The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire

2017, Conspiracy  -   6 Comments

In the days of the British Empire, London served as the world's most impressive financial center. As the empire began its decline, anti-colonial sentiment became more rampant and greater numbers of British territories began to strive for independence. The financial stronghold of its capital city began to deteriorate as well. The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire recounts how the country transformed to become a global financial power in the face of these challenges, and how their continued prominence shapes the world we live in today.

The City of London banking network began constructing a web of overseas jurisdictions in the wake of the empire's demise, and hid these monies offshore where they were sheltered from meaningful outside scrutiny. They started to indulge in unregulated forms of lending using U.S. currency. This wealth was accumulated through any means necessary, including a laundry list of nefarious acts of fraud, tax evasion, drugs and arms trading, and additional covert operations. It's a system rife with corruption. Some of the money was stripped from poor countries, depriving these struggling economies of their capacity for badly needed growth and infrastructure development.

Throughout the film, we are presented with a tale of two Londons. One is the bustling epicenter much romanticized by the United States and other parts of the world while the other is a freewheeling market run by elite business players who cleverly shirk the gaze of international financial regulations.

"In Britain, bankers are a protected species," confesses one interview subject who is part of a chorus of whistle-blowers, financial insiders and social justice activists who populate the film. We are told that as much as $50 trillion dollars reside in overseas accounts that act as tax havens; many of the most robust of these havens are British.

The end result is a system that works to benefit the wealthiest individuals. Meanwhile, the hard-working taxpaying citizens continue to struggle and suffer.

Featuring a collage of authentic newsreel footage and insights from a team of top financial investigators, The Spider's Web: Britain's Second Empire is immaculately researched and well presented portrait of a complex global conspiracy.

Directed by: Michael Oswald
Ratings: 9.13/10from 38 users.

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6 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Mamierouen

    This documentary is frightening but absolutely true. It is amazing that anyone would have the courage to make it. Their lives are in danger. And there is more that these corrupt people do, assassination, identity theft, persecution and human rights denial to even these company's Clients. This program does not address that the clients are also at the mercy of the money mad, power mad, lying lawyers who bribe and control profit seeking corrupt government officials, police, media, accountants, doctors, hospitals, immigration, ad infinitum. Even the agencies meant to put an end or make public the truths are corrupt.

  2. Devil Travels

    So this is what really makes outsourcing government services so lucrative and so inefficient. And the solutions at the end of the video will never occur since the people who can make them happen tend to be chosen to benefit from the perpetuation. The voters are easily manipulated to insure this.

    1. Sokami

      Hence why revolution is required if we want to eventually establish a much better status quo around the world. Without strong Working Class movements which can successfully lead revolution, the inevitable result in the long run is that fascism will be funded by Capitalism when Capitalism is suffering a major collapse. This has happened before - Adolph Hitlers rise to power can be credited by the massive amount of support that wealthy Germans and major American corporations provided him, and the Nazi War industry was dependent on vital materials from American Corporations (recommended documentary: Hitlers American Business Partners).

  3. Urban dweller

    " the face of these challenges..." What? ??????? The " challenge of usurping another country's resources/economy? The challenge of how to do evil acts and make them work for "you?" WOW!

    1. Pete

      This whole doco is talking about the evil of the new machine, a hidden empire of the elite screwing things up for the rest of the world. You sound angry as if it was praising them. Did you watch the documentary?

    2. Sokami

      I think it's pretty dumb that this documentary is categorized under "Conspiracy". A conspiracy implies that there is a one-off inside plot to accomplish a specific short-term goal. This Documentary is not analyzing a "inside plot", this is simply how the global financial system has evolved to work by design - mostly as a result of the loss of empires, and the near collapse of the capitalist system from the great depression, and to do whatever it takes to counter the inevitable falling rate of profit. The system is so internally volatile and contradictory, that this sophisticated global scale of financial manipulation is the only thing that keeps the Capitalist system "functioning", so that it does not implode from its own contradictions.

      This Documentary thoroughly analyzes the mechanics by which the Political and Financial system operates by, in other words how the system itself works and its impact on human societies around the world, with a focus on the Financial infrastructure of Britain. Not only have major leaks of information revealed a significant part of this picture in recent years, but signs that Capitalism would evolve in this direction have been known about well in advance, going back long before the great depression, as empires were beginning to crumble. By analyzing key moments in the financial history of Capitalism and Empires, it can be further analyzed why the Global Financial System has evolved in the way it has evolved, as thoroughly described and analyzed by the Documentary. The fact that it focuses on the nature of Britain's financial system is refreshing, since so many other documentaries focus on analyzing the American Financial and Political system.

      While there are all sorts of actual scandals that can and certainly do develop within the context of the Financial system that this documentary describes, It must be stressed that analyzing the Financial system itself should not be listed under "Conspiracy". It should be listed under Politics.