorry, but if you think the scientific method is not the best way to discover physical proof, that publication and peer reveiw count for nothing, then you are disagreeing with the people I mentioned.

And just to make this clear to everyone, I do not think someone needs a college degree to be intelligent and have something of value to offer. Anyone who does in my opinion is a snob and has not experienced the every day genuise that everyday people exhibit all the time. I have no issue with documentaries like this one as long as they state clearly that these are opinions and not established facts. Why not just say cells exhibit consciouse like behaviors? Why not just say that a cells ability to react to its environment is symbolic of the connection between our minds and our environment? These statements get the same point across as what they said but, it is clear they do not make bold unproven assertions- simple as that. Then people like me would have no grounds to complain, our "look out you are being scammed" detector wouldn't ring so loud that we have to turn it off. And finally, if they really believe what they are stating is scientific fact, why wouldn't they go through the correct scientific process- then this program might be spread like wild fire, become accepted treatment, and they would get real credit for their work. If your uiltimate goal is to really help people this simply makes common sense. If your ultimate goal is to sell something though, then it makes common sense to do exactly what they have- make a documentary, its cheap advertising, makes it easy to fake legitimacy, and avoids the problem of the scientific community shooting down your assertions.

11 years ago

Wow, and I don't mean that in a good way. It was tempting to stop watching after hearing "perfect as we are" and looking back, I'm disappointed with myself that I didn't.

11 years ago

How much in this doc will become truth....

Max Planck..
"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it. "

11 years ago

I'd really like to dissect this doc piece by piece with everyone here. I do feel like half is correct half isnt on this one. Too many bold statements being made by some of the individuals (Bruce Lipton) regarding things that I doubt have really been looked much into. The comments on placebo effect and Prozac are a bold opinion by someone not in that field. It's better to just say Prozac seems to blunt some of the depressive feelings without really getting to the bottom of what the depression is caused by.

And much of the doc is like this. I agree with a lot though. But I feel like a lot of what could be some great stuff is getting mixed in with some of the real snake oil.

11 years ago

I finally did watch the doc, well most of it, I nudged some parts fast forward. hehe

Let me tell you there was absolutely nothing that I did not know already, all this stuff is old hat to me.

I agree with the fight or flight response that in this day is basically prevalent.
Makes a lot of people stay in their comfort zone, but stress to some is not the same, or even stress to others.

Placebo effect 1/3 healing? don't know about that, need proof! Drug company's governing people's lives, some truth in that.

I know the people on this doc said not affiliated with scientology at all, but the stuff about getting rid of baggage of the mind, guilt, etc: smacks of scientology to me.

A lot, a lot of testimonials with out any proof or empirical evidence, sources etc: what studies are they talking about concerning consciousness? direct me to the peer review sources, so what this doc basically means to me is this is nothing that I can take to the bank. Sorry.

11 years ago

I love this movie and all it stands for. I love how we can each decide to think freely about how we view the world. It is no ones job nor right to try and belittle how another human views their reality. Its so sad when the human ego goes this far, the need to be right, the need to belittle, the need to control, the need to be nasty and to minimize others in order to elevate oneself.... I think that we should all be encouraging and supporting one another on our journey through life no matter how we chose to see the world through our different eyes.

There is nothing wrong with earning an income doing something you are totally passionate about, it beats working for a bank or in a desk job with no appreciation in a faceless or soulless corporation. The world be a much happier place if we each lived our life's purpose. Each of us in this film are alive with passion and are totally inspired by what we do, why? Because we totally believe in what we do and how each day we help people, and that is all the recognition we need.

This film was developed to offer another perspective. Perspective comes from the word perception. It is wonderful that we each perceive the world individually, how boring if we didn't. Allowing people to think freely is what we should each be aspiring to, not to control each other.

11 years ago

If you've noticed below the names of these people they have their occupation. Here's what we've got among others:

Access Consciousness Practitioner
Heart Rate Variability Practitioner
Body Talk Instructor
Medical Doctor and Healer (WTF is the difference)
Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner
Positive Psychology and Joyologist

And a semi load of New Age bullsh*t.

11 years ago

What I love about life is that there are so many perspectives. It takes everyone's ideas and perspectives to contribute to the world within which we live. I read a beautiful saying yesterday that seems highly perfect here. Just because someone is walking down a different path than you doesn't mean that they are lost. (I do apologise I don't recall the source). Isn't it fabulous to have such diversity online. And every person has their own ability to choose whats right for them, influenced sometimes by science, sometimes by education, sometimes by a person they feel inspired by and sometimes by their own internal compass of the world.

11 years ago

Cells don't have our equivalent concience neither do monkeys, worms, birds, parasites, jelly fish..ect
Does it mean it doesn't act conciously?
If something evolves, if something lives, if something is...what makes it be IT?
Does a tree have concience? How are we to know? What kind of concience are we looking for beyond the stars?

11 years ago

In a bigger scale and with a bit of exageration on my part, i imagine the board who review papers would have a similar reaction to Bruce Lipton presenting a well put together document.

"I also dont want to say much since i havent watched the film (and wont)." Epicurus
I have high regards for your opinion most of the time but here i must say i don't, you have said quite a bit already. I prefer Waldo's approach, at least he is willing to talk from having viewed it. Now waiting for should i say...sarcastic twist....lolol


11 years ago

Since I have read all the posts.

I guess I have to watch this doc, have probably saw many similar like "the secret" etc:

I go along with the posters that have a scientific bent, like Waldo, Epic, etc: so we shall see. Personally, I think it is all "QUANTUM", don't get me started. lol

11 years ago

what i mean is that although you may not be able to reference it in your science or medical exam or thesis. your curriculum is irrelevant to me.

11 years ago

anyone who is against any kind of holistic approach. or against spirituality in form is going to have a bloody time trying to eradicate it.

enough said. I liked this documentry...

11 years ago

Almost without exception, the first question to proceed from a child's mouth and the last to proceed from someone on their death bed is: "Why?" The mere fact that why is the one question which science has thus far been unable to codify, and is invariably the one which the judiciary seeks to play-down, suggests to me that this is, in fact, the single most important question ever asked -- the one which defines our very existence.

The simple reality that there is a part of us that wants to know why is, for me, the very proof of our soul -- the essence of our conciousness -- without which, there would be no purpose.. no discovery.. no science.

I find it sad that people are so hell-bent on finding some mathematical explanation for our existence... Because, if we ever DO manage to demonstrate that we are nothing more than bio-chemical machines running some sub-atomic software program, then what becomes of our value as living beings? ARE WE still "living beings" after that?

Finding such a rational disconnect from the divine has been the goal of every Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, and Julius Caesar throughout history. So I choose to place less importance on the whos, whats, whens, wheres and hows than I do the whys. And I think this documentary seeks to provide a greater understanding of the whys; even though it is bridled by the presumption that the why is irrelevant, and that only a fool would even ask the question.