The Disclosure Project

The Disclosure Project

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The Disclosure ProjectOn that historic Wednesday - May 9, 2001 - over 20 military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms and the resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, along with supporting government documentation and other evidence, will establish without any doubt the reality of these phenomena.

Over 1 billion people heard of the press conference through webcast and subsequent media coverage on BBC, CNN, CNN Worldwide, Voice of America, Pravda, Chinese media, and media outlets throughout Latin America. The webcast has 250,000 people waiting online-the largest webcast in the history of the National Press Club.

The disclosure of the truth will have far-reaching implications for our society - new technologies to end pollution and global warming, long-term solutions to the energy crisis and the beginning of an era of peaceful relations with other civilizations in space. We have over 450 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.

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  1. Fran

    >>>"David Wilcock!"<<<

  2. Mark Ford

    I made a few typos but u lot KNOW wat i mean

  3. Mark Ford

    Listen this chap loves his own voice i do believe hes talking sense about 29% of war hes saying but he likes to heighten his social stance in other words hes chatting a lotta shoite about the other 80% its know 2020 21 and theres not 1 ounce of difference from then except covid most of it is a play generally played by usa govt to scare us so the dr makes me wonder who hes batting really for

  4. hjdiey

    I want to believe - but why is it we don't have any photos that aren't blury?

    1. Darren Blakeley

      Have you actually googled for pictures there are some pretty good ones out there.... But you do realise these ET machines are very quick, defy our known gravity, have cloaking technology and in top of that, govts don't want to openly talk about the subject. So pics are not going to be easy to get, right?

    2. roger waters

      because you haven't been enlightened by ingesting the serum to open your pineal gland. call any health food store around you and they will tell you a way to prepare at home. I do suggest extra apple cider vinegar. it allows better absorption into your brain.

  5. Knut Holt

    Personally I think that the whole of the UFO phenomenon is manifestations of secret technology developed wholly on Earth and that the belief in alien visitors doing all this, is the result of deliberate disinformation to shield the truth about what the governments are doing secretly.

    1. Kenn Roberts

      Exactly. What I have been saying for YEARS!

  6. Trintjke

    unbelief....gobsmacked...and angry about so much egoism.
    so let,s bring this outside... everywhere we can.
    Let,s do it,support dr Greer

    1. Paula

      I believe dr Greer. Just like I believe the disturbing testimony of Bob Lazar.

  7. Roger Andout

    At 12.11 the speaker asks the "media", scientific", and "political" communities to do the right thing. Outside of well meaning entreaties, I'd be hard put to think of 3 less likely "communities" to unite and do the right thing. More likely to do the (self serving) expedient thing; the "what's in it for me" attitude rules the former and the latter communities, and I speak as a conservative voter, with the scientific community least likely to do the wrong thing.

  8. Dazbower

    Wow gonna take a look and see why were getting so vexed

  9. John

    This Doc is so eye opening. For me to know that there are people out there understanding this with consciousness and not just intelect or skepticism or fear, comforts me. Wisdom will be in demand.

  10. Lana

    @WTC @Chris

    Shut up you lying, fact-denying, cowards. Step out from behind your ignorance and computer screen and step-by-step deny what took place that was witnessed by thousands of people, in person & millions more on t.v. Explain how no one who is "in" on this "conspiracy"-aliens, bombs, government job, Muslim insider group-has come forward & that all your BS has ALREADY BEEN EXPLAINED.

    I get pretending can be much more fun than real life, but we're talking about the murder or thousands of people. Your opinions based on nothing but your paranoid delusions aren't cute. They're not brave. You're not helping anything or anyone. And the lead of your movement is someone who partners at speaking engagements with a Holocaust-denyer. And this is what you're proud of. Go live in a hole with the rest of your cohorts so that way the government can't spy on you and ruin your lives and you can speculate to your heart's content without those pesky facts getting in the way.

    You don't care about the truth, you just want to win arguments, and seeing as you suffer from profound cognitive bias, you will refuse to ever admit you're wrong, because continuing to pretend in your BS makes you feel powerful on the internet, like you're somehow gifted with this insider knowledge that no one else can see. So where are your degrees in engineering? Explosives? Counter-terrorism? Aeronautics? How many 9-11 family members have you interviewed than agree with you? The answer to both questions is none. Educating yourself would disprove your theories and remove the only power you feel in your lives.

    And you could never interview family members because deep down you are afraid they'd prove you wrong also. It's much easier to be "right" when you only allow yourself to be surrounded by sycophants who also need these conspiracies to be true, to relieve themselves of the boredom and monotony of their day-to-day lives.

    1. Theresa Kincade

      hmmmm.....this is quite an educated written format of which this individual has commuunicated such disagreement of what is stated on this site..... I was quite interested in the format until I reached the last paragraph....."Sycophants"? What is this? I am open minded to anything before I judge what is real and what isn't. So I do support this site.

    2. Billy Narducci

      WOW ! TALK ABOUT A BELIEF SYSTEM THAT HAS REALLY BEEN UNDER HYPNOSIS ! HEY BUDDY... WE HAVE BEEN HOODWINKED... IT'S EXPOSED WAKE UP. REGARDING THE Holocaust is common knowledge that this history has been reported as inaccurate ... i'm not denying it happened, only that the facts are far from what we have been told... much like 911, the vegas massacre, the Pulse nightclub orlando, sandy hook, on and on... we have been manipulated by the power elite/ nwo/ cabal that is becoming common knowledge and now this information will multiply exponentially because of coronavirus time to research. The genie is out of the bottle. take a deep breath and get a grip. you have been believing something you believe to be true, and is not. Good luck to you, and i really mean that.

  11. James Dickenson

    "but the claim of there being 57 species discovered from such few crashes is hard to swallow."

    I agree.

    However, he did not claim that the 'knowledge' obtained re the 57 came from 'UFO crash retrievals ' ?

  12. Preamble Project

    Put on your parabolic aluminum-foil toque (you'll look a bit like a silver muffin--an all-grain muffin if you dot it with a few magic markers--and tune your instruments to A=432 (not 440), and jump on into the fray--unless you're afrayed, strayed, arrayed, dismayed...

  13. Guest

    What makes absolutely no sense whatsoever is that President Obama, who is obsessed with climate change, has been "briefed" on this supposed advanced energy, that would be free to the entire world and would result in zero harmful emissions to the atmosphere, and yet, he has not disclosed the information and pursued the technology. That, in and of itself, should raise a red flag with any reasonable person that the technology likely does not exist. If Obama knew about it and if it really did exist, he would be all over it and would take full credit for saving the world.

    1. bookwench

      Oh please. Seriously?

      You think Obama actually has that kind of power? I recommend you check out some other sections on this site so you can figure out who is really running the show.

    2. Guest

      Yes, yes. I've read all about the military industrial complex and how they are "running the show". Even if that is true, which sounds like something out of a conspiracy movie, Obama could still disclose the information. What do you think would happen if he did? If this technology really exists, someone's going to have to be brave enough to talk about it at some point.

    3. Ryan Loftis

      People have talked about "free energy" and even invented the technology. Read about Stanley Meyer or even google "water engine inventor murdered" and you'll see why people in all walks of life can't come out with this information and/or technology.

      The truth is that just about everything in life is fueled by OIL and therefore those corporate interests aren't going to let go of their golden goose. Plus the word "free" isn't in their vocabulary unless they are the ones getting it.

      Once that oil bubble bursts, and it will, those 1%'ers aren't the ones left out in the cold. It's the masses that will have to turn to these controlling interests and give them whatever they want so we can avoid devastation. If you think that's "conspiracy" then you need to read a book and realize it's simple addition and subtraction, my friend. Money + control = unlimited power.

    4. eze60

      Yeah, unless the cost of that is the same as the fate of JFK.
      The way you put it isn't that simple.
      The Military Industrial Complex as Eisenhower described them have no accountability to the known government that everyone are aware of.

    5. Paul

      Well I know I am late to the party but, I'll give you my two pennies worth anyway.
      You are right about Obama, he probably would be all over technology such as this - but I would ask you to think about recent history - about the speech that got Kennedy killed. You know the one, it goes like this ''monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence''.
      This ''ruthless conspiracy'' Kennedy talked about has nothing to do with UFO's, it's to do with power and control, and that in turn is what keeps information about UFO's quiet, and its the same for any thing or anyone who could possibly threaten the current world order of consumerism - feeding back power(money)to the person at the top. Power and control is everything.
      As an end note, and to point the finger at really recent events that displays not only the power of those people controlling the show, but the lengths they will go to to protect that power I would suggest you look closely at the events that took us to war in the middle east. The three towers that were demolished, the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr David Kelly who was a weapons inspector in Iraq, and the suspicion surrounding the two people in the British Government at the time who took the UK into that war - Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell.

  14. Michael

    The information is kept secret because the Chinese Government, is trying to establish peaceful relations with multispecies worlds, and their Journey is quantum not privileged.

  15. jimmy kraktov

    Back in the late '60s, I was laying on a beach on Lake Huron. I was 18. It was 2 or 3 in the morning and I was just 'watching the stars' when I saw a couple of what I thought were 'shooting stars'. One behind another. I watched as they streaked across the sky, right above me, but way, way, up there. All of a sudden, both of those 'stars' did a 90 degree turn, without stopping or slowing and I screamed. I wasn't scared, I was thrilled! When I was about 9 or 10 I decided that there was more to 'life' than just our big blue marble, and I was just given verification.

    I first watched the videos on this page about a year ago. I've learned plenty since then. I think I know why President Obama suddenly decided to skip going back to the Moon.

    Now what?

    1. Sparkster Hubs

      Google "awake and aware educating humanity sparkster"

    2. T. Kile

      Me and my brother grew up in northern California and in the '60s would sleep out all summer watching the sky and talking. We always watched for the satellites and were familiar with anything that would normally come over. One night late my bother had fallen asleep, and as I watched, I saw exactly what you described except that the ones I saw did not make any turns. They were way up there, almost beyond the ability to see them but still clear and distinct, one following the other and moving much faster than any satellite I had ever seen. I remember thinking to myself that although they looked close to each other to my perspective, they were probably miles apart as they quickly moved across the sky and disappeared from sight. To me there was no doubt that what I had seen were some type of machines. Reading your note brought it all back into sharp focus for me. Thanks

  16. Sparkster Hubs

    Hey, I wrote the article which was referred to below by DarnBlak. Whilst Hubpages might not be considered a reliable source of information, technically no website is a reliable source of information. It's the writer who needs to be reliable.

    My article on the Disclosure project is part-fact and part-speculation. I'm intrigued by it and have done a lot of research into it. The fact that DP is headed by Steven Greer should speak volumes on it's own considering who he is. I'm not out to debunk the DP, I actually believe there's a lot of truth to it but the fact is that UFO's are nuclear devices which cause damage to health of witnesses in many cases.

  17. fender24

    "i know we're not alone in the universe, i know that the absence of evidenvce is not evidence of absence, its evidence that has been denied to the american people"

  18. edith pissy

    11 years later... still no aliens. this is disinformation. im sure plenty of people think they have seen UFO's, but our human senses are fallable unfortunately. Even those of policemen and pilots.

  19. PLsmscientist

    I just watched the 1. part. I don't' understand the true purpose of this project. Were they hoping to become heroes in announcing these things? Or this video has been created to prove the exact contrary?. Even assuming all these stories are true who really believes mankind is ready for such an event?
    I'm sure combustion is a primitive form of energy, and we really have already alternatives. The point is that humanity is an uggly race of individuals, mostly selfish and looking only after they own profits, so don't expect Gouvernments announcing free energy tomorrow or churches announcing extraterrestrial being among us.

  20. stephen

    My nephew was stationed in N. Dakota missle range as recently as last year. he was witness along with everyone who was above grownd to several UFO hovering over the silos. Silos were turned off. On one occassion a "from" was seen to leap over x2 parameter fences.

  21. gentek

    Imagine the many alledged conspiracies of our government. For those of us whom actually had contact and know about ETs its down right scary and pissin me off. My grandfather a Vet, my father a Vet 21 years, Im a Vet of 4 years. Our backgrounds Army and Airforce TS clearance are considered good enough to serve and die for the U.S. but not credible enough to report what weve seen. This is all true. If you have to report something report it to MUFON. Its legite from my own experience.Be careful out there and God Bless

  22. rolf_watness

    Beam me up Scotty...there is no intelligent life on this planet. ;)

  23. RAHUL M

    some ppl are genuine.others are not.i dont see any hard evidence on wat that nasa women says.very sketchy can be misrepresented date.moon landing itself is question mark.i dont flag moving shadows all are basic stuff to show it didnt happen.but i dont have doubt that we are not alone.ufos are coming here.they have the power to visit.the techs they have cannot be rebuilt by us on earth no resources plus knowledge too scarce.the resource needed are in ubundanc in alien on earth they are considered traces or scarce/rare elements!we have to just welcome the people of other thier we havent gone anywhere else to find them to the moon or mars.alien tech isnt somehting we can reverse engineer!!we arent capable.we must respest wat we dont know & not capable of.we are still primitive people universally.we must open up up world to outside become peaceful society.the future of the human race depends on knowing whether we are not alone.

  24. Sion88

    I don't know what these people are doing and what for but I think they are all lying.

    I would so love this to be true, I'd feel like a kid again. But there's too much acting here, a lot of it seems scripted and some of them seem to be pulling all of this out of their arses.

    One thing I can think of is that all of these people including the "ufologists", ancient alien theorists, and crop-circle bastards have been doing this in order to establish a niche media industry, of course to generate income.

    Agreed or no?

    1. eze60

      Are you serious!!!!!!?
      You think all of these reputable people put their reputation on the line for a mass lying campaign?
      Your assumption is more unbelievable and ridiculous than their claims.

      Income huh? So you think everything comes down to money in terms of what these people value?
      Your comment is more about your value than it is about a sensible discussion on this matter.

      Get your head out of where the sun doesn't shine.

    2. jimmy kraktov

      I am constantly amazed by how many people, when they can't wrap their head around something, holler 'BS'. Why would they all lie about this?

      Back in the 1800s a doctor in Europe, I think Germany, discovered that when he sterilized his surgical instruments, his patients stopped dying in droves. He had discovered the "germ", to put it simply.

      The medical community absolutely refused to believe that it was true. It took more than a decade before this doctor's discovery became common practice in medicine. Many, many thousands of people died in the mean time.

      Open your mind. Learn about what you know nothing about. Don't just claim 'BS', it makes you seem quite stupid, and that's likely not true, either.

    3. Sparkster Hubs

      "it makes you seem quite stupid" - oh really? Why you don't you check out my articles at Hubpages?

      I believe in UFO's and alien entities because I have seen them with my own eyes but...

      Let's start with Greer - the man who posted a photograph of a moth on his website and claimed it was a photo of an alien entity - the man who who used to go out with a group of people shining flashlights into the sky thinking that extraterrestrials would respond to the light? Does that make me look stupid or does it make Greer look stupid?

      Many of the participants of the DP are massively reputable and credible in my opinion but Cliff Stone's claim of there being 57 species catalogued already from UFO crash retrievals when he claims that UFO crashes are so rare just doesn't seem to make any sense. I accept that it's a possibility, if one other humanoid race was discovered then it's likely there would be many others, but the claim of there being 57 species discovered from such few crashes is hard to swallow.

      And free energy? Both the Travis Walton case (1975) and the Cash Landrum incident (1980) are highly credible cases and are alleged to have cause damage from radiation to the witnesses. Walton now believes he was taken on-board to make sure his health was okay.

      I think what Greer is doing is good but I also think he's the wrong man for the job.

      I should also point out that Wang Sichao from China's Purple Mountain observatory claims that the observatory has observed extraterrestrial spacecraft manned by robots/androids on several occasions. He claims they are most likely nuclear propulsion. I should also point out that Senior Research scientist from Lockheed Skunkworks Boyd Bushman also revealed classified documents that show that the US government had their first fully functional nuclear powered saucer in 1969. However, according the ancient Vimana documents which are supposed to have been translated the spacecraft do have the ability to switch to solar power - the documents are allegedly thousands of years old.

  25. anthony221

    The Earth is over 4 billion years old. Homo Sapiens have only been around for less than a million of those years. How could anyone possibly imagine what could have evolved, not just in our galaxy, but in one of the other billions of galaxies that currently exist. You cannot comprehend. Understand, the debunkers are here, in this forum.

    Can't you see that you've been programmed to give a ridiculed response. That's exactly what they want. Don't listen to them. The men and women in the documentary have nothing to gain from this. They are telling the truth.


    1. They are here.
    2. They have been here for a very long time.
    3, The truth will be known to all very soon.

  26. Guest

    The 1st part sets the pace of what's all this is about. 1st, Daniel Sheehan who once worked in collaboration Colonel Secord a notorious criminal, murderer as well as a fraudster sucking the USA citizens to commits murders that Kissingger ordered him in (Hand guns) in Vietnam just for the thrill of scaring the peoples, bombing Cambodia againts the USA laws and the Geneve laws; Who later decided to serves as a witness against his his former crime partners in drugs deals in Nicaragua among a few other details that now reflect on the USA citizens.

    Then, we have Dr. Carol Rosin who describe Braun as a man of goodwill, a WWII NAZI war criminal given safe heaven in the USA who "Recycled" his carreer with his Gestapo friend to serves the USA in founding the CIA. Those aged, mature individuals are the one who dragged USA in slums up to their neck! Pride pf "BULLIES"!
    Von Braun was ready to die for his Furher, continuing his hopeless silly killing(S)? I have no doubts that at the age he had at that time, there is nothing good to expect from a trash.
    Except for peoples who loves what this man brough into this world.

    Considering the date at which this documentary was done, it is just as if it would be part of the "New World Order" if the psychotic Bush wouldn't have goofed and succeeded to plant WMD in Iraq!

    The very minute I heard that such peoples are involved at the very first part, I knew what these peoples were after. Good thing that the USA is at most less than 1% of the earth population!

    I'll view the other parts just to see what the updated Gestapo hopes for.


    1. eze60

      This documentary is about disclosing a phenomena.
      I don't understand your rant and bizarre counter conspiracy theories
      and apparent disdain for the United States.

      You are way off base here!

  27. Kathleen

    It's unbelievable the amount of control the government has on all of us including the resulting information in this documentary getting out - by the previous comments, you can see the large number of controlled responses obviously not from the average American person watching an informative documentary. These people in charge operate exactly like the average sociopath and or psychopath which ever term you prefer. It's all about the "psychopat power grid" outlined in Thomas Sheridan's Puzzling People. They are in every basic institution on Earth and even show up here in this forum on the comments for this informative video.

    1. ForeverDove

      "Elementary dear Watson"

    2. Raymond

      **'Elementary my dear Watson"

  28. MyReligionIs2DoGood

    After 10 years I have only these questions:
    Why don't they come out with all that on their own???
    Why do they need a permission from the congress of the US, although this is an issue of whole mankind?
    If that free energy would solve the economic problems of the whole world, what are they waiting for?

    We have these problems RIGHT NOW, and every day that goes by they become worse and worse!

    More and more I come to the conclusion that this 'Disclosure Project' might be only a big 'Disinfo Project', only designed to silence a lot of people who are hoping they will come out with all the free energy shyt in time, and therefor delay possible actions until it's too late!

    I truly hope that this is not a big fake, but I don't expect anything from this project anymore.

  29. The101Truth

    Well, obviously nothing has happened about it as this doc was a few years ago and the truth has not been disclosed to the public. People need to wake up and reclaim their power.

  30. nick miller

    this is the most ground brakeing thing ever in our history this needs to happen.

  31. WTC7

    @ docugeek,

    I wonder if you watched the doc before posting...... actually, I know that you haven't, that's the only way your post can be explained

  32. docugeek


    the arguement that the universe is so massive aliens must exist i have always believed to be self-defeating.

    the number of coincidences it took for intelligent life to evolve on this planet must have been practically infinite. even if there are similar planets to ours the odds that it would evolve life as we know it are practically impossible.

    but not only is space massive so is time. life on earth has been around for no time at all compared to the age of the universe. alien races may have exitsed and become extinct millions of times over before earth saw life. I dont expect life on earth to exist long enough to discover other lifeforms before we get hit by a metoer or the sun explodes or something.

    but maybe there is humanoid life right now, somewhere in a galaxy far far away........

  33. oldben

    and of course if these testimonies are true, we have already said hello with guns and killed some of these bigger fish. (which is scary to think of, hopefully they think we do not know any better) But maybe one day WE the people might say HELLO.

  34. oldben

    In the scope of the WHOLE universe, how could there not be more advanced beings elsewhere? And those beings might be looking at us, but there might be higher intelligent beings looking at them and all. And so on and so on. There is always a bigger fish. I'd imagine that those bigger fish have figured out a way to not kill for their meals. But would want peace with all.(and this larger fish might just be who they are talking about seeing) Hopefully one day we will discover/contact this larger fish and say HELLO! :)

  35. Khaled

    We have a few limited options here regarding these testimonies:

    1) They are lying (for whatever reason)

    2) They are delusional (hallucinating, mentally ill, high)

    3) They are bad comedians

    4) They are telling the truth

    I think at this point if a person does NOT choose option 4 then that person is either 1, 2 or 3.

  36. warren

    another bull story if it was so true why did he not play the movie he had.

  37. Mary

    I find the subject fascinating. Enjoyed the documentary. Don't know if all this is true . . . never seen anything and don't know anything. If it's all true, well, that's great. Would love to meet an explorer from another world. I'm very open minded and accepting there are different life forms out in the universe.

  38. Marko

    Wow he said there was human aliens that look just like us, this is amazing they can be walking among us and watching breeding and what have you.

  39. Achems Razor

    @ hawkport:

    That is not exactly my own, as you say, "philosophical conundrum".

    But from works of numerous Q. physicists, Niels Bohr, Max Planck, and others, and from many Theoretical Physicists, Hawking, Michio Kaku, Feynman, and others.

    To give you food for thought, watch "parallel worlds" here on TDF.

  40. hawkpork

    @ achems
    in saying "the Universe is here because of our observation of it." arent yu sorta saying the tree doesnt fall if noone hears it fall?
    i've always been frustrated by that "philisofical conundrum" seems like a self centred,mental w**k of a question. i understand the principal that we have an effect on everything we observe. but that doesnt equate to what you said. if we never existed it'd all still be here, just a little bit different.
    and if, as proposed in a vid i saw here conciousness is supreme and the universe/s are concious at every level.then we exist only as a small part of the greater conciousness.
    maybe we are here cause the universe observes us. would we still be here if the universe had never existed.? uhh.. no.
    havent watched it yet but am inclined to side with lawnmowerman.
    no way could real proof could be ignored.

  41. Isee

    Flnally we have an uncovering.
    Yes Achems prior comment, it truelly is
    mentioned in some parts of the Bible eg:
    written in the book of Enoch,
    who was, taken up by God without dying.
    Moses and all guided out of Egypt by a
    cloud that emmitted a flame.

  42. Chris

    Thanks for apology and acceptance of my apology. Thats the beauty of the universe - it's mystery. If we knew everything that their was to know about it then it would lose that mystery and become boring. You are correct and one can never discount quantum physics and all the possibilities that affords us. Science understanding of this is still very much in it's infancy thanks in much part to the elites meglomaniacal lust of power through illegal wars and oil grabbing profiteering. This is where money should be invested.

  43. Achems Razor

    @ Chris:

    I of course will give you the benefit of the doubt and offer my profuse apologies.

    And what you are saying is my sentiments exactly, the Universe is here because of our observation of it. But space is never empty.

    It is always a sea of potentialities and probabilities in the unrealized field of Quantum energy.
    Again my apologies.

    And if there are Aliens they must have figured out how to bend space time, or travel through parallel universes.

  44. WTC7

    Hi Chris,

    No offense taken whatsoever. We certainly agree that there are so many inconsistencies in the official story of 911. But let's take it up at another, more appropriate thread.

    Glad we made peace :-). Cheers!

  45. Chris

    Achems Razor

    I don't know who you are and why you feel the need to insult me. I am not the Chris that you refer to and am only new to this site. I would love to believe in aliens honestly..but if their are aliens then where are they? I happen to believe that it took us 15 billion years to get here and that how long it could take to create a single intelligent species. The universe is the way it is because we are observing;if it were otherwise we would not be here observing. I think this is known as the anthropic principal and perversely it restores man to the pre Copernican position that WE are at the center of the cosmos. We are, indeed the point of the whole exercise, not because God says we are, but simply because we are here.In this case, space may be empty but it will have a purpose - the creation of us. If their were aliens, they would probably also be alone but in a different universe.

  46. WTC7

    Achem Razor, HI!

    My (cyber :-D ) knight! I'm not that much around any more, but drop by from time to time. Really, Chris is a bit naughty, naughty :-). At first I though it was another Chris, but that other guy is a decent chap... Good to 'see' you again, Achem :-)

  47. Chris


    Thanks for your swift reply - my apologies for labeling you a spook and troll. I like yourself certainly believe 911 needs to be re-investigated and I do believe that day will come sooner rather than later. When you have 6 out of the 10 commissioners coming out and speaking of how they were lied to and the chief counsel John Farmer saying that it was a criminal cover up, then you have very serious grounds for a new investigation. WTC7's collapse can easily be explained by controlled demolition which FEMA and NIST refuse to acknowledge - I wonder why? Then you have Ted Olsens story being rejected by the FBI, The Pentagon and American Airlines. That story was the call he received from his wife from the alleged hijacked plane. So many inconsistencies, contradictions and omissions. Thankfully their is a global awakening occurring and more and more people are waking up and more and more people are getting angry and tired of being lied to.Then you have he architect and engineers for 911 truth signing a petition with the signatures of over 1000 of people in their profession calling for congress to have a new independent investigation. Anyway I will leave it at that, thanks again for your reply. Peace out.

  48. Achems Razor

    @ WTC7: Hi.

    Oh,Oh...Is this the same Chris that a lot of us are familiar with.
    He is still not very good with social skills yet is he?

    Howdy @ Chris: this is your favorite stalker, stalking.
    The proof of UFO's is in the pudding. Or should I say in the Bible!!
    I don't want to list all the passages, I'm sure that you know them all, and changed them to mean other things.

  49. WTC7

    Hi Chris :-),

    I am not a happy puppy when someone calls me a troll and a dis-info agent :-(. But to your defense, anything is possible in this crazy and immoral world and your suspicion is not taken personally.

    But just for the record, the name I chose to communicate with on this web-site I found to be more than appropriate to expresses my disgust with the lies the US gov't is feeding the whole world with (by the way, I'm not an American). I am very interested in the subject and have been researching it for quite a while.

    As to my interest in the UFOs, that, me dear, goes back to when I was much younger (looooong before 911), and my interest in them is still as alive as it ever was.

    In closing, be certain that I'm neither an agent nor a troll. If you choose to still believe otherwise, that's your prerogative. But you can be sure that I'm not about to change my name here or stop commenting on UFO threads only because there are some overly paranoid folks around here.

    Cheers :-D

  50. Chris

    Notice the comment above being made by WTC7. A clever ploy used by dis-info agents and trolls to link the collapse of World Trade 7 with kooky aliens and UFO's. 911 - needs to be re-investigated, the collapse of WTC7 bears testimony to that.Its free fall collapse could not be explained by NIST and everything about it read classic controlled demolition. For the record - their are no aliens and any craft that have been spotted by genuine witnesses are more than likely secret govt craft with super advanced technology hidden from ordinary folk.

    1. disqus_aPITZufUB1

      I agree .. im sure et is out there somewhere but I believe most if not all sightings of strange flying craft are man made . As far as I am aware over 3 trillion dollars were pumped into black ops last year ! What is being done with such phenomenal sums of money ? I believe that certain agencies within the US government are investing heavily in technology which is already far far far ahead of anything we are aware of !

  51. T-Dog

    Hey folks, I answered my own questions by following Yavanna's link on her post. Thanks Y!

  52. T-Dog

    WTF is going on? Why hasn't the Pres. of USA addressed this to the public? How is this being covered up?

  53. LawnMowerMan

    CIA disinformation.In 1908 The National Press Club was established in Washington DC, it's membership include most News executives in addition to the last 17 presidents. Their logo also shows an owl in addition to a lantern.

  54. Spiritguide

    The Time has come for us all to except the reality of these beings they are here have been for 100s of years and there not going away any time soon.......

  55. mark corbeil

    The more one researches this area on the net, the greater the sensation of awe and disbelief. An ambiguity that stems from this being such a profoundly big story and reality that ultimately will change the way we think and behave as a species, the question is will we handle this disclosure for the better should it come out?

  56. WTC7

    The testimonies of these people are really extraordinary. They're not some nut cases seeking attention, they're credible people & wouldn't need putting their well established past into question by providing account on something they know is generally ridiculed as a subject - if it wasn't true. Anyway, I strongly believe we're not alone in this vast Universe, thank goodness

  57. andy

    so, asto the guy who claimed to have seen extraterestrials
    dead and living. did they attemt any form of comunication?
    tell ya,IF I CRASHED ON AN ALIEN PLANET. I'd try to comunicate with anyone who would listen

  58. gooberzmom

    I've read "Project Blue Book" and it should be titled "Project Black Book" since 90% of it is blacked out. Does the government really think "we the people" don't know?

  59. ya cant fool us

    This is just the very nature of the human mind where well respected professionals in their field have finally come out and shared what they know with the people who should be told. Some wont. But they have to live with that. But it goes to show the true nature of humans in positions of power and knowledge.... they cant be trusted. And they think the ordinary man is stupid. We have an idea what is really going on.

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