Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering

Second Opinion: Laetrile at Sloan-Kettering

2014, Conspiracy  -   60 Comments
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Most people would likely agree that corruption exists in multiple areas of our lives, and the documentary film Second Opinion shows how the medical field and government agencies that are supposed proponents of the health of American citizens are not immune to such corruption. The films' mission is to once again uncover a cover up of a natural "drug" that has not only been proven effective in slowing the growth of cancerous tumors, but is also cheap and virtually unpatentable; the latter being the implied and suggested reasoning behind the cover up.

Laetrile is a substance that remains illegal in the United States today although it is currently being clinically tested internationally in countries including Germany, repeatedly tested positive over the years in tests with lab rats as an affective method of slowing and even temporarily stopping the growth of cancerous tumors. Laetrile is derived from the pit of apricots, and while outlawed it is not harmful.

In the late 70's, cancer patients were running to Tijuana in large numbers to obtain laetrile injections, nearly1/10th in fact, but then something changed. In Second Opinion Ralph Moss Ph.D, who was hired as the Science Writer in Public Affairs for Sloan Kettering (a prestigious American cancer research institute where laetrile studies were originally conducted) gives us an in depth look at how the opinion of the public was swayed in opposition to the treatment that tested overwhelmingly positive until the testing was taken over and results purposely tainted by the powers that be. Those powers include major names in cancer fighting and government agencies, like: the FDA, the NIH, the American Cancer Society, and the National Cancer Institute.

This film shows us the enduring fight of a man who was brave enough to stand up for his convictions and what he knew to be the truth, risking it all to inform the public of a sham perpetrated by organizations that remain open today largely due to the support of the public that they've lied to. It is worth watching past the credits for an appeal from the films' director, as well as additional footage that exposes additional players in the cover up and more checkable facts that were leaked by Moss when he was employed at Sloan Kettering in the arena of Public Affairs writing.

The revelations, all stemming from true and documented information, will hit you like a ton of bricks as a viewer, and hopefully inspire change in the way we think about the treatment of a disease that continues to affect many people throughout the world today, and how we interpret and accept information provided to us by anyone.

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1 year ago

Cured my father and a family friend - both had stage 4 lung and brain cancer and were given months to live. 11 years later my father is still alive (and still smoking believe it or not).

1 year ago

If banned by the government, then it must be effective.

Joy C
1 year ago

If there ever was a true hero!!!

5 years ago

The ONLY action that can make any positive difference to this government, a 100% corrupt, inverted-totalitarian, police-state, is it's total eradication predominately by guerilla warfare by 3-5% of the citizens that have value and traits of quality human beings. Otherwise this 'system' will continue to oppress, impoverish, and murder everyone, not just in this country, but on the planet, except the handful of miscreant wealthy crooks who are incontrol of most ofthe world's wealth and power as the masses have allowed.

6 years ago

Janeen Clark you seem intelligent, ok lets move on to what I was going to say. People get too hung up in the killing for killing system but the truth is once you start something it echos on. For example, it begins 1 fish bigger then another decides to eat another and so forth in nature but this does not represent the truth of every single possible reality in the universe, what if there was a place which was regulated by the ability for a creature to overcome challenges which had nothing to do with the degradation of another but more so the rising of both parties where an agreement is made.

7 years ago

Ummmm...amygdalin is a complex sugar containing cyanide. The cyanide is not released until the amygdalin is either broken down in your gut by pancreatic enzymes (and why you don't want to eat too many apricot pits, apple seeds, peach pits etc. at once, cos it WILL poison you) OR broken down by the cancer cell (doesn't matter what kind of cancer, the mechanism at the heart of the tumour/illness is the same) as a way of getting the oxygen out of the complex sugar molecule to live. Because all cancer cells are anaerobic, they can live without getting oxygen the way normal cells do, and can thus thrive in unhealthy situations where normal cells are succumbing. So, ONLY a cancer cell breaks down amygdalin/sugar molecule, gets poisoned by the cyanide and dies. If you administer the amydalin / B-17/laetrile (which is short for a really long chemical name that really exists!) by injection there's no release of poison except at the site of the tumour. And cancer happens because our own stem cells, which are already all over our bodies, try to repair something wrong and mistakenly go into a stage they're only supposed to enter during pregnancy.......this stuff was published in the JAMA in 1958 and is not rocket's biology. It is explained scientifically in numerous locations, for those who actually want to learn. And yes, cannabis and other compounds hold major hope, but the point made so many time about profit motive in this debacle would not apply to either laetrile, or cannabis in this case. Natural sources of the active chemicals are abundant and extraction is not expensive or difficult, thus removing the profit motive altogether and scattering the "snake oil salesmen' to much more profitable endeavors, such as pharmaceuticals.

7 years ago

Wow it takes a unique form of online stupidity, moral turpitude or perhaps forlorn hope to say that Laetrile (a cyanogen like cyanide) is not "harmful".

Voice of Reason
7 years ago

I'm convinced none of you watched the documentary or looked into this further, but rather just commented your own incorrect assumptions and ideas. Cancer is a vitamin deficiency disease like scurvy or pellagra. The vitamin is named Vitamin B17. This is the active ingredient in laetrile. The most concentrated source of B17 is found in apricot seeds. They are literally dirt cheap. There is no money in eating apricot seeds. Please for the sake of yourself, your loved ones, and humanity watch "A World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin on youtube and read the book of the same title by the same author. Then actually watch this documentary and then comment on here. Cancer can be stopped tomorrow and this genocide can be stopped.

7 years ago

Before making any statement, negative or positive, read the book a world without cancer from Griffin!

Linda Duff
7 years ago

What ever anyone says, writes or thinks. I have managed to shrink a maligns at tumour that my dog has by giving him crushed up apricot kernels. I'm a sceptic of all things and a non conspiracy theorist. But I have photographs to prove this. Oh and I have no reason to tell lies.

8 years ago

Mem. Sloan Kettering cured cancer in 1896 and now they can't ? The cancer Industrial complex and its 'treatment' (not cures) provides $50 billion/year in profits. The first three doctors conducting two different tests at the FDA found results from Amygdalin as very positive. ALL 3 were pulled from the research.

In the FDA letter dismissing [it] as non-performing, even stated that if pharma could find something (they could patent) in the the same cyno family of drugs, then they would be interested. I wonder why ? You think because amygdalin can't be patented ? The FDA is the second most corrupt federal agency in the US govt. and deep in the pockets of big pharma.

Oh and BTW, non-profits make Billion$ in 'non' profits and have bureaucracies with among the highest paid executives and staff in all of 'business' and their research and grant money all goes out... to the same people. Why?

8 years ago

My husband died of sepsis due to a cancer tumor using all the blood supply in his lung and then the tumor became necrotic. They told us surgery was not an option and I wished I would have gone elsewhere to find a surgeon to take out the lung that had a baseball size tumor in it. He died after 17 mo post diagnosis. Chemo and radiation took its toll. We weren't given any another options and unfortunately my husband didn't want to go outside of his comfort zone for treatment. He was a Vietnam Vet and exposed to Agent Orange and has quit smoking 7 years prior to diagnosis, lost weight, going on walks and riding his pedal bike to work. It is a devastating disease and unfortunately you just have to follow the money because as long as there is big bucks, Big Pharma and politicians and Doctors alike don't really care about their patients.

8 years ago

Someone below mentioned that cancer was a billion $ industry, well it's a damn site more than that with an estimated 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women now getting cancer. it is suggested that economies could fall over if cures were offered. Three major changes since WW2 that have taken place since Nazi Scientists of all persuasions were drafted to the US under "Operation Paperclip". Large scale Vaccination programs, Fluoridation of public water. Introduction an implementation of GM organisms to food. There are many others but to keep it short the above will suffice.
Laertril, B17 or amygdalin as they are known are quite effective and can stop cancer in it's tracks along with cannabis oil/grease as well as specific peptides, neo-plastins and a whole host of other treatments. There are however no 100% cures as what works for you may not work for me and so on. I have absolutely no doubt they do have better treatments that will never see the light of day as it doesn't serve their interests, the sooner people wake up to this bitter pill the more responsibility they will be able to take and influence others. I used 2 of these with my so called incurable cancer and many years later I am healthy and strong, and yet how can this be anecdotal when many others I have been closely related to via family and friends have turned in pretty much the same results??? More anecdotes??

What does it take for something to be registered as beneficial "Corporate Science" if you are waiting for their stamp on anything remotely beneficial your already dead.

Firstly chemotherapy is not a therapy and once administered your immune system will never fully recover. Chemo is a mustard gas transmuted to a liquid form and pumped through your veins, it was once dumped on soldiers in the trenches in WW1 of which my great grandfather was one. He survived the war only to return home and die months later from complications. This fraudulent practice of poisoning people to save them has gone on for over 100 years and people are now seeing through it. I mean are we saying the best they can offer us in the age of quantum computing is mustard gas to treat cancer??
This is the same as driving around in internal combustion engines for 200 years and we cant find anything better, "People please wake up for goodness sake" and turn off your TV sets as the propaganda industry is bigger than the so called health industry.

Physicians scare people into having chemo and say do this or I cant help you, most people do this out of fear. I would encourage people to think long and hard about this for it it is a regret that can't be undone and when you work out the success rate of chemo which is manipulation of statistics to an unbelievable level. Hyppocrates quotes "First do no harm" so even snake oil is better than chemo. Our shadow overlords massacre us on a daily basis and even more money flows to their coffers, I mean coffins and they laugh and sneer, but one day soon there will be a French style revolution as we let go of the strings to the guillotines. Our politicians have become an extra enemy as they have sold their cheap souls to these cartels including the judicial system which we must take back. Once people discover the dark cloud that's been hanging over this planet for 200+ years change will happen.

Now trolls over to you, do your worst.

James Peters
8 years ago

Coleys Toxins was the best bit about this film. Something that has a lot of evidence behind it (sadly not current up-to-date Phase I-III). That said, a Phase I did take place (Pubmed 22847809) and two had NED (one relapsed and one had an extra 8 injections), and 50% of those enrolled lived longer than expected

hernan cortez
8 years ago

I don't know if this is real or fake, but knowing several people who had cancer, I can say at this point most cancer medicines seem dubious at best and most lack consistent results and so far none can consistently cure any disease

8 years ago

Another conspiracy theory film, very one sided. People will try to make money off anything that remotely works as a cancer/miracle drug unless the drug is seriously dangerous and kills people, just look at the nutritional supplement market. To suggest profit motive is behind the conspiracy is simply rubbish.

Kansas Devil
8 years ago

Just because something only has anecdotal evidence to support it doesn't stop the pharmaceutical corporations from selling the stuff.
If there is a profit to be made from chemistry even if the mechanism is not understood, it will be promoted.
Cancer is a $billion industry. Corruption is inevitable.

8 years ago

Let me play Devil's Advocate for a minute. We have made strides in cancer research (and other devastating diseases as well). We have advanced from not knowing almost anything about it to realizing it is a matter of mutations within the DNA. Research now is learning how every individual's DNA differs from others and thus are trying to gear treatment in an individualized manner. I personally believe that technology may provide the answer through nanobots or something similar that will patrol the body and destroy errant cells.

However, at the end IF a miracle natural cure or treatment is found, I do believe that the corporations who are making billions from the drugs and/or radiation treatments are not going to like it one bit. I don't think they will stand for it.

My cousin is a researcher trying to find causes and treatments for rare childhood diseases. She has dedicated her life to this. I admire her greatly. My point is there are various views on this subject. Everyone needs to work together but the profit motive will remain paramount to the greed system that has taken over both our country and the politicians who are supposed to look out for the common good. Sorry for the rant.

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

corruption isn't a byproduct of "bad" or "evil" people. it is built into the structure of profit in the money system, and it is built into the mentality that we have been taught which is our friends and family are worth something but screw everyone else.

Fabien L'Amour
8 years ago

The American Cancer Society and Cancer Research UK both have pages on Laetrile and both say the positive research results are anecdotal. I would encourage anyone that might want to try that substance to cure their cancer to research for sources of information that don't support it as a treatment or are trying to sell you that treatment.

It's important to see opinions from both sides before jumping headlong in an alternative treatment for cancer. Miracle drugs are few in medical science journals but numerous on the internet.